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LIBRARY NEWS Great things are happening in the library this semester. Come and visit us, join in the celebrations, and let’s finish out the year on a high. With the teacher shortage slowly being fixed, the library will trial longer opening hours this term. A lot of you would like to use the library before school and at lunchtime, and that’s a real possibility now. We can’t make any promises, but it’s looking good. Watch this space. It’s official. Dolly is the best-read magazine in the library, followed closely by Waves. The survey was conducted by Mrs Jackson and it threw up some real curveballs. You hate TV Hits, which is now definitely cancelled, but you love Marie Claire. And Mad magazine has survived for another year. Maybe there’s a new magazine you would like us to consider. We are open to suggestions. This is important. If you use the library photocopier this term, for whatever purpose, you must fill out a CAL form. That’s the law. If we get it right, we won’t have to do it again for at least another eight years. But if we get it wrong, and fail the audit, we might have to start all over again next term. So please please please ask if you’re not sure. We’re here to help you, so don’t panic.

Those of you who loved meeting the authors Markus Zusak and Anthony Eaton last semester are in for more treats next month. I’ve managed to secure two more cool authors for a visit to our school: Julia Lawrinson and Catherine Bateson. English teachers, you might want to drop by my office and grab the details. Also, I am negotiating to have Rob Hirst visit us. Every great Midnight Oil hit was penned by Rob, and he was with the band from the beginning.

Six months into the job here, and I have to report that I am slowly finding my feet. In many respects the library belongs to last century (which makes sense, considering its age) and my team and I still have a lot of work to do bringing resources and delivery up to speed. So please bear with us as we plan the best way forward. The new library will be awesome. Finally, an illustration that I just love! If you are excited about art and new media then you must visit deviantART: where art meets application. There’s a lot of good stuff put up there, and you’ll be in browser heaven. Thanks to the students who alerted me to this wonderful site. Very cool. That’s it. Time to put some books back on the shelf.


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