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Forty Years and Counting September/October 2011. Hello everyone Its time to blow the dust off everything, and start to look forward to a brand new season of Dances and Concerts with our beloved Christie, but not just any new season. As you can see from the heading, this year the society is to become 40 years of age. Here at Harworth we are all getting very excited by the thought of celebrating what we believe to be a great achievement, not only for us, but for any organisation similar to ours, to get to such a milestone in their history is something to celebrate. Since our inception in December 1971, we have encountered many obstacles and come out the other side smiling, also much water has passed under many bridges in that time, but we are still here going strong, and very proud of the fact. By way of a celebration, I have been busy writing a potted history of those forty years, which will be on sale at concerts, and we also plan to have a new CD available come October, featuring Nicholas Martin, and while you all may have copies of our new Diary Cards, could I ask you to write in the date of 16th October, as this will be an extra concert, featuring Nicky Martin, and will be the launch date for the new CD, and on this CD will be the ‘Harworthians March’, and the ‘Ruby Red


March’, both very kindly composed for us by our good friend and member Barry Lenton. The music for the ‘Ruby Red March’ will also be available for you budding organists to purchase and learn. No doubt if you were at Nicky's concert, you will know what a brilliant piece of music this is. While it wasn't planned to have anything to do with the celebrations, we were also looking forward to welcoming our very first overseas organist next June, in the form of Don Thompson from America, but unfortunately Don has had to cancel due to personal reasons. In his place we shall be delighted to welcome back to Harworth, the very popular John Mann. So you see, we are working very hard here at Harworth to make it a season to remember, and no doubt many photos will be taken as a keepsake of the moment. I certainly shall try to get some, if only to place in the archives. I recently had an album of photos given to me, some of them I had never seen before, so again, they are in the archives. So there we have it, a season to look forward to, and my only request is that you come out once again, as you have done for many years, and support us in good numbers, and in doing so, you will become part of our history. I am hoping by the time you read this, and the next time I see you all, I shall be walking much better, as hopefully I shall have had the rework done on my hip. See you soon Mick Mason.


The Annual General Meeting You will realise that this edition of the Newsletter is arriving somewhat early, the reason being is to remind you all about the Annual General Meeting. This will take place on Sunday, 11th September, starting at 2-30pm. I fully appreciate that many of you are much more interested in listening to good music, rather than attending ‘boring meetings’ etc. but the AGM is a very necessary part of our being, and is of course the one day per year, when you as a member, have the opportunity to come along and have your say in all things H.C.O.E. The meeting itself only lasts some 45 minutes usually, and we then enjoy a cup of tea, before enjoying a one hour mini concert afterwards. This year our organist will be Anthony Storey from Peterborough. We got to know Tony when he came to visit us to measure our Christie music desk on the organ, obviously he had a go on the organ while he was here, and we were so impressed that we offered him the AGM Mini Concert. It just shows what a small world it is. Tony had bought a Christie but the music desk was missing, so he needed to copy one, and as it turned out, it was the organ from the Plaza, Rugby, the very organ that I had the last tune on before I helped to dismantle and remove it from the cinema, way back in the 70s. How ironic is that. Please come along and support the AGM and Tony. Should anyone have any ‘Notices of Motion’ or any ‘Items’ they wish to have placed on the agenda, they need to be with me by the last day of August. Hope to see you there. Mick Mason.


The Air Ambulance Raffle Many of you will know of the Raffle that Olive organised in aid of the Notts. and Lincs. Air Ambulance during the last season of concerts. We are delighted to inform you that it raised the sum of ÂŁ205, which has been forwarded on to the relevant office, and we have now received a certificate and a receipt, which will be on show at the September concert. Because tickets were sold far and wide, we obviously still have some prizes unclaimed, so I hope that you have not destroyed your tickets. Below are the winning numbers, and if you have a winner then please contact Olive, or bring your ticket along in September to claim your prize. All prizes are numbered with the winning ticket alongside. Prize No.--- Winning Number Prize No. --- Winning Number 1. 551 17. 630 2. 358 18. 639 3. 122 19. 429 4. 87 20. 536 5. 942 21. 17 6. 293 22. 173 7. 290 23. 604 8. 113 24. 998 9. 547 25. 345 10. 202 26. 154 11. 933 27. 680 12. 337 28. 651 13. 576 29. 958 14. 793 30. 309 15. 305 31. 678 16. 98 32. 69 33. 57


The Nicholas Martin Weekend. Sat/Sunday. 21/22th May 2011. The Nicholas Martin weekend began with the dance on the Saturday evening, attended by a good crowd of people, all along to enjoy their dancing, but also to listen to some great music, played by a very talented organist. I always judge the response of the crowd by how many there are on the floor during the evening, but also how many there are remaining at the end of the night, once the raffle has been drawn. In Nicky's case there was a very positive answer to both questions. Nicky played music and dance tempo's to suit everyone, and I am sure you all went home quite happy, and being the last dance of the season, I hope your appetite was whetted for the new season in September. Once again we thank Nicky for giving us a great evening with both the Christie and Electronic organs. The Nicholas Martin Concert Sunday, 22th May, 2011. While I mentioned in the dance report Nicky playing both Christie and Electronic, what I didn't mention was the fact that it wasn't Nicky's own organ that he played. Apparently he had turned up for a gig somewhere recently, and after setting his organ up, when he turned it on it started Smoking. So for our weekend he had borrowed an organ from a local crematorium, and no doubt it sounded quite different here at Harworth, than it did in its normal location.


Nicky started his concert, as always, on the Christie, ascending from below stage level with his signature tune. ‘Hey, look me over’. This was followed by Muskrat Ramble, Exactly like you, Royal event, Canadian Capers, Romance, and the Second Waltz. Next was a selection of Ivor Novello Classics. You never tire of hearing this music. The tunes were:- ‘Waltz of my Heart, I can give you the starlight, and my Dearest Dear’. March time now with the ‘633 Squadron, a Bridge too Far, and Old Comrades’. The ‘Nights of Gladness Waltz’ was next on the list. While I am not certain, I think it was at this point that Nicky moved over to the electronic, to give us a lovely rendition of ‘Highland Cathedral’, complete with a great Bagpipe sound, the Hymn tunes ‘How Great thou Art, and Make me a Channel of thy Peace’ showed off the other side of the electronic, and maybe how it would sound in its true home. To finish the first half we had the ‘Chu-Chu Samba, Tonight, and Tico-Tico’. INTERVAL Another bright opening to the second half with ‘Make em. Laugh, and Another opening, another Show’. It was at this point that Nicky played in public, for the first time ever, a piece that had been written and composed by our good friend and member Barry Lenton. This all came about from the fact that I mentioned to Barry at the Tea Dance, that we would be celebrating our 40th anniversary this year, so he duly went home and wrote the ‘Ruby Red March’, with the hope that Nicky Martin would play it during his concert. I sent a copy to Nicky and he duly did it great justice, the applause


said it all. The afternoon continued with ‘Coronation Scot, One Moment in time, Rosalie, You do something to me, Anything goes, What a swell party this is, S'wonderful, Fascinating Rhythm, a Wonderful World called love, Too Young, I'm in the mood for love, I love you because, No other love have I, Night and Day, Begin the Beguine, Only make believe, All the things you are, and Smoke gets in your eyes’. Coming to the end of a wonderful afternoon now, but not before Nicky gave us the ‘Nun's Chorus’ followed by ‘Tiger Rag’ and ‘Vidor’s Toccata’ all rolled into one. One last encore with the audience joining in, some giving the ‘Anfield Wave’ for ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’. As Alan says in his summary, ‘Follow That’. Great Show, Great weekend, many thanks Nicholas, and we look forward now to your return for the special concert on 16 October. Mick Mason. The David Redfern Concert Sunday, 26th June 2011. It gave us great pleasure to welcome back David, for his first visit as our new President, and it also gave me the opportunity to present him with his badge of office. David started the concert with the ‘Brass Buttons March’, and followed it with a selection from the musical ‘Kiss me Kate’, and included ‘It's too Darn Hot, and Wunderbar’, etc. Next was ‘I Cover the Waterfront, and Serenade No. 2’.


A bit of foot tapping now with ‘Tie a Yellow Ribbon, Snowbird, I am a Cider Drinker, Summer of 42, Dance in the Old fashioned Way, and Chanson D’amour’. ‘Eye Level, I don't know how to love him, Can’t smile without you, Sweet Gypsy Rose, and the Thunder and Lightning Polka’ took us to the interval. INTERVAL More good music in the second half with, ‘Up with the curtain, Moon Glow, Whistler and his Dog, Blue Tango, I love you in the morning and I love you at night, Coronation Scot, Tuba Tune, Mood Indigo, South Rampart Street Parade, Solitude, Russian Rag’, and finishing with a ‘Storm at Sea’. A great afternoon of good music played for us by our President. Many thanks David. My apologies for not being able to devote more space to the report. Mick Mason. Diary Dates Sunday, 11th September at 2-30pm The A.G.M. and Mini Concert With Antony Storey. Sat/Sun. 24/25th September Elizabeth Harrison---------Dance and Concert 8pm and 2-30pm Sat.22th October----8pm Andrew Nix---------------------plays for Dancing Sun. 23th October----2-30pm Keith Beckingham---------------------in Concert

THE HARWORTH ORGAN ENTHUSIASTS was founded in December 1971 by Mr. S. Morris and a team of enthusiasts, to cater for people interested in the Preservation of the Mighty Theatre Organs of yesteryear, also incorporating the Modern Electronic Organs. THE AIMS OF THE SOCIETY ARE :To promote friendship through the common love of organ music, and to provide, on a regular basis, Organ Concerts and dances throughout the year, using both Theatre and Electronic Organs, and featuring the Star Organists from across the British Isles. LIST OF OFFICIALS President David Redfern

Vice Presidents Andrew Nix Philip Randles

Chairman Mr. H Cheadle 6 Lindrick Close Worksop S81 0JT 01909-481147

Gen. Secretary Mr. M Mason 5, Briar Court Harworth Nr Doncaster 01302-744584

Treasurer Mrs. J. Herrington 62B, Sunderland Street Tickhill Nr, Doncaster 01302-742562

Mem. Secretary Mrs. A Watson 152, Nutwell Lane Armthorpe Nr. Doncaster 01302-834068

Concert Secretaries Mr A Clayton 99 Locksley Drive Thurcroft Nr. Rotherham 01709-549492

Committee Members Mr. F. Wileman Mr. K. William Mrs. S. Taylor Mr. S. Harrison

Organ Tuning and Maintenance Mr. C. Hinds 01522-526289

Mobile 07980-337972

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