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The Harworth Christie Organ Enthusiasts wish you all



1 November/December 2009. Hello everyone Yes, it’s me again, after all this time I am finally getting to write a proper newsletter for you once again. I know that we have sent out fact sheets in the hope that we have kept you up to date with the happenings at the Hall, but believe it or not, it was March the last time you received a newsletter. I have just been looking back through that edition to see what was included in it, and it now seems quite ironic that we were advertising the Bill and Hilary King dance, and the Chris Powell concert, none of which happened for the reasons that you already know about. We also lost the rest of the season up to June. As I have said in previous correspondence, it has been a very traumatic few months, with much diplomacy taking place to get us back up and running again, and since we started again in September I have to say that as a club, we are delighted to be able to say that pretty well everybody who supported us in past, have come back and in some cases, brought a few friends with them, which is great to see, thank you all. As I was thinking about the past and looking forward to the future the other day, the thought came to me that in all the years I have been associated with the H.O.E. which is around 35 years, I don’t think that we have lost one concert or dance in all that time, not even to a power cut, fair do’s, we have had a couple of occasions when the organ has played up and we have had to


finish a concert on electronic, but to actually lose a full day hasn’t happened, unless you can remember different, so it was extremely upsetting for us to have to cancel nearly half of last season because of someone else’s bad housekeeping. It’s not a very nice thing to say but the demise of the Institute next door, and as details become more apparent, the way it was run, has actually done us a favour. We are now in a situation where the people up at the Recreation Ground have formed a new company, and oversee everything, and personally I have a far better working relationship with these people than I could have ever envisaged under the old regime. I must say that the company is now being run properly, nothing is too much trouble for them, and they are bending over backwards to help to get the Welfare Hall, now to be known as the Harworth Community Hall, back to where it was always supposed to be, ‘the heart of the village’. Also, while I am talking about help, I must not forget the help and encouragement that we have received from our local Notts. County Councillor Sheila Place. I am the first to acknowledge that many people and organisations make demands on her time, but Sheila knows the right people and a phone call is all that is needed to get results. Getting to know Sheila has led me getting to know our Bassettlaw M.P. John Mann a little better, and again, John has pledged his support to us, as needed. So all in all, things are looking a lot brighter than they did way back in March when the power came to cut the electricity off because of an outstanding bill, and if you knew the figure you couldn’t blame them.


When we started back in September, our first event was the Annual General meeting. The only comment I can make about this is that it was very poorly attended, whether because we had been closed and members weren’t tuned into the fact it was happening, or whether it was the fact that it wasn’t something you were interested in I don’t know. Suffice to say there were 23 members there, which was enough to conduct the meeting. I gave my report as Secretary, Joan gave the Treasurers Report, both being accepted by the meeting. All committee members were re-elected en block, and despite an impassioned plea for anyone extra to come on the committee, none came forward. This is not to say that extra help is not forthcoming at concerts, because it is, and I would like to take this opportunity to say a very big thank you to these people, they know who they are. The meeting closed at approx. 3-15pm. We had the mandatory FREE cuppa before Sally Taylor entertained us for the Mini Concert, many thanks Sally. How great was it to see and hear the Christie rise out of the floor once more. One notable absence at the AGM was the Chairman Harry Cheadle. Without going into too much details, Harry has been a very poorly man recently, spending a period in Hospital, and in fact Intensive Care for the first weekend, and even now it would seem that the authorities are not sure what his complaint was. I am very happy to tell you that he is now back home, eating everything in front of him, looking much better, and enjoying life again, and while he would accept that he still has some way to go, only last Wednesday at the T.Dance, he was up doing a couple of the slower dances. Great to see. Since we closed and opened again, so many things have happened I could maybe fill two newsletter’s but I won’t.


Things that I do have the sad details to tell you about is the loss of more members and friends over the summer. First of all we were sorry to hear of the death of our good friend Ray Booth of Mansfield. Ray was the gentleman who owned the Branksome Compton organ, installed in his home on Lichfield Lane, and enjoyed by many thousands, both at his concerts and at his club nights. Ray was instrumental in concerting the Pianola that we bought, into the Phantom Piano you now see at concerts, an instrument that has given us good service since he worked on it. Secondly I attended recently the funeral of another of our good supporters in Bawtry, Brenda Robb. It was very enlightening and indeed humbling to hear the vicar tell the mourners just what Brenda had achieved during her life, a very talented lady indeed. I best remember her as the rock behind her husband John, during his work for the British Heart Foundation, for which he was later decorated by the Queen. Thirdly, I have to tell you of the passing of Hazel Wileman. Many of you will remember Hazel as the lady who stood behind the kitchen counter at concerts and poured your tea. She was of course the wife of our committee member Frank, and they have both helped and supported the H.O.E for many years now. Hazel died very suddenly one evening. While it is early days, you will be pleased to know that Frank is getting back into the routine he loves at the Hall. To all who have lost loved ones over the summer, we extend our thoughts and sympathies to you all. Mick Mason


The Joanne Naulls Dance

26th September

To start our new season of dances, we welcomed back Joanne Naulls. Joanne needs no introduction from me, as many of you dance to her music, not only here at Harworth, but in other places as well. For this evening she brought along her new organ, which I understand is basically a Hammond but not called that anymore. As usual Joanne played music and tempo’s to suit all tastes, and a very good night was had by all. A lovely way get back into gear so to speak, so many thanks once again Jo, no doubt we shall see you again before too long. The Howard Beaumont Concert 27th September Howard was a first concert artiste of the new season. Because he doesn’t drive far any more, we were indebted to a couple of our members for picking him up and returning to the railway station after the concert. Howard started with his signature tune ‘The Best of Times’, before launching into a medley of tunes which included ‘ I am what I am, On the Quarterdeck, We’re all going on a summer holiday, Jolly holiday, Bring me Sunshine, Hazy lazy crazy days of Summer, The Sun has got his hat on, and when you’re smiling’. Nice bright start reflecting on the many good days of warm sunshine we had enjoyed the past few months. Next was ‘The Arcadians Overture’, I hope I have got that right. Another medley now, ‘Fly home little heart, My dearest dear, Have you met Miss Jones, and Dancing on the ceiling’. The next medley would take us to the interval and the good old cuppa. His was a Selection of Franz Leharr Waltzes. ‘Velia, You


are my Hearts Delight, Carrinoso, The Breeze and I, When your lovers going, and Here’s that Rainy Day’. INTERVAL Another nice bright start to the second half with ‘Wonderful, marvellous, Can’t take that away from me, Lady be good, and I’ve got rhythm. Slowing the tempo down now for the every beautiful ‘Cavalleria Rusticana’ or the Easter Hymn as its better known. Again please excuse any spelling mistakes. Three more tunes put together in a medley, ‘Yesterday, Stardust, and Impossible Dream’. A great favourite of one of our staunchest supporters was next, the very beautiful and haunting Highland Cathedral, coupled cleverly with ‘Amazing Grace’. Another good selection next with ‘When I fall in Love, Misty, Take Five, Fascination Waltz, Lonely Shepherd, Spanish Eyes, Sing,sing,sing, Amapola, Friends for Life, True Love, and the Anniversary Song’. To finish the concert Howard gave us a Jazz Selection, in Hammond Style, not easy to do on a Theatre Organ but very good. Alan and Sally sum it up by adding at the bottom of the report, ‘A Very Good Show’. It certainly was, I cannot argue with that statement, many thanks Howard, we shall see you again no doubt. Reported by Sally Taylor and Alan Clayton Compiled by Mick mason.


The Elizabeth Harrison Weekend 24th-25th October This weekend brought back to Harworth for her second visit the very bubbly and effervescent Elizabeth Harrison. I don't know what other way I could describe her personality, I just hope it doesn't sound like a glass of Andrews. Elizabeth brought along her Yamaha, EL 90 I think is the model. If there is any criticism of the weekend, a few people have said that they were disappointed she didn't do more on the Christie on the Saturday night, but other than that, she played dances fro everyone, giving those attending very little breathing space between each dance, she was busy all night, so many thanks Elizabeth. To save a lot of unnecessary travelling Elizabeth chose to stay at the Granada up at Blyth, so she came along on the Sunday totally refreshed after a good night's sleep and gave us a brilliant concert afternoon, some on Christie and some on Yamaha. She started her concert with ‘Rollercaoster, and Orange Blossom Special’. Next was a medley containing ‘ Music, music, music, I can't give you anything but love baby, Five foot two, eyes of blue, Whispering, Help, Change Partners and dance, Bring me Sunshine, and hello Dolly’. Next, according to the report, was a Sporting Occasion, sorry, I don't have any details. Following we had "My Heart and I, and the Gold and Silver Waltz. Then the march ‘Under the Double Eagle, and Sambarina’. A colourful selection was next with Out of the Blue, I won't send Roses, and Red roses for a Blue Lady.


To take us to the interval it was, ‘ Roses of Picardy, Moonlight and Roses, Forgotten Dreams, and Love is All’. INTERVAL The second half gave us more of the same with music to suit every taste, from Marches to Latin, and Waltzes to foot tapping Quickstep beats. The tunes were; That's Entertainment, Another opening, another show, and the ‘Aces High March’ ‘If I loved you, Housewives Choice music, Tea for Two, Wheels Cha Cha, In a Little Spanish town, and the Summer Samba’. The ‘High School Cadets’ march was next. ‘Raining in my Heart, Sleepy town Gal, and It's been a long, long time.’ As with Howard Beaumont, a beautiful rendition of ‘Highland Cathedral’, and ‘Nights of Gladness’, and ‘Serenade’. Time for the good old classic tunes now with ‘Red, Red Robin, When you’re Smiling, This is my Song, Strangers in the Night, True Love Ways, More, and I Could have Danced all Night’. So that brought us to the end of yet another great weekend of music here at Harworth, many thanks to Elizabeth fro not only the music, but for sharing with us all her hobbies, which are far too many to list here. Reported by Sally Taylor and Alan Clayton Compiled by Mick mason. Many Thanks to all our members and friends for your support through our recent difficult times. Keep up the good work. Mick Mason.

DATES DATES Saturday, November 21st 8pm to 11-30pm Come Dancing With SALLY TAYLOR Tickets £4 Lic. Bar Facilities. Sunday, November 22nd 2-30pm JANET DOWSETT In CONCERT Saturday, 12th December 7-30 pm to 11-30pm THE ANNUAL CHRISTMAS BUFFET DANCE Featuring BILL KING AND HILARY Tickets £9-50 Lic. Bar Facilities Sunday, 13th December At 2PM ALISTAIR KIERNAN And DAMIAN Please note start times of the Christmas events. Tickets for the Buffet Dance will be available at the November Dance. It would be appreciated if you can get and pay for them that night.

THE HARWORTH ORGAN ENTHUSIASTS was founded in December 1971, to cater for people interested in the preservation of the Mighty Theatre Organs of yesteryear, also incorporating the Modern Electronic Organs. THE AIMS OF THE SOCIETY ARE :To promote friendship through the common love of organ music, and to provide organ concerts and dances on a regular basis, using both Theatre and Electronic Organs, and featuring the Star Organists from across the British Isles. President Dr.Arnold Loxam Chairman Mr. H. Cheadle 6, Lindrick Close Worksop 01909-4881147 Secretary Mr. M. mason 5, Briar Court Harworth 01302-744584 Concert Secretary Mr.A. Clayton 99, Locksley Drive Thurcroft Rotherham 01709-549492 Organ Tuning and Maintenance Chris Hinds 01522-52.6289

Vice Presidents Andrew Nix David Redfern Mem.. Secretary Mrs. A Watson 152, Nutwell Lane Armthorpe Doncaster 01302-834068 Treasurer Mrs. J. Herrington 62B, Sunderland Street Tickhill 01302-746562 Committee Members Mr.F Willeman Mr.J. Palmer Mr. K. Williams Mrs. S. Taylor

Mob. 07980-337972

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