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Mobility Adaptations & Vehicle Modifications DRIVER SOLUTIONS

Greater Mobility

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Compact on the outside, big on the inside Greater Mobility

Drive-from wheelchair and Up Front Passenger Low Advance Payment Interchangeable driver and passenger seats Drive from wheelchair or travel as up front passenger Remote operated tailgate and ramp 6 speed semi-automatic Diesel economy delivers over 58mpg (Extra Urban cycle) For more information or to arrange a free nationwide home demonstration

Telephone 01626 853050

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Gary Albinson Tel: 01626 853050 PARTS ONLY SUPPLIED

Mike Stockman Tel: 01626 855055

GM Coachwork Ltd, Teign Valley, Trusham, Newton Abbot TQ13 0NX T: 01626 853050 E:


1 x Q-straint lockdown with manufacturers release button £1200.00 + vat (Cables run under floor within vehicle). 1 x Q-straint lockdown with manufacturers release button £1000.00 + vat (Cable run on top of vehicle floor) Manual Cable release for QLK100 lockdown £ Chair modifications fixed pin £250.00 - £350.00 + vat Chair modification auto drop and retract pin 500.00 + vat (Wheelchair dependant) Price can vary. Additional rear release button for lockdown: £50.00 - £100.00 + vat (Guide price dependant on position)


QLK Manual release:

Dock N lock:

1 x Unwin dock n lock lockdown with manufacturers electronic release £CALL Supply and installation of manual cable release for unwin dock n lock £ CALL Supply and install of plow-bar to power-chair for dock n lock system £ CALL Boulder Spigot supply and installation with final adjustments due to tolerances £ CALL Other brands of lockdowns can be chair specific and will be priced accordingly depending on specification. Installation times can vary depending in vehicle specification.

All lockdowns will require a minimum of 2 fitting with engineers. Final adjustments may need to be carried out during handover. (Customers must be made aware of this).



Boulder Spigot:


The C-Dock is a wheelchair securement system This one-piece floor bracket makes the system service friendly. It is equipped with a stainless steel top plate that attaches to the docking unit, providing sturdy protection and stay-openjaws that provide unlimited exit time. Other features include jam-free latch parts and intuitive interfaces to keep users informed and in control.

Head restraint:

To design and manufacture an automated head restraint for wheelchairs that have no head support ÂŁ1800.00 + vat These items are designed as a one off product and need to be engineered to each customer specifically this may affect the total cost but advisories will made after stage 2 first fitting.

Automated head and back support:

Electronic Gear Selector: To supply and install: 1 x Electronic gear selection unit (standard installation). Dash mounted control box. To include design and manufacture of an automated gear selection including all custom mounts required for this installation. Some vehicles require additional modification to the electronics in order for vehicle to enable gear. (Please discuss vehicle specification). Tiptronic function will be disengaged. Total Cost £1800.00+ vat (Guide price is vehicle dependant and level of finish required).

Electronic gear selector automated lever control: (Gear selector lock function will be disengaged for this to work. This is a surface mounted unit purely designed to select gear at the touch of a button by moving the automatic shifter into position. I.e. Park. Reverse, Neutral, Drive, Sports To include custom mount for unit to attach to dash. Total cost £

Manual gear selector: Manual lever attachment for auto gear selector. Standard type with front button release. Designed to enable easy release of gear selector for people that have limited strength or dexterity in their hands. Total Cost £120.00 + vat (Motability’s Managed Price) £CALL RRP £150.00 + vat

Manual Gear selector (modified): (Aircraft Style) As above but with additional modification to product to suit alternative release function on selector lever.

This modification can vary depending on the vehicle and customer requirements.

Price can only be determined at fitting.

Electronic Handbrake: (Cable pull to include removal of handbrake lever from vehicle). If vehicle is to be reverted back after use handbrake lever should be left in place and disconnected from cables beneath. To include complete installation with switch on dash and custom brackets required for each vehicle. Total Cost ÂŁ CALL

Electronic handbrake surface/vehicle mounted: (Handbrake release button will be disconnected for this). Internally mounted electronic actuator to control handbrake lever. Complete with cover for actuator.

This item is vehicle dependant and not suitable for all vehicles and situations spec is to be discussed prior to costing.

Electronic handbrake button reposition: To reposition electronic handbrake button at stage 2 Guide Costing £50.00 - £100.00 + vat

(Dash reposition).

Commonly found during stage 2 fittings once vehicle has arrived from stage 1.

Steering Extension: (Keeping original steering wheel): To extend existing manufacturers steering wheel leaving switch gear in place. (Option for when wireless controls are in use). Total Cost £CALL To extend Existing manufacturers steering wheel to include repositioning of switch gear to suit. Total Cost £CALL Prices can vary depending on vehicle specification.

Steering Extension: (Replacement Wheel). To extend the wheel to suit customers’ requirements leaving existing switch gear in place but also replacing the steering wheel with either a more suitable option or smaller diameter. Switch gear is to be left in place as a wireless control option will be used with this design. This option is only suitable for vehicles were a replacement boss is available. Total Cost £CALL

Option 2: To extend steering wheel to suit customer requirements also bringing forward all or most existing switch gear and vehicle functions around steering wheel. Again this option is only available for vehicles were a suitable replacement steering boss in available. Total Cost £ CALL

Detachable steering wheel: To carry out replacement of original steering wheel and replace with a quick release option, to include replacement boss, either a different style steering wheel or smaller diameter option. Airbag and audio controls if applicable.

EGB: (Electronic Gas Brake): To supply and install: 1 x Elap EGB hydraulic brake electronic accelerator control unit. Mounted within centre of low floor or suitable vehicle door card area upper dash for left or right hand acceleration/brake control. All mounts and housings to be fabricated individually to suit customers driving position. Switch gear additional function buttons can be integrated (price to be verified depending on specific requirements). I.e.: lights indicators etc. Total Cost supplied and installed ÂŁCALL

Push/Pull Handcontrols: To supply and install: 1 x complete set of push/pull hand-controls. Standard installation (steering wheel can be set by customer prior to installation please be aware that engineers will try to keep exact position but limitations may apply. Total cost supplied and installed £500.00 + vat

Motability managed price £450.00 + vat

2nd option: 1 x complete set of push/pull hand-controls complete with integral indicator switch. Multiplex / Non multiplex (please check vehicle specification prior to selection). Total Cost supplied and installed £CALL

Motability managed price £ CALL

3rd option: As above but with light dip/main beam control also Total cost supplied and installed £ Motability managed price £ N/A (Customer Needs to fund depending on hand-control manufacturer) With all push/pull hand controls other functions can be integrated (additional cost apply).

Push/pull further adjustments: As with most hand-controls some clients will have a particular way the like to operate them GM are more than happy to carry out adjustments on one occasion after the original install. Any further modifications will be charged at an hourly rate.

Push/pull Handcontrols adjustments due to extended steering wheel: This is charged at the ÂŁ50.00 per hour rate and will be charged accordingly depending on the specification.

Lightened Push/Pull System: Identical to a standard push/pull system in how it operates but ultimately the acceleration is a lot lighter. This is achieved by an electronic control module which simply duplicates what the original acceleration pedal on the vehicle is telling the engine. The push/pull lever moves a small linkage on the additional electronic module rather than moving the original accelerator pedal. This linkage is ultimately light weight due to there being virtually no resistance. Guide price ÂŁ CALL

Lightened Power steering: To carry out modifications to lighten the power assisted steering this can be Hydraulic or electronic price can vary from vehicle to vehicle. Approximate costing to carry out this modification would be £800.00 - £1300.00 + vat We tend to find that vehicles with electronic power assisted steering have a higher cost to carry out the modifications this can only be determined once the vehicle has arrived.

Hinged Accelerator Modification: To carry out modifications to the vehicles accelerator pedal to hinge up under driver foot well this modification can only be carried out to a standard design of acceleration pedal i.e. were the pedal is mounted from behind the dash (not a floor mounted organ style pedal commonly found on Bmw/Mercedes etc. Cost for Standard Modification: £90.00 + vat as per motability managed cost Suggested RRP: £CALL

Hinged Brake Modification: To carry out modifications to vehicles brake pedal to hinge up out of the way for better leg clearance when driving with a push break this can be combined with a hinged accelerator modification. Cost for STD modification. £500.00 + vat Motability cost supplied and installed prior to handover £350.00 + vat

Automatic headlight upgrade: (vehicle dependant). To supply and install: 1 x Automatic headlight upgrade to front headlight lighting circuit. Average price supplied and installed £280.00 - £500.00 + vat Please ask for further details on this item. This optical sensor will engage the headlights for night time driving or low light conditions.

Automatic Wiper upgrade: To supply and install: 1 x Automatic wiper upgrade (rain sensitive screen mounted sensor). Vehicle dependant please ask for further details. Average costing for this modification £300.00 - £600.00 + vat This is a screen mounted optical rain sensor designed to automatically engage the wipers should it rain.

Dual Controls:

Left Foot Accelerator: There are a number of different options available for this modification the simplest is what we call the

Twin Flip design. This modification allows the driver to operate the accelerator on an automatic vehicle with their left foot if another driver wishes to drive the vehicle with the pedal in the standard position then they can simply pull the right pedal down from under the dash and the left pedal will automatically raise out of the way. Motability managed price supplied and installed ÂŁ450.00 + vat Guide RRP ÂŁ500.00 + vat.

Floor mounted left foot accelerator: This floor mounted modification is fixed through to the Vehicle Chassis in front of the drivers pedals. The system was designed for use with the floor mounted accelerator pedals or more commonly known as the organ pedal. Bmw, Audi have been known to have these solutions fitted. But other manufacturers may also use this design in futures years to come. Guide price installed £350.00 - £500.00 + vat Motability managed costs £280.00 - £430.00

Electronic slide function for driver or passenger seat. (Vehicle dependant). This unit in designed to fit in between the original vehicle manufactures sub frame and seat giving the user the ability to control the forward the backwards motion of the seat. Please note that the seat will be raised by approximately 2” the original seat should have a raise and lower function to overcome this Guide Price installed £CALL

Adjustments to driver’s or passenger front seat to reposition further back to allow greater leg room. (Vehicle dependant).

Guide prices installed £200.00 - £500.00+ vat

Seat height adjustments: This modification will enable the seat to be adjusted to suit the driver or passenger. With most modern vehicle to seats within the vehicle are becoming more contoured and Bucket shaped to give greater support. This in-turn can cause drivers or passenger’s greater difficulty getting in or out of the vehicle or even setting the correct position. The seat can be raised at the back or front to enable to user to find the correct position. Guide price for modifications: £250.00 - £500.00 + vat.

Radial accelerator / Push Brake: This is an electronic alternative to the push/pull hand controls. Simply moving the lever in a downwards motion will apply acceleration the vehicle. (Lighter operation) Pushing the lever forward will apply the brake. (This is mechanically operated). Guide Price installed £CALL

Electronic Trigger Throttle / Push Brake: This hand-control system is operated by simply using your finger as a trigger to activate the accelerator. (Very light operation) The brake is applied as a mechanical option pushing the lever forward will apply the brake. Guide Price installed £CALL

Electronic Gas over ring accelerator/push brake: This is an electronic ring mounted on the steering wheel (detachable options are available). The ring rotates with the wheel when turning. A small amount of pressure applied to the ring will in turn apply acceleration to the vehicle. A mechanical push brake is supplied and installed or operate the brake function.

Guide price installed ÂŁCALL

Electronic Gas under ring accelerator/Push/break: This item is per the over ring accelerator but the ring is mounted behind the wheel. The acceleration function is simply applied by pulling the ring toward the wheel. Guide Price installed ÂŁ

Hydraulic brake: This option can be applied to all of the electronic or mechanical systems available the push brake is still mounted next to steering wheel or in a suitable position for the driver. The brake is operated hydraulically using a ram or actuator depending on your terminology. The lever for the driver is very light weight But still applying the correct amount of pressure to the brake pedal.

Guide price installed ÂŁ3500 / ÂŁ4000 + vat (vehicle dependant)

Satellite control: This small handheld plunger electronically operates the accelerator on the vehicle When the plunger is depressed the accelerator is engaged. The brake can be used via the left foot alternatively a push brake can be supplied but this should be discussed indepth prior to any works being carried out. Guide price installed: ÂŁCALL

Wireless controls: There are numerous options available when it comes to wireless control systems. The most common is a steering device mounted upon the wheel with keypad to control functions on the vehicle, these functions can include lights, indicators horn hazards, wipers, washers, plus many others depending on the amount of functions required. Depending on vehicle it is intended for will determine to total costs involved. Canbus / Multiplex systems are the electrical systems which control the functions within the vehicle. Canbus is generally found in vehicles such as the VAG group I.e. Volkswagen, Seat, Skoda, Audi Etc. Multiplex in generally found on the French vehicle I.e. Peugeot, Citroen, Renault Etc Please check your vehicle specification prior to installation.

Guide price for these devices: Lodgesons steering ball with 7 function keypad (Non Canbus / Multiplex) £CALL Lodgesons Steering ball with 7 function keypad (Canbus/multiplex) £ CALL Lodgesons steering ball with 10 function keypad (Non Canbus / Multiplex) £ CALL Lodgesons steering ball with 10function keypad (Canbus /Multiplex) £ CALL Lodgesons steering ball with 13 function keypad (Non Canbus / Multiplex) £ CALL Lodgesons steering ball with 13 function keypad (Canbus / Multiplex) £ CALL Lodgesons steering ball with 18 function keypad (Non Canbus / Multiplex) £ CALL Lodgesons Steering ball With 18 function Keypad (Canbus/multiplex) £ CALL Lodgesons Lollipop with 7 function keypad (Non Canbus /Multiplex) £ CALL Lodgesons Lollipop with 7 function keypad (Canbus / Multiplex) £ CALL

Lodgesons Lollipop with 10 function keypad (Non Canbus / Multiplex) £ CALL Lodgesons Lollipop with 10 function Keypad (Canbus / Multiplex) £ CALL Lodgesons Lollipop with 13 function keypad (Non Canbus /Multiplex) £ CALL Lodgesons lollipop with 13 function keypad (Canbus / Multiplex) £ CALL Lodgesons Lollipop with 18 function keypad (non Canbus / multiplex) £ CALL Lodgesons Lollipop with 18 function keypad (Canbus / multiplex) £ CALL

Smart steer:

Smart steer with 10 function control (Non Canbus / multiplex) £ CALL Smart steer with 10 function control (Canbus /Multiplex) £ CALL Smart steer with 13 function control (Non Canbus / Multiplex) £ CALL Smart steer with 13 function control (Canbus /Multiplex) £ CALL

Elap Orbit Infrared:

Elap infrared 2 D1094FR

Elap push button. D898

Steering Devices: Numerous steering devices are available to aid steering. From a simple steering ball to a peg to a tetra grip or even a glove which connects your hand to wheel if you have limited ability to grip to wheel. There are fixed option available and quick release options for when someone else is driving the vehicle. The Menox series are available in many finishes from wood effect to carbon fibre please ask for further details.

Menox model Low

Menox Round Menox 40mm steering ball ÂŁCALL Menox 50mm steering ball ÂŁCALL

Menox model M standard

Jeff Gosling: Mushroom steering ball fixed RRP: £50.00 Motability Managed Cost £ FOC

Jeff Gosling: Quick release steering ball RRP £65.00 Motability Managed £ FOC

Smart ball standard

RRP: £CALL Motability Managed £CALL

Smart ball quick release:

RRP: CALL Motability Managed £CALL

Brig- Ayd Steering Peg:

RRP: £CALL Motability Managed £CALL

Brig-Ayd Steering ball Fixed:

RRP: £CALL Motability Managed £CALL

Brig-Ayd steering ball quick release:

RRP: £CALL Motability Managed £CALL

Jeff Gosling quick release steering peg

Brig-Ayd quick release Tetra Grip:

Jeff Gosling quick release Tetra grip:

Menox 2 pin Grip:

Menox Tri-pin Grip:

Steering glove: SDL

Custom steering devices: Phone for details

Cup steering device:

Fork steering device:

Menox Mini stamp:

Guidosimplex D1192 pedal extensions.

Guidosimplex Pedal D999 removable extensions.

Creative pedal mates:

Switch gear duplication & custom switch panels: In most instances switch functions within a vehicle can be duplicated to suit a specific requirement. For some clients simply reaching or activating switches whilst driving can be difficult. We can offer the ability to duplicate these functions to a location to suit the client’s requirements. Costs can only be determined once specification has been discussed.

Cruise control: Retro installation of cruise control systems to most vehicles can be achieved to finish product looks just like it came out of the factory. Guide cost installed ÂŁ399.00 - ÂŁ650.00 + vat

Foot controls

The new ghost accelerator…….

Duck Clutch system………

Syncro clutch………..

Virux Abs Backs:

Virux™ Anti-Bacterial Powder Coating Technical advances in powder coatings have enabled such products as anti-bacterial coatings, killing known viruses such as the ever present MRSA bug. This type of powder works by constantly releasing active silver ions causing over 99% CFU reduction in these tested bacteria’s: Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Escherichia Coli 0157, Staphylococcus aureus, Bacillus subtilis, Salmonella enteritidis, Listeria monocytogenes all +99% effective. Also showing zero growth for fungi and moulds. An application for Hospital and Emergency Vehicle seating, trains and public transport. 

   

Antimicrobial Additive added during manufacture Effective against MRSA, E Coli, Staphylococcus aureus, listeria, salmonella, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Steptococcus, Campylobacter, Aspergillus Niger Reduces population of bacteria by 99.999% Effective for the lifetime of the product EPA, FDA & EFSA registered Notified on European Biocidal Products Directive

Carospeed Classic:

Carospeed Menox:

Widened & Packed Pedal modifications: This modification can be applied not only to the accelerator pedal but also to the brake. Each client will have their own specification on how they would like the pedals to sit within the vehicle. For example: it is not uncommon for a modern day vehicle to have the accelerator pedal lower than the brake. Some find this very difficult to raise their foot on to the brake from the accelerator in these instances the modification can be carried out to align both pedal.(limitations apply please ask for further details). Guide price for modification ÂŁ250.00/ÂŁ500.00 + vat.

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