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Board member regrets band shell Park structure has been taking heat from area residents By PaTriCk Meighan

park or street – with a sense of pride. Barbara Pressly, however, NASHUA – Often a city of- looks on one of the fruits of her ficial will view the fruits of his labor with embarrassment. “It has bugged me for 22 years work – be it a public building, staff Writer

that I supported something that is so unattractive,” said Pressly, who is now serving her second stint on the board of aldermen. Two decades ago, Pressly was one of the board members

who backed the creation of the band shell in Greeley Park. The structure, intended to be covered with a flowing tent-like material, was never finished because money ran dry.

Bad aesthetics are only part of the problem. In the ensuing years, residents of Swart Terrace, Berkeley Street and other streets near Greeley Park say they’ve suffered from high-decibel, incessant noise from concerts staged at the park’s skeletal band shell.

The source of some of the noise, residents say, has been the woofers and tweeters from the cranked-up sound systems of amateur rock bands, who sometimes have played day-long shows to a handful of youthful followers.

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Camelot of fun

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Schools focus of session

Fourteen people came out to share their opinions of the city’s schools at a public input session Thursday. Assistant Superintendent Althea Sheaff hosted the session to discuss progress on the district improvement plan and seek ideas from community members on ways to meet benchmarks in math and reading. The meeting was required as part of the city’s District In Need of Improvement plan. It was the only session for the development of the district’s improvement plan. Meeting the state’s Adequate Yearly Progress benchmarks has been a problem for Nashua and many other districts across New Hampshire. Only 66 of the state’s 163 school districts made AYP in both math and reading last year.

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kevin landrigan

Candidate takes gloves off in ad Don’t call it a love tap but Republican Senate hopeful Bill Binnie became the first candidate statewide to draw contrast with a primary opponent in the 2010 election cycle. To reinforce his attempted brand as the job creator in this crowded field, the New Castle businessman offered a pretty dismissive assessment of the GOP frontrunner. “NH has a choice. Kelly Ayotte, former attorney general knows how to put people in jail,” the announcer said. “Bill Binnie, successful businessman, knows how to put people in jobs and fix our economy. “In these tough economic times, the choice is clear, Bill Binnie and

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Alexis Hilborn, center, makes bubbles during the l0th annual Fairy Tale Festival at Greeley Park in Nashua on Saturday.

10th annual Fairy Festival held at greeley Park in Nashua By gregOry Meighan staff Writer

NASHUA (CAMELOT) – Greeley Park went under renovation of the mind as it became the storied Cam-

elot for chivalrous knights, beautiful princesses and majestic fairies. Once upon a time there was a perfect day. The day was filled with smiles, excitement and laughter that no evil witch, mean monster or

greedy king could ever stop. A day for the youngest of boys and girls to be sent on a journey by King Arthur himself. The quest was not mandatory, but was an option for those who were brave enough to accept

and seek great reward. Princess of Milford Autumn Arel completed the task asked of her by King Arthur. The King asked of

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Athletes take flight to compete in Special Olympics nashua | Infinity Aviation and Citation Jet operators flew competitors and coaches to Neb. for free.

New Hampshire Special Olympics Head Coach, Cathy Williams, left, and Aquatics Coach Kim Moreau help track and field athlete Berry Ransom to his plane Saturday at Boire Field in Nashua. Infinity Aviation, along with Citation Jet operators, flew coaches and athletes to Lincoln, Neb., for free so they could participate in the National Special Olympics.

practicing her golf stance and swing with an imaginary club. “I can never not practice my swing,” said Gaudette, 22, of Nashua. Gaudette has flown to Ireland for international competition. Boarding a small plane for a skip halfway across the country didn’t phase her, but she By PaTriCk Meighan was excited about the games themselves. “I’m a very competitive perstaff Writer son,” she said. A moment later, Gaudette showed NASHUA – Lauren Gaudette embodies what it means to be an athlete. that she also embodies what it means Waiting to board a Cessna to jet to be a teammate. her to the Special Olympics National Games in Lincoln, Neb., Gaudette was OlyMPiCs | PagE B-6

staff photo by granT MOrris

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