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he end of the year is fast approaching and we had our first good rain on 1 November 2019. Our Annual General Meeting was held on 28 October 2019 at the NG Kempton Kruin Church and we are now several new Directors richer. Jacqueline Sandow is the new Director for Communication, Azelle Kleinen for Legal and Paul Sandow for Security. Read more about them on page 8. Some of our matriculants also had their final farewell dances after the September 2019 newsletter. See photos of some of our matriculants on page 18. We have achieved a lot in one year, clearing both dams of invasive plants and trees.



Kobus Otto presented a proposal for a Community Dam Day project at the AGM to temporarily close off the canal between the two dams which would raise the water level in the top dam and the community agreed. Last-minute maintenance was also on our agenda before the December builders’ holiday started. We appointed contractors to treat the Clubhouse roof with special oils. Old security equipment was replaced with new equipment after damage from power surges was experienced. There are also a few contractors on the Estate still busy with maintenance and building projects. Please take note of the closing date, whereafter contractors will not be allowed

onto the Estate for any further general building activities. Builders’ holidays will commence on Friday 13 December 2019 and contractors will only be allowed back on site from 6 January 2020. Residents are requested to plan any new building activities or maintenance projects outside these dates. Contractors attending to emergencies will only be allowed onto the Estate with the permission of the Estate Manager.



Elda Weideman

072 137 0277

Senior Guard:

Josia Dimo

079 889 7423

Blue Gill Gate:

011 391 6338

Waterfront Gate:

011 391 6156


011 391 4756

Office 2:

011 391 7684 5

Refuse collection is on Mondays, this includes public holidays, except for Christmas day.

“’Cause a little bit of summer is what the whole year is all about.” - John Mayer


Director of Communication Jacqueline Sandow Jacqueline is originally from Zimbabwe and has been a resident of South Africa since 1982. She was also a former resident and active board member at Glen Erasmia for 10 years. Jacqui has a qualification in Marketing Management and Business Administration through IMM. She started as a consultant for Accenture (formerly Andersens) and is now running a family medical services company with her husband, Paul. They have been active members of the Maranatha Community Church for the past 12 years and are parents of three children. Her interests include travel, fitness and, of course, good old retail therapy...

Director of Security Paul Sandow Paul was born and raised in Benoni. He moved to Kempton Park 11 years ago and is a qualified accountant. Paul is a new resident of Blue Gill, coming from the neighbouring Estate, Glen Erasmia. Paul and his wife, who is the new Director of Communications, run a medical services company in Kempton Park. Paul’s interests are architecture, futures trading and gym. We welcome you both and appreciate your knowledge and willingness to serve on the Board of Directors. Thank you!


We have planted new indigenous trees and plants on islands in the dam The members of the Environmental Committee visited the Random Harvest Nursery in Muldersdrift and purchased new indigenous trees and plants to replace the invasive ones removed from all the islands in the dam. The Blue Gill gardeners have planted all the new plants on the four islands, with the help of Tom Beyleveld and the expert advice of Janita Tshilamulele and members of the Environmental Committee. We have carefully and purposefully selected trees and plants which will give shelter to the birds and attract insects like bees and butterflies to help with the pollination of other plants. We will monitor the growth of the trees and plants on a monthly basis to ensure that they adapt successfully to their new environment. We thank all those involved in this ongoing project and maintenance.


We need co-operation from each and every resident property to rid our Estate of weeds! After the good rains, we have had weeds like ‘Chick and Khaki’ appearing everywhere — on residents’ pavements and the dam areas from the Clubhouse to the top dam and bottom dam grass areas. They are stubborn weeds and have to be removed roots and all, if not, they will just grow back and when the lawns are mowed, the seeds will spread and new roots and weeds will form. Please remove these weeds completely from your gardens and outside pavements. The Blue Gill gardeners have started on this very time-consuming task at the dam areas. Each and every person will need to assist to rid the Estate of these invasive weeds. Poison spraying is not effective in killing the roots, so this problem has to be addressed manually to rid the Estate of them. See the picture of the weeds and their roots to assist with the identification process.


Obert Mthembu


September 2019 Obert Mthembu was nominated

Obert Mthembu is aangewys as wag

guard of the month for September

van die maand vir September 2019.

2019. He has been employed with us

Hy is in diens van Blue Gill in Maart

since March 2015. He is a widower

2015 aangestel. Hy is ’n wewenaar en

and has five children. Obert enjoys

het vyf kinders. Obert hou daarvan

visiting with his friends in his spare time.

om sy spaartyd tyd saam met vriende

Thank you for your loyal service!

deur te bring. Dankie vir jou getroue diens!


David Aphane


October 2019 David Aphane was nominated guard

David Aphane is aangewys as wag

of the month for October 2019. He

van die maand vir Oktober 2019. Hy is

has been employed with us since

in diens van Blue Gill in Februarie 2007

February 2007. He is a widower with

aangestel. Hy is ’n wewenaar en het

four children. David has a vegetable

vier kinders. David het ’n groentetuin

garden and loves to farm in his spare

en hou daarvan om in sy spaartyd te

time. Thank you for your loyal service!

boer. Dankie vir jou getroue diens!




e have had no serious incidents for the past two months. Changes to the Pet and Angling Rules of the Estate were accepted by the homeowners at the AGM. Please familiarise yourself with these changes below:

PETS 1. The Local Authority bylaws relating to pets will be applicable. 2. No pets are allowed to roam the streets. Cats cannot be contained like dogs, so herewith an exception, but

the Blue Gill HOA will take no responsibility for any or all actions taken against roaming cats/pets in general, even being run over or killed by any means off its owner’s erf. 3. Dogs must be walked on a leash in public areas, especially at the dam area. 4. Should any excrement be deposited in a public area, the immediate removal thereof shall be the sole responsibility of the proud owner of the pet. Non-compliance will result in an immediate penalty being imposed on the owner.



5. Every pet must wear a collar with a tag indicating at least the owner’s telephone number and, if possible, the name and address of the owner. Stray pets without identification will be seized and handed to the SPCA. 6. Slaughtering of animals needs to be within the By-laws of the Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Council (EMC). 7. Pets are not be allowed to be a nuisance or cause a disturbance or annoyance to other residents by excessive barking or howling. 8. The owner/s of a property must ensure that tenants hiring their

property adhere to the above rules and will be penalised should the tenants not adhere to the rules. 9. The HOA reserves the right to request the owner to remove the pet should it become a nuisance within the Estate.

Transgression of the rules regarding pets under the heading Pets on page 13, Rule 1 to 3 and 5 to 9 as per penalty schedule.

1st Offence - Warning 2nd Offence - R 250-00 3rd Offence - R 500-00 4th Offence - R 1000-00 Removal of animal

Not removing pet excrement – Rule 4 above

R 1000-00 per incident



BLUE GILL/WATERFRONT ANGLING RULES 1. Fishing is restricted to Blue Gill and Waterfront Residents from 06:00 to 18:00. Permit holders may obtain permission from the Estate Manager to angle up to 21:00 in designated areas. 2. Permits available at the office for a nominal fee and are renewable in January of each year. 3. Replacement permits will be issued at the same cost. 4. The details of the resident will appear on the permit and the resident will sign for, and accept, the rules. 5. Guests wishing to angle must be accompanied by the resident permit holder. 6. No more than two rods per person to be used. 7. No remote-controlled boats permitted on the dam to drop bait or for any other reason. 8. No angler is permitted to remove fish for the purpose of selling or transferring to other waters. 9. All fishing is on a “catch-and-release� basis. Removing fish from the dam is prohibited.

10. Angling is permitted from opposite Goshawk Lane, towards the dam wall, and the area opposite along Waterfront 11. No fishing in the lower dam. 12. Damage to water creatures (frogs, crabs as bait) waterfowl or flora, will not be tolerated. 13. Particular note to be taken of disclaimer notices. 14. Crossing or fishing off the dam-wall at your own risk.


15. No angler (resident or guest of a resident) is permitted to urinate in the dam, behind a tree or on any property wall. The toilet of the resident must be used at his/her residential premises. 16. No angler or person visiting the dam area may leave cigarette butts in the area they utilised. Cigarette butts must be discarded into a dustbin. Any transgression of rule 16 and 17 will result in the resident’s licence being revoked. 17. Anglers must ensure that the dam area is clear of any gut, hooks or other fishing equipment which might cause harm to others or animals. 18. No person who wants to angle is permitted to drive their vehicle on the grass area at the dam to offload their fishing gear or for any other reason. Angling equipment must be carried by hand to the area the angler wishes to fish from.

Transgression of the angling rules 1 to 15, 18 and 19

1st Offence – Warning 2nd Offence – R 500-00 3rd Offence - R1000-00 4th Offence - R2000-00

Transgression of the angling rules 16 to 19

Angling permit being revoked for a year.

With the upcoming festive season, many residents will be away for the holidays. We request you to ensure that your homes are secured and, should you ask a friend or family member to look after your property, to provide them with Security and the Estate Manager’s contact numbers in case of emergencies. We also request all residents staying at home to assist us in maintaining the security of the Estate by being vigilant and reporting any unusual or suspicious activity or people immediately to Security or the Estate Manager, Elda Weideman. Contact numbers are available on page 5. 15

Some of our matriculants attended their final farewell functions after the September 2019 Newsletter. They looked stunning — and handsome — as you can see from their photos! We also wish them good luck for their final exams and hope they pass with many distinctions.

Hanco Krüger Afrikaanse Hoër Seunskool Pretoria

Mikayhla Joubert Somerset College

Tayla Jardine Maranatha Christian School

Tiaan Millard Hoërskool Waterkloof


• Adhere to the speed limit, maximum of 40 kilometers per hour. • Stop at Stop streets! We are watching and taking random videos. • Secure your animals in your property. • Walk your dog on a leash. Pick up excrement as per estate rules. • Please attend to your dog’s constant barking. • The use of lawnmowers and machinery on a Sunday must only be between 09:00 and 13:00 as well as between 16:00 and 18:h00. Not earlier.



Should you be going on holiday, please ensure that your pets are being cared for by responsible people whilst you are away. Ensure that the Estate Manager, Elda Weideman, has the contact numbers and names of these people, so that she can contact them should there be an emergency or noise complaint. Please ensure that your animals have a name tag with contact details in order for management to be able to contact you should your animal get out of your property. If they are found wandering the Estate, animals will be taken to the SPCA if they cannot be returned to the said property.


South Africa is a water scarce country and residents are reminded to conserve water at all times. We have experienced a few days of good rainfall but, despite this, we still need to save water as dam levels are very low and this could result in interruptions to the water supply. Water restrictions have been imposed by Rand Water and NO watering of gardens is allowed between 06:00 and 18:00 daily. Here are a few water-saving tips which we all can practise: • Do not leave taps dripping. Close or repair the taps. • Wash your vehicle on the grass, as this will water your lawn at the same time.

• Use a watering can instead of a hosepipe and water your plants after sundown. • Shorten your showering time. • Take shallow baths and avoid filling your bath to a depth of more than 100mm. • Use a glass of water to rinse when brushing your teeth. Please report leaking water meters, burst pipes and open hydrants to the City of Ekurhuleni Email - call.centre@ekurhuleni.gov.co.za Or call the emergency number on 0860543000.


Residents are advised that Management is now collecting monetary contributions for the above fund. Please note that this custom was initiated by the residents themselves some years ago, as they felt the need to share the joy of Christmas by giving to those who have served them through the year. Donations are therefore voluntary, but extremely appreciated. These contributions are easily accomplished through EFT payments or cash donations made at the office. Please do not hand donations directly to the guards. Monetary donations collected will be distributed to all guards and gardeners on an equal basis. We thank you in advance for your generosity and wish you and your family a blessed Christmas and a very prosperous New Year! Travel safely!