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Stone House For Holidays At Paxos The Best Place Of Staying For Peace Lovers ! Glyfada Beach Villas

If you are planning for peaceful vacations with your family where you have an opportunity to live in the arms of nature, then Paxos Island is the best place to satisfy your varied expectations from your holidays. This might surprise you that why despite of so many various destinations across the world am asking you to visit this smallest island of Greece, then it is because of the tranquility that you will not find at any other destination. Located in the remote corner of an Ionian sea, the Island of Paxos is one of the highly visited destinations not only across the Greece but also throughout the world.

Now without enhancing your curiosity about this island let me explain you the major attractions of this island. The most important thing about this island is availability of world class services available despite of its location and population. The population of island is about 3000 and the most source of earning is either fishing or extracting of olive oil, which is mainly due to abundance of olive groves located in the green valley of this island. Interestingly, Paxos is not an exception to it and you will not find any big hotel of your choice at this island too. But the fact which makes Paxos different from other islands is presence of villas which are not lesser than any well developed hotel in any

country. The villas are not only well constructed and well maintained but also well equipped with necessary amenities that you would have been using at your residence and this I am saying on behalf of my own experience. Few years back I had an opportunity of visiting this island and like you I was also not sure about the availability of any such villas in this island, but my myth came to an as soon as I stepped in Stone House for Holidays located there. Although the villas was constructed with the normal stone that are used for constructing any building, but what makes them look different from other buildings was their architecture which in true sense was the best illustration of Greek architecture. With this the placement of traditional Greek furniture was adding an elegant look to the interiors of these villas.

As these villas at the end point of the island they are highly preferred by the persons who prefer to enjoy the humming sound of silence by living in the arms of nature. Inside these villas not only you will find an open plan kitchen , sitting room with facility of cooking, hot plates and oven, double bedroom, bathroom with shower, garden and terrace to view the changing mood of sea throughout the day and also an air conditioner on demand, because normally the nights at islands are cool.

Stone House For Holidays At Paxos The Best Place Of Staying For Peace Lovers !