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Harworth 'Christie' Theatre Organ Enthusiasts Opening Concert 30th September 1973 Celebrate




The opening day concert setting 30th September 1973 Celebrating 42 Years of THEATRE ORGAN MUSIC in HARWORTH 1973 onwards


Journal of the Harworth 'Christie' Organ Enthusiasts May/June 2017 Hello everyone Time for another edition of ‘Golden Notes’ for you to enjoy, and indeed the last one of this season. Only one dance and two concerts to go before we break for the Summer, (hopefully we shall get one). During the season we have had some very good weekends, with no disappointments, but for me the last two months have really stood out in my memory. First of all was the Robert Davis dance which went very well for all our dancers, followed by the return after quite a while of Howard Beaumont on the Sunday, what a concert that was, with a bit of Les Dawson piano trickery towards the end. Then for April we saw the return of Charles Brown for the dance, again, another brilliant evening of dance tempos to suit all tastes, then on the Sunday a concert I had been eagerly awaiting with the debut of Richard Morgan, a young man just making his way on the circuit, but after a performance like that he has no need to worry about his future success. All the organists were brilliant but for me Richard stole the Gold Medal. The Diary Cards for the new season are now published and no doubt many of you collected at least one at the April Dance or Concert. If you receive your Golden Notes electronically I understand you can view yours by contacting our Membership Secretary Ann. I would like to thank our Chairman Peter for his contribution to the choice of organists, and to Scott for his work in contacting the organists and getting the programme put together.

2 It was lovely to see an increase in attendance at the Charles Brown dance, and I put this down to the hard work that our Publicity Officer Dave is doing. He is doing a great job in getting our name mentioned in publications etc. where we have not had access before. Mentioning the Publicity table that has been set up, it may be the start of the new season in September before we get the goods, but we are sourcing new things to place on this table, so can I invite you to have a good look at it. Finally, I would like to thank all out visiting organists for making the 2016/2017 season another successful year for the society, and also a GREAT BIG Thank you to all you dedicated members who turn up month after month to support us. Your commitment is really appreciated. And finally a BIG thank you to the committee, and their wives and husbands who give the committee their unerring support, plus the people who come along and do the unseen work on a Thursday to keep the hall in respectable condition.. Your support is greatly appreciated. Mick Mason

The Annual General Meeting May I remind you that the Annual General meeting of the society will be held on Sunday, 24th September, beginning at 2pm. While the Committee meets the rules regarding numbers, any help is always appreciated, and should anyone wish to join us then please notify myself as Gen. Secretary within 14 days prior to the meeting, your only commitment, other than help on a weekend, would be to attend a meeting once a month if possible, work permitting. The meeting will be followed by the first concert of the season featuring our President David Redfern. We look forward to seeing you there. The Robert Davis Dance - 25th March 2017 As already mentioned in the editorial, Robert’s return to play a dance for us was a great pleasure. As usual he brought along his trusty electronic keyboard but spent most of the night on the Christie, using the keyboard for the rhythms. The dance attracted a good turnout and I have no doubts that everyone went home happy after having a lovely evening.

3 Many thanks go to Robert for his contribution, and to everyone who supported the evening. The Howard Beaumont Concert - 26th March 2017 Howard began the concert with his sig. Tune ‘The Best of Times’ before going into ‘Hello Dolly, Put on your dancing shoes, and My Love is like a Red, Red, Rose’. Next we had the Overture from the ‘Pirates of Penzance’. Then it was ‘The March Hare’, followed by a foot tapping session attributed to George Formby, ‘Little bit of Blackpool Rock, When I’m Cleaning Windows, and When a certain Lady passes by’. Next was a lengthy selection which would take us to the interval, ‘All I ask of You, Bees are Buzzing, The Rose, Everybody’s got to Love Somebody Sometime, ‘Volare’, Sway me now, That’s Amore’, and Memories are Made of this ‘. INTERVAL To begin the second half Howard chose ‘Oxford Street’, which was followed by a selection from the musical Oklahoma, ‘Out of my Dreams, People will say we’re in love, Surrey with the Fringe on top, Oh, What a beautiful Morning’ were the tunes chosen. Next we were transported to the USA for the ‘St Louis Blues’. Time now for ‘Mood Indigo, At Last, In the Mood, and Holiday for Strings’. Taking into account the lovely music we were listening to, the afternoon was flying by and it was now time for the final selection which was a George Gershwin Selection and included :‘ Rhapsody in Blue, Somebody Loves Me, Lady be Good, The Way you wear your Hat, Summertime, Fascinating Rhythm, and I’ve Got Rhythm’. There is no doubt, that afternoon Howard really did have Rhythm, and everyone was delighted with what they had witnessed. It wasn’t quite over yet though as for an encore we had a little Sing-a-long which included towards the end the classic Les Dawson bit, where you sing along and the organist plays the wrong notes. Brilliant, which is how Alan and Sally summed it up, and indeed it was, and of course we look forward to Howard’s return, which will be for the Christmas Concert and Dance this year.

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The Charles Brown Dance - 22 April 2017 Charles has been coming to Harworth now for a good many years, so we knew that we would be in for a good nights dancing, and of course, that turned out to be the case. Since the dance I have been pleasantly surprised just how many people have contacted me to say how enjoyable it was. It was also lovely to see some new faces appear that evening, some by word of mouth, others obviously through the good work our Publicity Officer is doing, many thanks Dave. So to everyone who came that evening and to Charles himself, Many, Many Thanks, and we hope to see you all back again before too long. Obviously next month we hold our last dance of the season when we welcome back Elizabeth Harrison, so I hope to see many of you that evening. Mick The Richard Morgan Concert - 23rd April 2017 To know where to begin to describe this afternoon’s performance is very difficult. Richard has been coming up to Harworth on a Thursday morning for some considerable time now to practice on the Christie, so we knew what to expect, but I suspect that many other people didn’t, so were pleasantly surprised with what was offered that afternoon. To begin his concert, ironically he has chosen the same signature tune as Howard the month before ‘The Best of Times’ Next for any football supporters present we had ‘Match of the Day’. Then it was ‘Out of the Blue, and Somewhere over the Rainbow’. A bit of foot tapping music now with ‘Whispering, Somebody Stole my Girl, You belong to Me, Young at Heart, Too Young, Two O’clock in the Morning, and Hello Dolly’. Being a young man it wasn’t a surprise to see Richard include some more modern music, and this time it was an Abba Selection, :- ‘I Believe in Angels, Money, Money, Money, Dancing Queen, and Thank you for the Music’ were the tunes chosen. Getting close to the interval now but not before we were treated to ‘Born Free, and A Portrait of my Love’, and finishing with a brilliant version of

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‘12 Street Rag’. With Richard playing at great speed, and dancing up and down all three keyboard, with both hands, and I didn’t hear one wrong note. Absolutely outstanding. INTERVAL The great music continued in the second half with ‘The Lights of Home’, followed by ‘Knock Three Times on the Ceiling if you want Me, It’s a Wonderful day, Tie a Yellow Ribbon, Snowbird, and Save your Kisses for Me’. Next it was Waltz time, this time the tunes chosen were ‘If I Were a King, You are Everything, and Cara Mia’. Next we had the lovely ‘Long and Winding Road, and Norwegian Wood’. Time to pep it up a bit once more with a selection which included ‘When I’m 64, All My Loving, Three Coins in Fountain, Crash Bang Wallop, what a Picture, Alakasham, Magic Moments, Raindrops keep falling on my Head, and The Story of my Life’. I don’t know where the time went but it was time for Richards final selection to bring the afternoon to a close. It was another foot tapping ending to the show with’ Ma, He’s making Eyes at me, For Tonight we’ll Merry, Merry be, If you knew Susie, and Side by Side’. Knowing that I had mentioned the Les Dawson bit that Howard had done, Richard did the same thing with Side by Side’, Brilliant and Hilarious. After hearing many of the comments that have filtered back after that afternoon’s performance, I know full well that you all enjoyed it immensely, and of course Richard will be back as soon as we can fit him in. Where a young man aged 26 has achieved the musical ability that he has is astounding, and as I said when closing the concert, for some time now, after listening to him on Thursday morning, I can only compare him to the Late, Great Geoff Stephenson. He was the only other person I have ever seen come to Harworth without a note a music and put on a performance like that. Many Thanks Richard, that was an incredible afternoon.

6 Your Chairman’s Thoughts To the committee and members When I was voted in as Chairman for the society on the 29th September 2013, my aim was to see maybe some younger organists, up and coming stars of the future, keeping the mighty Theatre Organs of yesteryear going. After nearly 4 years in office I finally got my wish. It was a joy to see Richard Morgan, a young man in his twenties, come along to give a Sunday Concert for us, and what a concert it was, everybody in the audience was spellbound to say the least. What a show he put on. As mentioned earlier in this issue of Golden Notes, Richard has been coming along to Harworth, usually about once a month on Thursday mornings while we do maintenance work in the hall, that’s when we noticed what skills he had, hence a booking for him. My wishes have eventually come true. Book him again Scott, ‘DANNO’. As soon as possible. G. P. Randles. *** Many thanks Peter for your comments, I am sure they are reiterated by everyone who was there that afternoon, It was just a shame that the audience seemed to be a little down in numbers, but no doubt that will be rectified next time Richard appears. Mick


DIARY DATES Saturday, 27th May ELIZABETH HARRISON Plays for Dancing 7-30 to 11pm Tickets £5 to include Tea or Coffee Sunday, 28th May ELIZABETH HARRISON In Concert 2-30pm Sunday, 25th June MICHAEL HOLMES In Concert 2-30pm

Saturday, 23rd Sept. BILL KING AND HILARY Play for Dancing 7-30 to 11pm Tickets £5 to include Tea or Coffee. Sunday, 24th Sept. The Annual General Meeting 2pm START Followed by President DAVID REDFERN In Concert

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THE HARWORTH ORGAN ENTHUSIASTS was founded in December 1971 by Mr. S. Morris and a team of enthusiasts, to cater for people interested in the Preservation of the Mighty Theatre Organs of yesteryear, also incorporating the Modern Electronic Organs. THE AIMS OF THE SOCIETY ARE:To promote friendship through the common love of organ music, and to provide, on a regular basis, Organ Concerts and dances throughout the year, using both Theatre and Electronic Organs, and featuring the Star Organists from across the British Isles. LIST OF OFFICIALS President Vice Presidents David Redfern Andrew Nix Philip Randles John Barnett Chairman Mr.P Randles 33, Zetland Road Doncaster 01302-367513

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Golden notes may 2017 a5  

May/June 2017 edition of the Harworth Christie Organ Enthusiasts magazine

Golden notes may 2017 a5  

May/June 2017 edition of the Harworth Christie Organ Enthusiasts magazine