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Harworth 'Christie' Theatre Organ Enthusiasts Opening Concert 30th September 1973 Celebrate




The opening day concert setting 30th September 1973 Celebrating 3 Years of THEATRE ORGAN MUSIC in HARWORTH 1973 onwards


Journal of the Harworth 'Christie' Organ Enthusiasts November/December 2016 Hello everyone Here we are with what is the last newsletter of yet another year, where does the time go to? Before we say goodbye to 2016 I must reflect on the September weekend, when we welcomed back for the first Dance and Concert of the new season Bill King and Hilary for the dance, and Stephen Austin for the concert following the Annual General Meeting. It is difficult to put into words just what an enjoyable weekend it was, The Dance on the Saturday was enjoyed by everyone present, and then the concert on the Sunday gave us a selection of some of the nicest music we have heard in a long time, all played with a most soothing and warm selection of registrations. This was then repeated over the October weekend with David Redfern and Kevin Grunill. I would also like to say a big thank you to everyone who came along to support the AGM that day, your support and input is much appreciated. As regards the Annual General meeting I have included a report in this issue of Golden Notes, just to keep members who could not make it for one reason or another updated about the society. Here's hoping that the remainder of the season goes just as well as the first weekend went, if it does then we shall have enjoyed some glorious musical events. In the meantime may I wish you all a Very Happy, Healthy, and Peaceful Festive Season, and whatever you do, Stay ORGANISED. Mick Mason

2 The Annual General Meeting Report The Chairman, Mr. Randles, opened the meeting at approx. 2.05 pm and welcomed members present, which numbered around 50. After apologies for absence were noted the Minutes of the 2015 AGM were dealt with, there were no Matters Arising. The Secretary then gave his report which informed the members that the past season had again been a very successful and enjoyable one, with very few exceptions. During last season the organ had behaved very well indeed, and had not needed to have a lot of time and money spent on maintenance, what had been done instead was to construct a cupboard in the dressing room area to store the stage decorations etc. The Secretary explained that for years all this had been stored below stage, which meant passing things up and down through the stage trapdoor, and us we get older, it had become something of a precarious operation bending over a 7ft hole, hence the reason the cupboard had been build, which now makes it much easier and safer. Other jobs had been done to keep the hall looking nice for your arrival at our weekends, and of course is always ongoing. The Secretary thanked those who had given their time to achieve this The Treasurer gave her report which told us that although we were again showing a deficit on the years events, due to the increase in admission fees last year, this was greatly reduced. The Treasurer was pleased to report that we are still very solvent, and with this in mind it was agreed that admission prices would remain unchanged for this season, but would be reviewed next year. The Secretary was pleased to report that all Committee Members and Officials were prepared to carry on this year, and they were re-elected enbloc. The Secretary again said that we needed volunteers to come forward to help at a weekend, and was pleased to report that Neil Clayton had agreed to offer his help. A second member also came forward and it is hoped, after chatting with him, that he will take on the role of Publicity Officer, a post that has not been filled for some considerable time, so many thanks go to both these individuals. There was no A.O.B. to discuss and the Chairman closed the meeting at 2.35 pm.

3 The Bill King and Hilary Dance Saturday, 24th September Bill and Hilary have been coming along to Harworth for many years now, and Bill's first involvement was as Publicity Officer, but as his musical prowess became more well known and he got busier playing for events, he had to relinquish this role. For our first dance of this season Bill and Hilary gave us a very enjoyable evening of dancing, playing music and tempo's to suit all tastes, and I feel that it was partly due to their popularity that we attracted approx. 55 people along that evening, which for September is unusual as many people are still away on holidays etc. It was interesting that I had a phone call during Saturday morning from someone who had picked up the dance on our website, and they came along from Newark and really enjoyed the evening, so no doubt we shall see them again. A very big thank you to Bill and Hilary for a lovely evening , and they will be back next September for more of the same. Mick Mason The Stephen Austin Concert Sunday, 25th September As I mentioned in the Editorial, it was lovely to see approx. 50 members and visitors in the Hall for this first concert of the new season. As many of you will remember, Stephen made his debut here at Harworth last year, and we said at the time that we must invite him back, and what a great decision that was, his musical ability and choice of music could not be faulted, so again, He must come back again. Stephen began his concert with his signature tune 'Make em Laugh', and after turning around and chatting to the audience, he gave us a couple of Marches, 'Team Spirit and Nights of Gladness'. Upping the tempo next we had a short selection which could be attributed to our success at the Olympic Games in Brazil, the tunes being 'Rio Rita, Laughing Samba, and Besame Mucho'. An unusual but very enjoyable combination of tunes now all involving 'Birds Names '. 'Flamingo, Cuckoo, A Nightingale sang in Berkeley Square, 50

4 Million Robins, Woody Woodpecker, Bye, Bye, Blackbird, and Red, Red, Robin'. What a brilliant ides to combine those for a Birds Name Selection. To take us to the interval Stephen put together a selection of tunes that would remind us of the ;Crazy Gang ' and 'Flanagan and Allen' from many years ago, 'Underneath the Arches, Run Rabbit Run, Any Umbrellas, Maybe It's Because I'm A Londoner, Hometown, Me and My Shadow, and Side by Side'. Everyone was singing and how could you not join in such lovely old tunes. Time now a cuppa and a chat. INTERVAL To begin the second half Stephen played a March that he had mentioned during the first half, it was called 'Time Marches On'. Very enjoyable but not one I had heard before. As Stephen explained, as he travels around the country it is unbelievable how vegetation appears different in various parts of the country in the run up to Autumn, so with this in mind he gave us a selection of Autumnal Music. ' The September Waltz, The Autumn Concerto, Singing in the Rain, September in the Rain, Stormy Weather, Autumn Leaves, and Garden in the Rain'. Lovely selection and all well played. Next was one that really needed supple fingers called 'Knuckle dust'. Time was marching on by now, so it was time for Stephen to play his last selection of the afternoon, and this one was all about music of Rodgers and Hart. 'Thou Sweet, Thou Pretty, There's a Small Hotel, Where or When, Manhattan, Blue Room, This Could be Love, and With a Song In My Heart'. There is absolutely no doubt that everyone did leave the hall that day with 'A Song in their Heart', Stephen's choice of music and his selection of stops on the organ was something to remember for a long, long time. We have many great organists come along to Harworth but today has to be remembered as one of the best concerts for a long time So our great thanks go to Stephen for a lovely afternoon, and as a committee, we have already talked about when we can fit you in again in the very near future. Many, Many Thanks Stephen, it was a wonderful afternoon.

5 Memberhsip Renewals 2016/17 I am very pleased to report that our Membership up to the September concert had remained exactly as it was last year, and then we had a bonus at the concert with another 2 members joining, so we now have 103 members within the society. Many thanks to everyone for your continued support. Could I also remind you that if you are Computer Literate, you could receive your copy of 'Golden Notes' electronically. By doing this you would be helping the society with expenses, for as you all know the price of postage has gone through the roof. If you would like to do this, all you have to do is give your e-mail address to the membership Secretary Ann Watson, and you will then get your magazine maybe quicker than waiting for 'Snail Mail'. Many thanks if you fit into this area and act upon it. Could I remind you all that Membership Renewals are all due in January 2017, and should you not be able to attend, payments can be made by cheque, made out to 'Harworth 'Christie' Organ Enthusiasts. Fees remain the same as last year. Christmas Hampers If anyone would like to contribute towards the Hampers for the Christmas Concert and the Annual Buffet Dance in January, could you please bring your gift along to the November weekend. Many Thanks No doubt you will all remember in the last Golden Notes that I detailed where some of the Charity money from the sale of the LPs had gone, below is a letter of thanks from Scarlett Gray's Grandma, obviously written before she sadly passed away. 10/08/16 Dear Mick We would like to say a huge thank you to yourself and all your members for the extremely generous donation of ÂŁ50 to the Scarlett Gray fund. The money will go towards ensuring this special little girl is able to receive the treatment she requires to improve her chances of survival from 45% to 65 %, so as you can imagine, every penny we can raise is vital, therefore your kind donation and your support to this very worthy cause is greatly

6 appreciated. Please pass on our humble thanks to all your generous members. Yours with sincere gratitude Carol Gray ( Grandma) Signed on behalf of Scarlett Gray. (Scarlett's Grandma loved her 'From the Ground to the Skies', and this has been inscribed on a garden bench which will sit in her Grandma's garden as a reminder of her lovely little granddaughter) It is virtually impossible to know what Scarlett's family are going through at this point in their lives, to lose someone at 3 years old, just as they are becoming an interesting part of the family is mind blowing. I could not have imagined when the records were donated some 2 years ago, that we could be helping such a cause as Scarlett's, and of course the other charity, Prostate Cancer. There are still records available at a minimum of ÂŁ2 each, so hopefully you will continue buying these, and we can then help some more worthwhile charities, In doing this you are not only helping a charity, you are also preserving the good name of the Harworth Organ Enthusiasts. Many Thanks, Mick The David Redfern Dance 22nd October 2016 It was a pleasure to welcome back our President for the dance on the 22nd, and as usual he gave us tempo's to suit everyone. It was lovely to see around ten people turn up unexpectedly which obviously swelled the numbers. I believe some had found it on the website so it must be working in our favour. As usual I would like to thank David for his contribution that evening and look forward to his visit which will be for a concert The Kevin Grunill Concert 23rd October 2016 It has been very gratifying to see the way the new season has started, but nothing could have prepared us for the way Kevin played his concert, we were obviously watching a complete master at his trade, He was in complete control of everything he did.

7 He began with his signature tune 'It's alright now', before going into selection which included 'As if we never said goodbye, The Second Waltz, Red Cross Cafe' and I'm a fool to want you'. Another great selection next with' March of the Cobblers, ( who could forget that from the film 'Brassed Off'), This Heart of Mine, Telstar, The Young Ones, Delilah, Bobby's Girl, Night of a Thousand Eyes, and Downtown'. What memories of a younger life that must have brought back for some of you ?. INTERVAL To begin the second half Kevin gave us 'It's Delightful, It's De-lovely, and ‘Make the World a Little Younger' which apparently was made famous by Dame Shirley Bassey. A little visit to the military next with 'Aces High'. (As I understand it that wasn't the original title as it was called the Luftwaffe March, but it was changed so the it didn't offend the Queen at its Premiere), next was Anchors Aweigh, Old Comrades, and Great Little Army'. Then it was 'You Make You Feel My Love'. I always think what a lovely tune that is played on the Christie. Just a little trip over to Blackpool now and a visit to the Tower for ' Happy Days are here again, Love Letters in the Sand, I', Forever Blowing Bubbles, Whispering, and Somebody Stole My Girl '. Just a little trip over to Blackpool now and a visit to the Tower for ' Happy Days are here again, Love Letters in the Sand, I', Forever Blowing Bubbles, Whispering, and Somebody Stole My Girl '. We were now getting close to the end of a wonderful concert, but not before we were treated to music from the Musical 'Les Miserable's' ' I Dreamed a Dream, Master of the House, Bring Him Home, Do you hear the L People Sing, and On My Own', As I have already said 'What a Brilliant concert, and the stand out tune for me has to be 'Bring Him Home'. The Registration that Kevin chose for that tune was just magic, the only thing missing was Alfie Boe walking on stage. Great show, Great afternoon, and as Alan says in his report. 'One of the Best'.

8 Many thanks go to Kevin, especially as he was suffering with a couple of ruptured discs in his back, we shall most certainly be phoning him for a return.


DIARY DATES Saturday, 26th November COME DANCING with JOANNE NAULLS 7-30 TO 11PM £5 per Head Sunday, 2th November MATTHEW BASON in Concert 2-30pm Mem. and Sen. Cit. £5-50 Non. Members £6-50 Saturday, 17th December CHRISTMAS DANCE with CHRIS POWELL Sunday, 18th December THE ANNUAL CHRISTMAS CONCERT with DAMON WILLETTS 2PM START.


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THE HARWORTH ORGAN ENTHUSIASTS was founded in December 1971 by Mr. S. Morris and a team of enthusiasts, to cater for people interested in the Preservation of the Mighty Theatre Organs of yesteryear, also incorporating the Modern Electronic Organs. THE AIMS OF THE SOCIETY ARE:To promote friendship through the common love of organ music, and to provide, on a regular basis, Organ Concerts and dances throughout the year, using both Theatre and Electronic Organs, and featuring the Star Organists from across the British Isles. LIST OF OFFICIALS President Vice Presidents David Redfern Andrew Nix Philip Randles John Barnett Chairman Gen. Secretary Mr.P Randles Mr. M Mason 33, Zetland Road 5, Briar Court Doncaster Harworth 01302-367513 Doncaster 01302-744584 Treasurer Mem. Secretary Mrs. J. Herrington Mrs. A Watson 62B, Sunderland Street 152, Nutwell Lane Tickhill Armthorpe Doncaster Doncaster 01302-742562 01302-834068 Concert Secretaries Committee Members Mr. S. Harrison Mr. A Clayton Harewood Court Mrs. S. Taylor Harworth 01302-759469 Mob. 07521 209973 Organ Tuning and Maintenance Mr. C. Hinds 01522-526289 Mobile 07980-337972

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