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- 1 – August 1977


Editor's Letter Dear Members and Friends, After a considerable amount of thought to compose this editorial letter, I put pen to paper with the hope of maintaining the high standard that Stan Morris has set for us to follow. It is no mean task, I assure you, however, I will endeavour to do the best I can to make the reading well worthwhile. It is with sincere regret that illness has befallen Stan. His Medical advisers have requested him to relinquish some of his activities and take a complete rest from anything which could cause him additional anxiety. The Chairman and Committee members wish him a speedy recovery, as I am sure do all the members of the Harworth Organ Enthusiasts and his many friends of other societies. We are a progressive Society and the show must go on, wisely the committee decided that the burden of management should be spread more evenly, hence I agreed to take over the publishing of 'Golden Notes' until the Annual General Meeting, (the date of which to be announced later) when all the offices come up for reelection. The June concert concluded the 1976/77 programme; on reflection I think we must agree that we have had a very good series of musical entertainment from our Guest Organists, the Worksop Band and Lady Soloists. Unfortunately, the Christie misbehaved for the John Mann Concert, never the less with his showmanship and skill he managed to complete the afternoon's entertainment. "Thanks a lot John, better luck next time you play for us." We hope by then the Organ will be 100%. Full marks must also go to our member Ronald Mason for the concluding programme of the season. A report of the concert is published later on in this issue. Well done, Ron Have you noticed the stage lighting improvements? During the period Ray Stocks dealt with the stage lighting, he did an excellent job, unfortunately heart trouble befell him and this necessitated a spell in hospital. We hope you are feeling much better, Ray.

- 2 –

Mick Mason stepped in to do Ray's job at short notice and a wonderful job he has done and T feel sure that with additional lighting equipment, improvement will continue. I must also mention that we now have Harry Cheadle as understudy for the lighting operations. We do appreciate your efforts. Members nights I am pleased to relate that our playing members, the young, the teenagers and the over 2l have shown remarkable improvement in playing the Christie and I feel sure that in the not too distant future we shall see some of them out on the circuit with Ron entertaining other societies. The Dance Committee have worked hard to promote a series of Dances which have become most popular and in general there are not enough tickets to fulfil the requests for them. Needless to say, we have to limit the number of tickets for safety and other reasons. We sincerely thank you for providing this extra amenity and source of income. I would also like to add our sincere thanks and gratitude to Guy and Doreen Crossley for the benefit we have received from the sale of records, which they have displayed at our meetings. I feel sure our Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and Committee members reviewing last season will come to the conclusion as I do, that the time devoted to the Society well worthwhile for on most occasions we have had a full We thank you for your continued support.

other same has been house.

I am sure you would wish me to say thanks to the committee, the ladies who provide refreshments and to anyone who has helped in any way to make the past season such a success. We commence our 1977/78 programme with a well known Broadcasting and Recording Organist, Geoff. Stevenson at the console. We hope you will all make the effort to come on August 28th; we are sure you will have an enjoyable afternoon. Sincerely, W.R. Barber. The Editor's address is:- 29 Rufford St., Worksop, S80 2UG, where all correspondence for the news letter should be forwarded.

- 3 –

MUSIC AND SONG The afternoon of Sunday 26th June was certainly a bright occasion in more ways than one. The weather was bright and so was the ensuing music, in Spite of a delayed start due to technical difficulties in the Organ, but which were soon cured by our skilled Consultant Organ builder, Mr Ted Aistrup. When Ron appeared playing his signature tune "Happy Street' one could not fail to notice that this breezy little tune succeeded in portraying his pleasant personality and rhythmic style of playing. Ron's opening march "Down the Mall", a favourite of mine, was executed in a very bright, crisp and military manner, the tuba being put to good use in this piece. We were then treated to a selection from the Rodgers and Hammerstein musical "South Pacific". In spite of its very up tempo nature, it was still played with considerable feeling, particularly that beautiful tune "This nearly was mine". In complete contrast to the previous selection Ron played the "Shepherd's Hey" and "Sheep may safely graze". We were told that Hey means a Morris Dance, thus proving the fact that one can be educated and still enjoy oneself. Through a fine classical training Ron was able to produce some wonderful classical organ registrations which enhanced these well played pieces. Next on the programme came the beautiful Jimmy Kennedy tune "South of the Border" and played as a serenade with just a hint of a Tango rhythm rather than the usual beguine tempo. This was followed by a fine arrangement of "Granada". It was then time for Elizabeth Wilson to make her entry on to the stage. She commenced her programme with the delightful "Don't be Cross". Then followed the "Laughing Song" from Die Fledermaus, which the experts tell me is a very difficult song to sing at the best of times, but in spite of her cold, Elizabeth executed the difficult scale passages with apparent ease and received well earned applause - Elizabeth concluded her first spot with a firm favourite of the Harworth enthusiasts, "The Holy City" which was very much appreciated by the audience. Ron then took the stage once more and played the Debroy Sommers arrangement of the Savoy Orpheans Savoy elsh Medley which included naturally, such tunes as "Men of Harlech".

- 4 –

Then followed Heykins Second Serenade, a pleasant change from Heykins famous Standchen Serenade and was of course played very lightly, with the orchestral bells much in evidence. As a point of interest, this tune was originally written as a violin solo for Alfredo Campoli the celebrated Violin Virtuoso. Ron concluded the first half of the programme with "Salute to Patriotism" which was his tribute to the armed forces in this Jubilee Year and included such tunes as The Dambusters March and Rule Britannia. The second half of the concert opened with "a touch of the Princess Anne's". Ron played the Radetzky March and informed us that the Viennese, from whence this piece first appeared, like it played much slower than we ourselves play it, so the maestro obliged. Next came a selection from Irving Berlin's musical "Annie Get Your Gun" which I suspect is a favourite of Ron's since it was played with a certain something. Like all good Cinema Organ concerts, we then had request time; here our organist did his best to please everyone by playing as many requests as possible. These included Rasbachs "Trees" (the signature tune of Nelson Elms) "You'll Never Know", "Diane" and "Dream of Olwen". The audience as then reintroduced to Elizabeth Wilson, who for her first number sang 'Sing Joyous Bird". This was followed by the very old and beautiful tune "Songs my other taught me". Unfortunately, it was time for our delightful singer to sign off and she did this this with the Lerner/Lowe tune "I could have danced all night". The programme continued with Ron's own composition which he called the "St George's Day Parade" this revealed shades of Cecil Chadwick's Military Church Parade. However, Ron's arrangement depicted the Scouts and Boy's Brigade marching to the church, the entry into church, the service, the collecting of the flags from the altar and finally the marching away into the distance to the fine hymn tune "Onward Christian Soldiers". This item was rapturously received by the audience. Well done, Ron. Staying with Church music Ron displayed his dextrous talents as a Church organist by playing a selection of his favourite hymn tunes. These were 'Softly and tenderly Jesus is calling' 'The Old Rugged. Cross', 'Love Divine all loves

- 5 –

excelling' and 'Guide me O thou Great Jehovah'. It is interesting to note that the Christie is well able to produce such nice church type sounds. Our afternoon's entertainment was brought to a close with an exciting selection called Princess Maritza from "Caravan". Ron told us that this depicted Gypsies dancing around a camp fire. A suitable close to this veritable feast of music. It only remained for Ron to sign off with his signature tune, which he told me later he had composed himself some years ago. To both Ron and Elizabeth, our two artists of "Music and Song" I say well done and thank you for an excellent concert. May I say that this concert has proved beyond the shadow of a doubt that we have undeniable talent in our camp. Chris. Barber ___________________ St Ann's Hotel, Buxton An invitation from Molly Forbes, who is Organising another of her "Organ Lovers' Gala Weekends". These are becoming increasingly popular. Details as follows:Friday, October 21st 1977 -

Sherry Reception at 6.30 p.m. Dinner, 7.00 p.m. Concert, 8.00 p.m. ENA BAGA, B.B.C. organist & pianist, also recording star.

Saturday, October 22nd 1977 - Lowery Organ demonstration, 10.30 a.m. featuring return visit of MIKE BROWN Luncheon 1.00 p.m. Organ demonstration continues until 5.30 p.m. Dinner 7.00 p.m. Concert @ 8.00 p.m. ERIC LORD, B.B.C., recording star etc. Sunday October 23rd 1977 -

11.30 a.m. MOLLY FORBES 1.00p p.m. Luncheon 2.30 p.m. Concert, ROBBIE CLEAVER, BBC organist & pianist, recording star etc.

- 6 –

The Weekend will cost £23.00 plus VAT and service charge, and will include all meals and accommodation and admission to concerts from Friday evening until after tea on Sunday. Excellent choice of dishes on the menus Bars and lounges at disposal of guests Enquiries to:Miss Joyce Critchlow, Secretary, St Ann's Hotel, Buxton, Derbyshire. ___________________ Harworth Organ Enthusiasts - Chairman's Remarks It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the first in our sixth series of concerts. Before we discuss the outlook for 1977/78, we must look back to the last year's progress. Materially this was most successful, though we did have problems with the organ. It's performance began to fall, and in the end work scheduled to be carried out during the summer break had to be done during early April. Unfortunately poor John (Mann) found the organ at its worst, but what an afternoon's entertainment he gave us! Could anyone else have done as well under the circumstances with all respect to other organ greats, I doubt it. A week's intensive work by Ted and Wilf (Barber) put matters right. During the season, organists who played to capacity crowds included Ernest Broadbent, Arnold Loxam and Brian Sharp. Newcomers to Harworth, Norman Scott and Peter Jebson were a huge success, whilst regulars Robin Richmond (who got us off to a terrific start to the season), David Hamilton, Doreen Chadwick and Charles McNicol all played their part in making the season a success by demonstrating why they are so popular at Harworth. Our own member Ron Mason ably assisted by Elizabeth Wilson rounded off the season showing that they could hold their own with the company presented throughout the year, whilst Miss Joan Owen and Worksop Town Band helped us to vary the programme for your entertainment. A most excellent year. First the Annual General Meeting will be held on a members' night when we can have the main hall. At the time of writing the date has not been fixed but could be in either this or next month’s edition of Golden Notes. I want as many as possible to attend to elect the officers and give us your views on the development of the Society.

- 7 –

The Committee will consist of twelve people including the following officers, the positions held below being retained until the A.G.M.: Chairman: Treasurer: General Secretary: Editor (Golden Notes): Secretary Concert: " Social: " Membership: Publicity Officers

Myself, S. Warner Mr A. Peat Mr G. Morris Mr W. Barber Mr M. Mason, Mr G. Morris Mr M. Mason Mr R. Morley Mr A. Kilner

By these means, we hope to involve more of the committee more deeply and get a greater influx of ideas. We shall endeavour to keep our admission prices as low as we can because we realise that many people travel a fair distance to visit us and we all know transport costs these days. The usual buffet dances and the Annual Dinner Dance will be held to provide funds for organ maintenance and improvement. Socially, the five Buffet Dances and the Annual Dinner Dance were huge successes, thanks to Mr Mason and his subcommittee for the organisation. The fact that Brian Sharp played two dances proves his outstanding ability to draw record crowds, not only to concerts, but also to social events. Wasn't the Brian Sharp weekend out of this world? Unfortunately, last year was most unfortunate in other ways, we tragically lost a founder member right on the eve of the Dinner Dance, a person that no Society, however strong, however powerful can ever replace. It is often said that no person is indispensable but if ever any one came nearer to being that, I have yet to meet them. Ken was in at the beginning - the first day we stripped the organ - and working on it the day he left us. How can one hope to replace a person like that? Ill-health has also struck two other founder members - Ray (Stocks) has been in and out of hospital all season and had to give up his work on the lights. Stan, as you all know, has had to give up his many duties due to ill-health. We shall shoulder, on, hoping that the latter two will soon feel well enough to return to us, probably later this year. This brings us to l977/78 and its prospects. The Organisation has grown from a small band of enthusiasts to a

- 8 –

Society of over 300 people which means a lot more work. We have tended to run with a few people making all the decisions and doing all the work, but the time has come to put the organisation on a more permanent footing with more people playing a part and more people being involved in the planning for the future. For this season we have booked a good few new faces - not too many, I hope. I trust our old favourites will understand, as we shall look forward to seeing them again very soon. Two buffet dances have been fixed, featuring the New Dukeries Dance Band and the Brian French Trio. We are also trying to arrange some mid-week Electronic Organ Concerts, probably including some dancing. All is set, I trust, for another outstanding season. None of this is possible without your support. Please come along and make everything a success. Give us your ideas and let us try and make this season the best yet Stuart Warrior, Chairman. ___________________ Tickhill & District Music Society A public meeting was held on 19th May 1977 and a decision was reached to form the above Society with 10 members forming a Caretaker Committee. A great deal of background work has already been done, as I note from their first Newsletter, and they intend to cater for a wide variety of musical interests, i.e., classical, romantic music, folk, choral, guitar, organ, opera, operetta, mediaeval and modern, and many others should be presented from time to time. The opening night is to be Thursday September 15th (Place and time not quoted), but bills will be posted on the noticeboard outside the library. I understand a small amount of society business will be dealt with, followed by some live musical entertainment. We of the Harworth Organ Enthusiasts wish you all the success with this venture. We will include your notices in our diary dates. The Membership Secretary is Mrs Dorothy Colcutt, Don. 742140,

GEOFF STEPHENSON Born in Bradford, Geoff started his musical education at the early age of four years, with lessons on the piano. At the age of seven he had started to play the organ at St Phillips Church Bradford. With such a love for music, it was not long before he took an interest in the theatre organ. It was a straight organ in the ELITE CINEMA that he first played from this he decided to cater for both straight and light organ music. Like many other organists he was drawn to the mighty Wurlitzer, and it was at the Gaumont Cinema, Bradford, with its fine Wurlitzer that became his favourite instrument, one which Geoff broadcast on BBC radio many times. On moving to Rotherham the Conacher pipe Organ in the Odeon Theatre, (now known as the SCALA) being silent for so long became a challenge to Geoff. With permission from the Management of the cinema he started to renovate this fine Organ (the only Conacher theatre organ left in any cinema in this country). With dedicated work it was not long before it was playable once more, and has been broadcast by him many times, on such programmes as 'The Organist Entertains' BBC Radio 2 at 7.30 p.m. On Tuesday evenings, The Sam Costa Show and on BBC Radio Sheffield. At the present time Geoff plays at the Rotherham Companions Club; he has been organist at St Paul's Church and St Thomas Church, Rotherham. Geoff is a keen organ enthusiast, he is ever willing to give advice on organ matters when requested. He has played for members of the Cinema Organ Society, The Theatre Organ Club, many times on pipe organs all over the country. Organ Societies from one end of the Country to the other make a great demand of his time for both pipe and electronic organ concerts. We give Geoff a very warm welcome to Harworth. He is a great favourite of the Harworth Organ Enthusiasts, and I am sure that he will make many more new friends this afternoon. To you Geoff 'Welcome' may your afternoon with us be a happy one. S.M. * * * * * *


Blaze Away


T.V. Themes

Onedin Line Black Beauty The Muppets


Selection from Showboat

Make Believe Bill Can't help loving that man Why do I love you Ol' Man River


Elmers Tune.


Frasquita Serenade


Overture "Orpheus in the Underworld"

Japanese Sandman


Request items


South of the Border Mexican Hat Dance Brazil La Golandrina South American Joe Don't Cry for me Argentina El Cumbanchero


Bye Bye Blues Chanson d'Amour


R.A.F. March Past

11. The Storm A word from our Chairman - Stuart Warrior THE NATIONAL ANTHEM * * * * * * *

DATES FOR YOUR DIARY Leisure Time Gomersal, August l3th - Robin Richmond @ 7.00 p.m. " 20th - Doreen Chadwick @ 7.00 p.m. " 27th - Ben Willis @ 7 00 p.m. September 3rd - Charles Randolph @ 7.00 p.m. " 10th - Louis Mordish @ 7.00 p.m. " 17th - David Lowe & Gordon Scott - 7pm " 24th - Frieda Hall @ 7.00 p.m. _____________ Dance - Friday August 26th, 9 p.m. - 1 a.m. with mini buffet. Music provided by Brian Sharp. Dress - Casual. Tickets, prices ÂŁ1.00 from Dance Sec: M. Mason, 35 King Edward Road, Tickhill, Nr Doncaster DNll 9NU, or your usual contact _____________ Notts. O.S. present Robin Richmond at the Hammond Organ at the Carlton Forum Concert Hall, Coningsworth Rd. Carlton, Nottingham, on the 5th September. _____________ Sheffield Theatre Organ Enthusiasts present Willian Davis at the City School, Stradbroke Road, Sheffield l3 @ 2.30pm. On September 17th Saturday September l7th, Buffet Dance, 8.00 p.m. to Midnight. Dancing to the New Dukeries Dance Band. Tickets obtainable from M Mason or your usual contact. _____________ September 4th East Anglian Organ Safari We shall visit the undermentioned places to see Mr Jim Crampton's 2/5 Wurlitzer at Oxnead Mill Nr. Norwich, Mr J. G. Crampton's 3/6 Christie at Aylesham Water Mill and Mr G. Cushing's farmstead where he has devoted one entire building to showing of his work, i.e. preservation of the ex Leeds 3/19 Wurlitzer (sister to the Kitchen Bros. Diss Organ) also fairground organs restored to playing condition. Showman's Traction Engines and various types of haulage and farm use tractions. There is also a fine example of a Savage Centre Steam Engine as used on roundabouts in days gone by. Might I add that George Cushing does have collection boxes and he devotes the proceeds to Cancer Research, a very worthwhile cause to support. Ed.

- 9 –

or failing that, I am sure if you wrote to Dr M. Redfern, 9 Lumley Drive, Tickhill , Nr. Doncaster DN11 9QD, Tel . 0302 742830. He would gladly let you have further details. I am sure this new society is worthy of your support. Ed. Record News as Supplied by Doreen Crossley New Records 1.

Henry Croudson, "A Paramount Performance" from L.T.O.T. - this is a marvellous record, a real collector's item.


Ena Baga, Plays Richard Rogers (Odeon Leicester Square)


David Hamilton, "Cinema Organ Encores", (Wurlitzer), of San Gabriel Auditorium, Hollywood, U.S.A." - this is a very good record with a big lush sound.


Ernest Broadbent, Blackpool Favourites, - this is considered to be Ernest's best record to date.


There are three further records made by David Hamilton, one entitled "Amazing Grace", made in Germany on the Conn Martinique. It is released over there but in German only. Sleeves etc. have been ordered in English and are awaiting delivery before they can be sold on the British Market. He has also made one on the Conn 65l Theatre Organ and the last one is on the Doric U.S.A. label with him at the console of the Compton at the Odeon Leicester Square. No titles have, as yet, been given for the last two. Doreen tells me she hopes to have them by the August Concert, if not available then, we shall have something to look forward to in the future. Of course, there is always a good selection of records on sale, and the Society benefits when you make purchases. _____________

- 10 –

Midland Pioneer Cinema Organist - Reminisces and Celebrates 5l Years of The Golden Era of the Cinema Organ on The Famous and Renowned First Wurlitzer Cinema Organ. Installed - The Picture House Walsall 1925. 1925 - 1976 by Cyril George Meadows. Foreword I have been asked to write about my Cinema organ career, and how I became an organist, and how it all began and why and the work it entailed. Through the great interest and kindness shown in to me, by our worthy and First Class Editor, of our Journal "Golden Notes", I have decided to write it specifically for Stan Morris and my friends Harworth Organ Enthusiasts. I trust, Stan and my readers fill find it interesting and bring happy memories of my Generation and that our young Generation will know we enjoyed our Golden Years of the Cinema Organ Era, now so sadly gone from our Cinemas of Today. What a tragic ending, but we pioneers have and hold treasured and priceless memories. If any of my readers would like to write, I'd be very happy to receive, so here's wishing you all a very happy and interesting reading of my Reminiscing of my career, which I celebrate this year "5l Golden Years". Part 1 "The Birth of Music" I was one of a family of five, me being the youngest. Three sisters, and one brother. There was only two of us endowed with the wonderful and lovely gift of music. My late elder sister Olive, who was a Concert Pianist, and very brilliant and accomplished pianist, and from the tender age of six, I followed her wonderful career and her captivating music and playing and fascinated by her fingers swift yet graceful. I would be listening and watching her on the side of the stage watching her every movement and my fingers going through the actions. Then one evening on the way home, I said "Olive, dear, I want to be a concert pianist". This made Olive very happy, and I received a special loving hug and kiss. I still remember and picture those wonderful Concerts, and the wonderful audiences she had and many admirers and bouquets of lovely flowers.

- 11 –

That same evening on arriving back home, Olive and I lent to our grand piano, and so started my career. Being so inspired and young I expected success. How wrong I was. It took me four years to accomplish it, and it was indeed very long and hard work. Nine hours a day, seven days a week, and demanding concentration. However, after another two years studying under a professor of music, this was more demanding, but I passed my music examinations, and so started A Sister and Brother Duets and Solo Concerts, which Olive and I enjoyed and had wonderful audiences, who enjoyed our Concerts. Olive was very proud of me, as I was of her. What happy years we had together and I often relive those golden memories. Then one evening in 1925, we went to our local Cinema, and there was the First Wurlitzer Cinema Organ installed in this Country and I was so fascinated by its wonderful colour tones, and different sound effects that I said to Olive "Isn't this wonderful this is my haven of music", and I said "Olive, I want to be an organist". In my happiness I did not notice my sister's sadness, as it was thought that I would keep our motto of Concert Pianists. It was not until after our meeting the organist, the late Wilfred Gregory, a very brilliant and accomplished organist and also pianist, that I became an organist and my sister knew my heart was in the organ. I believe I regained her love and affection, by saying I would ALWAYS play the grand piano part, in my recitals. This made Olive very happy because she knew I still loved the piano. So we began many Duets together; Olive on the grand piano and me on the organ; they were so successful. So that is how and why I became a Cinema organist; yet still was also a Concert Pianist.

- 12 –

Part 2 As I said in part 1, I found the piano very hard and demanding great concentration. I soon found out the organ as more demanding in concentration. Whereas on piano you have only one keyboard, and two pedals, on the organ you have 2, 3 and 4 keyboards and 32 pedals, 60 or more speaking stops and effects pistons and cancelling stops, which you had to arrange to suit the different passages sf music, and it took me two years to master. I could not have had a more wonderful and devoted teacher than Wilf, and through our music association we became very good and devoted friends, and we had over thirty wonderful years together, and with my late dear sister Olive, we played many concerts and I became his assistant. We organists also had other duties besides just playing the organ. We had to write in duplicate forms, which were the music rights, we had to put the composer's name, and after we played it, how long it was and if it was in a recital or if it was advertising next week's films, and then we also made our own colour slides. This was very interesting and it added to the beauty of the music, describing it more fully. Then we had a role of relief organist; who was playing other Cinema organs in the area, so as to give an organist a night off. This was also very interesting as the Organ would be a different make to our own; mine being Wurlitzer and our colleagues would be Christie, Conacher, Compton and were straight. It gave us more interest and also it was an advantage, learning, and there are no two organs alike. What happy years, now sadly gone, and the Cinema have lost their Pride of live music. I would like my readers to picture with me, the house lights dimming and the spot light would focus on the orchestra pit and there slowly rising, the organ, and the organist would be playing his signature tune. Mine was and still is that lovely piece of music, Lemare's Andantino, now known as the popular "Moonlight and Roses". Many people do not realise that it is really a piece of Church music. It was thrilling; the splendour of it all, and how our packed audiences enjoyed our recitals. Some of the organs would have coloured changing lights around the consoles - This was

- 13 –

the beginning of the end of the Cinema organs in some ways. First the War broke out, and Cinemas closed for a while. Organists were called up; those who were not, lost their jobs, as the talkies came, and after the war, the Cinema owners and some managers, were not interested in their lovely organs, and they were sold some just rotted away. What a tragic ending to our Romantic Organ Music, after we pioneers, devoted and dedicated our lives to. Perhaps my readers will ask how many years I was with my great love, the organ. Of course, my great love is still my ex Princess Wurlitzer, from the Picture House, Walsall. I started in l925, and spent l5 wonderful years on this very lovely Wurlitzer. 1940 I was called up in the Army for 5 years. Then I returned for another l0 years, then had to retire for 5 years due to fighting over Arthritis in my fingers, but my great love was stronger and the wonderful help and inspiration given to line by my organist friends. I was rewarded two years ago after 37 years, being reunited with my ex "Princess" Wurlitzer, words cannot express the happiness being at the console only the music. In 1975 I had the honour and pleasure of playing the lovely Compton in the Odeon, Leicester Square, London, on my 50th year of association of the Cinema Organ Era. This organ is known so affectionately as 'The Dutchess' and a lovely organ to play 5 manuals. Then in June this year I was invited and given the honour of playing another famous Wurlitzer, and was the Second One installed in this Country, 12th June, l925 at The New Gallery, Regent Street, London. This was a Double Event and most memorable, as we both celebrated 5l Golden Years. Thursday, 7th October, 1976 is another and my finest achievement. On celebrating another birthday, my first public Cinema engagement 7th October, 1925, so great an occasion in celebrating my 51st year on your lovely and wonderful Christie Organ, gave me great happiness, completes and sadly to say, is my final Good Bye. I could not have wished or desired a more fitting and wonderful ending to my 5l years as organist. It is my desire that I say a Special Thank You to our devoted Editor/Secretary, Stan Morris and our Committee, who honoured me by their great kindness in inviting me to play your

- 14 –

lovely Christie, which I enjoyed very much, and hoping my readers, who heard me playing my special music of Dedication, to your Christie and you wonderful Enthusiasts. So hoping my reminiscing gives you great interest, and of my Sincere and great admiration of your own achievement. Wishing you all very many Happy Years of music of your lovely Christie. Sincerely Yours, Cyril George Meadows _____________ NEWS ITEMS Congratulations to our Vice President Reg Simpkins and his wife Nellie, who celebrate their Ruby Wedding On August 5th. To mark this occasion many of their friends were assembled on Saturday, August 6th at the Miners' Welfare Hall, Harworth. My I, on behalf of the members of the Harworth Organ Enthusiasts, wish you Reg and Nellie continued health and happiness. Ed. _____________ Thanks are extended to Mrs. Peat for her floral arrangements on the stage at our last concert, 'Very nice indeed'. I understand this will be a regular feature of Stage Dressing. Ed. _____________ Ernest Broadbent, I am told that Ernest is indisposed and is waiting to go into hospital let us hope it is not serious and that his health will soon be restored. We of the Harworth Organ Enthusiasts wish you a speedy recovery Ernest. Ed.

- 15 –

November 22nd. Tuesday evening, time and place to be announced later, the Organ Society will present Brian Sharp on the Electronic, I understand it will be in two parts. Concert, and to close the evening with dancing. Ed. _____________ Our young member Philip Randall fell from a swing and broke both bones in his right arm, which necessitated him going into the operating theatre to have them set (in the early hours of the morning). Some Mothers do have them. I understand he is making good progress. We hope that it will not be long before he is back practicing and playing his Compton Melotone. We are very pleased that he has continued his studies whilst incapacitated by starting to study Harmony and Counterpoint. Ed. _____________ NEW MEMBERS Mem/No. 2l3/238 Mr. & Mrs. W. Warren, 5 West Carr Road, Retford. " " 275/ Mrs. R.J. Blackwell, l Wessex Road, Prospect Hill, Worksop. " " 267 Miss B.J. Smith, ll Church Balk, Edenthorpe, Doncaster.

A cordial welcome is extended to our new members who have joined Harworth Organ Enthusiasts since the last publication. We Sincerely hope you will enjoy your membership. Ed. _____________ Scala Cinema Rotherham On Sunday, July 30th our compatriots at Rotherham presented Louis Mordish a renowned organist at the Console of the last remaining Conacher in existence in a cinema. Those of us who attended thoroughly enjoyed a very good afternoon's entertainment. The applause that was given to Louis spoke for itself.

- 16 –

I had a word with the Chairman George Emblow, who told me the costs involved in staging the Concert were very high, the expenses included the hire of the Cinema, Organist fees, printing and so forth. Therefore, a large audience was essential to break even let alone show a profit, with which to maintain the Organ. For those of you who have not yet been to the Scala Cinema I would strongly recommend a visit. For a slight increase in price one is able to sit in comfortable seats and listen to the glorious sounds of a Cinema Organ in its natural environment and this cannot fail to bring back many happy memories of yester year. Regular Support would ensure that this remarkable and unique instrument is preserved in playing condition. Ed. _____________ Free Trade Hall. Manchester On Sunday, September 11th, at 2.30p.m. the L.T.O.T. have invited William Davis and Ernest Broadbent to open the Queen Wurlitzer. After spending many months renovating and reinstalling this magnificent Theatre Organ. I am sure you will agree that credit must be given to the L.T.O.T. and those who have , worked on this venture to preserve this instrument and prevent it from leaving our shores. Please show your appreciation by attending this opening concert if it is humanly possible. Ed. _____________ Amendment to diary date Due to cancellation of the Organist on Easter Sunday, Norman Scott, at his request due to an outstanding commitment which occurs every year - the dates unfortunately clash. However, the show goes on. We have been fortunate to secure the services of another talented organist, Mike Hawsley who is well known as Theatre and Church Organist, also as a teacher of music. Those of you who have already entered these dates in your diary please amend to read Mike Hawsley in place of Norman Scott. _____________ Printed by Doreen Long Duplicating Service, Doncaster.

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