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Dear Delegates, The Congress Committee of the 54th International Presidents’ Meeting is officially inviting you at

Global Leaders’ Summit, organized by AIESEC Hungary,

BEST, most MEMORABLE and IMPACTFUL international conference during 2012! the

It’s our pleasure to organize and create a platform for the global network, for hosting you and introduce you to our culture. We are more than excited preparing the last details and we cannot wait to see all our efforts materialized in something that will be remembered for years now. There are few more days until GLS and 32 brave people are working massively to ensure the best experience for the two weeks of the conference. We are ready and can’t wait  to  meet  you in Hungary! Sincerely, Congress Committee Global  Leaders’  Summit 2012 AIESEC Hungary

Outline Dates & Fees Venues About GLS 2012 Hungary IPM Parties & Conference T-shirt Virtual Competitions Study Tour Practical Information Arriving to Budapest Useful Hungarian words Contact Us

Dates Pre-meeting: February 13-14th 2012 International Presidents’ Meeting: February 15-24th 2012 Special Events Opening Ceremony | Youth Forum | Global Village: 15th February 2012 Hungarian Night: 22nd February 2012 Alumni Dinner: 17th February 2012 ING Gala Dinner: 23rd February 2012 AIESEC Alumni International Meeting: 16-19th February 2012 Study Tour Budapest: 24-26th February 2012 Registrations Registrations are now closed. The ones who will still register will pay the late registration fee of 50 EUR. We will not accept any delegates that register after 6th of February 2012.

Fees Pre-meeting fee: 40 EUR/day Meeting fee (up to 2 delegates per Member/Official extension): 350 EUR Damage deposit: 30 EUR/delegate (will be reimbursed to your country in case of no order) Cancellation fee:  before the deadline for the registrations: 200 EUR  after the deadline for the registrations: Full fee Late registration penalty (after the 2nd deadline of applications): 50 EUR No-show penalty: 100% of the total fee has to be paid Late payment fee (for delegates that have not paid their delegate fee by end of day 0 (15th February): 20% of the delegate fee

Regarding Finances The total delegation fee for pre-meeting, conference, the damage fee, the Study Tour fee and T-shirt shall be paid in Euro (EUR) only. IMPORTANT Notes: All MCPs or relevant MC Representatives should prepare their AI fee payment and country delegation fees in lump sum, in order for the delegation to be checked in. No country will be allowed to check in for the pre-meeting and IPM if they will not pay for the full delegation the following: Pre-meeting fee + IPM fee + damage deposit + other fees* *Other Fees: Study Tour and T-shirt (in case you marked you prefer any of these in the Registration form) Please note, if you marked in the registration that you would like to participate at the Study Tour, you are obligated to pay the fee at the registration at the beginning of the conference. You have the opportunity to cancel your registration till the 6th February. After this date we cannot accept any cancellation as we need to tell our Study Tour partner the final number of participants by 7th February. AI fees are also to be paid at check-in Euros only. Any kind of partial payments from any country will not be accepted. Thus every MC is kindly requested to arrange the complete delegation and AI fees in EUR ONLY (for AI fees and all above mentioned fees) before their first delegate departs for Hungary. If you won’t participate on the entire conference, the full fee shall be paid, there is no option to decrease it. Payments for the Hotel (Bar and Mini-bar usage) shall be done in HUF only. Please prepare with Hungarian Forints, since the CC will have only limited capacity to change money.

Venues The pre-meeting is going to take place in Budapest at Hunguest Hotel Platanus (Meeting Rooms) and Tulip Inn Budapest Millennium (food & accommodation), which are located close to the Budapest International Bus Station – Nepliget. They are at 10 minutes walking distance to each other. Tulipp Inn location: 1089 Budapest, Üllői Way  94  98 Hotel Platanus: 1087 Budapest, Könyves Kálmán körút 44

The venue for IPM 2012 will be Hunguest Hotel Pelion, in Tapolca, which is 2 hours away from Budapest.

Tapolca, a town famous for its caves and streams, is situated in the west part of the Balaton highlands. Below the hotel there is a karsts cave, which is not only a beautiful sight, but also offers a special microclimate and curative treatment. HUNGUEST Hotel Pelion is situated in the city centre, in a 4-ha-large park, directly above the cave ideal for curing respiratory diseases. Unique in Europe is the direct connection between our hotel and the grotto.

About GLS 2012, Hungary During February 15th - February 26th, 250+ young leaders from over 110 countries, along with 20+ senior management of multinational companies, Hungarian students and organizations will attend Global Leaders' Summit in Hungary. We are excited to welcome and host the nations of the world under the roof-top of Hungary.

Special Events

The Youth Forum is the platform for you to bridge the gap between youth and business. Over 250 youth leaders from 110 countries and over 30 corporate executives will meet, define and approach issues affecting society and business today. Attend panels on corporate social responsibility, leadership and innovation, or participate in workshops to get a glimpse into work life after graduation. The one day Youth Forum will be held at Corvinus University of Budapest on Wednesday February 15th. All MCPs must register until February 12th, 17:00 GMT+1! Sign up today here . Are you ready to make a difference?

With the sound of music and flavors of the authentic cuisine from 110 nations, AIESEC will open its doors and invite Hungarian citizens and Youth Forum participants to celebrate the cultural diversity of our organization. There are not allowed alcoholic drinks and flags on the tables.

During Hungarian Night you will get the chance to celebrate the Hungarian culture from all aspects. You will be able to taste the Hungarian food and drinks and get to know our customs, music, dances and much more. Jókai bableves,  Dobos  cake,  Ferenc  Liszt,  Rubik’s  cube,  Vitamin  C  are  only  a   few from an endless list.

IPM Parties Day 1 – This is not our new book as Jarda's, this is AI Party! Are you curious about how is it to be served by your PAI? Do you want to see AI members dancing on the table? How would it be to shake it for AI 1112 TOP20! We are SIMPLY preparing with exciting surprises, you just need to WALK IN! Day 2 – CC Cookies Party Let’s celebrate  together  the  freshly  elect  PAI,  “cookies”  style.  Get  your  GLS  branded  clothes   (green/ purple/ orange) for partying like a CC member! Day 3 – MENA Party  Arabian Nights During the exciting Arabian Nights, delegates will get to taste a bite of the magical world of the deserts and shisha. Bring your darbukhas to celebrate MENA style! Day 4 – Africa Party  African Tribes Let’s  party  like  tribal  people  in  Africa!  Go  crazy wearing African tribal clothes while listening to hot African music! Day 5 – Asia Pacific Party  Manga Party Dress  up  like  Mangas  for  the  unforgettable  Asia  Pacific  Party,  and  don’t  forget  to  sign  up  for   the boat race! Day 6 – Americas’ Party  Caribbean Night You are from America and you want to show to the people how you are partying? Or are you curious how people from America party? You will find out on the Americas party! Stay tuned for it! Dress code: summer clothes Day 7 – Hungarian Night  Carnival Night “Farsang”  is  a  traditional  Hungarian  holiday  period,  when  people  are  celebrating  the  end  of   the winter & the approach of spring. Be prepared with your masks & costumes for the party! Day 8 - Europe Party  "White Sensation" Do not let that "simplicity" of the party theme mystify you, because it will be simply the best party ever. Get your white clothes and this party is going to make you lose your mind.

Conference T-shirts

Virtual Competitions

GLS Virtual Competitions

Do you have the next big idea? Do you want to make an impact in the society? Want to share your thoughts with the leaders of businesses today? Participate in  the  Global  Leaders’  Summit  Virtual  Competition   presented by AIESEC Hungary! This virtual platform takes your ideas on relevant issues affecting the world around us, and connects them with business organizations that can make your voice heard. The time is now! Make your ideas a reality! Make an impact today! For more info check the link here!

Study Tour 24-26th February | Price: 165 Euros | Registration dead-line: 31st January After closing of the conference the participants of the Study Tour are taken back to our beautiful capital Budapest. We are creating the flow of the tour with the support of an innovative travel agency. You will see historical parts of Budapest as well as nightlife of this wonderful city. First Day - Go local in Budapest - Sightseeing Program Sightseeing tour during the morning You will have English speaking tourist guides who will show you the following places: It won’t  be  a  strictly-historical program as your guide will cheer up the road with legends and interesting facts.


Buda Castle

Andrássy Avenue

Opera House

Second part of day you will visit the Hospital in the rock under the Buda Castle: Evening program: Event Cultural Sightseeing with Under-Guide Have a sight in the city during night and get to know the Hungarian nightlife and underground Budapest with famous ruin pubs, art galleries, concerts. Down-town dinner Second Day - Relax at the Spa Széchenyi Spa and Lunch Széchenyi Spa is one of the most famous Spa across Europe. You can try out the hot water in the outdoor pool and enjoy the beauty of February snow fall. We are ready to sweep you of your feet and make you fall in love with our country 10 times over!

Practical Information Travel insurance All delegates should buy travel insurance before arrival to Hungary. The travel insurance must be valid for the total duration of the residence, and for all the Schengen countries. It must cover the costs occurring from health issues, emergency medical care, emergency hospital treatment and repatriation in case of death, during the residence in Schengen member states. For assistance on the topic, please visit! Time zone Hungary is on Central European time (CET), same as GMT + 1 hour. Electricity Electric network in Hungary operates at 230 Volts. Plugs are Type C or F. For more details, click here! Climate Winters are usually between 0 and -10 Celsius degrees, however, it may get to -20 in extreme cases. It also snows and roads often get frozen. Here is the weather forecast for February starting with the 12th day.


The currency in Hungary is Hungarian Forint (HUF). There are notes of 500, 1000, 2000, 5000, 10 000 and 20 000 HUF. According to 05.02.2012 rates:  1 EUR = 291.981 HUF  1 USD = 222.123 HUF To find out more information about Hungary, visit!

Arriving to Budapest Dress up properly As you could see above the weather will be cold, so we advise to bring and wear warm clothes: winter jackets, scarf, gloves, hats, boots. At the venues will  be  warm  inside,  so  you  don’t  need  to  worry  about  that.

Bring your own medicines Please bring your own medicines for cold or any other health issues you may have.


The CC will start picking up the delegates starting with the 11th of February. Please register at this link your arrival data. If you arrive earlier here are the options for transportation: From Airport (Terminal 1 / 2A / 2B) to pre-meeting Hotel (Tulip Inn Millennium)

Budapest Liszt Ferenc International Airport Terminal 1/2A/2B

Bus 200

Kőbánya-Kispest Metro Station

Metro line 3 (Blue Line)

Népliget Metro Station

From the Nepliget Metro Station there is a 5 minutes walk to the Tulipp Inn Budapest Millennium, the Hotel where the check-in will happen. See the map below.

Day 0 (Youth Forum, Global Village) - Corvinus University of Budapest (Fővám tér) Népliget Metro Station

Metro line 3 (Blue line)

Kálvin tér Metro Station

Tram 47/49

Fővám tér (square)

IPM Venue – Tapolca City, Hotel Pelion (8300 Tapolca, Köztársaság tér 10, Hungary) From international bus station at Népliget buses are going daily to Tapolca. In case you are not attending the pre-meeting, we strongly recommend everyone to come at the Youth Forum Venue (Corvinus University of Budapest – Fővám tér) on the 15th of February from where all MCPs will travel by bus to Tapolca Ciy at the IPM Venue (Hotel Pelion).

Pre and post stay in Budapest Hostels& Hotels Hotel Name Hotel Platánus Yep! Hostel

Ginkgo Hostel

Address 1087 Budapest, Könyves K. krt. 44. 1077 Budapest, Wesselényi út 13

Price 16 EUR (with breakfest)/ person

How to get there? See at the venues of the pre-meeting

10-22 EUR/person

1053 Budapest, Szép u. 5.

15-44 EUR/person

Take the bus number 200 to the KőbányaKispest Metro station, than change the metro line 3 to Deák tér than change the metro line 2 to Blaha Lujza square than take 4/6 tram to Wesselényi street. Take the bus number 200 to the Ferenciek tere Station. Then walk along Kossuth Lajos. Street for 100m until the first street, which is Szepst.

For more accommodation options:

Restaurants Restaurant Name RegaleÉttere m




1096 Budapest , Ernő  u.   30-34.

around 3-5 EUR allkin 50% d of discountduringtheweekend foods s

Corvinus Pizzéria

1093 Budapest , Czuczor utca 5.

around 3 EUR (forstudents)

pizza, soup, salat

Howtogetthere? Youtakethemetro line 3 from Népliget stationto Nagyvárad tér.It’s  a  15   miniuteswalkingdistancefro m Nagyvárad tér. Youtakethemetro line 3 from Népliget toKálvin tér and than 10 miniuteswalk.

For more restaurants:

Transportation in Hungary TAXI City taxi 00 36 1 2 111 111; 00 36 20 2 111 111; 00 36 30 2 111 111 Taxi 2000 00 36 1 200 0000; 00 36 30 200 0000; 00 36 70 200 0000 BKV (public transportation in Budapest)  tickets  Budapest 24-hour travelcard  Single ticket  10-piece discount coupon book  Short section metro ticket  metro, tram, bus, etc

Useful Hungarian Words Hello! (to one person) - Szia!

How are you? - Hogy vagy?

Hello! (to many persons) - Sziasztok!

I’m fine!  - Jól vagyok!

Good morning! - Jó reggelt!

Airport - Repülőtér

Good afternoon - Jó napot!

Travel - Utazás

Good evening - Jó estét!

My name is… - Az én nevem ...

Yes / No – Igen / Nem

Dance - Tánc

Thank you! - Köszönöm

Party - Buli

Thank you very much! - Köszönöm szépen

Danube - Duna

You’re welcome!  – Szivesen!

Food - élelmiszer

Please - Kérem

Happy Birthday! - Boldog szülinapot!

Contact Us Delegate Servicing Team Cristina Parvulescu – Vice-president Delegate Servicing Krisztina Kiss – Delegate Servicing Team Member Kristóf Várszegi – Delegate Servicing Team Member

Communication Channels E: W: T: +36 20 8080 180; +36 20 2115 427 Social Media Channels

3rd Delegates' Booklet GLS 2012 Hungary  

3rd Delegates' Booklet GLS 2012 Hungary

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