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GOLDEN NOTES SILVER JUBILEE EDITION Sept. 1998 1 Dear Members Hello once again, it doesn't seem nearly three months since we were saying, 'Well, thats the end of another season', and here we are starting another one and for us at the sharp end, so to speak, it is a very important one indeed. As most of you now know it is 25 years since the Christie was first heard in public here at Harworth. We on the committee are very proud of the fact that we have steered the Society through all those years, Some of us remember most or all of them, others not so many but it doesn't matter how long an individual has served, their presence has enhanced the Society and all it stands for. I don't intend to go through a complete resumee' of the happenings over the years, for I have cajoled both our Chairman and Treasurer into putting pen to paper for this issue and their writings tell the story adequately. I would however like to take a few lines to put into print my own particular memories of those years, there have been many, and they have been varied, but the one that sticks in my mind is the year that I lost my brother and fellow committee member Ken, he had been a member from the outset and it was always his dream that one day the organ would rise from below stage, as in the hey days of the cinemas, Sadly he did not live to see this happen, he died in the January and during that year I came across the lift in store at the colliery and promptly put the wheels into motion to get it fitted. The day after the November concert a start was made to uncouple the hundreds of wires from the back of the console, the lift built in place, the trap doors cut and everything coupled back up again in time for the Christmas concert with our President Arnold Loxam, All this was acheived within the space of approx. 3 weeks and all done in total secrecy. On the evening of the concert the curtains opened with the organ playing but there wasn't one to be seen until Arnold pressed the button and brought it into view for the very first time on its lift. It was quite simply one of those never to be repeated, never to be forgotten nights in the history of the H.O.E. and I never did say anything to anyone until now but my thoughts on that

2. evening were, 'Well Ken, you dreamt about it, We have done it, and its for you'. I shall never ever forget that occasion as long as I live. One thing of importance that I must include in this Newsletter is the fact that the decision has been taken and accepted at the A.G.M. that in order to bring costs into line without imposing an increase in membership fees, the newsletter will now become a bi-monthly publication. When it was first started the membership were designed to cover its cost but for various reasons those costs outweigh the fees by some £230 per annum, obviously that situation cannot continue and we feel this is the solution. In closing I hope that you have all had a pleasant summer despite the weather, and I hope you are now looking forward to some good concerts and dances during the dark nights. In the first instance I hope that I shall see you all this month for our Silver Jubilee Celebrations. Ta-Ta for now. Mick Mason. “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ A message for your Chairman. The Formulative Years First I must say that this is not strictly true, Harworth Organ Enthusiasts with the Christie is 25 years old, the Society was by then some 18 months old, operating with the Hammond RT5 in the Institute Concert room on a Tuesday evening. I must confess that when Stan Morris put pressure on me after I was appointed a Trustee at the Institute to get the Committee to purchase a Pipe Organ, I was dubious. A few years before the Colliery Band had folded and although I was an organ fan, I attended the Church where Al Bollington first played a Pipe Organ, I considered this area to be Brass Band territory. Eventually I did agree With Stan that the Concert Hammond in the Concert room was under used, this had been demonstrated when we were lucky enough to have the services of the late and great Donald Thorne playing it every Weekend until he un fortunately passed away. I agreed to approach the committee and ask for use of the concert room to promote concerts, in the first three months

3. we had three very successful concerts featuring Hubert Selby, Arnold Loxam, and Doreen Chadwick. The institute committee agreed that we should form a section and present similar concerts on a monthly basis. Stan agreed dates, booked organists and started in July with Ron Curtiss. Events moved rapidly even before these concerts started. We were told of an organ in a cinema in Durham which had to be removed and was probably in a reasonable condition, we found out that providing it was removed by, the buyer and the cinema decor left untouched it was available. Stan was estatic but I pointed out that three concerts don't make a successful venture, and I never thought that the committee would agree to the expenditure. When I presented the case to them Mr Alf Grainger was appointed to do a feasability study, he reported back that he considered the organ could be bought, restored and installed at a cost of ÂŁ2000.00, he also added, and this carried a great deal of weight, that although we knew a lot of cinemas were getting rid of their organs they were getting fewer, and should things not work out and the organ had to be removed, then they could reasonably expect to recoup most of the outlay. The committee agree to purchase the organ on two conditions, they were that a committee be formed and that I become Chairman to ensure that all rules applying to sections were adhered too. I responded by saying that I didn't really want the job and that I would rather someone else took the post, since most of the people involved had not and did not Work at colliery and were not conversant with the workings of C.I.S.W.O. At that time all Chairmen of sections had to be a full time emploee of the N.C.B., to put it bluntly if I did not accept the position there would be no organ. Secondly the Society must be self supporting, this was because some sections had become reliant on the parent body. A team of workmen consisting of committee members and other volunteer craftsmen, together with a self drive van, spent 2 Saturday nights dismantling and transporting the organ back to Harworth. The former wages office was made available for storing and refurbishing the organ, the last piece dropped into place when we saw an advert by a former Hill, Norman, and Beard Organ biulder, hence our association with Ted was born, he has served us well over the 25 years and is still with us, a pillar of strength.

4. The series of electronic concerts was a huge success with the exception of one which didn't go down to well, this led me to explain to our next organist why the attendance was poor The organist, Geoff Stephenson, said he would give them a concert to remember, he did just that, saved the H.O.E. and has been a firm favourite ever since, whether it be Dance, Concert or Civic Function he always comes up trumps. The Christie was finished in a rush in time for the opening in 1975, I dare not print the attendance that day (Fire regulations), since then steady progress has been made With the Third Manual, the lift and the extra ranks. Arnold, now Dr Loxam, visited the organ when it was still in the cinema, he pronounced it worthy of restoration, and he became President as soon as we purchased it. The above is a brief resumee' of the Harworth Organ Enthusiasts up to the first concert With the Christie. S. Warrior Chairman. “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ A Message from the Treasurer When my dear late wife Ruby and I first started attending functions at Harworth there were two things which impressed us both. The first was the warm and friendly atmosphere at both concerts and dances, I feel that this is still very evident and long may it continue. The Second thing to impress was the vision and courage of the people involved at the outset to tackle such a mammoth project to Purchase, Remove and re-install the Christie in the Welfare Hall. Since I finished work I have been involved to a very small extent in the practical side of the organ and still marvel at the scale of the initial project. Our Chairman and Secretary know more about the early years so I will concentrate mainly on the last ten years that I have been treasurer. A brief comparison of what we now have compared to the initial purchase is as follows. 1973. The Console had two manuals and was not on a lift, and there were seven ranks of pipes. 1977. The Organ is now on a lift and there are three manuals and ten ranks of pipes.

5. As most of you know the late Arthur Peat was treasurer until June 1988, and the financial detail given here is for the last ten years only. Total income for that period was just under £114-OOO and profit was £10,500. At this point I should mention that developements prior to June 1988 were:1. The Lift for the Console 2. A Third manual was added though initially this only operated with pistons coupled up. 3. Work on the Pianola was completed though this has not yet proved completely successful. Now you may ask what have we done with the £10.500 Profit in the last ten years so here is a summary. 1990. Trumpet and Krumhorn Ranks £1050 2. Technics Electronic Organ £11OO. 3. Sound System improvments £873. 4. 1991. Sale of Hammond Organ (£4OO). 5. 1991/96 Work on developing top keyboard so that it is now fully independent £6427. 6. 1997/8 New Lighting control room £1450. £10,500. That in effect brings us to where we are now with approx. £2000 Cash in the Bank Balance available to meet any unexpected expenditure if needed. We can all be proud of OUR Christie and the vibrant and friendly organisation called Harworth Organ Enthusiasts. Many of the people involved at the outset are sadly no longer with us, However, I hope they would also rightly be proud of what their original effort developed into. In conclusion I would like to thank my colleagues present and past, for the confidence and support in all sorts of ways during my ten years as Treasurer. I will be on vacation and will miss the celebration weekend but wish you all well, enjoy yourselves and hopefully I will see you in October. J. Palmer Hon. Treasurer. 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 22 Many thanks to both of you, Stuart and John for your contribution, I am sure the memebers will find it interesting reading. Mick.

6. The Annual General Meeting The annual general meeting of the Society was held on Sunday, 15th September at 2-30pm.. Approx 50 members attended the meeting. The Secretary gave his report and took as his theme the last 25 years, highlighting various events during that time, the Treaurer gave the Financial Statement which indicated that the Society was in a favourable position as regards in financial standing. It was stated by the Secretary that he had assurances from all retiring officers and committee personnel that they were willing to stand for re-election, It was proposed by Mr Kilner and seconded by Mr Randles that they be re-elected enblock, this motion was carried. While the Society was financially sound it was pointed out that there had not been a price increase of any description for the past four years and the committee felt that in order to meet increased costs and to keep our sound base an increase was now needed, therfore the committee recommeneded to the meeting that from the start of the new season the following price increases would apply. Concerts

Old Price New Prices Members £2-OO £2-50 Non-Members £3-OO £3-50 The members price scale to include Senior Citizens. Tea 25p 50p Coffee 30p 35p. Dances



7. The Members present were reminded that although the new prices would operate from the start of the season, technically they would not come into force until October because in order to celebrate our Silver Jubilee we had decided to charge the normal admission for the Dance on the Saturday night but there would be a free tombola provided that evening, and on the Sunday we would sell raffle tickets as normal together with tea and coffee tickets but the concert admission would be totally free, both gestures had been designed as our way of saying thankyou to you all for your support over the years. The Secretary referred to the Balance sheet and pointed out the fact that when we started to produce a newsletter many years ago it was designed that the membership fees would cover its costs, this has not been the case for some time now and rather than ask members to dig even deeper into their pockets to make up the £250 shortfall per annum, it had been decided that in future the newsletter would become a bimonthly publication.. The Chairman closed the meeting at approx. 3-30pm After a cup of tea and a chat to old friends we were regally entertained for a one hour mini-concert by our young friend David Redfern. I would like to thank once again David for coming along on this occasion, I don't think that there has been an instance when we have asked David to help out and been refused, it is great to know that we have such a nice lad and a great theatre organist to boot within our midst. Mick Mason. “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ The June Concert Geoff Stephenson Whenever Geoff comes along you know you are in for a feast of music and such was the case in June, he was deputising for the injured Joanne Godley who we all hope is feeling much better now and playing again. being as it 3 months ago I shall list the tunes played. Geoff started with the 'Washington Post March', followed by 'The Swan', 'Thats a Plenty, What I did for Love, and the Entertainer' were next.

8. Trumpet Voluntary, Love Changes Everything, Cavatina, Whispering, Chinatown, Somewhere over the Rainbow, Blue lango, I Only have Eyes for You, Orpheus in the Under World, and Nessum Dorma 'completed the first half. INTERVAL In part two we had, 'All the Way, Candle in the Wind, My Dearest Dear, La Cumpasita, In a Monastery Garden, Down the Mall, Knightsbridge March, Regal March, Handels Largo, Wind Beneath my Wings, I Won't send Roses, Don't be Cross, Misty, Phantom of the opera, Music of the Night, Thats all I ask of You, Pal of my Cradle Days, Lambeth Walk, I'll be your Sweetheart, Have you ever been Lonely, Bye Bye Blackbird, Old Bull and Bush, Loch Lomond, and We'll meet Again. I sincerely hope we do meet Geoff again and very soon, all the second half were requests and all played without the aid of dots, I don't know how he does it. Many Thanks Geoff for another marvellous concert and heres to the next time. Mick Mason. Compiled by Alec Kilner. “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ Obituaries It is my sad duty to inform you all of two recent deaths within our ranks. First of all I am sure that many of you remember the late great Charles Horrex coming to Harworth accompanied by his wife Diana, I am sorry to say that she passed away in July after an illness bravely born. Olive and Myself journeyed down to Kings Lynn not only to say a personal farewell but also to represent the H.O.E. Her Daughter Helen and Son Bruce send their thanks to you all for the friendship their parents received here in Nottinghamshire. Secondly only last Week I heard of the tragic and premature death of Carol Shaw from Retford following a road traffic accident. Carol would not be known to a lot of you for she only came to dances, but I can tell you that she was such a jolly and fun loving person and her prescence is going to be missed greatly. On behalf of you all may I offer condolenses to both families at this sad time in their lives.

THE HARWORTH ORGAN ENTHUSIASTS was founded in December 1971, the idea being to cater for people in our areas interested in the Theatre Organ and modern Electric Organs. ITS AIMS To promote friendship through the common love of organ music. To help to preserve the giant Cinema Organs of the Golden Years. To provide Organ Concerts, Pipe and Electronic, featuring the star organists of our land. President: Arnold Loxam

Editor: Mick Mason

Vice-President: Reg Simpkins

Concert Secretary: A. Wood 85 Derry Grove Thurnscoe Nr. Rotherham Tel : (01709) 894295

Chairman: S. Warrior "Jasmindene" Kilham Lane Branton Doncaster Tel : (01302) 536216 Vice-Chairman; H. Cheadle 164 Raymoth Lane Worksop Tel : (01909) 475880 Hon. Secretary: Mick Mason 35 King Edward Road Tickhill Doncaster Tel : (01302) 744584 Hon. Treasurer: John Palmer 9 Lichen Close Edenthorpe Tel : (01302) 885028

Membership Secretary: R. Morley 10 Peacehaven, Barnby Dun Doncaster DN3 1AF Tel : (01302) 886520 Committee Members: E. Schofield, F. Lewin, F. Wileman, N. Whitaker, D. Barlow, A. Wood, Organ Tuning and Maintenance: T. A. Aistrup “PurtSia" Green Lane Hemingby Lincs Tel: (01507) 578375

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