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During the diagnosis period third level was involved in a challenging Project related to emigrational waves in Argentina through times. By means of this project children were able to identify the different traditions of the ethnic groups that shape nowadays society. Through the learning experience students: found out about their ancestors, the different elements we inherited from other cultures and how we are affected by this phenomenon in everyday life. The values of “tolerance and respect” were exploited and as a final product we decided to learn how to make a recipe and cook a traditional Argentinean meal: Humita!

Traditional food recipe: How to make “Humita”. Ingredients: One pumpkin One big onion One red pepper Eight ears of corn 5 spoonfuls of oil and salt. Procedure: 1. Boil and mash the pumpkin. 2. Peel and wash the corn. 3. Shred the corn. 4. Chop the onion and the red pepper. 5. Heat the oil in a saucepan. 6. Cook the onion and the pepper. 7. Add the corn and cook it for some minutes. 8. Add the mashed pumpkin and the salt. 9. Mix and cook everything for fifteen minutes. 10. Now your humita is ready to enjoy! 3rd Level A / B / C /D

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3º ABCD prim  

Ingredients: Eight ears of corn One big onion 3 rd Level A / B / C /D 5 spoonfuls of oil and salt. Traditional food recipe: How to make “Hum...