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Delegates' Booklet


February 2013

Dear delegates,

Two weeks to go! Hope you are as excited as we are here in the CC office in Belgrade! In the final delegates booklet you will find information regarding transportation, CC merchandise, special events etc. Please make sure to fill in the required forms so we can ensure you with a comfortable stay in Serbia. We are eagerly looking forward to welcoming you in Serbia very soon.

Kindest regards, Congress Committee Team Global Leaders’ Summit 2013 AIESEC Serbia

Content: 

Important dates and deadlines

Payment methods

Registration and Check in

Study tours

Pre stay and post stay

Arrivals and departures

Special Events

CC Shop

Handy Tips


Important dates and deadlines [Time counted is 23:59 GMT+1 for all deadlines]

Conference dates 16.-17.02. - Premeeting dates 18.02. - Day 0 and opening of GLS 2013 19.02. – 27.02. – International Presidents Meeting 22.-24.02. - Alumni Meeting

Study tour dates 20.01. – Registration for post study tour on Kopaonik 01.02. – Registration for pre and post study tours in Belgrade and Novi Sad & Vojvodina. 15.02. - Pre study tour in Belgrade - 15.02. 28.02. - Post study tour in Novi Sad and Vojvodina - 28.02. 28.02. – 01.03. Post study tour on Kopaonik

Cancellation dates

Free of charge if cancelled by the 20th of January; 200 Euros if cancelled between the 20th and 27th of January; Full delegation fee if cancelled after the 27th of January;

Providing documents and information deadlines 01.02. – Personal preferences information 10.02. – Arrivals and departures information 12.02 – Check in and registration documents

Payment Methods All payments of IPM fees will be done according to invoice, which will Please, take into consideration that if you choose this payment option, you will need to support all costs regarding money transfer. be sent to you by the CC team. We have 2 ways of paying the fee: Bank transfer in Euros [EUR]. Cash payment during IPM registration on the venue in Euros [EUR]. Bank transfer: Please, note that you are to pay in Euros. Bank details for payments: Corresponding Bank: ERSTE GROUP BANK AG WIEN, AUSTRIA SWIFT CODE: GIBAATWG Account of the beneficiary with: ERSTE BANK A.D. NOVI SAD SWIFT CODE: GIBARS22 Beneficiary: IBAN RS35340000001100616638 Name: AIESEC Srbija Address: Beograd 11000, Kamenička 6 International Pazments Department Erste Bank a.d., Novi Sad Payment reference: conference fee

If you choose bank transfers as a way of payment, please do it by the 05.02.2012. When you have transferred the funds, please send a copy of the receipt to with “AIESEC Country - fee paid” as a subject. For example: AIESEC Serbia – fee paid Payments in cash: If you plan to pay during the registration, please bring your fee in cash [EUR]. There is an ATM at both hotel venues and currency exchange facilities. Fees Pre meeting fee

80 Euros (40 Euros per day);

Conference fee

350 Euros;

Damage fee

35 Euros;

Late registration fee


Cancellation fee

Free of charge if cancelled by the 20th of January; 200 Euros if cancelled between the 20th and 27th of January; Full delegation fee if cancelled after the 27th of January;

Registration and Check In For the check in to both hotels, please make sure to provide us the following documents [without them we will not be able to register you for the conference when you arrive or check you in]: 

Indemnity form – filled in and scanned. You can download the indemnity form HERE and instructions for filling it in HERE.

A copy of your visa for Serbia.

A copy of your travel health insurance. ( if you can’t provide it , you can buy it in the hotel before registration)

Pay the fees for IPM, pre meeting [study tours and CC merchandise] and bring a copy of the payment confirmation. If you are paying on site, make sure to bring the fees in EUR.

Once you collect all of this documentation, send it to us at with the subject “AIESEC in _______ - check in documents” [eg. AIESEC in Serbia – check in documents] so that you can ensure a quick check in without any delays. Documents must be sent befor February 10th , so we may ensure a quick and efficient check in for you.



Time: Friday, 15.02.2013 Duration: 1 day Means of transportation: bus & walking Price: 10€ per person, with minimum of 10 guests

Time: Thursday 28.02.2013 Duration: 1 day Means of transportation: bus & walking Price: 32€ per person, with minimum of 10 guests

The tour is perfect to discover Belgrade center & outskirts. The first stop is Slavia Square where we will visit Saint Sava’s Temple, the biggest orthodox Christian temple in the world by total volume. Then, the bus continues to take you around the city with most of the sights of Belgrade: National Library; Monument of Karadjordje; Red Star Stadium with the capacity is 55,538 audience, where Red Star club made a hat trick of European & Intercontinential Cup in 1991; Ministry of defense destroyed during NATO bombing of Serbia in 1999; Serbian Parliament; Presidency; City Hall; Terazije Square; Knez Mihajlova Street; Republic Square; Monument to Prince Mihailo; National Theatre; National Museum; University Square; Kalemegdan Park; Belgrade Fortress on confluence of Sava to Danube River; Military Museum; bunker built in the 1st half of 20th century and big gunpowder storage built on Belgrade Fortress by the Austrians in the 1st quarter of 18th century; Saborna, main cathedral church; Residence of Princess Ljubica, now the oldest restaurant in Belgrade established in 1823. From Kosancic Square, we start the underground tour. We will go beneath it and through artificial cave used as bunker and then to wine cellar from the time of Serbia’s independence from Turkey in 19th century. Take some sips of wine here to end the tour.

Sightseeing of Novi Sad from the bus (1 hour); visit to Krušedol Monastery (30 minutes); sightseeing of Sremski Karlovci Town with visit to Honey Museum and wine cellar Živanović; wine testing (5 wines and 1 rakia) with local appetizers (2 hours); visit to Pertovaradin fortress that is second biggest fortress in Europe, fish lunch at the national restaurant on Danube River bank. Return to Novi Sad.

Registration and deadlines Register for study tours on the following website – LINK The deadline to register for the one day study tours [Belgrade and Novi Sad & Vojvodina] has been extended and is the 08.02.2013.

Pre Stay and Post Stay In case you wish to arrive a few days earlier to Serbia, or stay some extra days to enjoy in our cities, we have provided you with a few options for pre and post stay. All reservations are done by delegates individually, but you can always ask for suggestions and assistance if needed. Also as an option, if you wish you can stay in the pre meeting hotel for pre stay as well [Hotel Slavije] for the same prices as stated for pre meeting [40 EUR per night/per person]. We have three partner hostels – Go2, Sun hostels and Good morning hostels. Overall capacity – 100 places. Locations: Kalenic pijaca, Botanicka basta & Takovska. Prices: 12 bed dorm 6 bed dorm 4 bed room Double room [for single person] Double room [for two people]

8 EUR 8 EUR 9 EUR 17 EUR 13 EUR [per person]

Websites: Go2 - Sun hostel - Good morning hostel - Inquiries and reservations at:

The Hostel has opened its doors officially in July 2008 and became a member of Hostelling International network in January 2012. On the 2nd floor in a building which has a historic value, Go2 Hostel is located in the core center of Belgrade, on Terazije Square, 2 minutes on foot from the Republic Square and just a couple of blocks away from Belgrade’s Main Train and Bus Station. Museums, cafés, bars, night clubs, pubs, nice restaurants, historical buildings, Kalemegdan fortress, Knez Mihajlova main pedestrian street, Zeleni Venac green market, old charming bohemian Skadarlija street, riverbanks of the Danube and the Sava river, shopping centers, 24/7 mini market, fast food stands, Mc Donald’s, bus, tram and trolley stations which connect city center with the most parts of the city… EVERYTHING is within walking distance! With 30 bed capacity, Go2 Hostel is perfectly adapted for youth and backpackers: a large common room with free internet, Wi-Fi, cable TV, DVD, music, PlayStation, guest kitchen containing all the necessary equipment, free coffee and tea, will enable you to socialize and enjoy yourselves while thinking about what to visit.


1st option: When you exit Main station, turn left to Karadjordjeva street, if you are at the Train station, or right, if you are at the Bus station, in direction of Hotel President and Economy Faculty, pass through the park which is between Hotel President and Economy Faculty, then go up on KameniÄ?ka Street (street made of stone cubes which also has stairs), at the end of KameniÄ?ka Street you will get to another park go through it at the end of the park you will be in Prizrenska Street. 2nd option: Go to Balkanska Street, which is across the Main Train station, in direction of Terazije square (up the street), when you get to the top of the street (~400m) you will be in front of Hotels Balkan and Moscow, just across these two you will be able to see the Hostel sign.

Address: Prizrenska 1, Belgrade, Serbia Phone/ Fax: 00381 64 82 94 324 00381 11 3612 341 E-mail inquiries and reservations at:

3rd option: If you are coming from Nikola Tesla Airport you can take the 72 bus and get off at the last stop (Zeleni Venac). Walk up the Prizrenska Street and you will be able to see the Hostel sign on your right hand side.

Arrivals & Departures In the last booklet we wrote about the best ways to get to Serbia. Please, as soon as you decide how will you travel, exact dates of your arrival and departure and book your ticket, fill in this application LINK. It will be really helpful to us, especially for logistics and transport organizing.

Preferences As we are going to host delegation from more than 100 different countries, we need your help so we can make your stay in Serbia comfortable and unique. Please, fill in this application LINK about your preferences, wishes, requests, suggestions etc. Feel free to ad any comments about what you need or do not need during the conference (food, medicals, clothes etc.)

Note: it’s very important provide us with this information so that we can ensure your stay to be as comfortable as possible. The deadline for filling in this information is:

Arrivals & Departures: 10.02.2013. According to the information you provide us, we will organize your pick up, so please do so no later than the deadline, otherwise we will not be able to provide you with pick up on time.

Special Events Lead by Learning (18th February, Day 0)

World to You (18th February, Day 0)

On this one day seminar you will attend lectures , panel discssions and workshops about lifelong learning together with 450 of Serbia’s most proactive students, 50 students from the Balkans, our partners and media that realize the importance of youth development.

This is an event in a busy place in the city that will promote multiculturalism and tolerance and give visitors the opportunity to learn about other countries.

Speakers: Marcus Orlovsky, Stefan Palarie, Vladimir Kopric, Goran Dmitrov, Srdjan Janicijevic and Vuk Visnjic. Tips: wear smart casual

Serbian Day (25th february , Day 7) You will have the opportunity to enjoy Serbian tradition and hospitality during the “Serbian Day”. Within this one-day event on IPM we will present traditional Serbian food, drinks, music, dances and crafts.

During this event, you will showcase your culture, food, drinks, national costumes and creative program. We are expecting more than 20.000 visitors and full media coverage. -

no flags


no open food – every thing have to be wrapped


no alcohol is allowed .




your Global village materials from your

luggage because your luggage will be directely delivered to the IPM Hotel in Novi Sad and your Global village materials to the World to you venue.

Handy Tips Serbian time zone is UTC+01:00. This includes the whole territory of Serbia, once you set your time you don’t need to change wherever you are within Serbian borders. Plug-in in serbia. Please bring your adapters

Our currency is SERBIAN DINAR (RSD). It is the only currency used in Serbia. The denomination of dinar comes as coins: 1,2,5, 10 and 20; banknotes: 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1.000, 2.000 and 5.000. The exchange rate is about: RSD/USD = 86RSD and RSD/EUR= 112RSD . The following site can be useful for money exchange Make sure to exchange your money at banks or licensed exchange offices; DON’T exchange money with strangers on the street. Be most conscious, when driving in public transportation, about your wallet because the most robbery happens there.

It is most common to be snowy in February. We advise to bring enough warm clothes because it can go 10-15 Celsius below zero. Also the cold wind from the northeast can blow so better bring scarfs, hats and warm boots.

There are many grocery stores, kiosks and supermarkets everywhere. Some of them work 24 hours per day, just follow the sing “24 hours or 24/7”. A problem that can arise is a small knowledge of English by seller, although you can always write, look at cash desk (there MUST be a bill, don’t pay if there is no bill) or simply try to ask someone young in a store to help you. Mostly the young people do speak English and are willing to help.

Serbian language seems loud for foreigners. Don’t think that people struggle on the streets it is the way Serbians talk.

CC Shop

Key Chain : 2 EUR

T-Shirt (White) : 6 EUR

Thermos : 8 EUR

T-Shirt (Black) : 6 EUR

Bracelet : 1,5 EUR

Notebook : 5 EUR

Polo Shirt (White) : 10 EUR

Polo Shirt (Black) : 10 EUR

To pre-order please follow this LINK

Contact us


Country Management & Transportation

Communication with delegates

Milena Mandić

Mia Meleghy

Nikola Jovanović

Asma Azizi

Registration& Check In Selma baghdadi

Alumni Management Pavel Peychev

For general questions please send a message to :

Delegates' Booklet #4  

Forth delegates booklet for IPM delegates at Global Leaders' Summit 2013

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