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Spring  Summer  2012  



Cinema   is   a   frame   in   which   the   world   is   dis9lled;   sharpened   into   a   concentrated   reality.   The   film   genres   of   a   century   of   cinema   evoke   many   moods,   all   of   them   different,   all   of   them   poe9c   and   sensual.   Light   and   colour   trigger  nostalgic  memories  that  inform  paleDes  and  textures.  The  grain  and  quality  of  classic  film  stock  inspires   tac9le  surfaces  and  vintage  treatments.  


From  cinema  to  TV,  and  PC  to  hand-­‐held  device,  the  moving  image  has  shiKed  from  a  night’s  entertainment  to   an  indispensible  stream  of  informa9on.  The  seduc9ve  quality  of  movies  means  designers  have  started  making   films  instead  of  catwalk  shows,  while  publishers  produce  films  instead  of  magazines.       "No  other  medium  is  pushing  the  boundaries  of  crea9vity  like  video."  Nancy  Spector,  chief  curator,  Guggenheim   Founda9on,  June  2010  

colours   Seasonal  message   •  A  key  colour  group  with  two  dis9nct  messages.  Yellow/green  cast  with  gleaming  olive  shades,  and  blue/ green  cast  with  the  teals  being  replaced  by  soKer  aqua  and  pine.   •  Blue  con9nues  to  provide  one  of  the  most  changeable  areas.  Cool  and  clear  blues  move  on  from  last   summer’s  turquoise,  with  lilac-­‐cast  blue.  Indigo  emerges  as  an  important  dark.   •  Purple  and  pink  merge,  with  pink-­‐hued  purples  and  cool,  blue-­‐cast  pinIn  a  season  with  no  one  direc9on  or   leading  trend,  the  driving  influence  for  colour  is  that  of  enhanced  processes,  which  explore  what  we  see   when  images  pass  through  the  camera,  the  computer,  the  printer,  the  internet  or  physically  applied  art,   and  overlays  in  a  cycle  of  shiK  and  distor9o   Applied  lacquers  add  refinement  to  darks.  Caked-­‐on  pigment  and  laser-­‐light  brights  are  used  selec9vely  on   backdrops  of  desert  and  darkness.  Mid-­‐tones  are  derived  through  processes  of  9me,  with  natural  growth   or  synthesised  ageing.  Nostalgic  filters  alter  and  soKen  cool  pastels,  while  veiled  and  impure  neutrals  offer   a  raw,  minimal  narra9ve.   Colour  barometer   •  Pale  neutrals  take  on  a  primi9ve  and  raw  quality,  a  clear  move  on  from  the  stark  and  unprocessed  white  of   autumn/winter.  Yellowed  tones  of  ecru,  vanilla  and  buDermilk  are  key.   •  Warm  tones  of  peach,  saffron  and  orange  emerge,  and  brown  appears  as  a  single  essen9al  dark.   •  Pinks  sit  in  both  the  red  and  purple  areas;  there  is  a  brownish  cast  to  pale  pinks  with  tea-­‐stained  dusky   hues.  Life-­‐affirming  warm  reds  have  an  orange  cast  for  coral,  intense  fiery  shades,  deeper  baked  reds  and   intense  cochineal.   •  Layering  of  yellow  is  a  key  message,  used  tonally  from  retro  vanilla  and  buDermilk  through  to  fresh   primrose  and  yellow-­‐green  citrus  tones.   •  Green  remainks.  

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