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Thank You to Our Generous 25th Season Donors

Written by Wendy Markum, managing director

On behalf of the Gateway Men's Chorus, I am happy to offer our first donor newsletter. Aware that donors like to know how their generous contributions are being used, we want to offer the opportunity for you to see the "behind the scenes" activities that make the Gateway Men's Chorus such an important part of the LGBT community in St. Louis. While we have events, information, and opportunities we would like to share. Additionally, if there is something about GMC you would like us to feature, or have suggestions about how we can continue to foster relationships with the community, please feel free to send me an email. I hope you enjoy this first newsletter and will continue to follow us through our exciting 25th season, and beyond

Be Our Guest Written by Jason Brown, administrative volunteer

"Conductor's Circle" Donors Visionary Level $5,000 + Mr. John W.Brancaglione and Mr. William Clugston Dr. Kenneth Haller Impresario Level $2,500 - $4,999 Mr. Walter Adair Maestro Level $1,000 - $2,499 Dr. Patrick Dawson Mr. Al Fischer and Mr. Charlie Robin Dr. and Mrs. William Houck Drs. David Jaffe and David Lewis Mr. Ken and Mrs. Nancy Kranzberg Mr. Aelred Rosser Mr. and Mrs. Paul Sutherland

On January 7, the Gateway Men?s Chorus held a meet-and-greet at Spaghetteria Mamma Mia to attract new members. Potential singers attending the Be Our Guest event enjoyed appetizers and drinks while chatting with existing singers, Board Members and staff about their experiences with GMC. "For years, the chorus has focused on passive recruitment techniques," stated Board Secretary Michael Franzoni. "Currently, we're pressing with a bit more of an active approach, along with expanding the Be Our Guest events. Ten new singers turned out for this first recruiting event of the year. The number of new guys present was great," commented Al Fischer, Artistic Director for GMC. "Of course you'd always love to have more." Al would like to see existing chorus members take the newbies under their wings, and help introduce them to the group. Fifteen new singers attended the first open rehearsal on January 9th, including the ten guys who attended Be Our Guest, according to Franzoni. "We are looking to establish open channels of communications with local LGBT organizations in order to encourage cross-population of membership bases between organizations and further strengthening both our membership and the cohesiveness of the Saint Louis LGBT community en whole."

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Donors Honor GMC in a Unique Way Similar to other musical organizations, like SW Florida Gay Men's Chorus, and the Lyric Opera of San Diego, GMC offers the opportunity for our donors to sponsor their favorite Chorus section. This new program allows each section of the Chorus to be underwritten on a first come basis, by their favorite fans. For more information of section sponsoring, request our individual giving brochure.

The Bass Section Graciously underwritten by Mr. John W. Brancaglione and Mr. William Clugston

John was happy to choose this section because, "When I used to sing, I was a bass, so it has a special place."

The Tenor 1 Section Graciously underwritten by Dr. Kenneth Haller

"Tenor 1 is the only part that I could not sing, so I have always had a great deal of respect for them."

"OUR SONG" a Celebration of Our 25 Year Legacy Written by Al Fischer, artistic director

We are bringing together something special for this March: our 25th Anniversary Celebration, which we are calling OUR SONG. For this concert, we are drawing from the wealth of music that the Chorus has had written or arranged especially for itself. I have contacted former conductors all the way back to the founder of the Gateway Men's Chorus, Michael Chores. I solicited their input, as well as the input of Neal Richardson and Steve Milloy, our two principal arrangers over the years, asking them what songs they wrote or commissioned that they would love to hear the Chorus perform once again. Many of these directors, as well as our founder, will be present at our concert, where we will acknowledge them and thank them for their service and contribution. We will not only be looking to the past, though. We have several new arrangements that we will be premiering, including BORN THIS WAY by Lady Gaga, a new arrangement of ST. LOUIS BLUES commissioned by our founder, and two new original compositions by our current Artistic Director. This event will celebrate where we have been, and where we are going!

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Education & Community Engagement Committee Formed Written by Wendy Markum, managing director

In an effort to uphold our mission of promoting gay culture and acceptance through music performance and education, this new committee held their first meeting January 24, at Hartford Coffee Company, 3974 Hartford St. The E&CE committee, made up of staff, board members, singing members, volunteers, and community members, will focus on ways to increase our presence in the St. Louis community. Goals of the committee will cover arts outreach to underserved populations, fundraising support for other LGBT organizations in the area, and collaborations with existing groups to spread the message of tolerance, anti-bullying, and music education. If you would enjoy the opportunity to have a positive influence on the community as an E&CE committee member, please contact Wendy Markum

Celebrate the Legacy of GMC by Honoring Someone Special Consider making a charitable donation to GMC, in memory of a loved one no longer with us, or in celebration of someone making the world a better place today. All tribute contributions will be listed on a special page in our concert programs for the entire year. Include your special someone in the celebration marking 25 years of the Gateway Men's Chorus contributions to the LGBT community in St. Louis and beyond.

IN MEMORY OF Mrs. Doreen Baker Given by Ms. Wendy Markum

Alvin A. Erdman father of A. Erdman Given by Mr. Al Becker

Mary Therese Haller Given by Ms. Carolyn Bower Ms. Patricia Corrigan Mr. George Durnell Ms. Deborah Dalay Ms. Karen Schneider

David Sutherland Given by Mr. Gary Friedrich Mr. & Mrs. Paul Sutherland

Mr. Steve Schneider Given by Ms. Maureen T. Smith Mr. Jerry Woods

IN HONOR OF Michael S. Alley Given by Mr. John T. Hyland

David Voracek Seymour (Cy) Jaffee

Given by Ms. Susan King

Given by Ms. Marge Degnon Mr. James W. Hicks III Mr. David Keller Ms. Wendy Reid Mr. William Wibbing

Given by Mr. Frederick L. Perry

John Scholz Stephen Phelps Given by Comm Service PR Council

Frederick Perry Given by Ms. Claire Condon Ms. Mary Pevra Mr. Rhodes Schroeder Mr. Steven Whiting Mr. Dick Woodhouse

GMC Brings Down the Church... Written by Wendy Markum, managing director

December 16, 2011 GMC made history in St. Louis as the first LGBT choral group invited to perform at St. Stanislaus, in front of their parish. The responsibility of representing the LGBT community in a positive light to a new and nontraditional audience was well placed with the Gateway Men?s Chorus. This on it?s on was an important opportunity for the community, however GMC chose to make the impact even greater by requesting that instead of admission charge, parishioners to bring new toys to donate to Project ARK (AIDS/HIV Resources and Knowledge); a local organization which supports children afflicted with aids. The men?s performance was professional, moving, and highly entertaining. A huge collection of toys were collected for Project Ark, filling a need for their holiday goal to bring toy to the over 1,000 children patients in St. Louis. The evening was so successful; the men have already been invited, and eagerly accepted a performance next year.

Eight Note Level

"Friends of Note" Donors

$25 - $99

Whole Note Level

Anonymous (2)

$500 - $999

Mr. Albert Becker


Mr. John Adams

Mr. Michael Franzoni

Mr. Matt Houck

Mr. Joe Nelson and Mr. John Goad Mr. Lawrence T. Miskel and Mr. Ryan Barker Mr. Matthew Palmer

Mrs. Genevieve Steidtmann

Mrs. Mary Strauss

Mr. Paul Sutherland

Half Note Level Mr. Doug Bernier Mr. Darren Chapman and Mr. David Watson

Mr. Casey Davison

Mr. Phillip Eibeck Mr. Gary and Mrs. Janice Friedrich

Mr. John & Mr. Jim Hamblin

Mr. Michael Brown Mr. Bruce Carvell

Mr. Brian Hinterscher

Mr. Franklin McCallie

Mr. Danny Owen

Mr. Bill Rintz

Mr. Paul Simpkins

Mr. Gerald Dennon Mr. Sean Dwyer

Mrs. Caron and Mr. Floyd Farmer

Mr. Tim Farmer

Mr. Jon FlinnMs. Susan Hardebeck

Mrs. Janette Hart

Ms. Jamie Heil

Mr. Andrew Hernandez and Mr. Michael Dorn Mr. James Hicks III

Mr. Richard Woodhouse

Mr. Wayne and Mrs. Cheri Jones

Mr. David Keller

Mrs. Debra Knox-Deiermann

Mr. Norman LeClaire and

Mr. David Roell

Mr. Howard and Mrs. Penny Miller Dr. Robert Packman, MD Ms. Wendy Reid

Mr. Todd Petitt

Mr. Michael Asbury

Mr. David Bates

Ms. Marge Degnon

Mr. Robert Eilers

Ms. Barbara Levin

Mr. Colin Keller

Mr. Neil S. Koplitz Ms. Wendy Markum and Ms. Jayne Scanlan

Ms. Carol Martin

Mr. Charles J. Metz

Mr. John Overall

Ms. Mary Peura

Mr. Donald Posegate II and Mr. Mark Silvermintz Mr. Thomas W. Rich Mr. Don J. Riehn and Mr. Jon Goeders

Mr. John Sabourin

Rev. Betty L. Shirley and Linda L. Mudd Mr. James Tomlinson

Mr. Ted Pino

Mr. Jay Reiter and Mr. Richard Charow

Dr. and Mrs. Richard M. Ruddy

Mr. Daniel and Mrs. Laura Stefacek

Mr. William Wibbing

$100 - $249

Ms. Jane Knapp

Mr. Craig Monson

Mrs. Naomi and Mr. Saul Silvermintz Ms. Toni L Smith

Ms. Jeane Vogel

Ms. Patricia Vogelsang and Mr. Donald W. Jones

Quarter Note Level

Mr. Steven Goldberg and Mr. JD Brooks

Ms. Judith Hodge

Mr. Jason Johnston

Ms. Maureen Smith Mr. Carl Train

Ms. Clare Condon

Ms. Anne Elixhauser and Mr. William Hayden

Ms. Dee Hodge and Ms. Ann Petlin

Kent and Paulette Barker

Mr. Allan Erdman

Mr. Edward Adams

Mr. Willie J. Meadows and Mr. Don Bergman

Mr. Gordon Herzog

$250 - $499 Mr. Bryan Buck

Mr. Paul Acker

Mr. James Wattles

Mr. Jerry Woods For more information on the benefits available to individual donors, please refer to our giving brochure available in the lobby, or email

Mr. Joseph Wuller

Thank You to our Corporate and Foundation Donors

Friends of Note Newsletter  

The premiere issue of the Gateway Men's Chorus bi-monthly donor newsletter. Features information about performances, community outreach, an...

Friends of Note Newsletter  

The premiere issue of the Gateway Men's Chorus bi-monthly donor newsletter. Features information about performances, community outreach, an...