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To be free to be bold and unique takes a lot of courage which is what the magazine is all about. It's all about breaking the boundaries and stepping out of your comfort zone. If a year ago you'd have told me that I'd be part of such a big brand which is Glow the Talent Magazine, I wouldn't have believed you. But I am part of it because i stepped out and choose to stand out. We may not always know what we want or figure out what we are good at but doing nothing about it is where we could go wrong. It doesn't matter who you are or where you come from, all that matters is what you can do and what it can make you. What you think you can do must be measured up to what you can do. One must really try, you always have a little more in you. What one should do is find their true limits and you may find that success is limitless. Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence. What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals. The key sometimes is to have people in your circle who uplift you and whose presence calls forth your best. If you don't like something, change it. If you can't change it, change your attitude. I personally wouldn't have made it this far without the support of people in my life. Most importantly Mine(SMK) and my team; Eric, Charlynne and the whole GT writer's team. They made this magazine come alive. N/B: Please feel free to share your thoughts and ideas for the magazine on my mail |








IC O N S t h e flai r b i t DON THE BLACK. I felt challenged listening to this guru. His art is promising and as I got deeper, i got to learn how determined he is. A jerk of all trades in art. He has shown his prowess in his field. His profile is commendable. Meet Donald Openda. GTmag : Who is Don The Black? Don : Dontheblack is a Global Performing artist based in Nairobi Kenya. I am an Actor, Comedian, Creative Director, Event Host and Mc, Radio Personality and Social Media influencer. GTmag : Why did you choose art as a way of life? D: Art Chose me. Most of the times it used to come out. I must admit I love what I do. I have made apearances in more than 5 Kenyan Tv shows so far, I have performed for the president and other dignitaries and I am a respectable artist especially in Kenyatta University. I hope to create a worldwide brand for positive use in the society. GTmag : Your biggest achievement, one you feel proud about? Don : I performed For the President during the Opening of the Central Administration Complex, and I have been on more than 5 Tv shows which are; Hapa Kule News, Auntie Boss, Machachari, Sue Na johnie which is on Maisha Magic, Mjinga na mshenzi on Ebru Tv, Gavanna which was formerly on Ktn. I take that as a blessing. GTmag : What is your take on youth empowerment, talent wise that is?


Don : Youth empowerment is on the rise as people finally get to realize that one can sustain themselves through art. First of all, Art is not a walk in the park. It takes work commitment and resilience. You should especially watch out for 'hungry' productions that dont pay artists and beware of conmen. GTmag : What don't we know about Don? Don : I am a very good cook. GTmag : As an artist you might fall victim of being rendered crazy, any instance? Don : Yes actually, this one time I fell from a hoverboard while Mc ing an event with over 3000 people. GTmag : Is there anything you regret having done in the past? Don : Well, I regret not studying something directly impactful to my trade as an artist. I studied education, though I never was interested in being a teacher. GTmag : What guides and motivates you as an artist? Don : I get My motivation from my struggles each day and the fact that I'm not in the same place I was yesterday. I get driven by the fact that i haven't arrived yet. BY Maina A Mwangi.



flix & chill

The winds of winter are blowing! And no, this is not about snow in Nyahururu. It’s all about the cult-favourite epic - The Game of Thrones. I do not know about you guys, but I have been quaking in by boots ever since I saw the finale of season six last year. And the trailers to season seven, so hard-hitting, they almost gave me a concussion. And yes, I have already upgraded to DSTV premium as I await for the premier episode of the Winter’s War, coming right up. And Winter’s War is not only being fought on-screen on George RR Martin’s fantastic world of Westeros, but also here in the real world, with every digital carrier trying to edge its competitor out to get subscribers. Right now, it’s more of a blue or red pill scenario. Choosing between digital carriers or online streaming. The exodus from TV to streaming has become of Biblical proportions, now that the internet is, for the most part, cheaper than unga. And with the convenience of online streaming from sites such as Netflix and Showtime, we might just see the end of TV as we know it. However, some of our very Kenyan entertainment habits have proved to die hard. Movie guys. You’d expect that it would be a grim and gloomy time for the business, but apparently, they are not only surviving but thriving. I passed by my movie-guy the other day to ask him how business was going. ‘It couldn’t be better’ was the response. All his three phones were ringing with clients on the other side, and the lounge was packed like a kraal. A guy came and delivered an extra CPU to offload some of the work that was to be done burning those DVDs. His secret, just know your stuff and your clients. ‘Every person has a specific taste. Learn them. Exploit them. Then offer suggestions. And most importantly, remember your clients’ birthdays. No digital carrier or streaming service will do that. The only time they would remember you would be when you have defaulted on payment.’ Lesson learnt. Seems to me that I will be seeing my movie-guy all the more. With a library of blockbuster movies such as Spiderman, Justice League, Transformers V and Thor - Ragnarok coming out over the next few months, this year promises to be a rollercoaster. But just in case he comes up with the ‘camera-copy manenos’, I still have IMAX. Cinema will always be bae!

#SomeRandomGeek By Eston Oboch BREAK YOUR BOUNDARIES

FUTURE SEXYBACK Let’s be real, in this rough world we call home, one is the single loneliest number you can ever have. Even abject consumerism has taught us that everything is better in twos – peanut-butter & jelly, Mac & Cheese, Vinegar & Salsa, whip cream & Oreos. Everything. And just like food, love always tastes better in twos . You would think now that everything and everyone is connected, people would be happier and find love everywhere. But that couldn’t be farther from the truth. In fact there are more depressed guys right now, than any other time in peaceful history. And the doctor’s orders – go out there and meet someone new. Pretty basic and straightforward. No. Not so much. Two things most tech savvy people don’t do is going out and meeting people. We are social vegans – we avoid ‘meet’, pun intended. I was musing with a friend the other day about tech love and we had a mild epiphany we thought could revolutionize the world. Just ask everyone to donate their phones for a special cause then throw them all away. Then we would look for that elusive internet power button and switch it off. At least that way, people could meet up and have real conversations about stuff. Because whatever is happening right now – well that is a ‘techidemic’. So, how do you kick start love in such a world where everyone has spaced out into their own dimensions of reality? Using tech of course! The problem becomes the solution. DM’s, social media networking and well, Whatsapp has played a big role in the dating scene. At least these days, people don’t queue next to phone-booths or carry Boom Box radios in the rain to win the hearts of a special damsel. Though I am sure ladies would like that – chivalry is still real though. These days, instead of writing manuscripts to woo a Missus, just double tap her Instagram pics then swipe right on her Tinder account – IG, Instant Gratification. And if you are macho enough, make a music cover and post it on YouTube and add her on the Video Description. Same goes for lasses who want to get a guy. Get a printed T-shirt of the dude’s mug-shot with the caption ‘Wanted’ at the top. Put it on, take a selfie on IG and wait for nature to take its course . Millennials. And if that doesn’t work out, just apply for a spot on Tujuane TV show (wonder what ever happened to it anyway).







Is love real in the 21st Century? That I cannot answer. But who’s keeping tabs anyway. Future sexy-back is here. #somerandomgeek By Eston Oboch

STYLE TREND Ola Cashmere! Aye le cold?

In this cold August or is it winter?? Some parts of this country actually have snow. You need some classy sweaters in your closet. Sweaters and cardigans never got out of fashion. Whether you are young or old, male or female sweaters is all that you need in this July. The sweaters I am talking about are the sheep wool sweaters and Cashmere sweaters. The heavy cotton material sweaters. It may be the simple, round neck or high-low sweaters that have evolved with time but still remain fashionable. These sweaters can be tucked in an official skirt to look official and can also be worn with tights for a casual wear. Accessories with sweaters are a MUST! This is because they enhance the sweater. A good neck-piece and a good pair of earrings will do the work. In official wear a good pencil skirt or a good official skirt and a sweater worn on top of the skirt and tucked in with good accessories and some heels, you are good to good. Let’s embrace this cold with sweater for this weather. By Sarah Gathirwa



Booties, Boots, call them what you want and in cold July they are not only in but here to stay. From the kneel high boots to my favourite thigh-high boots, boo rock em’. In this article I focus mainly on the type of boots for different type of legs height and shape. Stout legs: If your legs are fatter and short you will need to: Add height with a heeled boot, add length to your gams by sticking to nothing much taller than ANKLE BOOTS. The heel is for height and muscle definition whereas the ankle-cut is to show off your legs. Slim Legs: Over-the-knee boots or thigh-high boots are the jewel to your sartorial crown. These boots make your legs seem long and envy inducing type of legs and give your thighs the illusion of a little bit more curve. Try this and thank me later. Muscular legs: For the people with muscular legs I got you. Your bae heels are the low-cut ankle boots with a heel. The low- cut helps to contract those calf muscles you want to show off and gams you have worked hard to keep in shape. The heel makes your legs look longer. Petit Legs: What will work is a pair with slight or major height boost via a heel. For longer legs, over the knee-boots work well for you and for shorter girls ankle boots give the illusion of longer legs. Let's get booted up! :-) By Sarah Gathirwa BREAK YOUR BOUNDARIES

YOUNG & BOUJEE LES CARTEL A really smart bloke once said that you go to heaven for the climate, and to hell for the company. Well, I have been to hell and back. Many times. Daily even. You see, use of public means has become the order of the day in Nairobi, and what better way to travel than using our very own hell on wheels, the Matatus! Scintillating lights, loud music, trendy patrons - few ways to describe the Nairobian transport system. Not forgetting the incessant sarcasm of its touts, thank you very much. The matatu culture has become synonymous with the Kenyan lifestyle and in fact it is said that you aren’t Nairobian enough till you got ripped off of change in one of these clubs moving on wheels. The word matatu is derivative of a Swahili term ‘Tatu’ meaning Three. Apparently, in the days gone, three was the standard price of fare for anyone plying the city routes in these PSVs. And they have indeed come a long way from that time. Necessity has indeed made way for comfort and convenience, much to the praise of its young patronage. Long gone are the days where people were packed into Matatus like Sardines in a tub. In fact, these days, you even have the leg room to sit like a boss, a socket for your smartphone, and free Wi-Fi just to keep you engaged. However, these luxuries do not come cheap. Some of these services cost a limb to access. But Kenyans will do anything for the thrill. My friend M, can attest to this. When he relocated to Ongata Rongai, he used to wonder why guys would wait patiently at the bus stops for these loud, badly driven, very expensive vehicles when there were perfectly good and half as expensive buses in front of them. Then one day it hit him. As he squeezed himself onto the seat between two ‘very well endowed women’ one of them asked him to hold her baby who was burping incessantly.


The other just had this judgmental glare as if she knew all his past and future sins combined. As he looked away, he was only met by some other Friday-the-13th-stares from the other passengers who were already seated. ‘It felt like a bus to a concentration camp’ his words… Short story - He’s never boarded any of those buses again.And while all routes might have an equal number of dazzle, some are more equal than others. The most blinged routes tend to be the out-of-city surburbs such as Rongai, Ngong, Kitengela, Komarock, and any spot along Thika Road. Simple really, the further you move from the city, the more the fare. The more the fare, the more the bling. Increasing returns – or if you are from the streets, more pay, more pimp!Matatus have transcended the definition of Public Service Vehicles and have become, well, party-buses for hire – like limousines, only louder. And for the more eccentric types, they have been used as tour buses as well. And they make for a good statement if you want to capture guys’ attention, as seen in college union campaigns. But it is not all roses, rainbows and unicorns in the industry. Nganyas have been in the news recently for more than just the road-rage and noise. Deaths due to recklessness as well as promoting delinquency (remember those high school kids smoking reefer) have plagued the industry and they are now facing extinction, now that the government plans to depopulate the city of PSVs. In the end, the Matatus will remain to remind us of who we really are as Nairobians – resilient, loud, sometimes obnoxious, but pretty much a reminder of home. Matatus are us. #somerandomgeek By Eston Oboch

Yaliyo ndwele sipite… that has been my ringtone for the better part of the last two weeks. An ever so gleeful reminder of an impending election in a few days. Well what can we say, it is open season in politics! And I already buttered the popcorn and ripped open a bag of chips, as I await the ever so entertaining dramedy that is Kenyan Politics. From the witty outtakes, comical anecdotes and Academy Award Drama set to ensue over the next few weeks, this is good, if not great prime-time material.

In fact I remember a young man, probably in the sunset years of his adolescence, moving around on a rigid looking black mamba bicycle, to campaign and present his agenda to his constituents. The guy, well, he won the nominations and he is pretty much on his way to becoming the youngest MCA in the history of anything. Then there is the high school cook and the graduate watchman. Indeed, dreams are valid! However, "politicking" has turned into a double edged sword as even more young people join the ranks of political pundits. If you walk along some streets in Nairobi, you might meet groups of serious faced, charismatic people discussing the state of affairs in a rather ‘passionate’ manner. Passionate referring to being borderline violent. And in the event you make a careless statement, you might never realize it but a projectile could end up flying your way, courtesy of the strong catapults that are the hands of these zealous party die-hards. It should be our duty to ensure peace and tolerance during this electioneering period. Punditry should never be equated to banditry.

The Kenyan political picnic-basket is never empty nor stale. Full of colour and tasteful – sometimes distasteful – humour. Our politic is a real case of reality being stranger than fiction. With spectacular plot twists, where face-slapping enemies turn into boot-licking friends in a heartbeat. An outsider might see Kenya as a regressing nation, with nationalism being sacrificed on the altar of populism, demagogy and political capital. But being the young nation that we are, still in our semi-centenarian infancy, we have a long way to go. And even as the politics slowly matures from propaganda to policy, the youth are finding themselves ever more involved than before. From the overly eccentric Babu Owino to the mildly eclectic N-Jaguar, the youth are flooding into the political arena to not only have their share of the political spotlight but also to represent the interests of the young generation. Young women haven’t been left behind as well. In fact we might have a new (and true) Manzi Wa Nai now that the vivacious and adept Suzzanne Silantoi Lengewa, whose billboard has draped the whole west side of Ukulima Co-operative House. Long gone are the days where old geezers retired into politics. And as things go, we might probably have the youngest legislators by the end of this year.

As more youth go into politics, it is our duty to ensure that we have people to represent our interests. It is vital to ensure that we do not just vote for people based on how close their age is to our own, but the kind of programs they have for us as the youth. And so, while we enjoy the adlibs and the political comedy, let’s also stop and think about our very own future. We are tomorrow’s leaders anyway. And tomorrow begins today. So on the 8th of August, don’t drop, just vote. #somerandomgeek By Eston Oboch


MAKE - UP BY Podoa is a Kenyan makeup services brand that has been enhancing faces since 2012. It is an embodiment of art and beauty. What they bring to life is not only the outer beauty but the inner beauty as well. I got a chance to experience PODOA and I must admit it felt good. They really put effort into their slogan, look good feel great. Their goal is to make a difference in society and the world at large. To not just build a brand but create a legacy. They stand for personalized beauty. Something different from what the media advertises about the idea of beauty to strive for. The media tells women to be skinny, with flawless skin, and men to have six-pack abs. For Podoa, beauty is a breathing and changing thing that evolves within different cultures and societies. They believe humans can find beauty in unique places according to their physicality and conditioning. This makes them unique from all the others, what they bring to the table is far much more than the outer beauty. It involves so much more. So I sat down with Joyce Akinyi Osodo who is the owner and founder of Podoa by Joy. She is a 27 year old beauty and art enthusiast who studied Architecture at the University of Nairobi. JED: What does your brand mean to you? JOY: My brand Podoa is an embodiment of art and beauty. In the art sense of it, it is an expression of thought and feeling. It is a tool of communication. In the beauty realm, it is an empowerment tool. Makeup application is not about hiding flaws but bringing out the best version of a person. I believe it is our nature to seek beauty, just as a plant grows towards light. However, it is absolutely clear that beauty is relative. It is linked to our perception of an event or thing, and therefore its epitome is different for everyone. That is what Podoa brings out.


JED: Whats your daily motivation? JOY: To be able to use the art of makeup artistry as a platform to empower, create and inspire people in society. It is a gift I am very grateful for. JED: What gives you greatest satisfaction? JOY: I derive satisfaction from seeing my clients happy and content. Customer satisfaction is everything and it drives me to be better and do better. JED: What skills are the most important to you when it comes to establishing an identity outside Podoa? JOY: Self-respect and respect for others. JED: How do you find inspiration in challenges and setbacks you encounter? JOY: I learn from my mistakes and I always strive to be better. I believe that there are no mistakes in life, only lessons. Growth is also very crucial to me as a person and for my brand. JED: Would you say your childhood shaped you to whom you are today? JOY:Yes it did. My childhood was characterized by my veritable love for fashion and beauty. I loved watching my mother put on her makeup and longed for the day I too would be grown enough to wear makeup. My newspaper covered exercise books had pictures of models whom I felt the need to draw more makeup on them. Let me not mention playing with dolls until it became embarrassing to continue to do so. The art of beauty was in me from way back then. JED: What was the inspiration behind Podoa? Do you feel it is relaying the message you intended?

Podoa make up

JOY: Podoa is a Kenyan makeup services brand that has been enhancing faces since 2012. Podoa is an embodiment of art and beauty. A Swahili word meaning ‘to make something beautiful’. I started the business when I was in Campus at the University of Nairobi studying Architecture. Yes, the Podoa message is as I envisioned it to be. From my interaction with my clients and other creatives in the field I get encouraging feedback and this keeps me going because it shows that I am doing the right thing. JED: What do you like doing during leisure time? JOY: I am obsessed with books. I love to read mostly African literature and biographies. I also love travelling. JED: How would you describe your inspiration behind the art? JOY: Podoa stands for personalized beauty. Beauty is unique to everyone and that is the magic. Centuries ago, the idea of the perfect body, was portrayed in sculpture and paintings, which would be considered undesirable by many today. French writer Stendhal famously defined beauty as “the promise of happiness.” But even though beauty is relative, does it have an essence? To us, in individuality we find beauty. That is what we are about, that is the essence of Podoa. JED: What are your short term and long term goals in regards to Podoa? JOY: The beauty industry in Kenya is on the rise. My short term goal is to grow Podoa as a competitive Kenyan makeup brand that provides exquisite makeup services. In the long term, my vision is simple. Podoa will be more than just a brand. It will be a legacy making an impact in the international makeup scene.


JED: What are the lessons you’ve learnt that you can describe as key to success? JOY: I have learnt persistence, endurance and consistency. Without these I would not be where I am today. It has not been an easy journey but I appreciate the challenges. Also, to never give up. I cling fast to the words of Winston Churchill ;Never give up on something you cannot go a day without thinking about. BREAK YOUR BOUNDARIES By Jed Matthews.

LIPSTICK!!!! Can I get Amen ladies!!!Who doesn’t like lipstick? Yes who is not interested in having there lips in some colour. Which sane lady wound not like having coloured lips. With that being said I like lipstick. I save in order to afford having not just lipstick but good lipstick. Here are few shades. Arousing Red This is a must have for all the ladies. It's the trendy, sexy lipstick that all ladies would like to have. It’s the old Maryline Monroe type that one can still rock today and look trendy. If you haven’t tried it go head and try it. Royal Purple The type of lipstick would be suited for going out. It really does create attention around your lips giving the sense of an easy going type of woman. This is a colour I would say is for the bold to use. Vamp Dark This is a sexy dark lipstick. My favorites lipstick. It is unexpected, fierce but sexy all at the same time. It is actually one of the lipstick that one can wear going to an office, and still be fit for a night out. Try it. Naughty Nude This lippie you handle with caution. When using it make sure it is the right shade for your skin colour otherwise one might end up looking like they have cracked and thirsty dried lips. But for they who have found the perfect shade it’s the play it safe lipstick. It’s about time you stopped hiding your favorites lipstick and showed it to everyone. Which of the five is your favorite? Which one do you actually wear?   By Sarah Gathirwa


Home Made Beauty

It's surprising how far people (more so ladies) go to achieve the flawless look. Ladies spend so much time and money just to get heads turned when they enter in a room. Yet affordable natural make-up removers, facial cleansers, facial scrubs and facial moisture that are a quick fix at home can be made. But then these quick fix can only attain maximum results if used when taking into consideration the type of skin you have, whether its the oily skin or the dry skin. Below are examples of home-made beauty: 1. MAKE-UP REMOVERS. Pure olive oil and baby oil: Mix two tablespoons of olive oil with one tablespoon of baby oil. Soak the mixture in a ball of cotton and gently wipe over your eyelids and lashes to remove the mascara, eyeliner and eyeshadow.Repeat the procedure until the make-up is over. Pure olive oil can also be a good make-up remover without the baby oil mixture. Petroleum: Take a ball of cotton wool and dip it in petroleum oil then wipe it over your eyes. Repeat the procedure for maximum 2. FACIAL SCRUBS. A good facial scrub exfoliates the skin, avoids breakouts and removes dead skin from the skin. Maize flour and water Take two spoonfuls of maize flour and add water to it forming a paste. Massage the paste on your skin slowly the after five minutes, wash it out.Â

3. FACIAL MOISTURER Milk, honey and avocado: Blend honey and avocado together then add some milk into the mixture.Apply it on your skin then leave it for an hour. Then wash it off.

Pawpaw, honey and sugar: Mix the three together then rub them on your face. Leave it on your face for ten minutes then wash it off with lukewarm water.

Yoghurt, orange and lemon: Take one cup of yoghurt and add a spoonful of orange and lemon juice. Apply on your skin and leave it for fifteen minutes. Wash it off with lukewarm water. Remember skin is like a vehicle the more you take care of it the better it looks! By Sarah Gathirwa BREAK YOUR BOUNDARIES

THE TREND I always found myself cursing every friday evening if I missed it. Reasons not well established. Truth be told, Larry captured an audience. It feels uncomfortable to miss the show. It feels incomplete when Larry is away. Writing this some days after the big exeunt from the show is hurting. The standards that were created by Larry still remain a landmark. A show ain't a show without larry. I still don't understand why am behaving this way. Who knew The Trend when Smart used to host the show? Anyone? You see, it means something to host the show and get a name out of it. The live performance by artists and bands would get me locked to the show. Just like Glow, Talent was the order of the day. Exemplary performances that gave the show some life. The host, Larry, had mastered his art on how to keep his audience in the right mood. I'd say that the trend had attracted a wide audience. Companies and products would not hesitate to advertise through the show. Publicity was guaranteed within the show. Different artists, different talents, same stage, same show, lit performances. Friday was set for The Trend. The panel that brought the news room down to laughter. #TTTT was that artist collabo that got every face lit. Shiku Muriuki, Butita, Anita, Njambi, Njugush, this people had no chills. Trending stories sarcastically scrutinized and made humorous. It is an insult to host an underrated show. Larry made sure this never happened. He would have lost his viewers. Keeping up to those standards meant he had to embark on extra measures. It demands a lot of sacrifice and hard work to sustain such a show on air for years. Larry's grip was strong enough to keep the show on air for more years. Watching different faces on the show indicated growth. Getting talents sell and known. Giving the upcoming artists a platform to showcase what they do best. The show went down to look for those artists whose vines were trending. The different people we had in our society who did extraordinary measures back in the slums and ghetto. Success stories were now becoming usual. The show nurtured every ability that showed some special potential. I loved the talents that kept the show live. Let me be true on this, it won't hurt. funny. He was just a


Larry was never funny. He was just a good host who gave the guests some ample time. He was just the best guy who brought artists together. He was just the best guy who neutralized the show to some mature level of it. Keeping such a big team on the show would never have been busy but Larry was just the right guy for that show. Social media would just heat up on Fridays. Whoever he used to bring all that content together was just perfect for that work. His panel of comedians, intellects, smart and mouthy was just the best. They kept the audience thinking. Now that Larry left to let some other talents Glow. The next host in line should work above that bar. The big question remains, who is that next host? By Alfred Mwangi



The kids of today won't get the taste of those old beats. I'm not an ancestor, but I'm lucky to have found E-sir, the kleptomaniacs, kalamashaka and uko flani. Listening to the voices of Juacali, Nonini and Mr.Nice. I still get my head rocking to the beats of GidiGidi Majimaji, where did he get the name anyway? "Who can bwoga me? I am unbwogabble!" The mention of those lyrics got my hand up on the air to the beats. I'd say, this pioneers were not predictable. With the harsh conditions and scarcity of these recording studios. They still produced the best hits.I was young then. Truth be told, E-sir's efforts are still appreaciated. His epic prowess in the industry that was short-lived. Nameless lives to tell the story.E-Sir won in four categories in the 2003 Kisima Music Awards. Those old chaps like me remember the red screaming face. Ogopa deejays. This is where the story begins. The birth of kapuka. Founded in the 90's by some faces that still remain strange to the public. The group that nurtured kenyan music from obscurity. The age where joining the music industry was rendered an abomination. It was a curse and one was ambushed a misfit. Music was in its incubation stages and no one thought of it in any other form. It was the same old afro beats of Daudi Kabaka. Our strict african parents who kdiscouraged us of such dead careers. Nameless would appreciate following that path. I'd say he survived by using his "juju". Don't get me wrong. He create his own audience and dropping hits like 'juju' was one of his greatest hits. His wife Wahu Kagwi is not left behind in the journey. "You're a liar" words I know best from her. A strong lady who made it through the journey and still remained relevant years later. The duo really has made it as the artists' couple for a decade now. It still stands that it hasn't been easy to keep the profile. It's struggle, congratulations to them. None of those mentioned, have fought a battle if their music has not been rejected by the government and barred from the only national channel. "Nchi ya kitu kidogo" (country of bribe). Eric Wainaina, is one household name. Salute! A fighter who never lost hope after microphones were switched off during a performance. The lovers of at still can remember and tell the telltales of this great musician. Eric is that guy.Who fails to concede defeat? Few, Nyashinski comes back from the dungeon. Makes a hit, raises eyebrows and seats to watch. His rebirth into the industry brought some new refined energy. Dropping hit after hit is leaving his competitors in a fuss. His life escapades have improved. Come backs still remains the best. The energies exploited. Our eyes are on you. From the kleptomaniacs, to his singles. Collo not left behind, we now have the reborn version of Majale. Creating paces for the upcoming artists. All in all, the upcoming artists should accept the fact that their way was made easy into the limelight. Those who started the journey fought discrimination and rejection in tough battles. Now that your music can pay. It all started from somewhere. Salute to the legends. By Alfred Mwangi BREAK YOUR BOUNDARIES


IDEA: GO BIG OR GO HOME What does it take to come up with a business idea? The spirit of entrepreneurship is not born in us but develops with time from terrible employment experience, lack of employment or just being creative. During this period, you realize that there are a lot of risks involved, not to mention that it may require you to borrow a loan or quit your job. Moreover, would-be entrepreneurs may ask themselves this question: How did everyone else get inspiration to strike? And how can I work the same magic? Well! I gathered tips and tricks to help you be an independent thinker. Identifying a Need: take your time, survey the current situation in the society then let your business be the satisfaction towards the people’s need.

If the only butchery available still uses the manual weighing machine let your business bring change. Innovative: your idea should entail means of problem solving in the society, by way of offering a service that did not exist before yet there was a need. Do a self-skill audit: considering what skills and knowledge you need for the next step. The business may be as a result of your hidden talent hence doesn’t need much on having to train for the skill. Turn to the experts: seek inspiration from startup mentors who discuss more on business launch and progress. I have to admit “ No man is an island” , because one needs to be constantly motivated as they under go the self-employment phase.

The Brand Name: plays a very important role as it determines what the business will accomplish. Capital: it’s wealth in form of money or assets, taken as a sign of the financial strength. Start-up a business idea that won’t break your bank, also the profit margin should be steady at the beginning then rise later on. With these few tips, I hope you will be one step closer to achieving your entrepreneurial vision. Join me next time as I take you through each step of legalizing your business idea. By A. Fridah


CELEBS Conquering New York! So this piece right here is about this beautiful Kenyan-Mexican actress, Lupita Nyong'o. We all know her story, born in Mexico, raised in Kenya, went back to Mexico for 7 months to learn Spanish and all that. But what I want to focus on is what makes her Lupita the Queen of Theatre because I say so. Lol! Anyway, we can all agree that this black beauty is making it in the acting scene. She has already bagged so many awards and been nominated in even more. I will be mentioning them shortly. She has a heart of gold and so much compassion which is shown by her deeds. She is involved in the organization Mother Health International, which is dedicated to providing relief to women and children in Uganda by creating locally engaged birthing centers. She had never thought much about birthing practices until her sister introduced her to Mother Health International Executive Director Rachel Zaslow. Nyong'o felt bringing attention to such important but overlooked issues is a mandate for her as an artist. Now back to her awards, she has been nominated for 56 awards and has won 40 awards so far. If she had never ever believed in her capability and broken her boundaries, she would have never grown as much as she has. That is why we feel she is glowing with talent because she is bold and unique. By Jed Matthews


PROBE IT! EMPOWERING YOUR AMBITION “Ambition is the path to success while persistence is the vehicle you arrive in” wise words by Bill Bradley. For as long as I can remember, I have dreamt of hospitality. The idea of fine dining, foreign cuisine and luxurious hotels had a special place in my heart. In fact, it was this continued fascination for hospitality that brought me the opportunity of being an intern at the Boma International Hospitality College (BIHC) an affiliate of Kenya Red Cross.


My expectations were high and my nerves out of control that beautiful Thursday morning. I approached the BIHC as a Leisure blogger with a view of reviewing the Boma Hotel, instead they had a brilliant idea which was the internship. That material day turn out to be a dream come true. With time, I learnt that the BIHC had developed a state of the art study programme that not only nurtured ones interest but also builds a professional character in each student. In addition, the partnership between Boma International Hospitality College (BIHC) and Business & Hotel Management School (BHMS) a top class Swiss school, has enabled the college to maintain a strong emphasis on Swiss traditions of balancing theories with practice. The college has also achieved a great academic reputation as they have already enrolled students from China, Nigeria and Madagascar. Even though there’s language barrier, the lectures are determined enough to pass knowledge. I felt more alive, more motivated as I interacted with the students and lecturers than anywhere else. As a part-time student, I believe that the best way to learn anything is through experience and the College has also embraced the idea. For example the culinary arts students get to cook for their fellow students while the other students get stationed at Boma Hotel with different set of duties. My internship at the BIHC has filled me with pride that has reinvigorated my love and ambition for the hospitality industry. Last but not least, BIHC is the center of hospitality excellence and am very proud to welcome anyone who has the ambition to pursue Hospitality. Kindly visit their website for more details on the courses offered and how to apply for the courses. Till next time, be inspired.. By A. Fridah BREAK YOUR BOUNDARIES


GLOW CHAMP We all have that one thing that makes us stand out. Makes us unique from the rest and the best thing is it makes us happy. In this glow champ segment, I introduce Gabriella Mumbi Njoroge, a 21years old who is currently in Embu which is her homeland. She grew up with three brothers. She has a fraternal twin brother. She started modelling in 2013 after high school. She decided to take it as a career and it was a time she was working for fame but she now does it to earn. She has gotten the chance to do one high fashion event in Embu in conjunction with FFEK which stands for Fashion for Education Kenya. She has also participated in Mr. and Miss ASK Embu and Mr. and Miss Face of Embu where she managed 1st runners up in both. Other than modelling, she enjoys and loves doing charity work, like helping the needy and visiting the orphans. She recently joined an international pageant in Nigeria which she will be representing Nairobi. Modelling is her passion and it makes her glow. What modelling has done for her is it has helped her help gals out there who have a passion in it. Gabriella was also involved in the judging panel and also trains model how to catwalk and be confident. Gabriella is the voice of African child. This is what makes her stand out and the fact that you can feel the passion she has for it as shown through the piece below: Dear Model, What does it mean to be a Hero? Look into the mirror and you will know. Look into your own eyes and tell me you’re not heroic, that you have not endured, or suffered or lost the things you care about most, and yet here you are! Survivor of life, the toughest place anyone has ever known, a place where cowards don’t last long. So you must be a hero. We all are, some more than others but none of us alone. Some compromise their principles trying to make a better life for themselves and family, others stand tall and stay the course in the hope they can stop the tide of corruption, tribalism, the disregard for human life all around. But this is Life, exciting or boring, beautiful or ugly, peaceful or chaotic you live here. You didn’t choose this life, it chose you. Because a hero isn’t someone living among us keeping us safe, a hero is not a god or an idea. A hero lives here, on the street among us, with us, always here but barely recognized. Look in the mirror and see yourself for what you truly are. You’re a Model, you’re a hero. This is your life. Yours truly, Gabriella With all these, we can see she is fierce, bold and not afraid to get what she wants. That is why she is our glow champ.






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