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GLOSSYBOX 1st Birthday Party Bloggers

Bloggers attended Diane Norlander Emma Woodley Fleur Westaway Jen Riley Kate Johnson Katie Murnane Katie Snooks Lily Melrose Sara Walker

Louise Pentland Ling Pang Milly Tomalin Michelle Chai Lina Rahman Samantha Maria Sabrina Babo Sophie Collis Suzi Tse

Top 5 Bloggers who came Fleur – Fleur de Force - 280,462 YouTube subs Sammi – Beauty Crush - 324,560 YouTube subs Sara – SWalkerMakeup - 131,427 YouTube subs Louise – Sprinkle of Glitter - 42,226 YouTube subs Suzi – Style Suzi - 112,964 YouTube subs

Best blogger coverage on Twitter around the night so far‌


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