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Bullying a priority for schools

Passion& devotion

Nashua working on how to address problem By MICHAEL BRINDLEY Staff Writer

A student makes fun of a classmate for not being able to speak English. A student threatens to beat up another boy because they like the same girl. A first-grade girl is warned by another student that she is going to be choked on her birthday. All are examRead the Nashua School ples of bullying in District bullying policy at Nashua schools this year, accord- ing to incident reports provided by the district. Given the recent spate of highly-publicized bullying incidents in surrounding communities, along with state officials putting the finishing touches on a new anti-bullying law, local school administrators said the issue is a priority. The suicide of Phoebe Prince in South Hadley, Mass., in January was a reminder of the worstcase scenario when a student is repeatedly harassed and bullied. And an incident in Concord earlier this month, when four students gave a special needs student an obscene tattoo on his


Staff Photo by GRANt MoRRIS/ Courtesy photo by WINGS ACRoSS AMERICA

ABovE: A plaque detailing the accomplishments of WASP Anita Paul hangs next to a model airplane in the New Hampshire Aviation Historical Society in Manchester. toP: Anita Paul during her flying years.

Nashua native part of military history By KAREN LovEtt


Staff Writer

Facts and tidbits about WASP through history. A-8

More resources to learn about WASP in print and Two-dozen pages into the Nashua High online. A-9 School yearbook of 1941, you will find her. Her hair, brown and curly, is piled neatly on the top of her head. She wears a cool expression, the bare hint of a smile pulling at the corner of her mouth. Her dark eyes, though, give nothing away. Neither does her personal quote: “Whatever there is to know, she knows it now.” It’s as if Anita Paul sensed even then that Visit to hear her parallel passions would, at some point, Anita Paul’s cousin Paul Jacques talk about intersect. It’s as if the motto for the class of growing up with her in Hudson, and get 1941, Ad Utrumque Paratus – “prepared for links to other Web sites about WASP in this either tale” – spoke directly to her future. interactive slideshow. Paul, a Nashua native, would go on become one of the first women ever to fly for This is the story of how she wove her the United States military, a feat that has, devotions together into a single, remarkable until recently, gone largely unheralded. She would later become a Carmelite nun, life. *** carrying out the rest of her days in a life of She couldn’t afford college. prayer and service. Anita Paul loved to fly. PAuL | PAge A-8 And Anita Paul loved God.

Programs showed what females could do By KAREN LovEtt Staff Writer

Amelia Earhart was the exception. Save for the famous aviatrix who flew solo across the Atlantic, much of the pre1940 American public “simply felt women could not fly a plane, build a plane, engineer a plane or manage planes,” said Deborah Douglas, curator of science and technology collections at the MIT Museum. In pre-World War II times, she said, there was a notion that women’s brains and physical abilities were fundamentally different than those of men, and correspondingly, jobs were classified for certain sexes. Technology was considered masculine, Douglas added, so airplanes and trains were male territory. At the time, Douglas said, seeing a woman in such fields was “like watching a dog

WASP | PAge B-9

Of visions and beliefs and NFL Graduation | Football chief talks about staying focused, possibility for more cold-weather Super Bowls. By GREGoRY MEIGHAN Staff Writer

LOWELL, Mass. – National Football League Commissioner Roger Goodell addressed a record 2,390 graduating students at the University of Massachusetts Lowell, who received their bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees, with words of inspiration and hope. Shortly after, Goodell said in a press conference that New England fans need to hope for the 2014 Super Bowl in Meadowlands Stadium to be a success if Gillette Stadium were to ever be a host. UMass Lowell not only graduated more students than ever before, but an impressive one third of them graduated with honors, Chancellor

GooDELL | PAge A-4

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without a debate on whether the salaries were excessive. [Page B-1] Memorial Day All schools and local government services, including libraries, are closed on Monday, Memorial Day. Trash pickup will be delayed by one day in Hudson and Nashua. For a complete list of Memorial Day events and observances, go to www.nashua


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