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Harworth 'Christie' Theatre Organ Enthusiasts Opening Concert 30th September 1973 OF



The opening day concert setting 30th September 1973 Celebrating 42 Years of THEATRE ORGAN MUSIC in HARWORTH 1973 onwards


Journal of the Harworth 'Christie' Organ Enthusiasts March/April 2016 Hello Everyone Here we go again with another edition of your bi-monthly magazine. By the time you read this I shall hopefully be enjoying a little break in the sunshine at Lytham St. Anne's, arriving back just in time for the Bill King and Nicky Martin weekend over Easter When we are organising the weekends, if we realise that it falls on a Bank Holiday, we will change the weekend, but in this case we missed out on noticing it was Easter, so hopefully the fact that we have Bill and Hilary, who are always popular here at Harworth for the dances, and Nicky coming along on the Sunday will not affect the attendance too much. As we are now into March we have been able to access the Membership, and we are very pleased to find that it has remained fairly steady and although a little down in numbers at the moment, it compares quite nicely with last year's total, so many thanks to you all for your continued support. Also, it has been quite nice to know that not ONE person has made any comment about us increasing the admission prices and Membership Fees this year. For many years now we have been able to brag that our society is the cheapest anywhere, while offering top class entertainment, so to find out at the AGM in September what some other venues are charging came as something of a shock, and even with the increase, we remain way below their levels, so once again, many thanks for accepting the changes and continuing with your support. Also I would like to mention the very generous donations that members have made recently. Many, many Thanks, it is much appreciated

2 Moving into April we shall have Martin Atterbury returning for the weekend, so I hope that once again you will all come along and support him. I will close now by wishing you all 'Happy Listening and stay Organised'. Mick Mason The Annual Buffet dance with Vice President Philip Randles. 23rd January 2016 To say that the Annual Buffet Dance was a success would be an understatement. We were delighted to find an increase in attendance. The music provided by Philip was, as usual first class, and the Buffet prepared by Stephanie was also first class, with more than ample food on offer, so much so that what was left was covered with foil and offered at the concert the next day, which also went down well. Altogether another brilliant evening for the Society, so Many, Many Thanks to everyone involved, Philip, Stephanie, and of course your good selves. The Michael Wooldridge Concert - 24th January 2016 It was lovely to see Michael back here at Harworth, no mean feat as it is a 460 mile round trip from his home here and back. As usual he gave us an excellent concert and below are the details of his concert. He began with his signature tune 'There's no Business like Show Business', then into a medley of songs ,' Blue Danube, Around the World, Always, Happy Feet, Blue Skies, and We're in the Money'. After a pleasant chat with the audience Michael went into his next medley of tunes which contained ' That'll be the Day, Peggy Sue, True Love Ways, Raining in my Heart, and Oh Boy'. Music form the musicals was next with a n ice selection from 'Oklahoma'. 'Can't say No, Oh what a Beautiful Morning, Out of my Dreams, Surrey with the Fringe on Top, People will say we're in Love, and Oklahoma ' were the tunes chosen. Getting close to the interval now but not until Michael played a selection of music synonymous with Liberace'. This is a selection I shall remember for a long time as Michael programmed the organ as the backup instrument and

3 played the Piano as the main instrument, something that had never been done before for a whole selection, but what a wonderful sound it produced. The music played was ' Warsaw Concerto, Laura, Always Chasing Rainbows, Dream on Olwen, and the Legend of the Glass Mountain'. Absolutely fabulous way to end the first half. INTERVAL Soon after the interval Michael announced that in the audience was the third placed winner of the 'Young Organist of the Year for 2015', and he was duly invited up on stage to take a bow and play a few minutes on the Christie, which he obviously enjoyed. Michael is obviously very involved with teaching the organ and helping with the Young Organist competition, so it was a pleasure to welcome the young man to Harworth and give him a chance to show off his talents. Michael continued his concert with a foot tapping medley which included 'Keep You Sunny Side Up, Varsity Drag', then a selection from 'Mack and Mabel, What happened to Mabel, and Don't being me Roses etc'. Then we had 'Take me to your Heart again, Elizabethan Serenade, You'll Never Walk Alone, Come Fly with me, Nice and Easy Dose IT, Strangers in the Night, All the Way, Witchcraft, My Way, and New York'. Many of these of course were associated with Frank Sinatra.' To bring the afternoon to a close Michael chose to 'Rock Around the Clock, See You later Alligator, and Hound Dog'. At this point Michael disappeared below stage but was obviously invited back up to take a bow, and just to be greedy we asked him for an encore, which he provided after been joined again by the Young Organist winner, and they ended the show by both playing the Christie for 'When the Saints go Marching in'. A Fabulous show, a Fabulous weekend both on the Saturday and the Sunday. We won't see much better. Reported by Sally Taylor and Alan Clayton Compiled by Mick Mason. The Cameron Lloyd Dance - 27th Februray 2016

4 As is always the case Cameron came along on Saturday, 27th and gave us a very pleasant and enjoyable evening of dancing to suit every taste, from Ballroom to Modern Sequence. It was such a shame that this evening happened while many of our supporters are suffering with the bugs that are very prevalent at the moment, so the attendance was quite a few down from our usual attendance, nevertheless I would like to say thank you to Cameron for his contribution that evening, and he will obviously be returning before too long for another great evening of dancing. Mick Mason The Chris Stanbury Concert - 28th February 2016 It was something of a novelty to welcome a debutant organist to Harworth for this afternoon's concert, and as I joked at the beginning, 'It's only taken us 42 years to get him here'. It's highly likely that Chris had just been born in that age. He began his show with the March 'Stars and Stripes' before moving to the 'A Train, Satin Doll, Don't get around much anymore', the 'Thunder and Lightning Polka, Someone to watch over me, and Brazil'‌ Lovely start and to continue Chris gave us a selection of music synonymous with the great Max Bygraves. In all my time at Harworth I had never heard of this selection, ' Pink Toothbrush, Davy Crockett, Fing;s ain;t what they used to be, You need Hands, and Tulips from Amsterdam'. What great memories those songs will have brought back for many of you. Next up were 'I'm in the mood for love, I can't give you anything but love baby, Just the way you are tonight, and On the Sunny side of the Street'. Then it was time for a selection of 50s Music including tunes that you will remember being the themes for some Radio shows, 'Nellie the Elephant, Dick Barton, Special Agent, All of Me, Has Anyone seen my Gal, and The Lady is a Tramp'. To bring the first half to a close Chris gave us a selection of music from My Fair Lady, the tunes being ; I'm getting Married in the Morning, I've grown accustomed to your face, and I could have Danced all Night'. INTERVAL

5 During the interval it was noted how happy Chris was to chat to members of the audience, to the point he only just had time to grab a cuppa before the second half began, and that begin with another rousing selection which included 'There's no Business like Show Business, Alexander's Ragtime Band, Dancing Cheek to Cheek, Louise, Moon River ,the Merry Widow Waltz made famous by Andre Rieu, Perhaps, and the Rain in Spain'. Next up was a chance for the audience to clear their throats and join in a sing song, which I did hear quite a few do so . The tunes were' My Old Man said Follow the Van, When you're Smiling, It's a long way to Tipperary', ( or as Ken Dodd sings, That's the wrong way to tickle Mary') Hang out your washing on the Seigfreid Line, Love me Honey, and In a Little Spanish Town'. Well done the Harworth Choir. Coming towards the end of the afternoon now, but not before Chris gave us another selection of music which is not very often put together, A selection of Disney music, often used but not as a selection. 'When you Wish upon a Star, Hey Ho, Hey Ho, it's off to work we go, Someday my Prince will come, King of the Swingers, Can you feel the Love tonight, Give a little Whistle, With a Smile and a Song, Over the Rainbow, and Mr. Sandman'. What a lovely afternoon, some of the music and selection we had not heard before. Well worth the 42 years wait for Chris to make an appearance here at Harworth. It was lovely to see how many of the audience came forward at the end to say how much they had enjoyed the performance, and not only that, during the concert Chris had plenty of banter without going over the top, and most of it was very informative. It's a fair old trek from deep in the heart of Surrey to Harworth, but there is no doubt whatsoever that Chris's phone will be ringing in the not too distant future to arrange for him to return here for another pleasant afternoon. Many Thanks go to Chris for his contribution, and to his Dad for driving him up here. Here's to the next time. Reported by Sally Taylor and Alan Clayton Compiled by Mick Mason.

6 Membership Renewals. 2016 As mentioned in the Editorial we are quite pleased to see how many members have renewed their membership of the club. We accept members at any time throughout the year but if you are already a member and have not renewed this year, I am sorry to have to tell you that this edition of Golden Notes will be The Last One that you will receive. This ruling has existed for many years now and has worked quite well, so please take the above as a Reminder. Many thanks for your support in the past, and I hope the above will jog your memory and you will send a cheque to our Membership Secretary, her contact details are on the back of your last Golden Notes. Also, if you are into 'Electronic Mail', you can receive your newsletter in this way, simply by giving the Membership Secretary your email address. By doing this you will be saving the society money in postage costs. By renewing, you will obviously realise that you will save £1 on admission price for every concert you attend, and if yours is a joint membership, that adds up to £2 per concert, not a bad deal at all over a 10 concert season. Look forward to seeing you Mick Mason Membership Prices Single





DIARY DATES Saturday, 26th March COME DANCING with BILL KING and HILARY 7-30 to 11pm Sunday, 27th March NICHOLAS MARTIN in Concert 2-30 pm

Saturday, 23rd April COME DANCING with MARTIN ATTERBURY 7-30 to 11pm Sunday, 24th April MARTIN ATTERBURY in Concert 2-30pm

Dance Admission

£5 per head

Concert Admission Members and Senior Citizens £5-50 Non-Members £6-50

Please explore your society by looking at the Website. You can find us at www.harworthchristie.org.uk Any constructive comments for inclusion on the website are always welcome.


The Bircotes and Harworth Community Hall Whitehouse Road Bircotes Doncaster DN11 8EF FREE secure parking to the rear of the Hall.

THE HARWORTH ORGAN ENTHUSIASTS was founded in December 1971 by Mr. S. Morris and a team of enthusiasts, to cater for people interested in the Preservation of the Mighty Theatre Organs of yesteryear, also incorporating the Modern Electronic Organs. THE AIMS OF THE SOCIETY ARE:To promote friendship through the common love of organ music, and to provide, on a regular basis, Organ Concerts and dances throughout the year, using both Theatre and Electronic Organs, and featuring the Star Organists from across the British Isles. LIST OF OFFICIALS President David Redfern

Vice Presidents Andrew Nix Philip Randles John Barnett

Chairman Mr.P Randles 33, Zetland Road Doncaster 01302-367513

Gen. Secretary Mr. M Mason 5, Briar Court Harworth Doncaster 01302-744584

Treasurer Mrs. J. Herrington 62B, Sunderland Street Tickhill Doncaster 01302-742562

Mem. Secretary Mrs. A Watson 152, Nutwell Lane Armthorpe Doncaster 01302-834068

Concert Secretaries Mr. S. Harrison 07521209973 scottharrison1973@hotmail.com

Committee Members Mr. A Clayton Mrs. S Taylor

Organ Tuning and Maintenance Mr. C. Hinds 01522-526289

Mobile 07980-337972

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Goldennotes mar apr 2016 a5  

The March 2016 edition of Golden Notes, the Harworth Christie Theatre Organ Enthusiasts members magazine

Goldennotes mar apr 2016 a5  

The March 2016 edition of Golden Notes, the Harworth Christie Theatre Organ Enthusiasts members magazine

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