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Beast and the Beauty By: Georgia Martindale and Brady Russell B4

Once upon a time in a mystical far off land, a beautiful girl lived. All the other women in the town envied her. She loved the attention. The beauty would happily skip through the streets everyday, trying to attract the eyes of her many male admirers. The beauty’s name was Belle. Belle was not the friendliest person, making enemies with a majority of the ladies in the town.

One fateful day, as Belle was prancing throughout the town, she noticed three of the local girls giggling at her. Overcome with self consciousness, she pulled out one of her many pocket mirrors. To her disgust she saw a large, red pimple right on the tip of her nose. As Belle’s entire world crumbled in front of her, she broke into tears. The girls were laughing even harder now. Belle had no idea what to do, so she fled into the nearest forest.

As Belle entered the forest, the skies began to gray. Large raindrops started falling from above. She started to run, slow at first. The rain began dropping to the ground faster and thunder was booming above her head. Before Belle even knew what was happening, she was in a full out sprint. She didn’t know where she was heading, all she knew is that it was absolutely necessary for her to keep running.

Though it was dark, she could see a large building in the distance. As she got closer she could clearly make out a castle. She had no idea where she was now, so she continued towards it. The castle was made of dark gray stone, had a huge wooden drawbridge and a deep blue moat. *Crack* The drawbridge slammed to the ground as lightning struck the tower on the castle.

Finally she was out of the rain. It had absolutely ruined her hair and her makeup was running. The castle was dark, only lit by candle light. The first room was extravagant. There was a chandelier, paintings adorned the walls, and beautiful rugs lined the floors. Perhaps this wasn’t so bad after all. Suddenly the middle of the room lit up, and she saw something standing there. She screamed as loud as she could but the figure didn’t even flinch. He looked like a large man, but much hairier.

He spoke, “Do not be afraid. I was cursed many years ago. Back then I was gorgeous with long flowing locks down my back. Then the dark days came. A witch turned me into this hideous beast. No one has so much as looked at me in years. They call me a monster.” He had long yellow claws with big bloodshot eyes. His matted fur smelt like stale crackers. Still, if he was telling the truth, that would mean he would have large sums of money. An opportunity like this didn’t come around very often to a small town girl like herself.

“Oh, how awful!” she said without a hint of sincerity. “How could nobody see past your… rough… appearance? You are certainly a fantastic person on the inside!”. She grabbed his hands and twirled around. Her plan was working perfectly. They danced on the ballroom floor for hours. When it became late, Belle leaned in for a kiss. The moment their lips touched she felt magical.

All of a sudden, she started changing. A sparkling gold light came from above and started covering her entire body. She felt herself suddenly grow at least a foot. Thick, greasy fluff started sprouting out of her skin. Big fangs pushed their way into her mouth. “What’s happening?” Belle asked out loud. “Now you are going to become as ugly as your personality,” he laughed, “And finally this curse will be relieved from me!”

“Nooooooo!” shrieked Belle. Without her gorgeous looks she had nothing! The beast was slowly transforming as well. His thick, tangled hair fell off, his fangs receded and his claws retracted. The rumors were right, he was a very handsome prince. If only Belle wasn’t turning into a disgusting creature, perhaps they could be together. After the transformation is complete, Belle laid in the corner and cried. The dashing prince has his guards remove her from the premises. She spent the rest of her life living in the forest, scaring children.

Beast and the beauty  
Beast and the beauty