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Compact MDR Glue Gun series Our experience has enabled us to develop this range of Compact guns, which are designed bearing in mind the installer's needs. The guns bring together easy handling, strength, small size and flexibility of design, quick and easily accessible connection. The solenoids have a simple and quick connection system with a manual extractor to facilitate operations. The Compact guns have a new 'tight' injection module that is faster, repeats a constant cycle (no spring regulation), is stronger, longerlasting and coke-free thanks to its internal insulated chamber. The Compact Gun series is a compatible series, which can be delivered with PT100, NI120 og FEKO cordsets, they can all be coupled up to the wide range of hot melt applicators on the market. TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS Working temperature Temperature precision Temperature reading Supply voltage Heating power Maximum hydraulic pressure Recommended air pressure Solenoid voltage Pneumatic connection Action Working speed Opening-closing time Assembly bracket

Up to 230°C (maximum). ±0.5°C. Thermoresistance (PT100, NI120 eller FEKO). 230V AC, 50/60 Hz. Depending on the model. > 100 bar. 6 bar. 220 VAC, 24 VAC orr 24VDC. Quick-fit, with manual extractor. Air-open, air closed activated. 4.950 points/minute (air-open, air closed activated). 10.8 milliseconds (air-open, air closed activated). Ø12mm bar.







MDR-2 (22)

MDR-2 (36)

MDR-4 (22)

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Hot melt Glue guns for compatible hot melt applicators.