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“Monsieur Periné”. 11in x 17 in. Collage of

guash painting, embroidery thread, and digital manipulation. 2012

“Derechos Humanos�(Human rights). 11in x 17in. Collage of drawings and digital manipulation. 2008

“Unicorns�. 8in x 8in.

Digital collage of images and typography. 2012

Typography design.

Alphabet made of shampoo photographs, and digital manipulation. 2012.

“Massimo Vignelli�. 8in x 8in Broshure spreads that summarize the life and creative work of this italian designer. 2012.

“Analysis terminable and interminable”. 8in

x 6in. Book layout design using Sigmund Freud’s article. Twenty five pages assembled and binded usign the japanesse four hole binding. 2013

work samples 2013