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Principal Idea Slippy is a politically correct homosexual dinosaur who lives in an homophobic society, where LGBT is not accepted, but theres a chance for slippy to change the course of his life and the others, or maybe just be a neglected gay dinosaur among others. Let Slippy explain his story and find out what happen with his family.

Script  Slippy introducing himself and the story Slippy: Wait! First, let me introduce myself Hi! my name is Slippy, I have always been a really shy guy, I don't have too much friends, and I’ve never been interested in being in love… with a girl. I know, I know… This all started when I was just a little dinosaur  Little Slippy talking to a little girl ( Girl: Umm… I think I love you, DO YOU LOVE ME?! Little Slippy: Sure! You are my best friend!  Meanwhile at Little Slippy´s mind· cool guy and slippy holding hands

 So you see, I grew up in a society where people basically do not like LGBT people… so yeah, bad point for me. Anyway, that does not stop me from being myself, a politically correctly gay dinosaur.

 Scene: · Slippy´s parents telling him that LGBT are disgusting · My mother and my father always told me that LGBT people were disgusting, I needed to listen all of their racist comments about it all of the time, and the worst thing was that I needed to agree to all of them… until now.  Slippy at a bar, taking his drink: One day I was at that one bar, where I always used to go alone and rest of all the comments about the people discriminating LGBT, just distract me a little from my parents, my friends at school and all my surroundings. But that night was different than the others, I was just sitting there, taking my drink, where all of a sudden, the guy next to me says something that would change that night, and my history as the normal dinosaur I was.

 Slippy seeing the protest on the bar's tv: First of all, let me tell you that in that night, some people were protesting for their rights (they were from the LGBT community), actually, I was pretty happy about it, but then that guys comment would change the course of everything.  Guy approaching and telling him the racist comment: “Ha! Protesting for their rights, uh? That disgusting people doesn't deserve rights like all of us normal people”, That was the time where it was enough of it, enough for the racist comments, enough from not being respected for who I really was.  Slippy hitting the the dinosaur :p I hit him with my tail, this led the throwing of his cigarette out of his mouth, that's what happens when you a are an idiot kids.  Guy screaming “he is gay!” to Slippy That was enough for grabbing everyone's attention, the silence surrounded all the room and then a guy shouted, “He is gay!”  Slippy running to his room crying

That led into the breaking of the silence and the start of screams, shouts and laughs, I remember a tear fell down my eye, and then I was running to my parents house, I couldn't contain it anymore, I needed to shout it and let it go. The first thing I did was run to my room and shut the door angrily.  Slippy telling his mother he is gay! When I was at my home I wasn't sure what to think of, if my mother would accept me...  T.V on the background saying the LGBT protest continues So then I decided I would fight for my rights!  Slippy staring at the camera thinking I know that this had two options, one of them, known to be that crazy guy who one time kidnapped the broadcast and told a boring story about gay people, or… change the thoughts of one and every person in that society. Well… Let me tell you, It was pretty much the impossible that happen. Back to the story, I was ready, I know I was going to save all the LGBT!  Slippy telling his speech “So, you are probably wondering what does a gay dinosaur is doing in front of your Tv, well I am here to protest for family! It’s enough,

you’ve treated us like garbage for a long time! We need to have the same rights, we are human after all! You need to understand that together we are stronger, as a society! You are acting like monsters! It’s to rethink! There's still time to fix the things you make wrong!  All the people cheering up (parents, people, etc)

My name is José Luis Herrejón, I live in Morelia Michoacán, I am a Junior High student from Varmond School, I am currently in 3rd grade. I like listening to music in my free time and hang out with my friends. I like dinosaurs too. Hi! My name is Gloria Flores, I’m 14 years old, I have one sister and one brother. I’m in 3rd grade and I like to read, draw and listen to music in my free time.

Comic for LGBT community  
Comic for LGBT community