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’1 Full year of GD for a startlingly low price of $0.00.’

Hell, Yes!!! Send me a full year of Gluttony Digest because I realize that there’s no better way to stay informed of recent cultural trends that may or may not affect my long-term future as a functional and contributing member of society, thereby earning myself the right to a beautiful spouse, hyperintelligent, well-mannered children, and an early retirement which I will spend touring various third world locales announcing proudly that “Yes, I DO owe it all to GD!!!”

No. I’ve no need for Gluttony Digest at this time. Thank you kindly, though, for this spectacular offer. I’m a fool to turn it down. It’s just that I have so many subscriptions that go unread, already. Really. It’s not you… it’s me. I’m an awful person who deserves to suffer. Name Address E-mail

MAIL TO: GD, 2309 18th Street, N.W. #3, Washington, D.C. 20009

Gluttony Digest #2  

Second issue of GD.

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