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What’s Inside GMA Kapuso Magazine April 2012 Issue


‘The Road’ to Hollywood: History in the making for Philippine movies


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GMA Network Chairman and CEO cited as ROTC Outstanding Graduate Awardee


Manny Pacquiao conducts Bible sharing in GMA-7



Iligan City expresses gratitude to GMA Network


It’s Earth Hour 24/7 At the Kapuso Network

GMA Network hits P13.083 billion consolidated revenues in 2011 GMA Network marks another win in nationwide ratings in March

GMA Kapuso Magazine (Electronic) is a monthly GMA keeps tightpublication of GMA Network, Inc. published by the Corporate Affairs Division, 16th Floor, GMA Network Center, grip on nationwide EDSA cor. Timog, Ave., Diliman, Q.C. Trunkline No. (632) 982-7777.

TV ratings lead



GMA Network Chairman and CEO cited as ROTC Outstanding Graduate in his chosen field of endeavor,

GMA Network Chairman and

earning extraordinary distinction

CEO Atty. Felipe L. Gozon

for the Reserve Officers’ Training

was cited as one of the 100

Corps and to the nation as a whole.”

Outstanding Graduates of the Reserve Officers’ Training

The awards night coincided with the

Corps (ROTC) by the Armed

Centennial Anniversary of the ROTC.

Forces of the Philippines (AFP) at the “Gabi ng Parangal” held

GMA Consultant

recently at the Camp General

for Corporate

Emilio Aguinaldo in Quezon City.

Communications Butch S. Raquel received the

Gozon was cited for “his dedicated

plaque of recognition on

service and exceptional achievements

behalf of Atty. Felipe L. Gozon

Manny Pacquiao conducts Bible sharing in GMA-7 World boxing champion and Sarangani representative Manny Pacquiao conducted a bible sharing in his home

popularity to spread the word of God and encourage more people to strengthen their relationship with

network, GMA-7, on March 27,

the Lord. Pacquiao


added that he will use

The Manny Many Prizes host

an example.

spoke words of faith, hope and encouragement to Kapuso employees and executives led by GMA Chairman

his own experiences as

Pacquiao certainly made an impact on

and CEO Atty. Felipe L. Gozon.

those who attended

Pacquiao was a picture of a changed

giving them another

man as he cited how reading the Bible and living according to its teachings

the bible talk after reason to be inspired by the boxing icon.

Manny Pacquiao

gave him a new perspective in life. As an ambassador of faith, he said that he will continue to use his GMA KAPUSO MAGAZINE | APRIL 2012 ISSUE


(L-R) GMA EVP & Chief Financial Officer Felipe S. Yalong, GMA President & COO Gilberto R. Duavit, Jr. and GMA Marketing & Productions President & COO Lizelle G. Maralag.

GMA Network hits P13.083 billion consolidated revenues in 2011 Releases cash dividends equivalent to 114 percent of full 2011 net income GMA Network, the leading

are based abroad, the Network’s

the ad spend cutback among local

broadcast media company in

leadership in nationwide ratings won

broadcasting companies with a 7.1-

for the Company a substantial portion

percent drop in ad loading minutes

of the available adspend.

during the comparable period.

consolidated revenues worth

GMA Channel 7, the Company’s

GMA Radio, with improved ratings both

P13.083 billion in 2011.

top performing business unit and the

in the AM and FM bands, delivered

country’s most watched television

a 15-percent revenue growth from

Notwithstanding the absence of

station, posted an eight-percent

regular advertising. GMA Regional TV

revenue growth from regular

made a 21-percent hike year-on-year

advertising during the financial period

in recurring ad placements.

the Philippines, reported during a briefing on April 10 that it hit

P2.054 billion worth of revenues from political advertisements generated in 2010, the global impact of the financial crisis in Europe and the slow economic recovery in the US last year, the Company said it delivered a fairly competitive business performance. In fact, despite the cutback in the advertising budget of top multinationals whose headquarters 

versus the preceding year, more than double the gross national product

Meanwhile, GMA International ended

(GNP) growth rate of only 3.5 percent

2011 with a six-percent growth in

in 2011.

revenues in US dollar terms, but the growth rate slowed down to only

The channel also raised its ad loading

four percent in peso terms due to the

minutes by 2.1 percent even with

appreciation of the Philippine peso

rate adjustments that took effect

exchange rate. Total revenues from

in February of 2011. ABS-CBN,

subscription, licensing and advertising

meanwhile, suffered the hardest hit by

revenues made thru overseas


CORPORATE NEWS operations reached P965 million.

Total operating expenses for the

billion at P0.40 per share, equivalent to

financial period grew to P8.984 billion

114 percent of its full 2011 net income.

GMA International runs the Network’s

amid higher costing programs on

Payout date is on May 9, 2012.

flagship international channels GMA

primetime television and the station-

Pinoy TV (GPTV) and the Filipino lifestyle

wide reformatting of Channel 11 from

The Company is poised to deliver

channel GMA Life TV (GLTV) with

QTV to GMA News TV.

better business performance in the

estimated global viewer counts of two million and one million, respectively.

new financial cycle. GMA used Total programming hours of in-house

the 2011 drop in adspend as an

produced programs aired both on

opportunity to strengthen its products

Both channels can be accessed

GMA Channel 7 and GMA News

and programming as reflected in its

thru a number of channel carriers in

TV substantially increased in 2011,

permanent standing as the nationwide

Filipino viewer-rich territories abroad

causing an 11-percent growth in

ratings leader. This makes GMA an

such as the US, Canada, Middle East,

production costs across all business

even stronger contender for a bigger

Africa, Japan, Guam, Saipan, Hong

segments totaling P5.105 billion.

share in the advertising pie as the

Kong, Singapore, Papua New Guinea,

The aforementioned programming

industry recovers at the onset of 2012.

Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia,

mix for Channel 11 drove down the

As early as end-February this year,

Diego Garcia, Europe, and the

amortization of program rights.

the GMA marketing group already


closed 85 percent of 2012 sales targets with signed agreements from regular

The international edition of the


Philippines’ number one news channel, GMA News TV International (GNTVI),

In both traditional and new media,

currently airs in Australia, Canada,

GMA continues to be the Filipinos’

Guam, Japan, Madagascar, UAE and

preferred source of news and

soon in Europe, Malaysia and the US. It


is also now available for downlinking in North America.

With the recent launch of the Company’s portal, www.gmanetwork.

Alongside GMA’s three linear channels,

com, its online audience can access

GMA’s top-rating radio stations DZBB (AM band) and DWLS (FM band) are also now widely distributed

news, entertainment, and public GMA VP for Investor Relations Ayahl Ari Augusto P. Chio

service right at their finger tips anywhere.

among Filipino communities abroad. Soon, GMA will also strengthen its

The four-percent rise in general and

This go-to portal for timely information

international video-on-demand (VOD)

administrative expenses came mostly

enlarged the presence of television

offer for multiple platform distribution

from the growth in personnel costs

content from GMA News and Public

to take advantage of changes in

aligned with bonuses and merit

Affairs. The site has a lead of more

subscribers’ viewing habits and the

increases to sustain competitiveness of

than 200,000 followers over closest

growing popularity of viewing content

compensation packages.

competitor ABS-CBN News Channel

via the Internet and mobile and portable devices.

(ANC) on Twitter, and a similar lead The year ended with an EBITBA

over ABS-CBN News on Facebook.

(earnings before income, taxes, In the domestic market, GMA

depreciation, and amortization) of

The flagship international channel

continues its aggressive expansion

P3.090 billion and an NIAT (net income

GPTV also made its mobile television

efforts with the rise of capital-intensive

after tax) of P1.715 billion.

service available to Filipinos in the

originating stations in Ilocos and Bicol,

Middle East. Launched in September

which will be operational by the third

The Company announced the release

2011, it already had 4,600 subscribers

quarter of this year.

of cash dividends amounting to P1.944

after only 2 months of operation.



GMA Network marks another win in nationwide ratings in March Continues to rule over its bailiwick, Mega Manila GMA Network dominated the National Urban Television Audience Measurement (NUTAM) ratings in March based on figures from the broadcast industry’s more trusted ratings source, Nielsen TV Audience Measurement.

In Mega Manila, where more than

For the period March 1 to 31 (March

viewers than ABS-CBN, and almost 2.9

25 to 31 based on overnight ratings), GMA scored an average household audience share of 35.1 percent in NUTAM, notably higher than ABS-CBN’s

59 percent of total urban television households in the country are found, GMA recorded a commanding total-day household audience share average of 40.1 percent versus ABSCBN’s 26.0 percent and TV5’s 14.4 percent. Converted to eyeballs, GMA recorded an estimated viewer count of 4.5 million viewers, around 1.6 million more million more than TV5 in its bailiwick. In Urban Luzon, which accounts for 77 percent of the total urban television

31.3 percent and TV5’s 14.6 percent.

households nationwide, GMA also

Using the assumption that there are

total-day household audience share

five viewers per household, GMA had almost 700 thousand more viewers than ABS-CBN and 3.7 million more viewers than TV5 nationwide for the said period.

prevailed over competition with a average of 38.8 percent versus ABSCBN’s 27.4 and TV5’s 14.1. GMA had 5.4 million viewers in Urban Luzon, approximately 1.6 million more viewers than ABS-CBN and 3.5 million more than TV5. GMA was ahead of ABS-CBN and TV5 across all dayparts in Mega Manila and Urban Luzon, most notably in the afternoon block where GMA scored ratings equivalent to more than twice that of its rival stations’.


TV RATINGS 101 GMA Network subscribes to the Nielsen TV Audience Measurement along with 21 other companies including two local networks, namely, TV5 and Solar Entertainment; Faulkner Media; CBN Asia; 14 advertising agencies and three regional clients. On the other hand, ABS-CBN is the only local major TV network reportedly subscribing to Kantar Media, formerly known as TNS. The Nielsen TV Audience Measurement has a sample size of 1,190 homes in Mega Manila versus Kantar Media’s 770 homes. Nielsen also has a nationwide sample size of 2,000 homes compared to the lower sample size of 1,370 utilized by Kantar Media.




GMA Films’ 2011 thriller The Road paves the way to Hollywood fame as the first allFilipino film to be commercially

international releasing outfit in the U.S. and Canada and treated like a Hollywood-produced movie. This is not simply a special off-shore screening of a locally-produced film; this is in fact

released in North America and

a full-fledged commercial distribution


deal, and there’s a big difference

Through an agreement with GMA Films,

President Annette Gozon-Abrogar.

Hollywood-based international film distribution outfit Freestyle Releasing is set to commercially release The Road in the mainstream American and Canadian markets beginning May 11,

between the two,” said GMA Films

Laranas also expressed his happiness on the outcome of his film. “I am very excited for GMA in this history-making and pioneering development for The


Road. This opens a ton of possibilities in the international arena not just for

in the film are John Regala, Lloyd

The movie, a brainchild of

GMA Films or GMA Network but also

Samartino, Gerald Madrid, Allan Paule

for GMA Pinoy TV. This only proves

and Ms Jacklyn Jose.

internationally-acclaimed film director Yam Laranas, will be shown in over 50 theaters across North America and Canada. And just like any Hollywood movie, The Road will hold a glitzy premiere night at the Mann Chinese Theater in Los Angeles, California on May 9. The event will be graced by the film’s director, producers and cast, as well as Hollywood and international

that quality entertainment on par with international standards is highly-

The Road will also be simultaneously

important to the network,” Laranas

released in digital home video format


(DVD) and will be made available globally via subscription-based and

Described by international film

online distribution platforms including

critics as “creepy to the extreme”

Video-on-Demand (VoD), Amazon

( and a “beautifully

Prime, Netflix, and iTunes.

shot supernatural tale with incredible

film industry celebrities.

effects and great scares” (Bloody

GMA Films is the movie production arm

Disgusting), The Road is a story about a

of media giant GMA Network, Inc.

“We are honored to have the

twelve-year-old cold case, which was

opportunity to exhibit the ingenuity and creativity of our artists and directors in the international market. It’s about time that we show the world that we, Filipinos, are not only good in boxing or singing, but we can also excel in the field of movie-making. The release of The Road in the U.S. and Canada is good news not just for GMA Films but also for the Philippine film industry because this would inspire especially our new generation of directors, writers, cinematographers and artists to perfect their skills and aspire for greater heights,” said GMA Chairman and

reopened when three teenagers went missing while traversing an infamous and abandoned road. As investigators try to find leads to the whereabouts of the missing teens, they also unearth the road’s gruesome past that spans two decades – a history of abduction, crime and murder. Although the road is isolated, anyone who passes through is not alone. Lingering in the dark and desolate pathway is a vengeful ghost that makes sure no one leaves the road – alive! The movie stars Rhian Ramos, Carmina

CEO Felipe L. Gozon.

Villarroel, Marvin Agustin, TJ Trinidad,

“I think this is the first time that a

Forteza, Louise delos Reyes, Derrick

locally-produced Filipino film will be distributed commercially by an 

tween stars Alden Richards, Barbie Monasterio, Lexi Fernandez, Ynna Asistio and Renz Valerio. Also starring GMA KAPUSO MAGAZINE | APRIL 2012 ISSUE


INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION THE ROAD is competing in the 30th Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival on (April 5-17, 2012), one of the biggest horror and suspense genre festivals in Europe. Previously named Brussels International Festival of Fantastic Film (French: Festival international du film fantastique de Bruxelles, Dutch: Internationaal Festival van de Fantastische Film van Brussel), the festival was created in 1983 as a venue to showcase horror, thriller and science fiction films. Initially organized by Annie Bozzo, Gigi Etienne, Freddy Bozzo, Georges Delmote and Guy Delmote, BIFFF awards both feature length and short films. Past winners include Let The Right One In, The Last House On The Left, Saw, Sigaw (The Echo), Nightwatch, The Ring, etc. Directors who have participated in the BIFFF include Christopher Nolan, Hideo Nakata, Wes Craven, Yam Laranas, Takashi Shimizu, and James Wan. _____________________________ THE ROAD is also competing in the 8th Fantaspoa - Int’l Fantastic Film Festival of Porto Alegre, Brazil on May 4-20, 2012. This is the first Fantastic Film Festival from Brazil and is recognized as the biggest festival of horror & suspense genre in Latin America. Each year , Fantaspoa receives around 700 entries. Fantaspoa is a founding member of the FantaFestivales, an organization directed towards the congregation of Latin America Fantastic Film Festivals. Past films that participated in the festival include the provocative A Serbian Film, Reykjavik Whale Watching Massacre, Tokyo Gore Police and Stake Land. GMA KAPUSO MAGAZINE | APRIL 2012 ISSUE



APRIL 2012

Iligan City expresses gratitude to GMA Network


The broadcast company, thru its online and traditional broadcast platforms, generated massive support for the victims of typhoon Sendong from here and abroad.

The City Council of Iligan recently released a threepage resolution expressing deep gratitude to GMA

The resolution likewise detailed GMAKF’s relief and long-term assistance to the province of Iligan. The Foundation, which served as a “conduit for donations received from

Network and its socio-civic

all over the country and even abroad,”

arm GMA Kapuso Foundation

distributed food, water and medicines

(GMAKF) for the latter’s quick and comprehensive response

to the victims thru its strategically established command posts in key areas in Iligan.

when typhoon Sendong

caused catastrophic damage

As part of its comprehensive and

in Southern Philippines last

long-term contribution, GMAKF is

December 2011. Sendong left more than a thousand people dead and over 15,000 houses either completely or partially damaged in the affected areas.   In the resolution, the Sangguniang Panlungsod of Iligan acknowledged GMA Network’s immediate assistance, which significantly diminished hunger and outbreaks in the most affected areas.   The resolution read, “…among those who swiftly responded was GMA Network, whose management

spearheading the establishment of the Kapuso Village in Barangay Mandulog, complete with 200 housing units, a barangay center, a water system and a school for the children of the relocated families. GMAKF Executive Vice President & COO Mel Tiangco led the groundbreaking ceremony of the Kapuso Village.   “The people of Iligan cherish such generosity and would certainly remember it, even with the passage of time,” the resolution read.  

immediately dispatched their reporters to Iligan City and Cagayan de Oro.” 10



It’s Earth Hour 24/7 At The Kapuso Network On 31 March 2012, between

Network. Atty Felipe L Gozon, GMA

for motors and pumps; replacement

8:30 pm to 9:30 pm, the islands

Network Chairman and CEO, says that

of halogen bulbs with LED lamps;

energy conservation is both a sound

replacement of mercury vapour

business decision and a corporate

lamps with CFL (compact flourescent

of the Philippines went dark once again – all in the name of

responsibility. “We implement activities

lamps); replacement of 2X18 watts FL

saving energy and keeping the

and strategies to save energy and

fixtures with 1X18 watts; installation of

planet green.

ensure cost efficiency - which is

energy saving devices; displaying of

the goal of business organizations,

energy saving reminder stickers; and,

This, in a nutshell, is what Earth Hour is

especially those that are heavy power

installation of timers for facade lights

all about.

users, like a broadcast station. But

and spotlights.

more than that, we also want to do Every year, GMA Network aligns with

our share in nurturing a healthy planet

GMA’s CSR activities focusing on the

WWF Philippines to help celebrate

because that is the right thing to do,”

environment are all under the platform

this global event. The lights of the

emphasizes Gozon.

Kapuso ng Kalikasan.

City go off during the annual Switch

In 2011, the Kapuso Network was even


Off event. In 2011, GMA 7 had an

awarded the EcoBonus Award by

expanded participation, so to speak,

Switch Asia under its Green Philippines

as its originating stations in various

Islands of Sustainability (GPIoS).

Network’s headquarters in Quezon

provinces also had their lights turned off for 60 minutes in commemoration of

GMA Network’s energy conservation

Earth Hour.

efforts have resulted in P1 million savings in electricity consumption. The

GMA’s commitment to be a green

Network’s specific efforts in relation

corporate citizen extends beyond

to energy conservation include:

its Earth Hour activities. In fact, it

installation of Variable Speed drives

can be said that efficiently utilizing energy is a way of life in the Kapuso GMA Network, the country’s number one broadcast station today, is also a green citizen, having implemented several measures to ensure efficient consumption of energy. GMA is truly a Kapuso ng Kalikasan.





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