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WELGEVONDEN BULLETIN | november 2019 AGM news


From the editor It’s the middle of November 2019. Not only is PROUD SPONSOR OF THE WELGEVONDEN BULLETIN

the end of another year in sight, but – and can you believe it – the end of another decade! Already we can start reminiscing about the time that’s gone by, as we so often do at this time of the year. We can also start looking forward to the new beginning that lies ahead in 2020! Which makes me think of what the American author, Hal Borland, once said: “Year’s end is neither an end nor a beginning but a going on, with all the wisdom that experience can instill in us.” From a philosophical angle, this may be true. But that doesn’t mean that we’re not allowed to look forward to and enjoy that special interlude that year-end brings – a time to

slow down and reflect, to celebrate, and to refresh before the new year starts. We want to use this opportunity to wish our readers all the best for the festive season. May you enjoy peace and goodwill during this special time of the year, and may compassion, gratification and happiness be a part of your 2020. In this issue of the Welgevonden Bulletin we highlight the latest estate news, we report on the AGM that took place on 24 October this year, and we introduce an established business within the health and fitness industry in the Stone Square shopping centre. Enjoy the read!

Johan du Preez


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Xone Security trophy winners: quarterly shift competition


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Well-known resident plants a tree


A biokinetics practice in the Stone Square commercial centre


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WHOA AGM held on 24 October 2019 A well-attended 2019 AGM was held on 24 October. Below we highlight some of the

Excom, on behalf of the WHOA members, has a responsibility to prevent or, at least,

discussion points and decisions taken.

minimise liability claims against the WHOA. With reference to safety at the dam, Excom initially planned to bring this matter to the WHOA members at the 2019 AGM for their

Constitution, Estate Rules and Architectural Guidelines

input and participation in a decision on possibly fencing off the dam.

The meeting voted in favour of a number of amendments made to the Constitution, Estate Rules and Architectural Guidelines.

Fencing off the Welgevonden dam The meeting took note of Excom’s concerns about free access to the Welgevonden dam and the potential safety risk that this poses for humans and animals. This had been a discussion point at Excom meetings for some time. A main concern, especially, is the fact that children are often seen playing on their own at the dam without any adult supervision. The unfortunate drowning of an adult person in the dam some time ago, further intensifies the concern for safety at the dam.


However, as part of the preparation for the meeting, a legal opinion was obtained from Prof. Max Loubser from Cluver Markotter Attorneys on liability in this respect. Based on his opinion, it was clear that this was no longer a discretional matter, but that it would be in the best interest of the members of the Association to proceed with fencing off the Welgevonden dam. EXCOM realises that the dam is an asset for Welgevonden Estate and, for most of its owners and residents, a special, perhaps even personal space. This sensitive, yet important matter will therefore be approached in a

The results of the survey were made known and were discussed at the AGM. Following this, members had the opportunity to vote for their top five preferences from a list of 24 survey results. This was to give guidance to Excom when allocating priorities for implementing the items listed. Excom will use this information to compile a project plan. • Click here to view the 24 survey results and the order in which they were voted for at the AGM.

Election of Excom members

WHOA AGM (cont...)

transparent manner. More information will be communicated in due course.

Helping to shape Welgevonden Estate’s future!

The following members were elected: • Ancia van der Mescht

Owners and residents recently had the opportunity to participate in a survey

• Charl Cillié

aimed at gathering information to map out the long-term development

• Johann Combrink

options of Welgevonden Estate. The aim of the project was to determine

• Leon Rossouw

the vision for the estate and to formulate priorities for the short, medium

• Erlo Vos

and long term to ensure that Estate Management’s efforts in managing

• Newton Fincham

and developing Welgevonden Estate remain relevant and aligned with the

• Wynand Viljoen

interests of its owners and residents.

• Johann Bosman


A big thank you! Thank you to Pam Golding Property Management Services – the managing agent for the WHOA – for handling the administrative arrangements for the WHOA and, especially, for the meticulous

WHOA AGM (cont...)

manner in which they manage the financial affairs of the association.

Xone Security quarterly shift trophy winners Pictured is the Xone shift that has been awarded the most recent Shift of the Quarter floating trophy. This trophy is awarded to the shift that’s accumulated the most points during the preceding quarter’s evaluation of various aspects of their performance as a team. Individual shift members display a mini replica of the trophy on their uniform lapel until the next quarterly winners are announced.

W. Nel, M. Nkosana, M. Nqweniso, S. Sizani, V. Bom, A. Gegeza, A. Mjamba, A. Andrews



Well-known resident plants a tree Mrs. Liesel Visser – a nature and animal lover, and one of Welgevonden Estate’s senior residents – had a number of reasons to plant a white stinkwood tree on the estate’s green belt recently: • The celebration of her 88th birthday. • Celebrating moving into her new house on Welgevonden Estate (then still known as Green Oaks) in October 1995. (October 1995? That is 24 years ago!) • Replacing a 20-year-old white stinkhout tree that, unfortunately, had to be removed from her erf recently. Liesel, the Welgevonden folk appreciate you as a person, your positive attitude and the energetic way in which you live your life. * Thank you to Estate Management and Danny from Crown Landscaping for making this event special 9 for Liesel.

Lize-Jeanne Coetzee Biokineticist in the Stone Square commercial centre In our regular feature on businesses in the Stone Square

improvement or rehabilitation of physical abilities, and assist

commercial centre, we get to know Lize-Jeanne Coetzee

our clients in executing these programmes.”

Biokineticist, a medical practice focusing on quality of life through movement. Are you one of the many who think that biokineticists are only there to help sports professionals to recover from injuries, or improve their performance? If so, then think again! Biokinetics is for everyone. Any person – young or old, healthy or weak, fit or out of shape – can benefit from following a biokinetics programme. “Biokinetics focuses on the science of human movement and is a medical profession concerned with health promotion,” says Lize-Jeanne Coetzee. “We prescribe scientificallybased physical activity programmes for the maintenance,

Biokineticists are medically-trained therapists who have completed at least five years of study, including an internship. They are equipped to do individual assessments to evaluate and measure posture, body composition, blood pressure, glucose levels, cholesterol levels, lung function, heart rate, physical fitness, muscle strength, endurance, power and flexibility. Once an individualised assessment is completed, an exercise programme specific to the client’s needs is prescribed. The aim is to improve the client’s physical well-being and quality of life by setting goals to improve fitness, wellness, performance and/or rehabilitation.

Lize-Jeanne Coetzee Biokineticist (cont...)

Lize-Jeanne started her practice in November 2017, and colleague Manjé Deyzel joined her two years later. They offer a wide range of biokinetics services including, among others, orthopaedic rehabilitation, sports conditioning and performance, rehabilitation from and prevention of chronic diseases, weight loss programmes, pre- and post-pregnancy classes, moms and toddler classes, group classes for families, corporate wellness days, Kinesio strapping, as well as assisting the elderly and others with specific needs. Individual assessments are scientifically done using an InBody 270 body composition analyser to determine, among others, fat and muscle mass, and body water levels. This facility also provides the functionality to track body composition data in order to monitor and assist with achieving individual fitness goals. The practice also does posture analysis, genetic testing, running analysis and Discovery Vitality fitness assessments. But – to complete the picture – what really makes the difference, is the passion, enthusiasm and genuineness of these two dedicated professionals. “Manjé and I are in this profession because we care for people and want to make life better for them,” says Lize-Jeanne.

(Picture: Supplied)


Lize-Jeanne Coetzee Biokineticist (cont...)

“This dream was realised in building up the Lize-Jeanne

by biokineticists. Lize-Jeanne’s practice, furthermore, has Accredited Medical Practitioner (AMP)

Coetzee Biokineticist practice in the space of a mere few

accreditation with the Professional Golfers’ Association (PGA), which allows them to offer golf

years, something which we are extremely grateful for.”

physical therapy programmes.

For Lize-Jeanne and Manjé their qualifications, skills and experience are important because it enables them to do what they do. “But, what especially inspires us is the interaction with our clients and the bond created when dealing with them. This magic is something that we will never get used to!” Manjé adds.

Contact details:

Business hours:

Location: Shop 12B, Stone Square Shopping

Monday: 05:00-19:00

& Medical Centre, Klein Welgevonden

Tuesday: 06:00-19:00

Tel: 082 979 5824

Wednesday: 05:00-19:00

E-mail: rehab@ljbiokin.com

Thursday: 06:00-16:30

Website: www.ljbiokin.com

Friday: 05:00-15:00

Saturday and Sunday: Closed

Facebook: @RehabBiokineticist I left the interview feeling enriched by the positive energy that I’d experienced and uplifted by a new awareness of a world where there are those who are eager to walk the extra mile for others. “How encouraging,” I said to myself as I pondered over these feelings, “surely a heartening experience that will linger with me.” * Biokineticists in South Africa are recognised by and registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa, and medical aid schemes in general cover treatment



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