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Słownik podatkowy


a tax rebate /'ribeıt/ (noun) 1 zwrot nadpłaconego podatku a: Who offered every one of his subjects

a $10,000 tax rebate? income tax 1 (noun) podatek dochodowy a: The income tax assessment should be made separately

on that person in respect of the business. land value tax 1 (noun) podatek gruntowy a: A land value tax (or site valuation tax) is a levy on the

unimproved value of land. {także: site valuation tax} liability for paying tax (noun) {patrz: tax liability} liability for tax (noun) {patrz: tax liability} linear tax (noun) 1 podatek liniowy a: The “linear” or “flat” tax was often referred to as a

theoretical concept, but seems to be an appealing notion in some of the emerging markets of CEE. site valuation tax (noun) {patrz: land value tax} tax liability /'laıe'bıletı/ (noun): Tax liability can be calculated by applying the appropriate tax rate to

the taxable event's tax base. {także: liability for tax/paying tax} to be liable for a tax (verb) 1 podlegać opodatkowaniu a: Who is liable to pay income tax? to collect taxes (verb) ściągać podatki: Republics collect taxes but are refusing to pass them on to

the central government. to cut taxes (verb) 1 obniżać podatki a: Australia's conservative opposition, led by Andrew Peacock,

announced plans to curb trade unions, sell state assets and cut taxes to impose a tax on sb/sth (verb) {patrz: to tax sb/sth} to increase taxes 1 (verb) podnieść podatki a: He is thought to be a man who is going to increase

taxes, not one who is cutting the deficit. {także: to raise taxes} to levy a tax on sb/sth /'levı/ (verb) {patrz: to tax sb/sth} to raise taxes {patrz: to increase taxes}

to tax sb/sth (verb) nakładać podatek na kogoś/coś: The Commissioner of Inland Revenue

confirmed assessments to tax on the profits arising from the taxpayer's sub-licensing operations and the taxpayer appealed to the Board of Review. {także: to levy/impose a tax on sb/sth}

Polsko-Angielski: ściągać podatki (verb) to collect taxes;: nakładać podatek na kogoś/coś (verb) to levy a tax on sb/sth, to impose a tax on sb/sth, to tax sb/sth obniżyć podatki (verb) to cut taxes;: obniżka podatków tax cut obowiązek płacenia podatku (noun) tax liability, liability for tax, liability for paying tax podatek dochodowy (noun) income tax podatek gruntowy (noun) land value tax, site valuation tax;: reforma podatku gruntowego land

value tax reform {inaczej: podatek rolny} podatek liniowy (noun) linear tax podlegać opodatkowaniu (verb) to be liable for a tax podnieść podatki (verb) to increase taxes, to raise taxes: rząd podniósł podatki the government

increased/raised taxes zwrot nadpłaconego podatku (noun) a tax rebate

Słownik podatkowy  
Słownik podatkowy  

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