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Winter has a certain way of slowing things down and offering a much-needed intermission to nature and humans alike. But, different from the rest of our country, wintertime in the Boland with its spells of life-giving rain also holds the undeniable


promise of renewed live, even abundance for the season to follow. Enjoy the winter interlude in the tranquillity that Welgevonden Estate and its striking surroundings offer. Make the most of this time of the year, whether it’s enjoying the crisp outdoors during a hike in nature, or cuddling up in front of the fireplace with a glass of red wine at the end of the day. The Boland winter is more than merely a season – it offers a time for magical experiences and gentle renewal in an atmosphere of serenity and mellowness. At the same time start looking forward in anticipation to the renewed life when winter turns into spring. Such expectation comes as part of this tranquil season. Johan du Preez


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From the

Estate Manager’s Office

New Landscaping Service Provider We welcome Servest Landscaping as Welgevonden Estate’s recently appointed landscaping service provider who has taken over from Crown Landscaping. Servest Landscaping has been in the landscaping and turf industry since 1995 and provides landscaping services across various market sectors. Their customer base in the Western Cape alone includes, amongst others, The Cellars, Grand West, Helderberg Village, Stellenbosch University, Val De Vie Estate and Polo Club and the Cape Town International Airport.

The company is affiliated with the South African Landscaping Institute (SALI), Green Building Council of South Africa (GBCSA), the Landscape Irrigation Association of South Africa (LIA) and the Construction Industry Development Board, to mention only a few. (See the interview later in the Bulletin with Gino Gqamlana, Servest Landscaping site manager for Welgevonden Estate.)


Speed Bumps

But the speed bumps should also not cause harm to standard motor vehicles travelling at appropriate speeds in the estate (and this does not necessarily always mean speeds just

Estate Manager’s Office (Cont . . .)

under the speed limit). For this reason, the requirement set by the estate is that all speed

Excom has discussed an issue regarding speed bumps in the estate which was raised by a fellow resident. The issue relates to concerns that there are some speed bumps in the estate that may be incorrectly constructed, and that some residents believe that such speed bumps may cause damage to their vehicles.

bumps should be constructed according to standard, good practice specifications. Excom has engaged with an independent service provider to assess all speed bumps on the estate to determine whether they are within standard specifications or not. Instances, if any, where speed bumps are found not to be within such specifications, will be addressed. We will share all relevant information in this regard as we make progress.

As an initial point of departure in responding to these concerns, it should be stated that the motivation for the installation of the speed bumps is the prevention of potential harm to residents. There are too many motorists that ignore our speed limit, and this results in an unacceptable level of risk to pedestrians (particularly children), other road users (particularly those on bicycles), and pets. The only effective way to prevent irresponsible speeding (even if only by a minority of drivers) has proven to be speed bumps or other similar physical obstacles. 5

Estate Manager’s Office (Cont . . .)

Road Repairs Stellenbosch Municipality has started with a programme to systematically repair Welgevonden Estate streets that are in need of maintenance. The work will include, amongst others, attending to storm water drainage, fixing curbstones, filling up potholes and applying new top layers where required. Please be careful and patient when using the streets during maintenance activities.

Improving the Wetland Area below the R304 Entrance Work has started to improve the wetland area below the R304 entrance. Activities include clearing the undergrowth that delays the water flow in order to prevent flooding of the lowlying gatehouse, converting the shaded area in the north-western corner below Mountain Silver Drive into a picnic area, and erecting a sundowner deck in the vicinity of the bridge where Welgevonden Boulevard crosses the stream to the wetland area. 6

Estate Manager’s Office (Cont . . .)

Fibre to the Home – The Latest News Thank you to all owners and residents for your response to our invitation to offer your preferences and expectations on providing an optical fibre cable network in Welgevonden Estate. We’ve drawn up a draft Request for Information (RFI) document based on your input and on expert advice from independent consultants who are guiding us through this process. This document provides the required information that will enable potential service providers to respond in detail about their proposed approach to installing and maintaining an optical fibre network in Welgevonden Estate. We’ve subsequently distributed the RFI to an extensive list of potential service providers with the objective of receiving their submissions. This part of the process closed on 7 May

of the submitted information, extent of “fit” with our stated requirements, additional benefits offered, etc.). Some or all of the responding service providers will be invited to present their potential service offerings and to clarify any outstanding points. This will serve as the basis for a final recommendation in regard to the most suitable service provider to be appointed through a thorough contractual process and to commence with the installation and thereafter the management of a fibre network.

We aim to be in a position by June 2018 when we should have clarity about our preferred service provider in order to set the ball rolling for contract finalisation and the commencement of installation work.

2018 and the responses that we’ve received are now being reviewed (using criteria such as completeness


Estate Manager’s Office (Cont . . .)

Xone Security - Quarterly Shift Trophy Winners Pictured is the Xone shift that had been awarded the most recent Shift of the Quarter floating trophy. This trophy is awarded to the shift that’s accumulated the most points during the preceding quarter’s evaluation of various aspects of their performance as a team. Individual shift members display a mini-replica of the trophy on their uniform lapel until the next quarterly winners are announced.

Safety of Children Estate management is concerned about the safety of children who are allowed to hang out from motor vehicle windows, even standing on the running boards of vehicles while the parents drive in the estate’s streets. We urgently request motorists to stop this as it is not in line with road traffic regulations and it puts the safety of the children at risk.

From left to right: E. Duiker, K. Sopili, T. Apolisi, J. Swartling, S. Mncedi, T. Rameti, Z. Ngantweni, H. Hendricks


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072 612 6077 021 786 1466 @

Visitor Management System Introduction Welgevonden Estate will soon be implementing a new Visitor Management System (VMS) to manage and control visitor access to the estate. In essence the VMS allows owners and residents (both entities hereafter referred to as residents) to pre-clear their visitors themselves in order to allow them to gain access to the estate. This is done via the GLOPortal app on the resident’s cellphone by means of a code issued by the resident and received by the visitor via cellphone. When pre-cleared visitors arrive at the security entrance, they’ll be able to gain access to the estate by means of the code and the estate’s standard security procedures. 10


Visitor Management System (Cont . . .)

In order to utilize this service, residents must meet the following criteria: • Only residents who are registered on Welgevonden Estate’s biometric system will be able to pre-clear their visitors. Residents not registered yet, must do so at the security office located at the R304 entrance without delay. (Residents currently gaining access to the estate by means of their fingerprints are already registered.) • Using either an Android or iOS powered smartphone with the GLOPortal app installed. (More information about the GLOPortal app and the easy steps to install and use it will soon be communicated.)

VMS Functionality for Residents

With VMS, residents are able to utilize the following features: •

Visitor pre-clearance: This can be done by either

typing in the visitor’s mobile number or by selecting the person directly from the smartphone phonebook (on the mobile application). The pre-clearance code is then shared directly with the visitor through either SMS or instant messaging, for example WhatsApp. The code is sent to the visitor both as a 5-digit PIN and in barcode format that can be presented to the security personnel upon arrival. • Contractor pre-clearance: Ad hoc contractors can be cleared in the same way as visitors. • Visitor management and history: A history of pervious visitors is 11

Visitor Management System (Cont . . .)

VMS Functionality for Residents (Cont . . .)

Access Control Procedures Upon Arrival

kept for easy reference. Pre-clearance codes assigned to each visitor

Visitor access procedures at Welgevonden Estate’s entrances consist of

are displayed to the resident should the visitor lose his/her code.

two activities, namely permission verification and visitor identification.

The resident can also re-sent or deactivate codes.

• Permission verification: Security personnel verify the pre-

• Courtesy notifications: Courtesy notifications are sent to residents

clearance code by either typing in the 5-digit code into their

when their visitors enter and exit the estate. All notifications are

handheld verification device or by scanning the visitor barcode. The

sent as in-app messages if the residents have the GLOPortal app

purpose of this verification is to confirm that the visitor had been

installed on their mobile phones. For residents without the app,

authorized to access the estate.

these notifications are sent via SMS.

• Visitor identification: Although the visitor had been pre-cleared, it is still important to identify the person. This is done by scanning

A pre-clearance code is valid for a single entry and exit only.

the visitor’s South African driver’s license or identity document. The visitor’s vehicle is registered by scanning the license disk. • Additional information: Additional information such as the number of passengers in a vehicle can be recorded and referenced when needed. 12

Access Control Procedures Upon Arrival (Cont . . .) Only when all the required verification actions have been completed, will the

Exit administration When visitors leave the estate, a similar procedure is followed.

Visitor Management System (Cont . . .)

boom open. This is done automatically, which removes the human element in deciding if and when to allow access to a visitor.

Dealing with exceptions

More information to follow . . . More information about the GLOPortal app and

The VMS has been designed to give access to visitors without pre-clearance such as emergency vehicles, delivery services, visitors with foreign ID documents, pedestrians and others. Such access is provided to the same level

how to install it, as well as a detailed guide on how to pre-clear visitors will be made available soon.

of security as pre-cleared visitors, using variations of the standard visitor access functions detailed above.


Meet Gino Gqamlana from Servest Landscaping Gino Gqamlana, Servest Landscaping’s manager for Welgevonden Estate, comes with all the credentials for the position. He started with the company nine years ago and was for the past six years in charge of Servest Landscaping’s operation at Helderberg Village, an estate with, amongst other, a 9-hole golf course, bowling greens and extensive green areas. Interviewed shortly after starting at Welgevonden Estate, it was easy to see that Gino already had a feel for the estate and a vision for what he wants to achieve in his new position. He speaks highly of what Welgevonden Estate’s previous landscaping service provider has achieved, but emphasises that he’s looking forward to further improving on it. 14

His first priority is to beautify the two entrances to Welgevonden Estate, the main roads and pathways, as well as the area around the dam. “It is important to prioritise those areas that most of the residents and visitors come across and use. Such an approach not only benefits those who live here, but it also adds to the prestige and esteem of the

Meet Gino Gqamlana (Cont . . .)

estate in general,” says Gino. He also wants to create what he refers to as “areas of appeal” in spaces where residents can relax and enjoy what the outdoors has to offer. He sees the dam and surroundings as one of these areas.

Gino explains that Servest Landscaping has a centralised landscaping design department which he and estate management will utilise to prepare a master landscape plan for the estate. With such a plan in place, it becomes easy to systematically work according to the plan and to monitor progress.


On the operational side Gino manages a full-time team which is

Gino is delighted to have inherited an existing nursery on the estate.

responsible for maintaining existing garden areas and creating new

“This will allow me to grow as much as possible of what is required for the

ones, as well as pruning, cleaning and other routine day-to-day tasks on

estate and, at the same time, to save money not having to buy plants from

the estate. He also manages a dedicated Servest Landscaping mowing


team that visits the estate every two weeks to mow the grass on the

Meet Gino Gqamlana (Cont . . .)

green areas. Listening to Gino, it is clear that he is a people’s person. “I look forward to

“I couldn’t have asked for a better position than being at Welgevonden Estate with its location in such a beautiful part of the Boland. I’ve arrived at the right place,” says Gino.

working with estate management and to interact with the residents,” he says. His observation is that, in spite of the current drought, Welgevonden Estate residents in general are doing their best to have gardens with appeal. “The residents and I have the same objective, namely to further beautify the area in which they live. I’m keen for us to exchange knowledge and to stimulate ideas of what more can be done to have an outstanding landscape.”

And listening to how passionate he is about nature, it becomes clear that, for Gino, his position at Welgevonden Estate is much more than merely a job. For him it is a position that offers an opportunity to enhance the natural beauty of Welgevonden Estate and, in doing so, to create a landscape that would attract investors to this wonderful place even before they start looking at property to buy.


8 Man is here to stay th

This month, in our regular feature on businesses in the Stone Square Centre, we get to know the 8th Man Restaurant & Rugby Museum with Piet and Josua Swanepoel as the new owners. Speaking to Piet Swanepoel from the 8th Man Restaurant & Rugby Museum, one thing becomes clear - the Swanepoels and their familyowned restaurant with its new name and we’re-doing-it-the-way-

Piet and Josua Swanepoel

Welgevonden-likes-it approach, are here to stay! Piet (that’s now the “old” man – read “solid, level-headed and experienced”) and Josua (the offspring – read “entrepreneur, enthusiast and visionary”) took over ownership of the restaurant at the end of 2017.

“Looking at it from a commercial angle, we’ve bought a business that we’re going to make work,” says Piet. “But (and it seems that this part is more important to him – Ed.) we’ve acquired an opportunity to be of service to the Welgevonden and surrounding communities and to delight them with what they expect from their favourite restaurant on their doorstep,” he adds. 17

Western Province Defence Rugby.


started a collection of rugby jerseys with his own Griqua jersey in 1974, and over the years build it up to the fine collection that’s now permanently on display at the

8th Man is here to stay (Cont . . .)

8th Man Restaurant & Rugby Museum.

Picture: Facebook

The 8th Man Restaurant’s atmosphere is elegant, yet informal. It is spot-on for an intimate dinner for two, a festive feast for the family or a private get-together to celebrate grandpa’s birthday. It also offers a favoured pub where the young and the young at heart, the trendy, the cool, the chic and anyone else wanting to have a good time, can hang out. This area, richly decorated with rugby

Josua is also a keen sportsman who played cricket for Boland.

memorabilia, forms the heart of the 8th Man Rugby

With the father and son’s interest in

Museum from where the excitement of many

sport and the discipline and enthusiasm

a sports event can be watched on big screen

that come with it, customers can expect


an appealing atmosphere and attention

Piet was a colonel in the South African Defence Force and a keen sports player and administrator before he retired. He was, amongst others, a hotshot rugby centre during his younger days, an accomplished rugby coach and also chairman of

to detail when frequenting the 8th Man Restaurant & Rugby Museum. They can also look forward to catching the vibe while watching live games on TV amidst the nostalgia of extraordinary rugby memorabilia from an era gone by. 18

Specials • Mondays: Schalk Burger No. 6: R58 • Tuesdays: Kobus Wiese super Pasta: R58 • Wednesdays: Handre Pollard No. 10 Steak: R98

8th Man is here to stay (Cont . . .)

• Thursdays: Louis Schreuder No. 9 Schnitzel: R58 • Fridays: Jean de Villiers captain Nachos: R58

Picture: Facebook

• Saturdays: De Wet Barry No.12 Breakfast: R58 • 500 ml Stellenbrau Draught: R34

Be on the lookout for the 8th Man’s monthly theme evenings, crammed with merriment, to be announced on their Facebook page.

• Double brandy and Coke: R22

Trading hours

Bookings and take-away meals: Please phone

• Mondays to Thursdays: 09:00 – last round 21:00

Click here to like the 8th Man Restaurant & Rugby

• Fridays and Saturdays: 09:00 – last round 23:00 • Sundays: Closed

083 281 7146 or 083 379 5866 Museum on their Facebook page. Follow them on Instagram @8thmanbistro 19


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