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“In the past Christianity was promoted as a ‘woman’s’ thing”

enver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow has gotten lots of attention of late – not only for his dramatic last-

minute victories, but also for his very public demonstrations of faith. He regularly kneels on the field in prayer, gives glory to God in postgame interviews, and points to the heavens after every score. These things are nothing new. Athletes have been acknowledging God for years. But thanks to Tebowmania, the TV networks are beginning to give these moments of public devotion more airtime.

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Before Tebow, directors would quickly cut away from athletes who struck devotional poses. But now cameramen are lingering on these shots, and directors are putting them into the broadcast. And it’s not just Tebow.

We’re getting longer looks when players

contest. Praying men seem to be getting

point to the sky or bow their heads after

almost as much screen time as jiggling

touchdowns. Sideline reporters seem a little


less irritated when players give glory to God.


Broadcasters are even showing more shots of the postgame prayer circles that follow every

Many view it as a paradigm shift, that in the past, Christianity was promoted as a ‘women’s’ thing as todays churches are predominantly female. “I believe Tim Tebow’s boldness is a very good thing for men. As Christian men see more and more athletes speaking boldly about Jesus, I believe they’ll be empowered to do the same. And that’s great for the future of men in church.” says Dave Murrow, founder of ‘The Church For Men’. “God’s hand may well be behind Tim Tebow’s miraculous success on the gridiron —

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not because the Almighty cares about football, but because he cares about men.” Murrow proclaims.

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Men in training to be commissioned are expected to stay back each Wednesday throughout the month of May.

If you have not paid your sword fees for the 2012 commissioning process please contact Jamiel Cotman at 804-833-7628.

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Our next men’s meeting is on Friday, May 18, at 7:00 P.M.

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Q and A Q : How do young black men navigate racism in the workplace?

[Or would you say it’s a none issue]


Racism is definitely an issue for black

men in the corporate world. Professor of Entrepreneurship Scott Shane and former

financial institutions discriminate against blacks entrepreneurs. While countless other

Federal Reserve Board Member John D. Walken, conducted a survey finding that

studies from numerous universities show that blacks are overlooked for promotions,

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bonuses, and favorable work place treatment.

and professionalism, highlight the value you

So while some guys can say it has not been a

bring to the table as an employee, before

problem, such hasn’t been the case for most.

those with the capacity to promote you.

The bible says, “A thousand may fall at

your side, and ten thousand at your right hand, but it will not come near you!” [Psalm 91: 7]. But like any promise in scripture, this is activated by faith. If you feel you are being discriminated against because of the color of your skin, make it known! Why? Because faith without works is dead. [James 2:17]. Given that you are doing a great job, by your own and the company’s standards, you should unashamedly present your case! With respect

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Racism is a serious thing, and should never be used as an excuse for below average work. It is hard to demand favorable treatment from an employer, when you are not doing what is expected. But if you are doing promotion-worthy work, and suspect that you have been overlooked due to racism, do the previous, expecting God to show up on your behalf, whether it’s through this job, or some other avenue.

If you have a question pertaining to manhood that you would like to submit to the pastor, to be answered here in our monthly Q and A, segment E Mail us at

Testimonials I have been empowered from the men’s meetings, especially in learning to lead my family in prayer! -Darrin Giles The men’s meetings have been a blessing to me. I love getting the word from people who understand the life of a man. -Lamont Coleman

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Article The Law of Relationships Do you have a crew? On ships, every captain has a crew. To reach your destination in life, you need key men that push you forward!

Ask yourself this, “When I step out for Christ, am I connected to guys who

Covenant brotherhood is nearly absent in the body of Christ today. Men are in tough spots because they didn’t have strong Christian men in their corner, encouraging them to do better.

7 Building Men. Raising Sons!

encourage or discourage my behavior?” That’s what it all boils down to. Without an anointed network of masculine support, you can kiss your destination goodbye! Nobody succeeds alone.

The Iron Principle When you are around guys, who are led by Christ, it’s an environment that sharpens

received his identity, ‘The Rock’ in a group of men led by the savior. The scripture says, “As iron sharpens

iron one man sharpens another.” [Proverbs 17: 17 ESV] Whether its business, ministry or your personal life, to be truly successful, it is advisable to get around men who see your potential. Be sure to disassociate from those who don’t. Put yourself around guys who identify with you as a man, and the value you you! It’s just the environment where you

place on following Christ. As you do, expect

become your best self. In Matthew 16 Peter

to become sharper by means of association.

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Proverbs 13:6

Righteousness guards him whose way is blameless, but sin overthrows the wicked.

Thought 

Unless you perform well in the prison, the palace will never summon you! [Genesis 41:9-14]

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