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Krispy Kreme has been cooking in the Kitchen since 1937. The mission is to reposition Krispy Kreme as a fun tasty brand., but not forgetting the history that brought about greatness. I will execute this through a magazine ads, social media, and interactive advertising.

Magazine Ads

Shhhh...Don’t Tell Anyone My Secret Recipe... Because I know where you live.. Be afraid be very afraid...

Meet Maggie Tough, fearless, creative, independent. Don’t take no for an answer.

The Kreme Team.

Magazine ads Cont

Hey honey, how about donuts for desert? NO! not that kind of donut.. Such a turn off.....

Meet Laura Beautiful.. In her day,.. Charming, Zealous, Loving. Loves a man with money..

The Kreme Team.

Instagram Krispy Kreme will hold a “Dress Up Your Krispy Kreme Contest.” The theme of the contest is Christmas, the contestants will dress their Krispy Kreme donut and send a picture of their donut to Instagram whoever wins the contest will have their donut featured on Krispy Kreme’s homepage.

Facebook Be apart of the Kreme Team, create your own Kreme Team member. Give him/her a name, a personality, and a picture. When this is done he/she will be welcomed and initiated to the Kreme Team. Together the Kreme Team will rescue a child, meaning once a Kreme Team member is created money is donated to a charity, and a supply of Krispy Kreme Donuts will be given to a selective family.

Kreme Team

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krispy kreme campaign

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