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Signal Film Fest Shortlist Showcase at the Mermaid in Bray Programme

Tuesday 1st May 2012

The Panelists Sian Shepherd, TV3 After qualifying from BIFE Sian started her career on east coast FM doing everything from outside broadcast reporting to ad sales. Sian moved to TV3 in 2006 and is part of the programming department. Sian is involved in the acquisition, planning and scheduling aspect of TV3 and 3e, and more recently has become the voice of the TV3 appearing as a continuity announcer since July 2011 in addition to continuing radio voice over work. Gordon Hayden, TV3 Since harassing his father back in 1983 to bring him to the cinema to see ‘The Golden Seal’ Gordon has attended the cinema religiously his whole life and studied film in college; there is no better man/geek to talk about movies. Besides being the film critic with TV3’s breakfast show Ireland Am, Gordon also presents and produces the movie-show ‘We Love Movies’ for Spin 103.8 Through ‘We Love Movies’ and Ireland AM, Gordon has met half of Hollywood. He has interviewed Johnny Depp, Robert Downey Jr., Daniel Craig and Jennifer Anniston to name only a few. And is currently the host of Uploaded on 3e Alan Fitzpatrick, Filmbase Alan is Managing Director of Filmbase, a national resource centre for new and emerging filmmakers in Ireland. Filmbase works with a variety of national agencies to develop and promote opportunities for filmmakers through supports that include production funding, training, masterclasses, networking events, mentoring and the publication of Ireland’s only film magazine, Film Ireland. Alan oversees all of Filmbase’s film production awards, including those with the broadcasters RTE and TG4 which have collectively supported over 250 short films since their inception. Daniel Fitzpatrick, Film Scholar Daniel Fitzpatrick is currently a PHD student with the DAH (Digital Arts & Humanities) programme. Previous to this he was Festival Director with Killruddery Film Festival (three years). He regularly curates film programmes and lectures on film & film history and most recently he established Hollywood Babylon, a midnight movie film club and pop-up cinema. For a long time he wrote and thought about the train and the cinema but now he mostly writes and thinks about other things. Donna Kiernan, Signal Arts Centre Donna has a BA in photography and is currently undertaking an MA in curatorship. She looks after social media networking and webdesign at Signal.

“. . . for peace comes dropping slow. . . “ Genre: Experimental Running Time: 12 minutes Director: Lisa Vandegrift Davala Writer: Lisa Vandegrift Davala Recommended Viewing Age: All

Description: The landscapes of Sligo become the pages across which one of its most famous verses is written in a series of light installations. Participants from all over Ireland, including Peace III members from Omagh and local people of Sligo conclude this light writing against a backdrop of the very place about which Yeats wrote.

My Fault Genre: Documentary Running Time: 4.23 minutes Director: Joanna Wnek Writer: Joanna Wnek Recommended Viewing Age: 16

Description: How to gain courage to break the silence? How to remain silent when the mind screams in despair? How to fight despair without forgetting? How to forget destroyed life? Every day thousands of children suffer from child abuse and violence, usually people that hurt them are the closest to them.

“Muddy Feet Mountain High� Genre: Comedy Running Time: 3.34 minutes Director: Benjamin Barry Writer: Benjamin Barry Recommended Viewing Age: All

Description: Set back in the time of the Celts. . . one Celt races to get to his comrades. Will he get there in time?

A Pedigree Performance Genre: Experimental Running Time: 6.54 minutes Director: Sarah McCann Writer: Sarah McCann Recommended Viewing Age: All

Description: A short light hearted documentary on a typical show day for a pedigree breeder.

What’s wrong with you, baby? Genre: Underground Running Time: 4.06 minutes Director: David j. Writer: David j. & T.G. Deede Recommended Viewing Age: All

Description: This short film is about losing connection with a community even though living in the middle of a large city. The actions of the main character are seen to be strange. First, carrying fish around in a tank and second, trying to find a way to get them out of his life. It is a reflection on how life, although full of people, city lights and busy streets can be very lonely for some and how they react within it.

Hearing Silence Genre: Documentary Running Time: 12 minutes Director: Hilary Fennell Writer: Hilary Fennell Recommended Viewing Age: All

Description: “Hearing Silence” delves into a world where sound plays a crucial and increasingly frustrating role, as we learn how professional musician Elizabeth Petcu is coping with going deaf.

Into White Genre: Thriller/Experimental horror Running Time: 12 minutes Director: Richard Waters Writer: Richard Waters Recommended Viewing Age: 15

Description: A thriller about Chloe, who after being given teeth by a crazed woman, finds her life turned upside down, where dreams and reality are too close.

How Bad Can One Day Be? Genre: Comedy Running Time: 5.30 minutes Director: Robert Kiernan Writer: Robert Kiernan Recommended Viewing Age: 15+

Description: A comedy sketch about an average guy who has a less than average day.

Nothing Nowhere Genre: Drama/Supernatural Running Time: 11 minutes Director: Ian Campbell Writer: Ian Campbell Recommended Viewing Age: 12

Description: On the run from drug dealers, JK hides out in a church where the consequences of his actions are played out over and over again.

Gone too Long Genre: Drama Running Time: 6.31 minutes Director: Mark Connor Writer: Mark Connor Recommended Viewing Age: All

Description: Gone Too Long is a short film that tells the story of Tom, an alcoholic whose addiction has led him to living on the streets. He awakes one day to find a key. In a bid to somewhat redeem himself to society, Tom takes on the challenge of returning the key to its owner and we follow his emotional journey doing so.

Signal Film Fest has been a wonderful collaboration with everyone concerned. Special thanks to the Mermaid for coming on board and allowing us to show here. We would like to thank TV3/3e for supporting us and agreeing to show the winning film on 3e. We are grateful to Filmbase and Cine Electric for kindly supplying vouchers as the runner up prizes. Special thanks to: • Administrators: Claire Flood and Donna Kiernan. • First submissions panel: Claire Flood, Frieda Hand, Denis Dunne and Sylvia Callan. • All the entrants And finally we would especially like to thank Noel MacAoidh, BIFE, for his invaluable expertise and consultation at every level.

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