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Dear CroYdonites, With the festive cheer in the air we are nearing the end of 2019, and what a wonderful year we had! It is now a time to celebrate and be thankful for our blessings. The Croydon Vineyard Estate community has come alive this year and shared many happy times at functions and events at the Lifestyle Centre. Our award winning Croydon wines often the inspiration to the festivities. I wish to thank the staff for their support and commitment to make Croydon Vineyard Estate a wonderful place to live. I also thank the Trustees for their service, encouragement and contributions throughout the year. The Wine Company Team also had a successful year and we are looking forward to more celebrations with the next harvest. We also thank the homeowners and committees for their assistance, advice and feedback which is highly appreciated. May you all have a blessed festive season and a prosperous 2020. Kind Regards, Tobie Esterhuyzen Estate Manager 3

Wine Safari On 18 October 2019 we held a wine safari for the first time to introduce residents to the various vineyard blocks. Tastings of the specific grape varieties in the relevant vineyard blocks were set up to create the atmosphere and initiate the wine safari. What more wonderful way could there be to learn and experience our own backyard than by meandering through the vineyards with glass in hand. The culmination of the safari was an MCC tasting in the cellar with our winemaker, Rikus Neethling.

The difference between variety and varietal ... Varieties are types of grapes, i.e. Merlot grapes, Cabernet Sauvignon grapes and Chardonnay grapes; etc. A varietal is a wine that is labelled as being made from one grape variety. So wines labelled as Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay are varietals. CLICK HERE to view the Wine Price List


Family Dinner 27 November 2019

This is always a highlight on the Croydon calendar. This year saw residents volunteering and catering and, on this occasion, Theresa Papenfus rose to the challenge. A delicious traditional South African dish, bobotie (with Theresa’s own creative flare), rice with a host of condiments (coconut, chutney, banana, etc) and a lovely fresh salad was the menu for the evening. To complete it, dessert was a baked “telephone” pudding with custard. Some useless information: Telephone Pudding …. because you are guaranteed to receive a telephone call from a guest begging for the recipe. Good food, good company and good wine… naturally!

Thank You For The Support! Black Friday sales at Croydon reached in excess of R23 000.


World Cup Rugby 2 November 2019

We are the champions Yes ‌ it is difficult not to sing it! A champagne breakfast was a precursor to the game, which could have been what pre-empted the fabulous high the 2019 Rugby World Cup ended on. It was a moment of unity and celebration when, for the third time, at 12 year intervals - 1995, 2007 and 2019 - the Springboks won the coveted title and the Webb Ellis Cup. Unity is definitely a common denominator for both rugby and Croydonites ‌ and Croydonites just love uniting over a bottle of Croydon wine. 6

24 September 2019

The Croydon community gathered together and celebrated with a traditional braai at the Lifestyle Centre. The youth however, added a twist and held their own “market day�, selling their wares and hopefully killing two birds with one stone - learning some entrepreneurial skills whilst making some pocket money at the same time!


ANNUAL NOVEMBER EVENTS Sweet Treats and Fancy Dress took place on 31 October. This event grows in popularity every year and is an opportunity for everyone to participate - not just the children. The children dress up and knock on the doors of residents who have indicated they wish to participate and collect sweet treats. It is an absolute delight to see the excitement on the children’s faces and how much fun is created in the dressing up! Residents who participate by providing a sweet stop along the way often seem to enjoy the occasion more than the children. The adults traipsing behind their offspring seem to have jumped on the bandwagon and created their own twist, with glass in hand - hoping to collect a refill along the way no doubt!

This year we saw a change in strategy from a Potjiekos Competition to a Potjiekos Get-together. Braai drums, wood and firelighters were provided for those who wished to create a potjie and share in the community spirit. This was yet another opportunity for Croydonites to share good food, good company and good wine, which seems to be a common trend.



Mark and Susan Corliss Shalendra and Andria Pillay Who tied the knot during the course of the year! Wishing you both a happily-ever-after from your Croydonite family. 9

Dr Grant Hatch

January 8th 1966 – December 6th 2019 In memoriam It was with great sadness that we learnt of the death of Croydon Vineyard Estate resident Dr Grant Hatch after a brave battle against lung cancer, possibly caused by radon since Grant was a non smoker. Grant had a long and distinguished career as a strategy consultant, business leader and entrepreneur and was known for his highly developed analytical, programme management and leadership skills. He had extensive experience across the African continent and his research focus was on understanding consumer growth and segmentation in Africa. Grant held a PhD in agriculture from the University of Natal and an MBA from the University of Cape Town. During his career he held senior positions with JP Morgan-Cazenove, Capgemini South Africa and Accenture before becoming a partner with Griffin Advisors providing research, corporate strategy and private equity advice to clients in Africa.

He brought his wealth of business experience to Croydon Vineyard Estate and served as a hard working trustee on the home owner’s association where his passion for and extensive knowledge of agriculture contributed to one of his many great loves – the creation of a beautifully landscaped garden. One of his other passions was his award winning Star Hill wines made in the Tradouw Highlands. Described by those who worked with him on the estate as tenacious and determined but extremely modest, Grant was a serial ultramarathon runner (13 Comrades) and even ran the Two Oceans marathon this year while being treated for the cancer which was to eventually claim his life and had already claimed the life of his beloved wife Heather, approximately 6 months previously. Never one to feel sorry for himself, he believed anything was possible and was far more interested in enquiring after the wellbeing of others than dwelling on his own problems. He leaves four children – Stuart, Ben, Cameron and Sam. 10

EVENTS CALENDAR 2020 January 2020

17 Jan - First Food Truck Friday 18 Jan - Market your business (11h00 to 14h00)

Only CVE Residents to register a stand (free of charge) to enable marketing of their OWN business Wine lounge will be open

29 Jan - Family Dinner in the Courtyard

February 2020 21 Feb - Grape Stomping

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