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Cleaner trash trucks in Nashua’s future Partnership may lead city to buy vehicles that run on compressed natural gas By PATRICK MEIGHAN Staff Writer

NASHUA – To go green, city officials first had to ask what brown could do for them. The city and United Parcel Service may enter into a partnership to attract a compressed natural gas fuel-

other vehicles. “We’ve got a significant number of trash trucks that need to be replaced,” she said. “We have an opportunity instead of buying diesel fuel to buy trucks that run on compressed natural gas.” There are advantages to trucks that ing station to the city, Mayor Donnalee run on CNG instead of diesel, she said. Lozeau said. “The engines last 25 percent longer, Lozeau hopes she can pack and deliver the deal like a UPS truck before the they run cleaner, their maintenance records are significantly different,” opportunity to save money goes MIA. The idea came from a fleet assess- Lozeau said. “The challenge for us is getting a gas ment the city just completed, Lozeau said. That assessment included a station.” City officials had been negotiating schedule for replacing city trucks and

with a company that said if the city buys 10 vehicles, it could get a portable station for $15,000 a year. Lozeau talked about the idea at a business roundtable sponsored by the Nashua Green Team. She thought if some local companies also bought trucks, that might make it financially attractive for a permanent CNG station to locate here without the city paying for it. At the Green Team roundtable, a couple businesses said they might be interested. Then, at a Rivier College president’s

roundtable on enery, UPS presented information about its use of energyefficient vehicles. However, the UPS fleet in Nashua had no CNG vehicles because there was no local fueling station. “One thing led to another, and it looks like we’re getting into a partnership with UPS,” Lozeau said. With the partnership, the city could get a permanent CNG station, not a portable one, for the UPS trucks and city vehicles.


Nashua . . . From the INsIde

Kids health program gets grant The Gateways Community Services Partners in Health program was awarded a $2,500 grant, presented by Conway Arena, on Monday in support of services for children with chronic health conditions. “We are so grateful to the Conway Arena for helping us provide recreational activities to our children with chronic illnesses,” said Sandra B. Pelletier, CEO and president of Gateways. Gateways serves more than 2,500 individuals of all ages and their families, primarily from Greater Nashua. Partners in Health is a family support program for families of children with chronic health care needs. It takes a family-centered approach and works within the community to facilitate and enhance the care and services that families identify for themselves. The program is using the funding to not only support the families they serve, but to add to their quality of life by providing funding for therapeutic recreational activities or summer camp. Conway Arena and the city of Nashua Ice Rink Commission offered grants this year to Nashua nonprofit organizations for their youth sports activities. While Conway Arena focuses on skating activities, applicants needed only to be involved in “areas beneficial to Nashua’s youth such as healthy recreation, education, positive competition and physical activity.”

Staff photo by GRANT MORRIS

Teresa Iannone tapes the edges of a cross she was starting to decorate Thursday afternoon in the new sanctuary of Calvary Christian Center East on West Pearl Street in Nashua. The church is moving from its home in Merrimack so that the members, who number around 60, can be based in a more urban environment with more outreach opportunities.

In the spirit


Campaign etiquette ignored Did someone hear a gun go off? Something was in the air last week, as primary candidates all seemed to awaken from their summer slumber and start aiming with both barrels. Republican Senate candidate Kelly Ayotte trotted out 2008 vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin, who hugged her “grizzly’’ cub and then KEVIN LANDRIGAN tried to hack a limb off GOP rival Bill Binnie and Democrat Paul Hodes. Hodes decided his second TV commercial

New Nashua church opening on West Pearl Street By PATRICK MEIGHAN Staff Writer

NASHUA – As of today, the Calvary Christian Center East will be where Pastor Cisco Vita always wanted it to be. “I feel like, personally, this is a long time coming,” Vita said.

Ten years ago while in Concord, Vita got the idea of starting a church in Nashua. Three years ago, Vita did open a church, but at 297 Daniel Webster Highway in Merrimack. “Our goal has always been to go into Nashua,” said Vita, known to his congregation as Pastor Cisco.

After looking unsuccessfully for a location in downtown Nashua, Vita opened the church in Merrimack “knowing it was only temporary and to get our feet on the ground, so to speak.” At 10 a.m. today, the Calvary Christian Center East will hold its first services at its new Nashua

location, 113 West Pearl St. The location is a storefront and the former site of the Scooter Store and Naults Cyclery. “We’re doubling our square footage,” Vita said. But the opportunity to expand


Brookline bash results in a ‘berry’ tasty event By GREGORY MEIGHAN Staff Writer

Today was no ordinary day for twin brothers Jordan and Cole Rodman. They told their mother Amy, they have been waiting for their whole life for the pie-eating contest at the Brookline Blueberry Bash. “I love the blueberries most,” said Jordan, a 6-year-old berry enthusiast. Cole said he loves blueberry pie, but unfortunately for them their love for blueLANDRIGAN | PAGE B-4

A blueberry pie is distributed among hungry visitors at the Blueberry Bash Tent Saturday evening.

berries was not enough to slow down the now three-time defending champion, Erin Casey, 11. Casey said she doesn’t practice, but has continued to use her winning strategy of taking big bites. Even though she ate the pie fast without using her hands, she said could she still taste it, and it was good. The Brookline Women’s Club ran the event at the kickoff day of Old Home Days Saturday

Staff photo by GRANT MORRIS


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Did someone hear a gun go off? Something was in the air last week, as pri- mary candidates all seemed to awaken from their summer slumber an...