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News A Man and His Money

So what is God’s plan for men to excel financially? Work Whether for yourself or someone else, God requires us to be diligent.

A s

The scripture says, “He becomes

poor that deals with a slack hand. But the hand of the diligent shall be made rich” [Proverbs 10:4].

s men God has asked us to wear many hats and


play many roles. One of the most important of which is

The bible tells men to keep watch

provider. Like Him, our loved ones look to us to make for

over, and use properly what they

the wellbeing of the home. But it’s not just our loved ones,

currently have [Proverbs 27:23-27].

society too places this expectation on men. If that weren’t

As men, God expects us to do the

enough, men already have a natural inclination towards

best with what we already make.

risk, ambition, and financial success. We make up 80% of

But if we mismanage it, he will not

criminal society, 98.9% of the world’s wealthiest 1% and

honor us with more [Matthew

95.9% of1 the Forbes 400.


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Building Men. Raising Sons!

Protect The saying is true, “It’s not about how much you make, it’s how much you keep”. You cannot grow wealth, if you do not know how to protect it. Legally protect your money from unneeded expenses, inflation and taxes. Leverage

Men make up 98.9% of the world’s wealthiest 1%.

Leverage simply means doing more with less. You can find ways to do more, with less of your money, by becoming a smart borrower, and a smart spender. Other Issues Many Christian leaders claim that it is unbiblical to get pre-nuptials. If you trust this woman, the theory goes, you can trust her with your money. But this is a straw man. Trust is a none-issue. I wouldn’t’ say you don’t trust your driving just because you wear a seatbelt. Likewise, having prenuptials is a matter of safety. The same goes for the wife not having to work. If you’re not in a

2 Building Men. Raising Sons!

wellbeing of her and the kids before you go there. You can face the mass financial responsibilities God, women, and our culture have placed on us as men with confidence. Like any farther, God loves His sons and position to be the sole provider in your home,

wants to see us do well. Follow His guidance

it’s not advisable to ask your wife to quit her

and like Him, you too can be a blessing to

job. Be sure you are able to make for the


Events  The 2013 Super Bowl party is Sunday, February 3rd at 6:00 P.M.  Our next men’s meeting is on Friday February the 15th at 7:00 P.M.  Our Camp Willow Father-Son Retreat is this April 19-21.

3 Building Men. Raising Sons!


If I can’t have sex until I’m married,

how do I keep my woman satisfied? [I don’t want her to go to someone else]

A: B

e patient. The men in

the bible didn’t search for a “woman” but a wife. Your dating life should be progressing towards marriage. If you communicate this to her, and she doesn’t respect your standards, it could be an early sign that she won’t honor biblical leadership, and that you should keep looking.

4 Building Men. Raising Sons!

Be obedient. Reward is stationed on the

her without going overboard. Assure her that

other side of your complying with God’s word.

you want her sexually, but want to do it within

There are things ahead that God is preparing

marriage. Until then, none sexual acts of

you for, and He needs your obedience to

affection are perfectly fine, so long as you

bring you into it. What you’re willing to walk

keep them that way.

away from determines what God can bring to you [Luke 18:29].

Be masculine. You don’t have to deny

Be still. Allow God to speak to you about structuring your dating life as a single man. He will show you how to live

yourself completely because you’re not

consecrated and still be fulfilled in this unique

married. You can exercise affection towards

season of manhood.

If you have a question pertaining to manhood that you would like to submit to the Pastor, to be answered here in our monthly Q and A, segment E Mail us at

5 Building Men. Raising Sons!

Be Still. Allow God to speak to you about structuring your dating life as a single man.

Bulletins  If you’re commissioned and can partake of this year’s commissioning ceremony email us at or contact Jamiel Cotman at 804-833-7628  Men are needed to serve for our Super Bowl party on February 3rd after second service. email us at or contact Jamiel Cotman at 804-833-7628 if interested.

6 Building Men. Raising Sons!

Review Date Your Wife


fter everyone found out I was doing a book

called, ‘Date Your Wife’ the mail came rushing in! And most of it was about sex. But here’s the thing,



7 Building Men. Raising Sons!

nearly all of it was from women.” Says Sr. Pastor…

Justin Buzzard, founder of Garden City

The book includes 100 practical ways to

Church, now author of ‘Date Your Wife’.

date your wife and action steps at the end of

According to Buzzard, “If you want to change

each chapter along with personal stories and

a marriage, change the man …” He

real life examples.

continues, “The problem with typical marriage teaching is that it addresses couples.” This, Buzzard believes has caused many guys to vacate their headship [Ephesians 5:23]. “The more a man leads, the more his woman is inclined to follow.” ‘Date Your Wife’ restores a sense of responsibility back to men, causing them to be more engaged husbands and fathers.

8 Building Men. Raising Sons!

After the opening section, the rest of the chapters fall into two categories: some are full of cheerleading, encouraging husbands to take their wives out to dinner more often, and others are practical, offering examples of weekly and monthly plans for how to date your wife. The man is what is wrong, and the man is what, made right, alters the course of everything.

The man is what is wrong, and the man is what, made right, alters the course of everything

9 Building Men. Raising Sons!


Psalm 127:1


Except the Lord build the house, they labor in vain that build it: except the Lord keep the city, the watchman waketh but in vain.

Thought Own your manhood with confidence. The world is looking for real men.

10 Building Men. Raising Sons!