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Enrolment 2013, Forest Food Showcase, Q@GC and much more!


gloucestershire college staff magazine | sept/oct 2013 | issue 62

talks Broadway, Whitney Houston and Educating Yorkshire



SEPT/OCT 2013 | ISSUE 62

MICHELLE LOUTH Editor Welcome to the first edition of @GC for the 2013/14 academic year. For now, the magazine has gone bi-monthly, but there is still plenty of space for you to share your good news and updates in print! Please send your articles (max 400 words), and images to GARETH CRWYSWILLIAMS Head of School, Catering and Hospitality The Catering and Hospitality team have had a busy start to the year, and we feature three of the events they have been involved with in this edition. See pages 4, 6 and 9 to find out more. KATRINA DIAMOND Head of School, Education and Training After speaking at the Consortium PCET conference, Katrina had an article printed in the Institute for Learning’s InTuition magazine. See page 4 to read the article for yourself. ALISON ALLEN

Pastoral Support Worker, Centre for Skills for Life

Alison Allen, along with colleague Maria Oakley recently travelled to Izmir in Turkey to represent Gloucestershire College at a eTwinning bilateral seminar. See page 7 to find out more about their trip and their new project.


#BIGBOOKTOUR? Cheltenham Town Football players with the GC Big Book!

The celebrate the launch of our two ‘new look’ further education course guides for September 2014, the Marketing team commissioned two 6ft x 6ft foam replicas and sent them on a #BIGBOOKTOUR around the county and surrounding areas. The tour began its maiden voyage at the Gloucester Campus and was set on its way by Matthew Burgess and a number of students. The new course guide lists all of our further education courses, alongside real life case studies of former students in industry, and the second guide features everything available at our Royal Forest of Dean Campus. The #BIGBOOKTOUR has caused quite a stir whilst travelling around Gloucestershire, visiting schools including Winchcombe School, Lakers and The Gloucester Academy. It has also travelled to the Times Cheltenham

The #BIGBOOKTOUR has also been hosted by local employers who feature in the guide as College industry experts. These include Martin Scrivens of the Warranty Group, Phil Stephens of Red Business Systems and Rob Parkin, Head Chef at The Anchor Inn at Tintern.

What do you think of the new guide? Send your thoughts and feedback to:

WHAT’S ON GLOUCESTER CAMPUS OPEN EVENING Monday 11 November 5.30pm – 8.00pm

HIGHER AWARDS CEREMONY 2013 Friday 22 November Gloucester Cathedral, from 1pm

ROYAL FOREST OF DEAN CAMPUS OPEN EVENING Wednesday 13 November 5.30pm – 7.30pm

CHELTENHAM FASHION WEEK Monday 2 to Saturday 7 December

CHELTENHAM CAMPUS OPEN EVENING Monday 18 November 5.30pm – 8.00pm TEWKESBURY LAUNCHPAD OPEN EVENING Tuesday 19 November 5.00pm – 7.00pm

pg 2 | Sept/Oct 2013

Literature Festival and local landmarks including Gloucester Cathedral, The Pittville Pump Rooms, Chepstow Castle, Gloucester Rugby Club and the Hall of Fame at the Cheltenham Racecourse.

MANAGEMENT DEVELOPMENT DAY Wednesday 11 December Details TBC STAFF CHRISTMAS PARTY Friday 20 December Details TBC



03 Principal's Pitch

I am writing this from my office over half term. It seems the calm after the storm in every sense has arrived and I hope many of you had a well-earned break.

04 Enrolment 2013

I have spent a lot of the last month trying to get a better feel for what is happening on the ground. This has involved meetings with staff but also participating in the SAR validations that have been going on which have enabled me to talk to lots of students about their perspectives of the College; and also joining Heads of School on learning walks to get a feel for what is happening in the classroom. Everyone has made me feel very welcome and whilst I can see there are things to improve, there are lots of positives. The students I spoke to were almost unanimous in their praise of the College, their course and their tutors. I saw lots of innovative activities and engaged students learning.

05 JobSmart 06 Cheltenham Fashion Academy 07 Student band reaches national finals 08 Q@GC 09 South West Chef of the year 10 Richard is a ‘legal eagle’ 11 GC Lives JOE BALDWIN Head of School Learning Support

The big issue at the moment for the sector is maths and English. Learners are expected to continue to study maths and English until they have attained a grade C at GCSE (and proposals may take it beyond this level). A recent report suggested the track record of the sector in delivering this objective was poor. It is a real challenge engaging with students who have struggled with these subjects at school for such a long time. We all need to support the staff involved in taking on this challenge.

The big issue at the moment for the sector is maths and English.

To that end I have received lots of positive feedback from last month's Development Day which I thought was fantastic. It was good to see so many of our own staff leading sessions and hopefully there will be ideas implemented as a result of this. The results of the staff survey and my own meetings with staff have revealed a number of themes, particularly around communication, pay, structures and the extent to which staff feel they are treated with respect. These are important issues that I am discussing with the College Management Team and will update you on.

SOCIAL NETWORKS Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: @gloscol View our videos online: See our latest photos:

What is also clear to me is the need to refocus the College on our mission – to ensure learners are equipped to be successful after they complete their courses and are able to progress onto the best possible jobs/ further study. In the current economic climate this is essential. To me this cannot just be about the technical qualifications but must also embrace the wider skills that employers want – things like team working, initiative, communication, maths and English. To this end we must be values driven and Ofsted aware – not the other way around. This will need to be achieved in a very difficult funding climate. Our full-time recruitment looks like it will be up about 3% which is encouraging given recent years. Finally, it has been great to either attend or receive feedback from a number of awards events where our students have been recognised. These include the Gloucestershire Business Awards, the Grow Gloucestershire Awards (a campaign targeted at developing the talent in the County’s young people) and the National Citizenship Scheme Awards. Social media saw glowing tributes to all involved almost immediately. I know that much of their success is down to the hard work of all of you.

Best wishes Matthew

@GC is designed, published and distributed by the GC Marketing Department: Gloucestershire College, Cheltenham Campus, Princess Elizabeth Way, Cheltenham, GL51 7SJ. Email: marketing@ Telephone: 01452 563216 Any comments should be directed to Michelle Louth in writing or by email to the above address. © 2013 All rights reserved. Material may not be reproduced without the written permission of Gloucestershire College.

Matthew Burgess

Sept/Oct 2013 | pg 3

FOREST FOOD SHOWCASE The Catering and Hospitality Department attended the Forest Showcase at the Speech House Hotel on Sunday 6 October. The team led a number of demonstrations involving a local butcher and some wild boar, and showcased their skills during a live cook off between the Chefs on Tour team. A number of students were involved on the day, running a skills workshop where members of the public were invited to try their hand at producing different cuts of vegetables for a small prize. A fantastic day was had by all, topped off when Masterchef’s Gregg Wallace, who had earlier opened the show, stopped by for a chat with the students running the stall.

THE ‘RIGHT WAY’ AND THE ENGLISH WAY By Katrina Diamond, MIfL Katrina Diamond is Head of School for Education and Training at Gloucestershire College and an Institute for Learning (IfL) member. This article was printed in the IfL’s InTuition magazine and is based on a presentation she made at the Consortium PCET conference. My research is a comparison of vocational education and training (VET) systems and corresponding initial teacher training (ITT) programmes for the post-compulsory sector, the rationale being that someone somewhere must be doing it right and, if they are, what does ‘right’ look like? Each September we enter one of the busiest and most important times at any educational institution; enrolment period. Although it signals the start of many courses, in a way it is also the culmination of the hard work done year round in advertising and marketing courses to prospective students, as well as liaising and developing key links through local schools, whilst retaining existing students onto the second year of their respective courses.

As a department, we are delighted with the way enrolment went this year This year we changed a number of elements in how we processed enrolments, based on 2012/13 student surveys, and staff feedback from what went well and what could have been improved on last year. The objective was to make this process as quick and efficient as possible, whilst providing the best possible customer service. With this in mind, we enrolled on a siteby-site basis this year, rather than a simultaneous all-site enrolment as we had in previous years. We utilised one enrolment team (trained by Paul Halling and Faye Biggs) which moved around all major and satellite sites, and by making some minor changes to the Learning Agreement, and through training Student Services to help students to access funds as part of the enrolment process we were able to improve our student feedback in the majority of areas from last year. Some key stats from this survey (of which we received over 2,000 responses) are:

pg 4 | Sept/Oct 2013

9991% of students felt they received all the information they needed before enrolment 9987% felt it was easy to get around on enrolment day 9995% would rate the waiting time during the day at least fair, good, or excellent 9989% would rate the overall enrolment experience good or excellent As a department, we are delighted with the way enrolment went this year; we noticed a real increase in the completion of Learning Agreements before students came to enrol, which makes the process much quicker and more accurate for ourselves and Student Records at a later date. We feel that waiting times were also impacted positively by booking groups in to the single rota, and by having staff float in the waiting area we were able to manage the flow of students in front of us. Thank you to all staff whose preparation was helped (hopefully!) by attending our presentations on the enrolment period this year. The supervision of groups by staff meant that many problems and queries were identified or resolved before the student got to the point of enrolment, and your presence also ensured the students had continuity in knowing where they were going after they had enrolled. This has been our most successful enrolment to date, and through current schemes such as trading places, we are hoping that retention of students will also mean better numbers to build on come next September, when we will do it all again!

The Student Services Team

Results from the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) led me to Finland and the world-renowned ‘dual’ apprenticeship/vocational education system led me to Germany. Some interesting themes emerged. For example, in England, divisions and perceptions of status between academic and vocational education are rooted in the past – politically, culturally and economically – largely due to the demographic and social restructuring as a result of the industrial revolution. Differing models of capitalism also affect the structure, funding, degree of government intervention and subsequently the status of VET and, in turn, the training of the educators for the sector. Government’s decision to revoke the mandatory requirement to be qualified as VET teacher in England in anathema to my European counterparts and embarrassing for us. Bosch and Charest (2008) observed: “The difference can perhaps be summarised as follows: in the coordinated market economies, the modernisation of vocational training is a seen a contribution to innovation in the economy, while in liberal market economies, it is seen as a siding into which weaker pupils can conveniently be shunted.” My research will add to our understanding of VET and teacher training in England in an international context. Bosch, G and Charest, J. (2008) Vocational Training and the Labour Market in Liberal and Coordinated Economies; Industrial Relations Journal, Vol. 30, No. 5, pp. 428-447.

JOBSMART PRE-EMPLOYMENT TRAINING FOR NHS HEALTHCARE ASSISTANTS This group of young people started their new careers in the NHS as healthcare assistants in Gloucestershire this September. The group attended pre-employment training with Jobsmart, where they spent two weeks working on issues within the NHS such as waiting times, communication and improving budget control by reducing waste. Wendy Collins, Learning and Skills Development Manager for the NHS, said; "Our new apprentices enjoyed meeting up, forming friendships, developing their confidence and learning about communication, team working to name a few things. I was particularly impressed with their presentations, how much they put into this, their research and just how well they all worked together.” This successful programme has resulted in the NHS working in partnership with the College to help with the recruitment of healthcare assistants in February 2014 and September 2014. The next pre-employment training will be at the end of October and all participants will have a guaranteed interview with the NHS. For those aged over 25 and those who do not wish to move in to an apprenticeship, the JobSmart team also work with three other health service providers who will guarantee interview. A big thanks to the delivery team Sophie Boyle and David Smith for making such a big impression - and to the Jobsmart team for their continuing support to ensure these programmes run smoothly.


Employability and Skills Manager

SECURITY TEAM A HIT AT FRESHERS’ FAYRE The Gloucester Security team had a very successful stand at the Freshers’ Fayre on 19 September. Posters giving important information for students, such as how to keep their bikes safe, how to access a first aider, where to find discounted parking, and the need to wear ID cards when inside the building were displayed and explained. As well as crucial safety information, the team had a number of free pedometers to give out, which went very quickly; as did the chocolates on the stand… we don’t know if there was a connection! Students were also able to experience the weapon wand, which is used to identify metal items that may be hidden on individuals.

BLENDED LEARNING MATHS AND ENGLISH COURSES FOR STAFF Do you want to improve your English or maths and gain a qualification? These courses are free and are designed to allow you to study at a time and pace to suit you. After an initial online assessment, your assigned tutor will plan a programme around your individual needs. You will then complete online activities at a time to suit you and meet your tutor for feedback, extra practice and individual tuition. When you are ready you can then take either an online or paper based Functional Skills exams up to Level 2. These courses provide an opportunity for you to improve your skills, gain a Functional Skills qualification and prepare for higher level courses. For further information, contact Judy Heath on ext: 3306/2135 or via email at

Sept/Oct 2013 | pg 5

INTRODUCING THE CHELTENHAM FASHION ACADEMY AT GLOUCESTERSHIRE COLLEGE The Creative Academies team joined forces with two fashion industry experts, Tiffanie Darke, Style Editor at the Sunday Times, and Jenny Beavan, Oscar-winning British Costume Designer, to officially introduce the Cheltenham Fashion Academy at Gloucestershire College in October. The event took place in the stunning surroundings of the Spiegeltent at the Cheltenham Literature Festival, and welcomed 100 guests, including fashion students, GC staff and industry partners. You can have the luck, but you must never let it drift away, and drawing is not an essential skill in costume design, I actually create the drawings afterwards often. JENNY BEAVAN

“Fashion is at its best when it is social commentary. As an Editor, it is my job to make fashion accessible to a broad audience.” TIFFANIE DARKE

Alison Knapman, Director of the Creative Academies introduced the event: “The team and I are really excited about the development and introduction of the Cheltenham Fashion Academy. A career in the fashion industry can take many different paths – students studying with us may have ambitions to be fashion and textile designers or illustrators, or they might be looking for a behind the scenes role in styling, fashion photography, PR, visual merchandising or journalism.

“We will be encouraging our students to explore all areas of the fashion industry, including specialist areas such as theatrical design, millinery or embellishment. What brings together all of our students and staff is their passion for the latest fashions and presenting things in a unique and beautiful way.” A debate on the fashion industry then followed, with Darke championing the Times’ ‘Fit not thin’ campaign, which is returning in January 2014, and Beavan highlighting the very different worlds of costume design and the commercial fashion industry. Ethical fashion production, the importance of hard work and the value in building connections were all discussed. Industry partners who have already signed up to support the Cheltenham Fashion Academy include; Cheltenham Fashion Week, McPhersonStevens Creative, Stuart Holmes Hair Salon, the British School of Millinery, the University of Gloucestershire and the Gloucester Style Festival. The Academy’s partners will ensure that courses lead to viable employment opportunities in the fashion and retail industry, or progression onto a higher level course.

pg 6 | Sept/Oct 2013

STUDENT BAND ‘RAISING TENSION’ TO COMPETE IN NATIONAL MUSIC COMPETITION Extended Diploma in Music Technology students studying at the Royal Forest of Dean Campus have secured a place in a prestigious national music competition with their ‘pop rock’ band, Raising Tension. The five lads, all aged 17, secured their place in the World Skills UK Popular Music competition final after competing against 20 other Colleges at Derby College earlier this year. Whilst competing the students were assessed on criteria including; professionalism, technical accuracy, dynamics, musicality, presentation and showmanship. Raising Tension consists of Mat Hoare (vocals and synth), Owen Benjamin (lead guitar), Lucas Mason (percussion) and Seth Phillips (bass) from Chepstow, and Bexley Terrell (vocals and guitar) from Coleford. Their music could be described as “Alternative Rock with a Melodic Electronic edge”. Band member, Owen Benjamin, said; “It’s amazing to be in the final. We were the only band who performed original songs during the competition heat, and will be doing the same in the final. It’s brilliant to be writing and performing our own songs, and that’s thanks to the course team for their help and encouragement. At the finals, we are competing on the Friday, performing on the Saturday and going to a party on the Saturday night; it’s going to be like being on tour man!”

Picture: L-R Seth Phillips, Lucas Mason, Bexley Terrell, Mat Hoare and Owen Benjamin Kevin Grey, Music Lecturer at the College said; “The team and I are so proud of the band, they’ve always had fantastic potential. Throughout the course, we have worked in the studio, nurturing their talent and further developing their skills in composition, writing and performing music which has resulted in two well-crafted and creative songs.” “A career in the music industry is so diverse, and through competitions like this we encourage all of our students to develop their entrepreneurial skills in order to have a successful future career.” The competition final will be held at The Skills Show at the NEC Birmingham this November.

LECTURERS REPRESENT GC IN TURKEY Maria Oakley (KS4) and Alison Allen (Foundation Studies) recently travelled to Izmir, Turkey, to take part in a eTwinning bilateral seminar. The GC team were two of just 22 UK delegates to be selected to attend the European conference. Over the course of the conference, Maria and Alison designed a new eTwinning project called S.M.I.L.E (Snap, Motivate, Investigate and Learn about the Environment), which has since been approved by eTwinning. S.M.I.L.E encourages environmental awareness through the medium of photography. Students at Gloucestershire College will research local environment issues to learn about how they can become a ‘green’ student, and a ‘green’ member of the local community and the globe. Using photography, they will then share their environmental concerns and their ideas for change with our Turkish partners at the Mehmet Zeki Yazıcı Primary

and Secondary School, based in Mudanya, Bursa, Turkey. During their trip, Maria and Alison also met with Oguz Temizham, Head of the Innovation and Development Department at the Republic of Turkey Ministry of National Education to discuss the Turkish Government’s focus on Turkish/English partnerships through European projects such as Comenius and eTwinning. To find out more about these projects please visit www., or get in touch with Maria or Alison. You can also follow Maria and Alison on Twitter: @comeniusmidas.

DISCO RAISES £440 FOR LOCAL CHARITY Students studying within the Foundation Studies School at the Royal Forest of Dean Campus hosted a fundraising disco on Friday 4 October raising a total of £440 for local charity Forest Pulse, a local registered charity which provides a range of exciting out-of-school social, sport and recreational activities for disabled children and young people up to the age of 19. The event was pulled together as part of the national Community Impact Project scheme, funded by Mencap. Mencap works closely with the Foundation Studies department, delivering sessions to learners, but this particular scheme focuses on young people planning and organising something that benefits their local community. Dawn Burford, Foundation Studies Lecturer said, “The event was a massive success; the team at Forest Pulse were very impressed and appreciated the students’ efforts. We received many compliments on the standard of the food and everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Not only did this event benefit Forest Pulse, it also helped to raise awareness of the charity and provided our students with a fantastic work experience opportunity.”

Sept/Oct 2013 | pg 7

We are currently developing a brand new website!

Causes for celebration - student achievement in 2012/13

Heads up for 2013/14 – a brief summary of our plans for improvement support this year

Results for students from last year are being finalised as we write.

‘Working together… striving for excellence’ is our mission for 2013/14

Data shows once again the number of students achieving their qualifications has increased. We now have an overall success rate of 89.5%, with a success rate of 85% for all long programmes. This is extremely positive and a reflection of much hard work by staff and students.

Underpinning this is our commitment to continually strive for excellence, to deliver excellence, and to expect excellence, whilst listening and learning from you.

More detailed breakdown at subject sector area shows we now have 8 out of 15 areas with success at over 85% - three more than last year. All results at SSA, school and programme levels will be published soon, and are available via Reports Manager/Linked Files/QSR – FE. Students progressing to Higher Education thanks to Frances Meredith we know we have been successful in helping a large number of students progress into Higher Education. Headline details show: 99403 Gloucestershire College students progressed to HE courses in 2013 9918 students progressed to Russell Group Universities, including one to the University of Cambridge. Eight of these studied STEM subjects. 99177 (44%) BTEC Diploma students progressed to HE 9944 students (11%) progressed onto HE courses at Gloucestershire College 9943% of Access to HE students progressed onto NHS funded courses 99174 students (43%) progressed onto HE courses with our partner Universities; University of Gloucestershire, University of the West of England, and the University of Worcester. HE student feedback – satisfaction rates with the teaching our students receive at GC remain high, and are in the top quartile nationally. Students studying the Foundation Degree Therapeutic Counselling and the Higher National Graphic Design are 100% satisfied with all aspects of their programmes. Here is a sample of some comments from students:

‘Relevant subject matters, pushed outside comfort zone to challenge myself and interesting assignment choices.’

Following consultation with Heads of Schools, we are reviewing aspects of the GC Quality Improvement Framework, and are extending our use of risk assessing areas. Examples of some changes made so far include giving schools the opportunity to customise the content, timing and method of the welcome to college survey for your school; asking Heads of Schools what and when they would like audits; linking the Quality Improvement Managers, Sally and Maureen, to Heads of Schools for improvement support rather than to College Management Team; transferring two AP posts from audit to teaching, learning and assessment. Bigger changes to follow include a full review of new programme validations, and assessment / examination boards; internal inspections/reviews and health checks structured around subject sector areas rather than schools. Important changes have been approved to policies that affect student assessment/ examination – Thank you very much everyone who contributed to the consultation on the student assessment policy. Along with all GC policies and procedures, it is imperative all teachers and assessors working with students on college validated programmes know and apply these revised / new policies:

The focus of the redevelopment is to maximise applications and provide tailored communications. We have been working with copywriters to simplify content and to look at re-writing course copy to ensure consistency across the board. Key features included in phase one: 99Clean, simple and intuitive user interface – easy to navigate, de-cluttered, intelligent site search, auto contrast features 99Responsive design – The site will look beautiful on any device 99Simplified application process with Facebook connect integration – the application process can be completed in under 5 minutes 99Social media integration and sharing – content can easily be shared on all popular social media sites, or sent via email 99Comprehensive course search facility 99Translated pages for our international market. Phase 2 will see huge improvements in course copy, video content, a course/careers wizard (to guide people who are unsure through the process) and e-commerce to enable the purchase of short courses online.

99malpractice (new!)

The new website is almost ready to launch and more details will be released shortly. Let us know what you think!

99examination (new!)


Changes and additions have been introduced to reflect awarding body and OFQUAL expectations. In order to preserve integrity and equity in assessment our policies must be applied across all students. N.B. – if you work on Higher Education programmes validated by a university you need to know and use their policies.


99student assessment (significantly revised)

P.S. Did you know that the marketing team moved to Tewkesbury Launchpad over the summer? You will now find us in L001.

All documents are on SharePoint > Policies. Please read them.

‘Experiential learning has helped me to be more resourceful. I have made a network of close friends and expanded my life greatly.’

In addition to this brief summary lots of other things will be happening, more of those as we move through the year!

‘Excellent course and supportive tutors. Excellent library staff.’

In the meantime: ‘onwards and upwards, towards excellence!’

‘The course is very interesting and challenging and has exceeded my expectations of a college course, compared to university.’


pg 8 | Sept/Oct 2013

Back in March, the Board of Governors supported the redevelopment of a new website and wider digital marketing strategy. As part of this we have been working alongside external consultants and internal stakeholders to improve the online user journey and experience. The redevelopment brings a step change in the way we communicate with our key customer groups and present our information online.

GC's new website homepage

rivate lives

SOUTH WEST CHEF OF THE YEAR SEMI-FINAL (JUNIOR CLASS 2013) The Hospitality Department were proud to host the South West Chef of the Year semi-final at the College’s Cheltenham Campus earlier this term. Delicious mouth-watering main courses were produced in 90 minutes by four brave and talented 15-year-old Gloucestershire chefs, who were assisted throughout the competition by our NVQ 2 Hospitality students. A star-studded judging panel, including 2 Michelin-starred David Everitt-Matthias of Le Champignon Sauvage, Jamie Raftery, head chef at Lower Slaughter Manor and our very own Gareth Crwys-Williams sampled the creative menus before announcing the South West Junior Class finalist.

pupil. Obviously delighted, Frank could not wait to get practicing for the competition final, announcing; “Working on improving my dish at Le Champignon Sauvage with such a great chef is even better than winning!” Julie Harvey, the organiser of the competition, was delighted with the day. “Once again, thank you to Gloucestershire College and all the staff and students at the College who have helped us with the competition and many thanks to Gareth for leading the judging panel.”

The winning dish of ‘Tomato, Mozzarella and Dry Cured Bacon Tortellini’ was produced by Frank Rooke-Matthews, a Bournside School

TEAM GC TACKLE TOUGH MUDDER! Marcus Tyler, Danny Barthorpe, Tom Harris and Ben Craig (also known as 'Team GC') took on the Tough Mudder challenge in the Brecon Beacons in September; an event described on the website as ‘probably the toughest event on the planet’. The fearless foursome took on the challenge in order to raise money for Help for Heroes. Before embarking on the 12-mile-long obstacle course (designed by the Special Forces), which included more than a few challenges along the route, including ‘ElectroShock Therapy’, ‘Kiss of Mud’, ‘Berlin Walls’, ‘Everest’ and the ‘Boa Constrictor’, the team were encouraged to shout out the ‘Pledge of the Mudder’:

• Congratulations to MEGAN RILEY (nee Durn), Sixth Form Administrator, who married her college sweetheart Jonjo in September in Old Town, Rhodes. Megan and Jonjo met when they were both A Level students at GC! Awww!

Megan and Jonjo Riley

• CLIVE POOLE, Payroll Manager, is running the Stroud Half Marathon (his first half marathon!) on Sunday 27 October in aid of MacMillan Cancer Support. If you’d like to sponsor Clive, please visit • Colleagues waved goodbye to AMANDA MAY, Estates Site Administrator, on her retirement from the Estates Department at the end of August after 19 years and 6 months of service. Having begun her employment at Park Campus she has seen, and has been actively involved in, the changes that have taken place at Cheltenham over the intervening years. Happy retirement Amanda! • Congratulations to Mrs GEORGINA MERRY (nee Trigg), Student Services Advisor, who married her husband Kyle this summer. Mrs Merry is very apt! Congratulations! • GEMMA PANTING, Executive Team Personal Assistant, ran the Blenheim Palace 10k in October to raise money for Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research. Gemma has already raised a fantastic £750, but if you would like to add to the final total, please visit http://www. • Football Academy Coach, CHRIS GARDNER, married his fiancée Stephanie at the Cheltenham Regency Hotel this October. Congratulations! • JO MINNS, Head of School for Hairdressing, Beauty and Holistic Therapies, turned 50 years young this October. 50 and fabulous Jo! Happy Birthday! • Congratulations to Personal Tutor, HAYLEY FOXWELL, and her partner who welcomed baby Finlay into the world on the 31 August.

As a Tough Mudder I Pledge that; I understand that Tough Mudder is not a race but a challenge I put teamwork and camaraderie before my course time I do not whine – kids whine I help my fellow mudders complete the course I overcome all fears They did just that, and as a team completed the course in 2 hours and 50 minutes, raising just over £500 for Help the Heroes. Marcus, talking on behalf of Team GC said; “We’d like to thank everyone who supported us; we had an amazing day and we’re looking forward to repeating the insanity next year! Be warned, we are recruiting!”

If you have any good news to share, please email,

For the full, blow-by-blow, account of Team GC’s Tough Mudder experience, please email

Sept/Oct 2013 | pg 9


James Mapes, Desktop Analyst

Beth Tallon, Launchpad Apprentice Administrator

Jo Hammond, Foundation Studies Dyslexia Tutor

Kate Moriarty, College Counsellor

Joanne Webb, Catering Assistant

Sanja Quayle, College Counsellor

John Hathaway, Sixth Form Lecturer

Aaron Salter, Desktop Analyst

John Howe, NVQ Work Based Construction Coordinator

Alicia Robinson, Digital Learning Manager Geraldine McColl, Functional Skills Trainer Mikey Stevens, GC Crew Coach Ryan Martin, GC Crew Coach Sophie Bowkett, GC Crew Coach Jane Morgan, GC Crew Coach Sarah Vallance, Learning Resources Advisor Matt Richings, Business and Professional Studies Lecturer

Kieran Hunt, Learning Resources Advisor Kyle Rowe, Professional Development Coordinator Laura Bowles, Executive Personal Assistant Lauren Randell, Catering Assistant Maggie Hughes, Sixth Form Lecturer Mason Carr, Outreach Worker Matt Smith, Deputy Client Manager Megan Reid, Foundation Studies Teaching Assistant

Sam Entwisle, Beauty and Holistic Therapies Lecturer

Michelle Adderley, Admissions and Funds Assistant

Katie White, Early Years Lecturer

Moraen O’Byrne, Student Guidance Coordinator

Debbie Lowen, Engineering Lecturer

Paul Kirwan, Building Services Lecturer

Yasmin Parekh, Foundation Studies Teaching Assistant

Phil Meek, ESOL, EFL, Languages and Entry to FE Teaching Assistant

Isobel James, Schools Programmes Teaching Assistant Lauren Buckland, Foundation Studies Teaching Assistant Lucinda Crowson, Foundation Studies Teaching Assistant

RICHARD IS A ‘LEGAL EAGLE’ Richard Coe, Health and Safety Vetting Officer, has just received his exam results for the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives (CILEx) Level 3 Diploma in Law and Practice. Richard achieved two merits and six distinctions having studied, and been examined on; Civil Litigation, Tort, Land Law, Criminal Law, Contract Law and Employment Law over the past two years. Richard said; "This qualification has equipped me with the practical skills and knowledge I sought, and has given me additional confidence in my existing role. I am able to interpret and apply legislation in a wide variety of situations, as well as providing competent advice when required.”

Sandra Wines, College Counsellor

Richard is now keen to expand his knowledge further and has enrolled on the CILEx Level 6 Professional Higher Diploma in Law and Practice which he aims to complete within the next two years.

Sharon Chappell, Catering Assistant

Congratulations Richard!

Rebecca Mitchell, Student Guidance Coordinator

Emma Baldwin, Foundation Studies Teaching Assistant

Sue Pope, Student Services Administrative Assistant

Louise Odurny, Schools Programmes Teaching Assistant

Sue Roberts, Café Assistant

Kerry Brain, Foundation Studies Teaching Assistant

Suzanne Snowden, Functional Skills Curriculum Leader

For more information on the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives, please visit

Debbie Hastings, Foundation Studies Teaching Assistant Denise Williams, Foundation Studies Teaching Assistant Emily Kate, Foundation Studies Teaching Assistant Pauline Williams, Foundation Studies Teaching Assistant Karen Szarowicz, Foundation Studies Teaching Assistant Charlotte Goodship, Foundation Studies Teaching Assistant Louise Rees, Foundation Studies Teaching Assistant Graeme Goodman, Engineering Technician Tegan Townsend, Computing Technician

LEAVERS Abigail Webb, Foundation Studies Teaching Assistant Alison Urquhart, Schools Programmes Teaching Assistant Alistair Bebbington, Foundation Studies Teaching Assistant Amanda May, Estates Site Administrator Amelia Rigby, Sixth Form Lecturer Annette Cast, Vice Principal Ann-May Jenkins, Human Resources Staff Trainer

GC Joggers Ladies Running Group

Brian Anstey, Engineering Technician

Every Wednesday 5.00pm to 6.00pm Meet in the Dining Room

Carl Robinson, Arts and Media Academy Administrative Assistant

Our Aim : To get fit, meet people & have fun.

Caroline Donnelly, Foundation Studies Teaching Assistant Catherine Brint, Student Services Administrative Assistant Claire Adlam, Marketing/Brand Executive Damien Harrison, Maintenance Adminstrator

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We run on average 2-3 miles each session using the canal paths, fields and nearby streets. If you can run for 20 minutes then this is for you.

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Head of School – Learning Support 1. How long have you been at Gloucestershire College and how would you describe what you do? I have been here for four years, although I have only been in my current role for two months. I support a varied team of support staff and specialists including Learning Support Assistants (LSA’s), cross-college Teaching Assistants and the Dyslexia and Autism team (and other specific learning differences). My role is to ensure that we offer optimal additional learning support, enabling learners and providing them with the support and tools needed to become autonomous and independent in their learning and work, ensuring that they are empowered to be as independent as possible upon completion of their course and move into employment. (Above) Broadway High Street (Right) Whitney Houston (Below) Educating Yorkshire

2. Where were you working before GC? Before working at GC I completed a graduate management programme with the Arcadia Group, based in various locations including Birmingham, London and Manchester.

3. Where is your favourite place in Gloucestershire? I love Broadway.

4. What did you want to be when you were at school?

I always wanted to own my own business (I just never knew what!) – I loved the idea of earning for myself rather than for someone else!

5. What would you be doing if you weren’t answering these questions?

Hitting the gym – I’d have exhausted all avenues of avoidance!

6. If you could come back to college, what would you study, and why? I’d study graphic design. I love print and design and it ties in to my original undergraduate degree.

7. What is your favourite website and why? Google, closely followed by Citrix… those two aside,

8. What is the best part of your job? At present, it’s the fresh challenge and autonomy to help shape and steer something that will really be outstanding and exemplary. There’s no bigger responsibility than knowing that decisions that are made directly impact on learning and success of students, and that this forms and instrumental stepping stone of their journey.

9. What is your favourite TV programme, music or film and why?

I don’t watch too much television, but I have been watching Educating Yorkshire recently (I’ve also secretly been hitting the Emmerdale omnibus!)

10. Who would your three ideal dinner companions be?

Keith Lemon, Vivienne Westwood and the late Whitney Houston.

11. What will you change/introduce in the 13/14 Academic Year?

I will be implementing a more robust and holistic learning support assessment, plan and policy for all students requiring additional learning support.

12. Tell us an interesting fact about yourself that we don’t already know…

I once auditioned to be the face of the Milky Bar kid (I used to wear specs)… ‘The Milky Bars are on me!’

Sept/Oct 2013 | pg 11

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