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ENCLAVE| I NEXI STENT CONTEXT| CLUSTER The proj ectst art sf rom t he i sol at ed si t e,wi t h an ext ensi ve si ze i nt he overal lpi ct ure oft he ci t y.Thus,t he mast erpl an approach begi ns f rom est abl i shi ng some bi -di rect i onalgui del i nes ( t he axi s and t he gri d,on whi ch t he f oundat i on oft he new ci t y wi l lbe bui l t .Bot h axi s cardo and decumanos become di rect i onalgenerat ors,t he f i rstst ep i nt he si t e.On t he i nt ersect i on poi nt , t he spotofmaxi mum t ensi on and i mport ance wi l lbe t he Phi l harmoni c,enhanced by t he pri vi l ege pl ace,buti nt he same t i me,i nt egrat ed i nt he new mi crocl i mat e.On t he ot herhand,t he gri d creat es t he scape,al l ows organi zi ng archi t ect uralobj ect si nt he pl an and gi ves reason t o negat i ve-posi t i ve rel at i on.Si mpl e butpowerf ul ,i twi l lbe ext ruded and t ransf ormed i nt ot he new ci t y wi t hi nt he ci t y.

THE CONCERT HALL Second partoft he proj ect ,af t ert he si t e anal ysi s,was aboutt he archi t ect uralobj ect ,t he Phi l harmoni c.I n a cont extwi t houta cont ext .The gri d and t he t wo axes are becomi ng t ool s ofmedi at i ng t he urban space,whi l e creat i ng a powerf ulcent ert hati tcan’ tbe deni ed anymore/Thus,t he cent ercannotbe i gnored,noroccupi ed i nt hi s way,t he const ructwi l lbe easi l y shi f t ed t ot he back,l eavi ng t he cent erempt y,desi gned f ort he courtofhonor . Si mpl e and mi ni mal i st i c archi t ect uralobj ect ,t he const ruct i on present st hree mai n boxes, di vi ded by t wo st ri pes ofgl ass,t hatare gi vi ng a cl ue and t ransparency ofwhathappens i nsi de.Thus,t he mai nf acade i s based on si mpl el i nes,cl eararchi t ect uralgest ures t hati s an honestrepresent at i on oft he f unct i ons i nsi de.Anot heri mport antaspectoft he proj ecti s t he ent rance i nt he bui l di ng t hati s made att he f i rstunderground l evel ,on one oft he mai n st reet s,whi ch sl owl y descends f rom t he boul evard t i l lt he ent rance. Keepi ng a si mpl e and al mostbrut all ook on t he ext eri or ,t he st ruct ure t ends t o creat ea spect acl e on t he i nt eri or .Theref ore,t he mi ddl e box i st he mostvi vantone,where t he publ i c act i vi t i es are t al ki ng part ,i n a greenhouse envi ronment ,f ul lofpl at f orms and bri dges, whi ch notonl yt hey provi de di rectaccess t o di f f erentpart s oft he bui l di ng,butal so t hey creat e a dynami c at mosphere. W hi l ei nt he ri ghtart i cul at i on,t here are f unct i ons l i ke admi ni st rat i ve cl asses,rest aurantor l i brary,i nt he l ef tone,i s al laboutconcerthal l s,f rom t he mosti mport antt ot he repet i t i on ones and t o al lt he spaces t hatare needed f ort he l obby off ort he art i st s.The spaces i nsi de t he t hree mai n shel l s are desi gned as smal l eri ndependentboxes,whi ch permi tt he opport uni t y off ree movementaround.On t he t op oft he bui l di ng,t he l astf l oorabove t he hal li s a bi gl arge green t errace,wi t h onl y one gl ass box,where t he vi si t ors can t ake a break oreve renti tf oropen ai r ,butprot ect ed represent at i ons.The l i ghti nt he bui l di ng i s t he provi ded by t he gl ass st ri pes,whi ch t oget herwi t ht he bi gi nsi de openi ngs are bri ngi ng nat urall i ghti n bot h si des and al so by t he di verse si zes wi ndows,creat i ng a l i vel y scene of l i ghti nsi de. To concl ude,t he proj ectmai ni dea i st o bui l d a st ruct ure t hatcreat es curi osi t yf rom out si de and drama i nsi de,a di screetbui l di ng whi ch i mport ance i s gi ven by t he smal ldet ai l s as t he empl acement ,t he access ort he st rai ghtl i nes ofexposed concret ei nt errupt ed by t he l i ght ened gl ass ones.

FROM MATACHE HALLTO HARDEN MATACHE MATACHE HALL| URBANI ZATI ON MUTI LATI ON| VAGUE| PROXI MI TY| LANDMARK| PREVI OUS GARDEN MTTATACHE Mat ache Hal lMarketwas an i mport anthi st ori calmonumentf rom t he cent ralBucharest ,a symboloft he urban t i ssue,who used t o generat et he surroundi ng area.I n a process off asturbani zat i on, whi l e bui l di ng t he new boul evard Buzest i -Berzei ,severalarchi t ect uralmonument s were dest royed,i ncl udi ng Mat ache Hal l .Si nce t hen,t he urban di st ri ctremai ns empt y,chaot i c whi l et he Boul evard i s f ract ured i n a 3 mai n part s:t he nort h,wi t h very hi gh of f i ce bui l di ngs,t he sout ht hatst i l ll ooks l i ke a communi t y nei ghborhood,cl osert ot he human scal e and t he cent er ,whi ch used t o be occupi ed by t he Hal l ,now becomi ng whati s cal l ed a resi dualspace.