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“Unless God’s Word is strapped to your

Armed and Dangerous

inner man, you are unarmed.” and protector in your home. Problems at work; Problems at church. Typically, we lean on our title to get the edge. We run to our prowess as men. We roar. We fight back. We don’t allow ourselves to get punked or belittled. But all too often it never works. For whatever


s men, we are constantly faced with

reason it seems to be inadequate.

the daily battles of manhood. The

There’s something you’ve been missing.

challenges of being a man, and then,

Something you’ve needed but can’t quite get

a godly one; providing for your loved ones;

your finger on. And that something is the

rightfully maintaining the position of leader

Armor of God.

1 Building Men. Raising Sons!

The difference between a saved man

The Chest-Plate of righteousness or

and one of Gods warriors is the difference

living right guards your vulnerable spots from

between someone who owns a weapon and

enemy attack [Proverbs 10:9]. The Shield of

someone who carries and uses it. Unless

Faith or believing and acting on what God

God’s Word is strapped and active in your

says, keeps you from the consequences of

inner man, you are unarmed. That’s why

unbelief [Hebrews 4:1-2]. The Helmet of

James said, “Receive the engrafted word that

Salvation, or, knowing whose you are, guards

is able to save your souls” [James 1:21]. As

your sense of identity.

men, when we receive God’s engrafted word, it straps you with His Armor. Men’s ministry straps you with God’s armor! The Armor of God gives you an unfair advantage. Since God’s word created everything, the bible says everything is subject to it [Hebrews 1:3].

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Every hero has his weapon. If you’re a believer God's Armor is yours. Taken together, it makes you an unstoppable force for Christ.

Q and A

Q: How can I be the provider in my home when my wife is making more than I do? 3 Building Men. Raising Sons!

A: A

study by Cornell University discovered that men are more likely to cheat on their wives when they make less. Though infidelity is always wrong, we derive a

sense of manhood from the fact that our

greed. For a man’s life doesn’t depend on the abundance of his riches.” [Luke 12:15] Your status as provider has more to do with what God says than what you make. First, accept that God is the provider. Then do all within your power to pursue His leading, God will honor your efforts and reward you accordingly. We are also to provide guidance, strength and wisdom to our family, community and workplace. You are a unique expression of God on

wives and children depend on us. When this

Earth, and He has put something inside you

isn’t the case, it is tempting to feel inadequate

that He thought the world could not do

or unnecessary. Anchor your manhood in

without. Regain awareness of your

God’s Word instead. Jesus said, “Beware of

importance to Him and your need to feel

4 Building Men. Raising Sons!

needed by others will dissolve. God will

managing what you do make, and giving your

position you to provide by taking your place

wife and family the support that is needed.

as a godly leader in the home, properly If you have a question pertaining to manhood that you would like to submit to the Pastor, to be answered here in our monthly Q and A, segment E Mail us at

As men we feel masculine

knowing our wives

And kids depend on us. 5 Building Men. Raising Sons!



he story of an everyday family struggling to free itself from the burden of material possessions, Stand

Strong follows Matt Webster, a husband and father who measures his success by his possessions. While he appears to have it all, pride of ownership does little to fill the void in Matt's life, which lacks strong convictions and a strong faith in God. Financial stress creates tension among Matt, his wife, Tara, and their children, who slowly watch the seams of a seemingly perfect existence unravel as credit

6 Building Men. Raising Sons!

If you lose it all will you stand or fall?

cards are declined and arguments grow

Christian environment, Matt and Tara learn by


example how to lead their home and their

After nearly losing a loved one in an accident, Matt and his family are stripped of all they own and are forced to move in with

children, re-evaluate their priorities, and realize that happiness is the true measure of success.

his brother's family. In their new positive,

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Article Divine Purpose


our purpose is not your assignment. Your assignment is what you were created to do. But

your purpose is why you were created to

their purpose is the same, and that is to

do it. Assignments may vary from man to

defeat the other team.

man, but if you are a believer in Jesus Christ, your purpose is the same. Think of it this way, a football team has players each with different roles. One is a tight-end. The other is a quarter back. Another is a wide receiver. Sure, they have different assignments, but

8 Building Men. Raising Sons!

So just what is our purpose as Christian men? It’s the same as Jesus’s purpose, and that’s to destroy the works of the devil [1 John 3:8] . When he died on the cross, he bridged the gap that Satan made between God and man. We enforce Jesus’s victory over Satan

by undoing all that that separation has

destroying the works of the devil, you may be


operating in your assignment, but you have

A minister, who is not destroying the works of the devil, is just a public speaker. A volunteer, who is not destroying the works of

vacated your purpose. Take an assessment of whether or not you are using your gifts and skills to undo Satan’s work.

the devil, is just keeping busy. If you aren’t

Your purpose is not your

assignment. They


Not the same 9 Building Men. Raising Sons!


Ephesians 6:10-11


Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might. Put on the whole armor of God that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil

Thought The first step towards order is the recognition of disorder.

10 Building Men. Raising Sons!

GMen Newsletter Jan 2013  
GMen Newsletter Jan 2013