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Sublime moisturizer

3 uniques formulas with natural actives

3 Unique formulas hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested.

With hydrating properties and facilitators of skin repairing, due to its capacity to restore the hidrolipidic mantle, preventing ulcers of pressure by reinforcing its hydration, is recommended for persons confined to bed.

neem + papaya + melaleuca Excellent Moisturizer and powerful ally against: ·· Acute and Chronic wounds ·· Ulcers pressure and decubitus ·· Vein Ulcers ·· Furuncles ·· Fungal Infections ·· Protection and prevention of breast fissures

With deep hydrating and reductive properties on the effect of cracked skin, its formula very safe helps to restore the integrity of the skin barrier whenever it shows altered, offended or damaged.

neem + andiroba + melaleuca + aloe vera Amazing Moisturizer under a skin lesion caused by: ·· Psoriasis ·· Eczemas ·· Warts ·· Herpes ·· Atopic Dermatitis

With coadjutants properties on the natural regeneration of the skin, it is particularly indicated to reduce the erythema and the flushing and blushing of the skin. Very useful to be used on inflamed skin as moisturizer after prolonged exposure to sun or other source of heat.

aloe vera + andiroba + neem Outstanding Moisturizer and single assistant against: ·· 1st and 2nd Degree Burns ·· Skin inflammation ·· Skin irritation ·· Chaffing

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Flyer Gluck Neem EN  

Gluck Neem Sublime moisturizer 3 uniques formulas with natural actives