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Congress Committee Application Form

Global Leaders’ Summit 2011 Congress Committee Application Form Mexico City

Personal Information 1. Name and Surname: 2. Nationality: 3. Date and place of birth: 4. Address: 5. Telephone(s): 6. E-mail: 7. Skype:

8. Languages

Your pic



9. Why are you applying for CC Member of GLS 2011 in Mexico and how is it connected to your future? 10. Which is the position you are applying for? 11. Are you able to: Start working as a Congress Committee Vice President in the term: from January until February 2011? Live and work in Mexico (2nd January – 28th February 2011)

Global Leaders’ Summit 2011 Congress Committee Application Form Mexico City

I. Past Experiences 1.1 Non – AIESEC Work Experience Experience and


Work / Employer



knowledge gained

1.2 AIESEC Experience a) List the mail positions held and for which year Dates


Country LC / MC

Key Learnings Points

Results achieved

b) Please list the Meetings / Conferences you have attended in the table below Year


Country / Location

Nat’l / Reg’l / Int’l


c) Rank the 3 main areas where you have had the most experience Area

Describe briefly your experience

How would this benefit the position you are standing for?

Global Leaders’ Summit 2011 Congress Committee Application Form Mexico City

II. Congress Committee General Questions 1. What would be the key challenges you think you will face at a personal and professional level while executing CC Member? How do you plan to overcome these challenges? 2. Name 3 learning points that you have had in a very stressful situation? What was your solution back then? 3. How would you measure the success of GLS 2011?

III. Specific Questions CC Logistics: 1. What do you imagine to be the primary challenges working as CC Logistics teamster? 2. What is your strategy to ensure a suitable event in logistics part, knowing the relevance of your job? 3. Make a draft of an action plan to help all CC pre, post and during the conference in logistic part: 4. How do you see the working relationship between you as a teamster with CC ER team? 5. Assume it is November 2010, less than 2 months left for IPM and you only have 20% of IPM Logistics Plan, what would you do? Please enlist ALL possible options that occur to you

CC Delegate Servicing: 1. Let’s think of this situation: you are during the Global Village and your bus breaks down. Explain how you will handle the situation in order for the schedule to be respected, everyone to get back to their business on time and have a great time while they’re at it. 2. Make a short Action Plan for your area taking into consideration the responsibilities listed. State the number of people needed to support this area of the CC and allocation of them on timelines

Global Leaders’ Summit 2011 Congress Committee Application Form Mexico City

3. What do you think are the key servicing factors in a conference that you need to take in consideration? 4. What strategies do you create to ensure a great event for the delegates linking CC and AI expectations and objectives?

CC External Relations:

1. Why did you choose to apply for External Relations teamster and why do we need to choose you? 2. Prepare a Product Sheet Draft to IPM Mexico 2011 3. Sell ILC 2010 in 2 sentences to these audiences: Small-scale Company, Multi-national Company, Media Representative, University and Peruvian Government Official. 4. IPM 2011 will have many priority partners from across Mexico and potentially internationally at varying times during the conference. How would you ensure, as part of the ER team that each Partner is engaged in the best possible manner? 5. Share your experience in external relation fields. Mention meetings, important calls, etc.

CC Finance: 1. Taking into consideration foreign exchange and cash payments at the moment, how you can manage effectively the fees at the delegates’ registration time? 2. What would you do if you must pay the final payment to the “Gala Dinner” Restaurant but you don’t have enough money? 3. What will be your answer if a CC area needs your help urgently but you don’t have time to spend with that area? 4. Explain your last budgeting and budget deviation management experience 5. Legally, how you can get at least $100,000 MXN ($1 dolar = $ 13 MXN aprox.) within 2 or 3 weeks? 6. When something is requested, do you spend time immediately to it or you say “let’s spend time to it later” and explain why is your decision.

Thank you!


Global Leaders’ Summit 2011 Congress Committee Application Form Mexico City

Application Form for GLS 2011  

You can be part of the CC Team. Apply for CC Teamster of Global Leaders' Summit 2011 in Mexico City

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