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Harworth 'Christie' Theatre Organ Enthusiasts Opening Concert 30th September 1973 Celebrate




The opening day concert setting 30th September 1973 Celebrating 3 Years of THEATRE ORGAN MUSIC in HARWORTH 1973 onwards


Journal of the Harworth 'Christie' Organ Enthusiasts September/October 2016 Hello everyone, and welcome to a brand new season of Dances and Concerts here at Harworth with the beloved Christie. As you will have noted from the Diary Cards we have some old favourites coming back to entertain us, and also some new faces. No doubt, as you have done over the past 43 years, you will come along and support and appreciate whoever is sat at the console. As always, the first concert will be preceded by the Annual General Meeting, starting at 2pm, and it is at this point I have to make a plea to you all. At last year's AGM I asked if anyone would volunteer to help on the committee, and I'm pleased to say that two members offered help but not as committee members, but sad to say, no-one else came forward. This year we have a worsening situation as Scott Harrison has decided due to his personal life, that he cannot commit to the society full time, but will attend whenever possible, and will carry on as a Committee member and Concert Secretary. The situation is, that according to the Constitution, drawn up in 1972 when the society was formed, is that the Committee shall consist of up to 12 members and no fewer than 5. At the moment now we have SEVEN committee members, we are all getting a bit longer in the tooth, and it is getting imperative that someone comes forward if you wish the society to carry on much longer. After all the years enjoyment that we have had since the Christie was installed, it would be absolutely devastating, especially for myself, if in a couple of years time we could no longer operate. I am sorry that the opening editorial of a new season has to read like this but these are the plain facts, so again, I appeal to you, as members, to have a very big think about this. We are not asking for a forty hour week, simply a bit of help, mainly on dance and concert weekends. So that is the situation, I

2 will leave it with you and hope that somewhere I have rung a bell in somebody's mind. Personally I cannot imagine getting to the 4th weekend of the month and not having a dance or concert to enjoy. I do feel that, like myself, you have a lot to lose if we don't get a response to this request. Taking the above into account, we would like to say a very big thank you to those who have made very generous donations to the society over the past season, it is very much appreciated. Mick Mason The Charles Brown Dance 21st May 2016 For the last dance of the current season, it was our great pleasure to welcome back Charles from over the Pennines at Chorley. As always he brought along his trusty electronic and mixed that, along with the Christie, to give us a lovely evening of dancing. Tempos and choice of dances that suited everyone there. I always judge the success of the evening by the number of couples on the floor, and that evening it was well occupied all the time, so many thanks go to Charles for another great night, and of course we look forward to his return next April The David Last Concert 22nd May 2016 As with Charles the evening before, it was our pleasure to welcome back David for the concert. To begin the concert David began with his signature tune, and taking his surname into account what else could it be but 'At Last'. After a quick chat with the audience David carried on with a 'Sunshine' selection, 'Bring me Sunshine, (memories of Morecambe and Wise), The Sun has got his Hat on, and To Wimbledon with Love' (looking back, that hasn't worked at Wimbledon this year, Rain and more Rain). Next was some music associated with Elton John, 'I'm still standing, and Candle in the Wind'. Then on to Goodbye, Yellow Brick Road, Crocodile Rock, and We are all alone.

3 The 'ABC March' was next, followed by Rasputin, and Experiment'. To take us to the interval David went into a selection of mixed music which included' My Herat belongs to Daddy, Let's do it, Let's fall in Love, When they begin the Beguine, Geronimo, Foot Tapper, When I Dream', and to finish ' Poodles in the Park'. I'm pretty sure that Poodles in the Park was attributed to the late great Bryan Rodwell, a lovely piece of music. INTERVAL Throughout the first half of the concert David didn't spend a lot of time chatting but let his music do the talking, and it was the same for the second, a good choice of music which included ' On the Rebound, Silver Lady, I Can't give you anything but Love Baby, Winter', from the Four Seasons, 'Where the Rainbow ends, Left Bank Two, Mississippi, All in the April Evening, Freedom, Sylvia's Mother, Always, Black and White Rag, Good Luck Charm, She's Not You, and I Don't Know How to Love Him'. Lots of very enjoyable music in there, something for everyone. To finish his visit to Harworth, David brought the afternoon to a close with the ever popular 'Radetsky March, before descending below stage with his signature tune. Another lovely afternoon of music to look back on and many thanks to David for making it possible. Reported by Sally Taylor and Alan Clayton Compiled by Mick Mason. The Keith Beckingham Concert Sunday, 26th June 2016 This was the last concert of the 2015/16 season, and as is common with the June concert we were down in numbers, but that didn't spoil the enjoyment of the afternoon's music. Keith began with his signature tune 'Tonight' before going into ' You and the night and the music, and Just the way you look tonight'. After turning and having a chat with his audience, the next selection was from 'The Dancing Years', and included ' I can give you the Starlight, Waltz of my Heart, My Romance, and This Heart of mine'.

4 Time now for four 'Foot Tapping' pieces, 'Who's sorry now, Whispering'. Hello Dolly, and Almost like being in Love' were the titles. Next we had a very nice piece of music which I hadn't heard of before entitled 'The Heather on the Hill'. Keith then set the audience a little puzzle by asking them to think of the names of the organists after playing their signature tunes. First up was 'I could be happy with you', which related to the great Sidney Torch, next was 'My Diane', this one puzzled many but was 'William Davies signature tune, and lastly the most obvious one 'Red, Red, Robin, which was of course Robin Richmond's signature tune. I must include the fact that when Keith arrived around 11am on that Sunday, we had the time to sit down and enjoy a cuppa with him, during which we reminisced about many of the organists that had graced the stage here at Harworth over the years, Names like Bryan Rodwell, Ernest Broadbent, George Blackmore, Robin Richmond, plus many more, great names, great memories of many happy times, it was a great 20 minutes we had chatting. Back to the concert now and next Keith took us on a tour around Europe.' Tulips from Amsterdam, Vienna, City of my Dreams, Wunderbar, Under the Bridges of Paris, and Wonderful, Wonderful Copenhagen' were the chosen destinations. Getting close to the interval now, but not before we had a selection of music from 'Oklahoma', 'I'm just a girl who can't say no, Surrey with a Fringe on top, Oh, what a beautiful morning, and People will say we're in love' were the pieces chosen. INTERVAL To begin the second half we had a couple of Frank Ifield favourites, 'I'm confessing that I love you, and I'll Remember you', then 'Caravan and Poeme'. Keith then took us 'Across the Pond'. in other words music with an American twist. I must confess I had little bit of devilment in me when he began the first piece' New York, New York, and I couldn't resist painting the stage in Red and White, as this is the colour of Rotherham United and they of course play their matches at New York Stadium in Rotherham. (A bit more info why that area of Rotherham is called New York is the fact that the Guest and Chrimes Foundry, situated on the stadium site, produced the Fire Hydrants and Standpipes there for the city of New York, America) Following on was

5 'Chicago and My Kinda Town'. Time now to enjoy some of the music made famous by Mancini, 'Charade, Days of Wine and Roses, Dear Heart, Mr. Lucky, and obviously Moon River' were the tunes chosen. Again, taking us back to earlier years, I'm sure all will remember Fred Astaire and Ginger Rodgers, and they made famous tunes such as 'Let's face the Music and Dance,. Change Partners and Dance with me, Cheek to Cheek, and For all we know we may never meet again'. Great music, great memories. Time now to start thinking of winding the show up and to do this Keith chose a selection of music made famous by the great Jackie Brown. A great selection of music which included ' John Brown's Body, From this Moment on, If I have you, Sweet September, Falling in Love with Love Everlasting, Lover, and The Song is You'. Great show, and a great way to bring the season to a close, personally I was pleased to know that the organ behaved impeccably as it hadn't been used for a month, and we didn't have a problem all afternoon. Keith gave us an encore with 'El Bimbo' before descending below stage with 'We'll Meet Again'. That is a very good statement to finish on and I hope that it will not be long before Keith does in fact 'Meet us Again'. In closing Sally and Alan say, 'A very good show, well played'. Indeed it was and during the afternoon there was quite a bit of chat from Keith to the audience, but it was all very informative, so Many thanks once again to Keith for a lovely afternoon. Here's to the next time. Reported by Sally Taylor and Alan Clayton. Compiled by Mick Mason.

6 The 2016/2017 Season Opening Weekend Just a reminder that we shall start the 43th season of Dances and Concerts here at Harworth on:-

Saturday, 24th September Dancing to BILL KING and HILARY 7-30pm to 11pm and

Sunday, 25th September STEPHEN AUSTIN in Concert THIS CONCERT WILL BE PRECEDED BY THE ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING BEGINNING AT 2PM Any Notices of Motion or Items for the Agenda must be in the hands of the General Secretary by the 19th September. Please make every effort to attend, it is your chance to have your say in the running of the society. Thank you.

7 Sale of LP .s Many of you have browsed the collection of L.P. s that were donated to the society approx. 18 months ago. It is nice to know that many have been bought from this collection, with the monies designated to go to Charity. While there are still a number of the LPs for sale I thought you would be interested to know where some of the money has gone. The first donation went to a young lady who sits next to me at the Rotherham United matches. Her name is Bridie Heath and she has worked tirelessly for the Prostate Cancer Charity since losing her husband in his Forties approx. two years ago. Recently she did the' Walk to the Arch' alongside Jeff Stelling of Sky Sports, so £50 has gone to boost her contribution to that Charity. The second Charity to receive £50 is one that my Daughter made me aware of. This is to raise money for a 3 year old girl down at RAF Marham in Norfolk. Her name is Scarlett Gray and she has been diagnosed with the condition known as 'Neuroblastoma', a life threatening form of Cancer. Her parents have set up this Charity and vowed that, whatever the outcome of Scarlett's treatment, they will be committed to help raise the £400,000 needed for further research and treatment of this horrible disease. This year Scarlett has spent just 35 days out of Hospital, recently she was so poorly they had to sedate and ventilate her for a number of days, and when she was brought round her first words to her Daddy were, 'Daddy, can I have a drink of water;', to which he replied, 'Sorry, no', so then she said 'How about a cup of tea then'. Since then she has spent a couple of days out of Hospital and Mum and Dad took her to 'Toys are Us', which she obviously enjoyed. Sadly, I have just been informed that Scarlett passed away on the 22nd August Horrible situations for both parties, but I hope you agree that the money raised is going to deserving causes. There is still more money to donate and when another deserving charity comes up, then maybe another £50 will go there. Thank you for your support, you are helping some great causes.


Diary Dates 2016. Saturday, 22nd October DAVID REDFERN Plays for Dancing 7-30 to 11pm Sunday, 23rd KEVIN GRUNILL in Concert 2-30pm Saturday, 26th November JOANNE NAULLS Plays for Dancing 7-30 to 11pm Sunday, 27th November MATTHEW BASON in Concert 2-30pm Saturday, 17th December CHRIS POWELL Plays for Dancing 7-30 to 11pm Sunday, 18th December THE ANNUAL CHRISTMAS CONCERT featuring DAMON WILLETTS in Concert. 2pm start See you there Mick

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THE HARWORTH ORGAN ENTHUSIASTS was founded in December 1971 by Mr. S. Morris and a team of enthusiasts, to cater for people interested in the Preservation of the Mighty Theatre Organs of yesteryear, also incorporating the Modern Electronic Organs. THE AIMS OF THE SOCIETY ARE:To promote friendship through the common love of organ music, and to provide, on a regular basis, Organ Concerts and dances throughout the year, using both Theatre and Electronic Organs, and featuring the Star Organists from across the British Isles. LIST OF OFFICIALS President Vice Presidents David Redfern Andrew Nix Philip Randles John Barnett Chairman Gen. Secretary Mr.P Randles Mr. M Mason 33, Zetland Road 5, Briar Court Doncaster Harworth 01302-367513 Doncaster 01302-744584 Treasurer Mem. Secretary Mrs. J. Herrington Mrs. A Watson 62B, Sunderland Street 152, Nutwell Lane Tickhill Armthorpe Doncaster Doncaster 01302-742562 01302-834068 Concert Secretaries Committee Members Mr. S. Harrison Mr. A Clayton Harewood Court Mrs. S. Taylor Harworth 01302-759469 Mob. 07521 209973 Organ Tuning and Maintenance Mr. C. Hinds 01522-526289 Mobile 07980-337972

Goldennotes sep oct 2016 a5  

Bi-monthly magazine of the Harworth Christie Theatre Organ Enthusiasts, celebrating 43 years of organ music

Goldennotes sep oct 2016 a5  

Bi-monthly magazine of the Harworth Christie Theatre Organ Enthusiasts, celebrating 43 years of organ music