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GMC Case Study Transaction Processing / Direct Marketing Customer Communication Solutions for the Enterprise

Oniya Shapira Chooses GMC PrintNet for Trans­actional & Trans-Promotional Communications Statement Marketing Platform Delivers High Value to Major Credit Card Issuer Located in Israel, Oniya-Shapira is one of the largest color digital print sites in the world, with six HP Indigo digital color presses. Established in 1936, Oniya-Shapira offers pre-print services, full color digital print of over 500,000 pages per day, B&W digital print and offset printing, as well as a variety of finishing and wrapping lines with vast capacity per day.

Seeking Market Differentiation for Clients “As we began to learn about the value of full-color trans-promotional printing,” says Ravit, “we immediately thought of Cal, and began brainstorming internally about how we could best approach them with a business proposition.” Transpromotional statements, or TransPromo, refers to the positioning of promotional messages or advertising alongside essential transactional information within a transaction document such as a statement, bill, confirmation or notification. Oniya-Shapira’s primary message to Cal’s CMO was to provide Cal with the ability to speak differently to each customer based on personalized messaging, and the samples the team initially designed for discussion reflected that approach. “We visited their web site, looked at all of their advertising and came up with a number of ideas that we pitched in a meeting with marketing. It is important to do this type of homework so that you can help your customers understand the platform being offered and its value to them and their customers.” The initial recommendation to Cal was to deploy trans-promotional statements to the company’s VIP customers. “We believed we had a better opportunity for selling the application in this manner,” added Ravit, “since it is easier to justify the cost of full color statements for higher value customers.” Much to Oniya-Shapira’s surprise, Cal opted to use trans-promotional state­ ments with all of its cardholders, and not limit the new application to just VIP customers. After studying the issue, the company believed that using statements

GMC Worldwide Austria, Brazil, Canada, China, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Italy, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Poland, Shanghai, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan, United Kingdom, USA and growing.


:‫לכבוד‬ ‫ישראל�ישראלי‬ ‫�גבעתיים‬,13�‫רח'�תפוצות�ישראל‬ ±∞Ø≥Ø∞∑�-‫דף�חיוב�חודשי�ל‬


*4580�‫(�חיוג�מסלולרי‬03)5726444�:‫מידע�ושירות‬ ‫�שעות�ביממה‬24�,(03)5723666�:‫אובדן�או�גניבה‬ ‫�גבעתיים‬,13�‫תפוצות�ישראל‬


Cal�‫דיינרס�ומאסטרקארד�שהונפקו�ישירות�ע"י‬ ‫מסגרת�אשראי�לחשבון‬ ‫סך�התחייבויות�באשראי�לחשבון‬

₪34,000 ₪9,247

03/10/05�‫� �המסגרת�בתוקף�עד‬03/07/05�‫�הנתונים�נכונים�לתאריך‬

11-148-000012356�:‫������חשבון�מט"ח‬11-148-000012356�:‫חשבון�בש"ח‬ 10/03/07�‫�עד‬10/02/07�-‫"�לחשבון�מ‬2005�‫נקודות�"תוכנית�חלומות‬ ‫נקודות‬ +3195 +220




“Until a year and a half ago,” says Ravit Spiegel, VP of Marketing, “we only had offset and black & white digital. The majority of our business is comprised of state­ments and bills for banks, insurance companies and telecommunications com­ panies, including cable TV. We installed our first Indigo to expand our presence into the fashion, food and cosmetics industry with personalized catalogs and other promotional materials.” Oniya Shapira was already printing statements for Cal (Israel Credit Cards Ltd), an issuer of major brand credit cards, including VISA, Diners Club and MasterCard along with retail credit cards and loyalty cards, using pre-printed paper with black & white digital overprinting. Although the statements did include some marketing messages, implementation was limited.

‫יתרת�נקודות�קודמת‬ ‫נקודות�חדשות�שנצטברו‬ ‫יתרת�נקודות�חדשה‬

‫מידע�עבור�כרטיס�ויזה�מקומי‬ ‫�ע"ש�ישראל�ישראלי‬6286�-‫המסתיים�ב‬


"‫נקודות�טיסה�"הנוסע�המתמיד‬ 10/03/07�‫�עד‬10/02/07�-‫מ‬ ¶≤¨∞∏µ

‫סך�התחייבויות�באשראי�לכרטיס‬ 16/03/07�‫�הנתונים�נכונים�לתאריך‬

‫נקודות‬ +16 +23 -16

‫פירוט‬ 17/02/07�‫בתאריך‬


‫יתרת�נקודות�קודמת‬ ‫נקודות�חדשות�שנצטברו‬ ‫על‬-‫העברת�נקודות�לאל‬ ‫יתרת�נקודות�חדשה‬


‫רוצה‬ ÏΉ†˙Ú„Ï ø˘‡¯Ó Cal-Online�‫באתר‬

‫תוכל�לשלוט‬ ,‫בהוצאות�שלך‬ ‫לנהל�אותן�נכון‬ ‫ולקבל�מראש�את‬ :‫כל�המידע‬ :‫להצטרפות‬

‫סכום‬ ‫חיוב‬



‫סכום‬ ‫העסקה‬




‫תאריך‬ ‫העסקה‬







03/01/07�-‫פירוט�עסקות�אשר�חויבו�ב‬ ‫סכום‬ ‫חיוב‬

‫סכום‬ ‫העסקה‬




₪�52.00 ₪�370.00

₪�200.00 ₪�1,140.00 ₪�-�400.00 ₪�0.45 EP�1000.00 ₪�200.00 ₪�100 ₪�-10 ₪�300 ₪�300 ₪�200.00 ₪�1,140.00 ₪�-�400.00 ₪�0.45 EP�1000.00 ₪�200.00 ₪�100 ₪�-10 ₪�300 ₪�200.00 ₪�1,140.00 ₪�-�400.00

4-‫�מ‬1�'‫�תש‬001�‫�ת"א‬.‫ס‬ 2-‫�מ‬1�‫תשלום‬ ‫תשלום�הנחה�תמורת�נקודות‬

‫בנקאות‬ ‫ביגוד‬ ‫ביגוד‬ ‫בנקאות‬ ‫תיירות‬ ‫בנקאות‬ ‫הנעלה‬ ‫הנעלה‬ ‫הנעלה‬

‫הבנק�לפיתוח�תעשיה�ת"א‬ ‫אליטל�ספורט‬ ‫אליטל�ספורט‬ ‫עמלת�תשלומים‬

₪�0.45 ₪�1000.00 ₪�200.00 ₪�100 ₪�-10 ₪�300 ₪�52.00 ₪�370.00 ₪�0.45 ₪�1000.00 ₪�200.00 ₪�100 ₪�-10 ₪�300 ₪�52.00 ₪�370.00

677�‫�מלחה‬.‫ס‬ ‫זיכוי�תוכנית�נאמנות‬ 4-‫�מ‬1�'‫�תש‬001�‫�ת"א‬.‫ס‬ 2-‫�מ‬1�‫תשלום‬ ‫תשלום�הנחה�תמורת�נקודות‬ 677�‫�מלחה‬.‫ס‬ ‫זיכוי�תוכנית�נאמנות‬ 4-‫�מ‬1�'‫�תש‬001�‫�ת"א‬.‫ס‬ 2-‫�מ‬1�‫תשלום‬ ‫תשלום�הנחה�תמורת�נקודות‬

‫בנקאות‬ ‫ביגוד‬ ‫ביגוד‬ ‫בנקאות‬ ‫תיירות‬ ‫בנקאות‬ ‫מזון‬ ‫מזון‬ ‫קוסמטיקה‬ ‫בנקאות‬ ‫ביגוד‬ ‫ביגוד‬


‫�ירושלים‬-�‫בנק�הפועלים‬ ‫אלדו‬ ‫אלדו‬ ‫נעלי�מרקו‬ ‫נעלי�מרקו‬ ‫הבנק�לפיתוח�תעשיה�ת"א‬ ‫אליטל�ספורט‬ ‫אליטל�ספורט‬ ‫עמלת�תשלומים‬


‫�ירושלים‬-�‫בנק�הפועלים‬ ‫ארומה‬ ‫ארומה‬ ‫סופר�פארם‬ ‫הבנק�לפיתוח�תעשיה�ת"א‬ ‫אליטל�ספורט‬ ‫אליטל�ספורט‬

‫תאריך‬ ‫העסקה‬

28/12/06 22/12/06 22/12/06 26/12/06 28/12/06 28/12/06 29/12/06 29/12/06 31/12/06 31/12/06 28/12/06 22/12/06 22/12/06 26/12/06 28/12/06 28/12/06 29/12/06 29/12/06 31/12/06 28/12/06 22/12/06 22/12/06 ‫ההצטרפות�אינה�כרוכה�בתשלום‬


Integrated campaign management & reporting a key capability

Cal trans-promotional program drives higher responses, client loyalty

GMC Software Technology

GMC Case Study Transaction Processing / Direct Marketing Customer Communication Solutions for the Enterprise

as a marketing platform would be a big win from both a customer relationship and revenue perspective, regardless of the size of the customer. Oniya Shapira, who had invested nearly a year in working with Cal prior to RFP issuance, ultimately won the bid. “That’s when the real work began,” comments Ravit. “We now had to implement a system that would enable us to produce about 8 million Trans Promo statement pages per month for Cal.” Building a New Infrastructure Before implementing the new program, Cal statements contained personal messages in black text with minimal graphics. “In implementing the new program,” says Ravit, “we basically had to start from scratch. It was a totally different product.” Clearly, the company would need to increase its digital color printing footprint, and to accomplish that objective, added five new HP Indigo presses. The next step was to tackle the software issues. “We had a number of specific requirements for a software vendor,” says Ravit. “In developing those criteria, we not only looked at Cal’s requirements, but tried to anticipate our future needs as well.” Primary selection criteria included An easy user interface that minimized programming efforts The ability to generate dynamic document templates with individual color palettes for tables, data, coupons and other variable elements Dynamic white space management

Key Facts Client

Oniya Shapira, one of the largest color digital print providers in the world, provides pre-print, B&W and full color digital print, and finishing services to financial services, bank­ ing, telecommunications, insurance, and retail companies. Applications include catalogs, promotional programs and statements and bills. Challenge Implement a marketing differentiation program for clients by including per­ sonalized marketing messages, high impact color graphics, and advertis­ ing in transaction statements, bills and invoices. Be able to deliver high volumes of TransPromo statements on monthly, quarterly and annual basis.

Output of a PPML data stream for ingestion by the HP Indigo printers Full tracking and reporting capability for Oniya Shapira and its customers to allow online campaign monitoring Online proofing of templates and other documents The ability to produce documents in Hebrew

This last requirement is complex, according to Ravit. Not only does Hebrew text print from right to left, but numbers print left to right. This meant that the software selected had to seamlessly switch between right-to-left and left-to-right in creating and managing documents. “GMC’s PrintNet suite of software met all of these requirements and more,” says Ravit, “and GMC was terrific to work with, especially during implementation of the Hebrew capability. Although we still have programmers working on these projects, the user interface is so easy to use that it saves them a significant amount of time, makes it easier to quickly launch solutions for new customers and appli­ cations, and ensures maximum productivity for these important IT resources.” The New Look for Cal According to Ravit, the average number of pages per envelope with the new trans-promotional model has tripled as compared to earlier black & white state­ ments. This made more statement real estate available to promote Cal and third party products and services, and to introduce a loyalty program called “You” that offers cardholders the ability to earn benefits and discounts at partner retail and other establishments.

GMC Worldwide Austria, Brazil, Canada, China, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Italy, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Poland, Shanghai, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan, United Kingdom, USA and growing.

Solution GMC PrintNet gives a single plat­ form for all personalized document appli­cations, data formats, inte­ grated messaging and campaign management, printing and delivery. PrintNet also offers advanced graphics support, white space management and full-color personalized printing capabilities. Results With PrintNet, Oniya Shapira now has a complete solution for support­ ing all applications from a single platform, including the implementa­ tion of high-impact, high-response persona­lized TransPromo applications. The results are happier customers with higher loyalty and retention rates, and the ability to expand to new market and application areas.

GMC Software Technology

‫‪GMC Case Study‬‬ ‫‪Transaction Processing / Direct Marketing‬‬ ‫ ‪Customer Communication Solutions for the Enterprise‬‬




‫לכבוד‪:‬‬ ‫רונית�פישמן‬ ‫דף�חיוב�חודשי�ל‪±∞Ø≥Ø∞∑�-‬‬

‫מידע�ושירות‪�(03)5726444�:‬חיוג�מסלולרי�‪4580‬‬ ‫אובדן�או�גניבה‪�24�,(03)5723666�:‬שעות�ביממה*‬ ‫תפוצות�ישראל�‪�,13‬גבעתיים‬



‫חברי�מועדון�יקרים‬ ‫אנו�שמחים�להעניק�לך�את�המחאת�המועדון�על�קניות�שביצעת�ברשתות�מועדון�‪PowerCard‬‬ ‫את�יתרת�ההחזר�שהצטברה�לזכותך�נצרף�להמחאת�המועדון�הבאה�שלך‪.‬‬ ‫לשמחתנו‪�,‬חברות�כיום�במועדון�מספר�רב�של�רשתות�מהמובילות�והמוצלחות�בישראל‪�,‬שהופכות�את�החברות�במועדון�למשתלמת‬ ‫ואטקטיבית�יותר�מתמיד‪�.‬כל�אחת�מהרשתות�מעניקה�החזרים�כספיים�קבועים�על�כל�קנייה‪.‬‬ ‫מבצע�מיוחד�ברשת�חנויות�הום�סנטר‪:‬‬ ‫כל�הרוכש�בסכום�של�‪�250‬ש"ח�ומעלה‪�,‬יקבל�תוספת�של�‪�30‬ש"ח�על�ערכה�של�המחאת�המועדון‪�,‬בעת�תשלום�באמצעות�ההמחאה‬ ‫וכרטיס�המועדון‪�.‬תוקף�ההמחאה�לחצי�שנה‪.‬‬ ‫כמו�תמיד‪�,‬צוות�שירות�הלקוחות�של�המועדון�עומד�לרשותך�בטל‪�03-5726444�.‬א'‪-‬ה'‪�,7:30-21:00�:‬ו'‪.8:00-13:00�:‬‬ ‫קיץ�חם�ומהנה‪.‬‬

‫בברכה‪,‬‬ ‫רונית�פישמן�‪�-‬אופיר‬ ‫מנהלת�מועדון�‪PowerCard‬‬

‫רוצה�‪˙‡¯Ï‬‬ ‫‪ÔÒ·†˜Á˘Ó‬‬ ‫‪ø¯ÈÒ‬‬ ‫פרוט�עסקות�ברשתות�שנקלטו�ב‪Cal �-‬‬


‫שם‬ ‫הרשת‪:‬‬ ‫הום�סנטר‬ ‫מגה�ספורט‬ ‫סטימצקי‬ ‫נרות�בשינקין‬ ‫ביתילי‬ ‫קרביץ‬ ‫נימרוד‬

‫אחוז‬ ‫ההחזר‬



‫סכום‬ ‫ההחזר�הכספי‬

‫‪100%‬‬ ‫‪100%‬‬ ‫‪100%‬‬ ‫‪100%‬‬ ‫‪100%‬‬ ‫‪100%‬‬ ‫‪100%‬‬

‫‪₪�10‬‬ ‫‪₪�300‬‬ ‫‪₪�100‬‬ ‫‪₪�300‬‬ ‫‪₪�100‬‬ ‫‪₪�0.45‬‬ ‫‪₪�0.45‬‬

‫‪₪�10‬‬ ‫‪₪�300‬‬ ‫‪₪�100‬‬ ‫‪₪�300‬‬ ‫‪₪�100‬‬ ‫‪₪�0.45‬‬ ‫‪₪�0.45‬‬ ‫‪₪�7000.00‬‬


‫הלוואת�אקספרס‬ ‫עד�‪₪30,000‬‬ ‫ללקוחות�כל�הבנקים‬

‫מצורפת�בזאת�המחאת�המועדון‬ ‫בשווי�‪�1‬ש"ח�כולל�מע"מ�)מע"מ�‪�0.15‬ש"ח(‬ ‫בהתאם�לסך�רכישותיך�באמצעות�כרטיס‬ ‫‪.Power Card‬‬ ‫הדו"ח�מתייחס�לתקופה�שמיום�הצטרפותך‬ ‫למועדון�או�מיום�הוצאת�הדו"ח�הקודם‪,‬‬ ‫לפי�המאוחר�שביניהם�ועד�ליום�‪.2/5/03‬‬ ‫מקור����יוני�‪2003‬‬


‫פאואר�קארד�)‪�(2000‬בע"מ‬ ‫ע‪.‬מ‪512959289�.‬‬ ‫ח‪.‬פ‪512959289�.‬‬


‫*עסקות�שבגינן�מחושב�ההחזר�הכספי�של�המחאת�המועדון‪.‬‬ ‫�סכום�העסקות�מתייחס�לכל�סוגי�העסקות�כולל�עסקות�תשלומים�)סכום�העסקה�במלואה(‪.‬‬

‫המחאת‬ ‫רונית†פישמן‬


‫‪*3338‬‬ ‫‪‬‬

‫רונית‪�,‬אל�תשכחי�שב‪TOYS R US-‬‬



‫לקבלת�הלוואת‬ ‫אקספרס‪:‬‬



‫שווי�הצ'ק�ב‪� TOYS R US-‬כ‪₪168.20-‬‬



‫בתוקף�עד ‪31/8/2005‬‬


‫תשלום�באמצעות�המחאת�מועדון�בצרוף�כרטיס�‪�PowerCard‬בלבד�<�אין�כפל�מבצעים�והנחות�ניתן�לממש�את�המחאת�המועדון�ברשתות�הבאותבלבד‪�:‬הום�סנטר‪�,‬מגה�ספורט‪�,‬טויס�"אר"�אס‪,IDdesign ,‬‬ ‫קרביץ‪�,‬סטימצקי‪�,Zer4u�,‬נעלי�נמרוד�ו‪�celio�-‬אופנת�גברים�מצרפת‬


‫‪PrintNet provides seamless switching between‬‬ ‫‪Hebrew text & number printing‬‬

‫‪ÆÆÆ˘„ÁÓ†˘„ÂÁ†ÏΆ¯˙ÂȆ˙ˆ¯Ï†Cal†¨ÔÓ„Ï‚†ÏÎÈÓ‬‬ ‫¶‬ ‫‪‰Á‰‬‬

‫‪±´±‬‬ ‫‪‰˙Ó‬‬

‫¶‬ ‫‪‰Á‰‬‬





‫·‪‰Á‰†±∞•≠φÛÒÂ‬‬ ‫˜·‪˙˘¯·†‰ÚÂ‬‬

‫·‪‰Á‰†±∞•≠φÛÒÂ‬‬ ‫˜·‪˙˘¯·†‰ÚÂ‬‬

‫תוקף�המבצע‪�:‬עד�‪�,15.3.07‬או�עד�גמר�המלאי‪�.‬אין�כפל�מבצעים�ו‪/‬או�הנחות‪�.‬במידה‬ ‫ויעשה�שימוש�מעבר�לכמות�הנקודות�העומדת�לרשותכם�תחוייבו�עפ"י�התקנון�לפי�‪�1‬אג'‬ ‫כולל�מע"מ�לכל�נקודת�חריגה‪�.‬החברה�רשאית�לשנות‪/‬להפסיק�את�ההטבה�בכל�עת‪.‬‬ ‫ט‪.‬ל‪.‬ח‪.‬‬

‫תוקף�המבצע‪�:‬עד�‪�,15.3.07‬או�עד�גמר�המלאי‪�.‬אין�כפל�מבצעים�ו‪/‬או�הנחות‪�.‬במידה‬ ‫ויעשה�שימוש�מעבר�לכמות�הנקודות�העומדת�לרשותכם�תחוייבו�עפ"י�התקנון�לפי�‪�1‬אג'‬ ‫כולל�מע"מ�לכל�נקודת�חריגה‪�.‬החברה�רשאית�לשנות‪/‬להפסיק�את�ההטבה�בכל�עת‪.‬‬ ‫ט‪.‬ל‪.‬ח‪.‬‬

‫‪±´±‬‬ ‫‪‰˙Ó‬‬

‫¶‬ ‫‪‰Á‰‬‬




‫·‪‰Á‰†±∞•≠φÛÒÂ‬‬ ‫˜·‪˙˘¯·†‰ÚÂ‬‬

‫·‪‰Á‰†±∞•≠φÛÒÂ‬‬ ‫˜·‪˙˘¯·†‰ÚÂ‬‬ ‫תוקף�המבצע‪�:‬עד�‪�,15.3.07‬או�עד�גמר�המלאי‪�.‬אין�כפל�מבצעים�ו‪/‬או�הנחות‪�.‬במידה‬ ‫ויעשה�שימוש�מעבר�לכמות�הנקודות�העומדת�לרשותכם�תחוייבו�עפ"י�התקנון�לפי�‪�1‬אג'‬ ‫כולל�מע"מ�לכל�נקודת�חריגה‪�.‬החברה�רשאית�לשנות‪/‬להפסיק�את�ההטבה�בכל�עת‪.‬‬ ‫ט‪.‬ל‪.‬ח‪.‬‬

‫‪±´±‬‬ ‫‪‰˙Ó‬‬

‫תוקף�המבצע‪�:‬עד�‪�,15.3.07‬או�עד�גמר�המלאי‪�.‬אין�כפל�מבצעים�ו‪/‬או�הנחות‪�.‬במידה‬ ‫ויעשה�שימוש�מעבר�לכמות�הנקודות�העומדת�לרשותכם�תחוייבו�עפ"י�התקנון�לפי�‪�1‬אג'‬ ‫כולל�מע"מ�לכל�נקודת�חריגה‪�.‬החברה�רשאית�לשנות‪/‬להפסיק�את�ההטבה�בכל�עת‪.‬‬ ‫ט‪.‬ל‪.‬ח‪.‬‬


‫¶‬ ‫‪‰Á‰‬‬

‫·‪‰Á‰†±∞•≠φÛÒÂ‬‬ ‫˜·‪˙˘¯·†‰ÚÂ‬‬

‫·‪‰Á‰†±∞•≠φÛÒÂ‬‬ ‫˜·‪˙˘¯·†‰ÚÂ‬‬ ‫תוקף�המבצע‪�:‬עד�‪�,15.3.07‬או�עד�גמר�המלאי‪�.‬אין�כפל�מבצעים�ו‪/‬או�הנחות‪�.‬במידה‬ ‫ויעשה�שימוש�מעבר�לכמות�הנקודות�העומדת�לרשותכם�תחוייבו�עפ"י�התקנון�לפי�‪�1‬אג'‬ ‫כולל�מע"מ�לכל�נקודת�חריגה‪�.‬החברה�רשאית�לשנות‪/‬להפסיק�את�ההטבה�בכל�עת‪.‬‬ ‫ט‪.‬ל‪.‬ח‪.‬‬

‫תוקף�המבצע‪�:‬עד�‪�,15.3.07‬או�עד�גמר�המלאי‪�.‬אין�כפל�מבצעים�ו‪/‬או�הנחות‪�.‬במידה‬ ‫ויעשה�שימוש�מעבר�לכמות�הנקודות�העומדת�לרשותכם�תחוייבו�עפ"י�התקנון�לפי�‪�1‬אג'‬ ‫כולל�מע"מ�לכל�נקודת�חריגה‪�.‬החברה�רשאית�לשנות‪/‬להפסיק�את�ההטבה�בכל�עת‪.‬‬ ‫ט‪.‬ל‪.‬ח‪.‬‬



‫·‪‰Á‰†±∞•≠φÛÒÂ‬‬ ‫˜·‪˙˘¯·†‰ÚÂ‬‬ ‫תוקף�המבצע‪�:‬עד�‪�,15.3.07‬או�עד�גמר�המלאי‪�.‬אין�כפל�מבצעים�ו‪/‬או�הנחות‪�.‬במידה‬ ‫ויעשה�שימוש�מעבר�לכמות�הנקודות�העומדת�לרשותכם�תחוייבו�עפ"י�התקנון�לפי�‪�1‬אג'‬ ‫כולל�מע"מ�לכל�נקודת�חריגה‪�.‬החברה�רשאית�לשנות‪/‬להפסיק�את�ההטבה�בכל�עת‪.‬‬ ‫ט‪.‬ל‪.‬ח‪.‬‬

‫‪±´±‬‬ ‫‪‰˙Ó‬‬ ‫בקניית�פריט�ממחלקת‬ ‫ארונות�ופתרונות�אחסון‬

‫‪“A typical statement consists of a personal letter as the first page, which might‬‬ ‫‪wish me a happy birthday or convey other messages specific to me and my‬‬ ‫‪account; billing pages which are of variable length and include embedded Cal and‬‬ ‫‪partner offers; and a final page with the "You" statement, including coupons‬‬ ‫‪and other offers,” Ravit says.‬‬ ‫‪The Logistics‬‬ ‫‪Ravit explains that in preparation for a statement run, Cal transmits a number‬‬ ‫‪of different data files to Oniya Shapira, including transactional data, marketing‬‬ ‫‪messages, digital assets and images, and business rules. “We consolidate all‬‬ ‫‪of these files in our Oracle database,” she says, “and then use GMC PrintNet to‬‬ ‫‪program the job. This allows us to use key relational database fields to ensure‬‬ ‫‪that we accurately map marketing messages and images to the appropriate recipient‬‬ ‫‪based on transactional data and business rules. This is a complex process, but‬‬ ‫”‪GMC PrintNet makes it relatively easy for our programmers to accomplish.‬‬ ‫‪As the system composes individual statements, for example, a rule may dictate‬‬ ‫‪that if a certain field is higher than 500 shekels, it should be matched to a specific‬‬ ‫‪marketing message. Another rule may dictate that if there is more than a half‬‬ ‫‪page of white space, a specific coupon or marketing message will be inserted.‬‬ ‫‪Interpreting the rules often requires the system to examine various database fields‬‬ ‫‪and even calculate resolved values based on business rules. If a customer has‬‬ ‫‪used less than half of the allowed credit limit, as an example, that customer may‬‬ ‫‪receive a specific discount or balance transfer offer to encourage them to take‬‬ ‫‪advantage of the unused credit limit. Rules also drive which images are used for‬‬ ‫‪each individual recipient.‬‬ ‫‪“The new system also gives us the ability to use different color palettes for‬‬ ‫‪different card brands, and those can be intermixed on the fly throughout the run‬‬ ‫‪without any operator intervention,” Ravit adds. “In the past, we either had to‬‬ ‫‪use the same preprinted paper or stop the run to change the paper if we wanted‬‬ ‫”‪to make those kinds of changes. This is much more efficient.‬‬

‫·‪‰Á‰†±∞•≠φÛÒÂ‬‬ ‫˜·‪˙˘¯·†‰ÚÂ‬‬ ‫תוקף�המבצע‪�:‬עד�‪�,15.3.07‬או�עד�גמר�המלאי‪�.‬אין�כפל�מבצעים�ו‪/‬או�הנחות‪�.‬במידה‬ ‫ויעשה�שימוש�מעבר�לכמות�הנקודות�העומדת�לרשותכם�תחוייבו�עפ"י�התקנון�לפי�‪�1‬אג'‬ ‫כולל�מע"מ�לכל�נקודת�חריגה‪�.‬החברה�רשאית�לשנות‪/‬להפסיק�את�ההטבה�בכל�עת‪.‬‬ ‫ט‪.‬ל‪.‬ח‪.‬‬

‫‪±´±‬‬ ‫‪‰˙Ó‬‬ ‫·‪‰Á‰†±∞•≠φÛÒÂ‬‬ ‫˜·‪˙˘¯·†‰ÚÂ‬‬ ‫תוקף�המבצע‪�:‬עד�‪�,15.3.07‬או�עד�גמר�המלאי‪�.‬אין�כפל�מבצעים�ו‪/‬או�הנחות‪�.‬במידה‬ ‫ויעשה�שימוש�מעבר�לכמות�הנקודות�העומדת�לרשותכם�תחוייבו�עפ"י�התקנון�לפי�‪�1‬אג'‬ ‫כולל�מע"מ�לכל�נקודת�חריגה‪�.‬החברה�רשאית�לשנות‪/‬להפסיק�את�ההטבה�בכל�עת‪.‬‬ ‫ט‪.‬ל‪.‬ח‪.‬‬

‫‪TransPromo enables co-op advertising‬‬ ‫‪with business partners‬‬

‫‪GMC Software Technology‬‬ ‫ ‪‬‬

‫‪GMC Worldwide‬‬ ‫‪Austria, Brazil, Canada, China, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Italy, Japan,‬‬ ‫ ‪Korea, Mexico, Poland, Shanghai, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan, United Kingdom, USA and growing.‬‬

GMC Case Study Transaction Processing / Direct Marketing Customer Communication Solutions for the Enterprise

Beyond Credit Cards With GMC PrintNet, Oniya Shapira has moved a number of other transactional and promotional customers to the GMC color platform, including companies from the advertising, cosmetics, jewelry, fashion, automotive, and vacation industries. “While we are not yet doing TransPromo for these customers,” comments Ravit, “we certainly are talking with them about the benefits and gaining significant interest. Two other industries that are moving toward this model are cellular phone companies and small investment banks. We see a bright future with a great deal of business growth for us and for these important customers in our new GMC platform.” Ravit points out that implementation times can be long for these types of applications. “It really depends,” she says, “on the quality of the data they can provide. Banks and cellular companies tend to have good data with marketing messages, business rules and images already available. In those cases, implementa­ tion can be six months or less. But without that level of existing development, it can take a year or more, especially if we are dealing with older legacy data files that cannot easily be imported.” She also reports that a broader organizational spectrum is involved in the decision process. “If you want to sell this idea to companies like Cal,” says Ravit, “you need to spend time with the marketing department. Purchasing and IT are not likely to be champions for this type of change, although they certainly will be involved as discussions develop. It is worth the investment, though,as evidenced by the volume of ongoing work we are getting from Cal.”

GMC Worldwide Austria, Brazil, Canada, China, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Italy, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Poland, Shanghai, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan, United Kingdom, USA and growing.

GMC Software Technology GMC Software Technology helps businesses implement high impact, personalized communications programs that increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, drive new customer acquisition, improve productivity and cut costs. Our award-winning PrintNet software is an easy to implement, end-to-end solution that provides full data integration and processing, design and composition, collaboration and approval, distributed output management and process auto­ma­tion for highly targeted print and electronic communications. GMC offers exceptionally reliable techno­ logies and services based on world­ wide ISO 9001:2000 certification and CMMI development methodology. We serve thousands of users world­ wide, and many of our customers are producing in excess of 100 million personalized documents per month – including direct mail, statements, bills, policies, catalogs, correspon­ dence, marketing and transpromo materials.

GMC Software Technology

Oniya Shapira Chooses GMC PrintNet for Transactional & Trans-Promotional Communications