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Hebrew Jewel ry from Israel Jewish jewelry dates back to the times before the writing of the Tora / “Old Testament.” Each design of Spiritual jewelry has a significant spiritual meaning, related through ancient symbols. Contemporary Jewelry from Israel echoes the ancient essence and spirituality of the original Hebrew jewelry, which is a prized possession for many around the world. Most believers around the world like to wear necklaces, rings, pendants and bracelets that belong to the tradition of Hebrew jewelry as a way to claim their faith and remind themselves of their principles. In addition to the well-known Hebrew wedding jewelry like silver and gold Hebrew wedding bands, there are many other types of Jewish jewelry that hold special significance to people of the faith. Many of these jewelry designs have been fabled over the eons to have mystical powers to invoke the protection of God and the Angels. Specific beliefs vary, but anyone who believes in the power of the Faith can find value in Hebrew jewelry’s ancient symbols of hope and divine power. In addition to their powerful representations of history and faith, and their reported powers over health and the mind, these exquisite pieces of Hebrew jewelry also look extremely attractive on their wearers. They are often handcrafted by Jewish artisans and are made from high quality metals like gold or sterling silver. They may also contain precious with mystical energies like Garnet, Black Tourmaline, Carnelian, Citrine, Moonstone, Lapis and more. Some of the most popular Holy Land jewelry designs include the Star of David, jewelry described in The Kabala, 5 Metals and Evil Eye jewelry, and rings with 72 names of Gods and more. Jewelry inspired by The Kabala hold a special place amongst the Hebrew jewelry designs, since its roots go back to some of the most ancient and sophisticated facets of human civilization. The jewelry of the Kabala often has a characteristic red string as part of its design. The red string, as per Kabalist teachings, was tied around the tomb of Rachael, a matriarch who was known to protect people from the evil eye. It is this red string that is cut into minute segments and included in the various forms of the kabala jewelry like bracelets, necklaces, pendants, and rings. These jewelry items are thus known to protect people from the evil eye, and the pervasive negative energies around us. It surrounds us with a positively, healthy aura of divine energy. Jewelry from Israel is now easily accessible, thanks to the worldwide reach of the internet. There are many websites that are dedicated to bringing customers the highest quality, authentic Hebrew jewelry. If you are interested in learning more about Spiritual jewelry from the beautiful and ancient Hebrew traditions, it is easier than ever to find out more information through very user-friendly websites. More information about Jewelry from Israel, Hebrew Jewelry and The Kabala available in the site.

Hebrew Jewelry from Israel  

Jewish jewelry dates back to the times before the writing of the Tora / “Old Testament.” Each design of Spiritual jewelry has a significant...

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