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I Taught My Friend How to Keep Her Purse Clean

So many things can go in and out of a purse. Sometimes the purse gets dirty and there’s a bit of a oder. Old subway sandwiches, perfume, oh just so many things. Summer’s Eve Hail to the “V”

Brief The purpose of this campaign is to reposition Summer’s Eve as a less dull body cleaning brand for women. Strategy The purpose of Summer’s Eve ‘s feminine wash campaign is to convince our younger demographic of women ages 16 to 33, that Summer’s Eve is the most gentle fresh and effective feminine wash on the market. This will be executed through magazine and radio. In order to reach our younger audience I want to set the mood and tone of Summer’s Eve’s as comical by using sexual humor.

Magazine Ad.

Look’s Good

But Doesn’t Always Smell Good

Copywriter: Darnikka Williams Producer: Darnikka Williams Product Summer’s: Eve Feminine Wash Client: Summer’s Eve Ad Type: Radio Size: 60 Seconds Sandy: (SFX office fax machines and copy machines)Oh No! I ruined my purse with this horrible smell. Laura Hey Sandy oh my god what is that smell? Sandy It’s my purse I brought a sandwich for lunch and forgot to take it out my purse. Laura Don’t you just hate that! They should invent a summer’s eve for purses. Sandy Huh Summer’s eve? Laura Yea it’s a feminine wash for women it cleans and take aways oder from your, well lets just call it a “purse”. Sandy Wow tell me more! Laura It’s great for PH balance, it’s dermatologist tested, it has a gentle skin formula, and it cleanse away oder causing bacteria in your purse, if you know what I mean

Summer's eve  
Summer's eve  

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