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Why More Women Are Falling For Wayuu Mochila Bags In this day and age, shoppers have a tough time buying products that truly stand out or support an excellent cause without sacrificing quality or design. The Mochila bag, created by the Wayuu tribe of Venezuela and Colombia, is one exception to this rule, however. As more people discover their allure, these brilliantly patterned, over-the-shoulder bags are becoming a much more common site. Wayuu Mochila bags are a smart purchase for women who are fashion-forward, free-trade supportive or just tired of generic Western styles thanks to several key characteristics. Mochila bags are bold but casual, with their vibrant colors, intricate patterns, and woven texture. These bags offer far more space than their appearance gives away, making them an excellent solution for people on the go as they can be worn over the shoulder for a secure and comfortable fit. Unlike many bags or purses, Mochila bags are going to be functional and appear appropriate against various backdrops, from the wilderness to an indoor setting. For women who possess a more Bohemian sense of style, need a little extra purse storage space or simply just want a distinctive bag that isn't sold in mass quantities at department stores, these bags are especially attractive. The appeal of Mochila bags created by the Wayuu tribe is not only limited to their appearance, however; these bags are also becoming popular because of the way they are produced. The Wayuu men weave the straps as the tribeswomen are weaving these bags by hand. The quality of the end product is hard to duplicate because the creation of these bags and also other accessories is a long-running tradition in Wayuu culture. Depending on how complicated the design is, it can take around 10 days to make each bag which is produced by just one woman. Every bag is distinct and holds some type of personal meaning or significance for the woman who made it, which means that individuals who buy these bags can be assured that they will never see someone else with an identical or even particularly similar bag. There are a wide array of options online for anyone who is interested in purchasing a Mochila bag. Each bag is completely unique and there is an almost unlimited number of possible patterns and new ones can appear any day so it is advisable to spend some extra time searching to be sure you have found your ideal design. People who are interested in purchasing a genuine Wayuu Mochila bag should make sure to confirm that the bag in question was really produced by the tribe. There are Mochila bags produced in other countries or by larger businesses in addition to tribes in South American that make Mochila bags that are similar in spirit and style to the bags made by the Wayuu. You have to put a little extra effort in when shopping if you would like to own an authentic South American Mochila bag. Even for individuals who don’t love following the latest trends and styles, Wayuu Mochila bags make for a fantastic gift or personal treat. These bags are fashionable, distinct, and built to last. Purchasing these bags also help to maintain the Wayuu tribe which is an additional benefit for people worried about higher ideals than fashion or utility. Considering all of these factors, it is easy to see why these bags are growing in popularity among all kinds of people, from celebrities to everyday women. By way of a Wayuu mochila from Buena Onda, you could get the look celebrities are crazy for! A lot more information on Buena Onda are attainable on the organization's web site, Buena Onda

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Why More Women Are Falling For Wayuu Mochila Bags

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Why More Women Are Falling For Wayuu Mochila Bags