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1 March/April 2010 Hello everyone Its time for me to put pen to paper again and bring you up to date with what has been happening in the organ world at Harworth. I hope that the first thing you will have noticed is the new format of the ‘Golden Notes’ magazine. It has been in its old form for many years now, so many years in fact that the name ‘Golden Notes’ goes back to our founder Stan Morris's time, when he organised a competition to find a name for the then new magazine, so around 1973 would be a pretty accurate guess, and while I forget his name, it was a gentleman from Manchester, very much into the organ scene, who suggested ‘Golden Notes’, and the name has stuck ever since. I have a few of the very old magazines but they don't go back that far, does anyone else have any early ones?. Personally I like the name so don't see any reason to change it, but the magazine itself was in need of some cosmetic surgery. I am very happy with the way we do it now, I get the concert reports from Alan, I then print the whole magazine on to my computer, send it to our membership Secretary Ann, she then gets it printed and posts it out to you. In recent times we have used Staples for the printing, but on a couple of occasions we have been less than impressed with the result, so now we are going to an independent printer, who will format it, print it, collate and staple it, so all Ann will have to do is collect and post it, just a short hop from her home. Yes, it will cost a little more, but we all hope that you will be pleased with the end product. The Golden Notes has been brought kicking and screaming into the 21 century. Another innovation that has been mentioned recently is the prospect of having our own ‘Website’, now I know that for many of you this idea will neither help or hinder your involvement with Harworth, as you won't have a computer, but this is the modern way that everything seems to operate. I have been speaking with a gentleman who is willing to set this up for us, so I fully expect it happen, and when it does I will furnish you with the address to log on to. I was sorry to hear that Sheffield Theatre Organ Enthusiasts are to

2 close, their Society was operating before us, and I do know that Stan Morris modelled our society on theirs, even if only to get it up and running, so its very sad to know that we are to lose another organ club, I would surmise due to financial circumstances, we are very lucky here at Harworth to have the facility that we have, in the sense that we can hold dances as well as concerts, and I must tell you now, if we were to have to survive on concerts alone, then we may be in the same situation as Sheffield. Looking on the brighter side, I am sure that some of the Sheffield enthusiasts will certainly know about us, and will want to continue listening to good organ music, and will make the effort to trek over the Harworth, in other words, Sheffield's loss could be our gain. This month we welcome back to Harworth our good friend Kevin Grunill, and then in April, Simon Gledhill will be along for the concert, with Bill King and Hilary the night before for dancing, so there we have four great events to look forward to, I hope to see you there. Before I close this editorial, could I say a very sincere thank you to everyone who has renewed their membership for the coming year, your input is much appreciated. The committee fully realise that for senior citizens, there isn't a lot of incentive to join as they can gain admission at members prices anyway, but we do very much appreciative the fact that you are supporting us, and for those who do join, then again, thank you. Membership is neither up or down this year, but has remained fairly stable, with us losing a few, but also gaining a few. Membership was introduced to cover the cost of the newsletter, and as long as we can pretty well do this, then we are happy, but at the same time would love to see more new members joining. You can do your bit here, bring along a friend if possible, and let them see for themselves how much enjoyment they could get from membership. We do have certain members who always make a donation at the time of renewing their membership, so again, our heartfelt thanks go to you. Hope to see you soon, stay organised. Mick Mason.

3 Dances in January and February 2010. Philip Randles in January. For our dance on January 23"we welcomed back our good friend Philip Randles, and as usual Philip provided a vast array of dances and tempos to suit every possible taste. It’s a well known fact that Philip has built himself a well respected name. both in this country and abroad, for his dance music ability, and taking this into account, it is not easy to be able to book him just when you like, so we are always grateful that we can get him here at Harworth each year. His popularity was obvious on the night, when you saw the great turn out we had for this dance. I would like to say thank you once again to Philip, on behalf of the organ Society and you good people who support us, and we look forward to your return next time. Andrew Nix in February. As with Philip. It is always nice to see Andrew back at Harworth, this time for a dance, with a concert on the Sunday. Andrew brought along with him, his trusty Roland Atelier electronic organ to supplement the sounds of the Christie, and what a lovely organ it is, many great sounds can be found within it. Andrew provided great dance tempos for the assembled crowd, who were very appreciative of what they were offered, and Andrew being Andrew, it was all interspersed with a little humour during the evening. Again, I would like to thank Andrew on everyone's behalf for such a lovely evening. It always gives us great pleasure here at Harworth to reflect on the success that Philip, Andrew, Joanne Naulls, and David Redfern are enjoying in the organ world, and to know that they all learnt the rudiments of the Theatre Organ on our very own ‘Christie’.

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5 The David Redfern Concert Sunday, 24" January 2010.

As you would expect, David started his concert with his signature tune ‘Gaily through the World’. Second was a March called ‘Bideford Quay’, not a march that I had heard before but very enjoyable. Next was the first selection of the afternoon, and this came from ‘Showboat’. The chosen tunes were : ‘Why do I love you, Can't help loving that man of mine, Only make believe, Bill, and Old man river’. Lovely music, beautifully played with great feeling. On now to ‘I cover the waterfront, Maple leaf rag, Goodnight Sweetheart, Here's to the next time, Love is the sweetest thing, and Cherokee’. Another march now as we joined up with the ‘633 Squadron’, there's something about military marches that make you march in time to the music, then it was ‘cavatina’, followed by ‘Exodus’. To take us to the interval David chose a selection of film music, and these were: ‘You Only live Twice, Ooby Doo, I want to be like you, from Jungle Book, King of the Swingers, Evergreen, The Trolley Song, Skyliner, and For all we Know’. Great first half and the expectation of more to come in the second half. INTERVAL To start this half, David chose a lengthy, but very enjoyable selection of music, containing many variations of tempo, this included songs such as ‘Singing the Blues, Deep Purple, I'm beginning to see the light, Bye Bye Blues, Unforgettable, Rock around the clock, Answer me, Around the World, Three coins in a fountain, Side Saddle, Mr Wonderful, When I fall in love, The story of my life, Love and marriage, I will love you all me life, Hey there, Music, Music, and Mr Sandman’. What a great selection, slow mood music, foot tapping rock music, smoochy music, whatever you were looking for, surely it was there amongst that selection.

6 Next was the evergreen ‘Mack the Knife’, and this was followed by the ‘Tuba Tune’. To show off just how versatile the ‘Christie’ is, David next gave us a ‘Prelude in Classical Style’. Getting towards the end of the afternoon now, David chose to end the show with another short selection of well loved tunes. ‘Twilight Time, Blue Tango, The Continental, Combine Harvester, Dancing in the Dark, Whispering, and just for good measure, The 12th Street rag’. Sally and Allan sum it up by saying; Great Show, I thoroughly agree, we all know about David's ability and it really showed here today, so Many Thanks David, we really are proud to have you as one of our Vice Presidents. Reported by Sally Taylor and Alan Clayton Compiled by Mick Mason. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ The Andrew Nix Concert Sunday, 28th February 2010. This concert gave us the opportunity to welcome back our other Vice president Andrew Nix, along with his Roland electronic organ. Andrew started the concert on the Christie with ‘Top Hat, White Tie and Tails, Let Yourself go, Isn't it a Lovely Day to get caught in the rain, Face the music and dance, This is the Army Mr Jones, No Business like show business, Carillon, and the Rose’. Over to the Roland now for a Beatles Medley. ‘Can't buy me love, All my loving, Yesterday, and Hey Jude’. Still using the Roland, we had ‘Sunny side of the Street, Sunny, Blue Moon, How high the Moon, One Voice, and One moment in Time’. Christie next with an Al Jolson Medley. ‘Sitting on top of the World, Pretty Baby, Caroline in the Morning, I’M looking over a four leaf Clover, Toot,Toot Tootsie, Baby Face, and China Town’. Staying on the Christie, Andrew chose music from Gershwin to take us to the interval. I always think that Gershwin's music must have been written for

7 the theatre organ, it fits so well. ‘Somebody Loves You, Lady be Good, Someone to watch over you, Summer Time, and I've got Rhythm’ were the tunes chosen. Great first half, and more to come. INTERVAL On the Christie we had the ‘March of the Cobblers’, followed by ‘On a Wonderful day like Today, Feelings, Happy Days are here Again, Crazy, I left my heart in San Francisco, Pal of my cradle days, More, Hello Dolly, and 42nd Street’. Over to the Roland now, for an Abba Medley. ‘Dancing Queen, Gimme Gimme, Mamma Mia, and Thank you for the Music’. Staying with the Roland for; ‘The Impossible Dream, Apache, Atlantis, F.B.I. The Best of Times, Somewhere, White Horse Inn, I'm getting married in the morning, and You'll never Walk Alone’. To bring the concert to a close, Andrew returned to the Christie for a selection of music including ‘Begin the Beguine, Another Opening, another Show, True Love, Anything Goes, Wish me luck as you wave me Goodbye, I'll see you in my Dreams, and Goodbye from the White Horse Inn musical’. Compiled by Sally Taylor and Alan Clayton Reported by Mick Mason. Another Great concert to close what had been a great weekend, with the dance on the Saturday night and today’s concert. Not only I am certain that you all went home happy with what had been on offer at the two sessions, the best thing for us as a society was that you came out and supported us in good numbers on both occasions, so not only would I like to say Thank you to Andrew for a great weekend, but also to you members also. We now look forward to another good weekend in March with our good friend Kevin Grunill, I hope you will be there to be part of it. Happy Listening Stay ‘Organised’. Mick.

8 It's a well known fact that our membership is getting older, so here's a little poem I came across, just for you. A Special Poem for Older Foks. A row of bottles on my shelf Caused me to analyse myself One Yellow pill I have to pop Goes to my Heart so it won't stop A little white one that I take Goes to my hands so they won't shake The Blue ones that I use a lot Tell me I'm happy when I'm not The Purple pill goes to my Brain And tells me that I have no Pain The Capsules tell me not to Wheeze Or Cough or Choke or Even Sneeze The Red ones, smallest of them all Go to my Blood so I won't fall The Orange ones, very big and bright Prevent my leg Cramps in the night Such an array of brilliant pills Helping to cure all kind of ills But what I’d really like to know Is how they all know where to go. Whatever you do, keep Breathing and coming to Concerts. Have a Love Easter See you All Soon

Harworth ‘Christie’ Organ Enthusiasts CELEBRATING 39 YEARS OF ORGAN MUSIC IN HARWORTH


INSERTED IN THIS EDITION OF GOLDEN NOTES Harworth Christie Organ Enthusiasts It is with great Sadness That we have to announce the Death of our PRESIDENT Dr. ARNOLD LOXAM On Sunday, 14th March Aged 93 Our thoughts and Condolences go out to Audrey and Keith At this very sad time in their lives. Arnold will be missed by all who knew him.

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