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GMC Case Study Publishing and Direct Marketing Service Bureaus

AID Offers Fortune 500 Clients High-Speed Personalization with GMC PrintNet™ Software Cuts days from customer cycle times for time-to-market and competitive gains With state-of-the-art West Coast production facilities, Advanced Image Direct (AID) serves top Fortune 500 companies across the United States, including telecom, software, mortgage, travel


and other markets where personalization and quality are requirements for revenue-driving customer communications.

AID serves Fortune 500 companies, telecom, software, mortgage, resorts, airlines and other markets where personalization and quality are requirements for revenue-driving customer communication. Challenge AID needed a single composition tool that would handle all of their data streams; and enable them to quickly create the complex personalized documents that are their specialty. Solution PrintNet T, WebProof, conversion tools for Quark, InDesign and Word, and print managers

PrintNet T gives AID the ability to quickly create complex and highly personalized direct-mail pieces.

for IJPDS, AFP, Postscript and PDF permit fast composition,

Shorter runs targeted to specific audiences

one composition tool for all our data streams,”

deployment and customer

Today’s marketers are turning to shorter runs tar-

explained AID President Frank Verrill. “PrintNet


geted to specific audiences, and AID tailors its pro-

works for us because of the number of print plat-

duction processes to handle these complex jobs.

forms it supports. We use it for AFP, PostScript

These jobs include letters, catalogs and complex

cut-sheet, and IPDS ink jet output.” PrintNet auto-

AID can now produce docu-

self-mailers incorporating response cards, checks,

matically merges data from multiple sources, and

ments more rapidly than with

envelopes and order forms.

all common output formats are supported.

other tools they have used.

One composition tool for all data streams

Intuitive interface shortens implementation

AID maintains a broad array of printing platforms

AID needed a tool that would enable them to

to handle a variety of requirements. “We wanted

quickly create complex personalized documents


GMC Case Study Publishing and Direct Marketing Service Bureaus

that are their specialty. “GMC provides seamless document composition and production capabilities “PrintNet is based on a page

that don’t slow down our advanced equipment, or our 30 million piece monthly production,” says

layout concept similar to Quark


or InDesign. This allows our programmers to set up jobs easily

Web capabilities provide competitive advantages

and quickly respond to customer

“It was imperative to have a composition tool that maximizes the

changes. With PrintNet, we can

potential of our web-based environment.” Verrill says PrintNet

produce documents more rapidly

helps maximize their competitive edge, with its fully automated,

than other tools we’ve used. As

all-in-one tool for data processing, layout, and high-speed printing

a result, we have cut production

of statements and other complex documents. PrintNet WebProof,

times, reduced labor costs, and

for example, provides AID with an integrated on-line collaboration

shortened turnaround. Often,

environment for fast, accurate and secure document review and

days are removed from the docu-

annotation. “The product is fairly intuitive, so implementation has

ment production side.”

had a short time-line.”

Frank Verrill, AID President

Using PrintNet, AID can design a personalized mailer just once, and have complete flexibility of data stream routing. “Basically one

document may be repurposed without major surgery – just change your output parameters, and move from AFP to Postscript or IJPDS,” Verrill says. “With PrintNet, the document composition part is a snap

PrintNet T applied handwriting

to move from one form to another. It makes us look like heroes, especially when customers are turned

fonts to letters & envelopes pro-

down by competitors. We simply repurpose the document and output the results.”

mote higher opening rates

Rapid document development a powerful benefit “With inkjet and bindery capabilities, GMC gives us the ability to highly personalize very creative direct-mail pieces for a powerful competitive advantage,” he explained. PrintNet T software includes a range of design capabilities including layout verification, variable page selection, any-angle object rotation, object grouping, 2D object transformation, and transparent resource management. One of the most powerful benefits PrintNet brings to AID is extremely rapid document development. “With today’s Just-in-Time marketplace, you have to quickly respond to customer needs. PrintNet allows us to meet these stringent timetables by cutting internal and customer cycle times,” explains Verrill.

About GMC Software Technology Setting the New Standard in personalised customer communications, GMC Software Technology’s PrintNet T Triple Suite is a powerful totally-integrated and seamless, end-to-end solution for designing, composing, producing, presenting, managing and automating customised print and electronic (including a WebServices J2EE environment) documents from multiple inputs and formats. PrintNet software features ease of use and implementation, ensuring rapid application development and fast time-to-market. GMC Software Technology is headquartered in Switzerland with offices in Europe, the US, Canada, Latin America and Asia. The GMC group of companies is ISO 9001:2000 certified.

GMC Software Technology

GMC Worldwide USA, Canada, South America, Austria, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Switzerland, United Kingdom, China, India, Japan, Korea, Taiwan

AID Offers Fortune 500 Clients High-SpeedPersonalization with GMC PrintNet™ Software  

With state-of-the-art West Coast production facilities, Advanced Image Direct (AID) serves top Fortune 500 companies across the United State...

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