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Disclaimer: This digi-mag is produced especially for residents in Glen Erasmia Estate to provide updates and useful information. It is produced by GLOVent Media & Fab Creative, on behalf of the homeowners’ association (HOA) of Glen Erasmia Estate. Although every effort is taken to ensure accuracy of content, the HOA and/or the publisher, cannot be held liable for any inaccurate information, and may not agree with all opinions expressed in this publication.

Dear Residents, By this time a lot of you are already enjoying the advantages of Fibre to the home. Our holiday program seemed to be enjoyed by the children. The date for our annual Christmas function has been set and will be held on Saturday 30th November 2019. Please diarise this date! Soon our matriculants will begin writing the second most important set of exams in their lives. Remember: what you put in is what you will get out. The Weltevreden Circle Project was completed and makes a big difference on the Boulevard. See page 14 in the newsletter for updates.

Greta Bezuidenhout Estate Manager



annual Christmas function


Saturday 30th November 2019

Tuesdays at 17:00 at the Estate Office.

More details to come soon!

LEVIES: R1,425-00 per month. Account enquiries can be directed to or phone MC admin at 011 394 9625 The CSOS fee is R18-50.


Please take note that refuse removal is on a Monday. DATES JULY 2019: 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th AUGUST 2019: 5th, 12th, 19th, 26th REFUSE TO BE PUT OUT ON THE MORNING OF COLLECTION AND NOT THE EVENING BEFORE. Recycling We urge residents to only dispose of paper and glass at the paper and glass recycling bins at the top gate until notified otherwise. We are also looking at options for the recycling of plastic. When disposing of refuse, we request that residents place their items into the bins, rather than next to the recycle bins.


resident info

You’re not letting us know who is moving into your house! It’s potentially dangerous from a security viewpoint, and embarrassing when we have no clue that a new resident is moving in. Very simply, we need a visit to the office and a copy of the lease. For those of you who haven’t provided either/ or, we’d love to see you.

Residents are requested to please update their current details for proper communication at the Estate’s office. This includes email addresses and cell phone numbers. If someone is not in your employment anymore, please inform the Estate Office.

Safety is the primary concern of the Board, and the same should apply to every resident/road user within the Estate. The Ekurhuleni Metro Police, without any prior warning, is conducting spot checks at Estates at any given day or time.

A warm welcome to ALL new residents to the estate. We hope that your stay here will be a pleasant one.


Matthew Campbell – HR/Finances Wayne Teich - Legal Nico Van Noordwyk – Municipal Liaison Johan Stoffberg – Security/Maintenance/Social Leon De Wet - Finances Jacques Du Preez – IT/Health and Safety Callie Van Eck – Risk and Audit/Security George Labuschagne – Maintenance/Aesthetics Jean De Villiers – Gardens/Social Dawid Roodt – Finances/Gardens Mona Williams - Gardens Nick Verhoef – Aesthetics/Maintenance

Patrick Brown - IT Johan Smit - Finances Marius Van Wyk - Legal Jacqui Sandow – Social/ HR Wouter Du Preez – Security Wessel Hattingh – Health and Safety/maintenance Sergio Da Silva Pinho – Security At the constituting meeting of the Board of Directors on 3rd June 2019, the following members were elected: Matthew Campbell – Chairperson Wayne Teich – Vice Chairperson


2.3 Environmental Management Rule 2.3.10 Swimming pool / fish pond / water feature may not be emptied into the streets, Boulevard, or the neighbouring properties but shall be channelled into the property’s drainage system (gully). This is in accordance with Council Regulation P3 (4). fine - Draining of pool water into streets = R1000.00* per offence

2.1 The Streetscape

Rule 2.1.5 Caravans, boats, commercial vehicles above 1-tonne, equipment, tools, engine and vehicle parts as well as accommodation for pets shall be sited out of view and screened from neighbouring properties and the street behind closed gate/s. However, trailers will be allowed to be parked with partial view from street side behind a closed gate on the resident’s property. fine - Caravans, commercial vehicles, boats, trailers parked on sidewalks or not screened from street = R 300.00* per week *First Offence: Warning will be issued


Domestics and Gardeners

Foreign Nationals working in the Estate

If a domestic worker or a gardener already has an access card, you can extend by just phoning the office instead of coming in personally.

We have experienced a volume of Domestics/ Gardeners/ Contractors with Asylum papers that are not valid. Security has sought some advice from other institutions to know what to look out for and where applicable, a disclaimer form will need to be signed by the employer. We would like to bring the following to your attention:

If a resident gives something to one of their employees, we would like you to write a short letter of confirmation that you have given items to them.

Section 42 (2) states in any criminal proceedings arising out of this section, it is no defence (Ignorance is no excuse) to aver that the status of the foreigner concerned, or whether he or she was an illegal foreigner, was unknown to the accused if it is proved that the accused ought reasonably to have known the status of the foreigner, or whether he or she was an illegal foreigner.

Foreign Nationals: Please take note Immigration Act, 13 of 2002 Section 42 (1)(a) no person, shall aid, abet, assist, enable or in any manner help an illegal foreigner (who has no status as per definition) or 42 (1)(b) a foreigner in respect of any matter, conduct or transaction which violates such foreigner’s status (e.g. offer employment if foreigner is in possession of a holiday visa and not a valid worker’s permit) when applicable.

Section 49(4 & 6) Anyone who intentionally (e.g. know what the Act requires and then proceed with providing service or permit expired and continue with providing service) facilitates an illegal foreigner to receive public services to which such illegal foreigner is not entitled shall be guilty of an offence and liable on conviction to a fine or imprisonment not exceeding five years.



PETS Dogs are often found running in the streets without collars and tags. We would like to remind residents of the following rule: 2.10.7 Every pet shall wear a collar with a tag indicating the name, telephone number and Address of its owner. Stray pets; without identification tags, shall be apprehended and handed to the S.P.C.A. at the cost of the owner should the owner’s identity be established. fine - Dogs in streets without leash or owner = R 150.00* per dog *First Offence: Warning will be issued


Security phone numbers


First call, all hours: Reaction Officer: 083 778 9217 Second call, during office hours: Estate Manager: 083 700 8631 Second call, after hours: Johan: 0783221095

Residents are urged to immediately report lost or stolen access cards to the Estate Office or Security. An unfortunate event happened at our neighbouring Estate, where a car was hi-jacked with the access card in it, and it was later used to enter the Estate and steal goods out of the house.

Please ensure that these telephone numbers are stored on your phone for any security emergencies or incidents.

Any reporting of municipal matters Consumers are urged to repair leaks on their properties, and to report those that require the municipality’s attention, to the municipal services call centre number on 086 054 3000.

You will bear with us for increased vigilance as far as access cards are concerned, and all access to the Estate for that matter as YOUR SECURITY IS IMPORTANT TO US!!


Gardens Thank you to all the residents that are keeping their gardens tidy. We request that residents keep an eye on weeds growing on the pavements and in the beds, as well as maintaining their driveways. AESTHETICS The aesthetics of each property, as visible from the street side, was reviewed again and those residents who need to be informed of an issue will receive a letter from the Estate Office.


The Weltevreden Circle area has been revamped as approved at the AGM


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The Social Committee, once again, organised some activities for the children during the School Holidays. On 21st June 2019, the children enjoyed themselves on jumping castles.

On 26th June 2019, we had a picnic in the park at the Main Boulevard. ‘Eddie the Clown’ entertained the kids with face painting, balloon sculpting and a magic show.


holiday fun cont.

On Friday 28th June 2019, we played baseball on the Boulevard, and enjoyed games like musical chairs.

On Wednesday 3rd July 2019, we had a reptile/animal demonstration. This was great fun for parents and children alike!


holiday fun cont.

Friday, 5th July : Boeresport


For keeping the trees growing strong, steady and enjoying them we are proud of this as that makes Glen Erasmia Boulevard such a beautiful place to live in… For always putting garbage out on the collection days… For always keeping your pet dog safely behind locked gates… For being sensitive about the continuous barking of dogs... For maintaining gardens and making it aesthetically pleasing at all times… For keeping the Boulevard tidy and not throwing rubbish around… For driving slowly, taking the children and pedestrians in consideration… Thank you for treating the Guards with respect and motivating them to deliver better and friendly service to all… To all residents that pay their levies on time, thank you very much as this maintains the Estate… To be part of our big family is to take each other into consideration at all times…

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201907 GLEN ERASMIA Newsletter  

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