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environment & interior design portfolio

Gloria Chu M: (852) 6199 8749 Education BA (Hons) in Design - Environment & Interior, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Working Experience Jun-Aug 2010 KLAB. Kinetic Lab of Architecture, Greece summer internship Jun-Aug 2008 HOK Asia Pacific, Hong Kong summer internship Awards Aug 2007 “What’s Your TINSPIRATION? Fossil Tin Box Design Competition” 10th prize Jul 2007

Art Train Design Competition organized by KCR and RTHK - Selected design applied to the interior of the train’s first-class compartment

Computer Skills AutoCAD, SketchUp, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Microsoft Office Language Skills Proficiency in English, Cantonese & Mandarin, Capability in Japanese Other Qualifications May 2008

TOEFL - 109/120

Feb 2008

Japanese -Language Proficiency Test - Level 3

Feb 2007

Japanese -Language Proficiency Test - Level 4



Interior Retreat

Water Placebo the Urban Retreat

Retail Space

Cupteavity the Herbal/Fruit Tea Store

F&B Space

Kathakar An Indian Experience

Other designs & Environment exhibitions Footprints Revitalization Rebirth

Festive Detour 2010

Structure The Braided Cardboard Sitting Device


Project Description PROJECT TYPE Urban Retreat OBJECTIVE A retreat hub that brings innovative treatments/experience LOCATION 18 Cochrane Rd, Hong Kong PROJECT SCALE 3000 sq.ft. YEAR 2011

n o i t a d n u o F

Site Qu


n’s R



dC en tra

in this hectic city, fast pace, work stress, all kinds of pressure fall on; life revolves around work and the little time for rest we struggle to spare, life has turned into a mere routine.


tr. eS

an hr

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a St r. St

n to




ll We . Str

To bring in stimulant to the city, refreshment to the exhausted people, Redefining Relaxation

- URBAN RETREAT Physical and Psychological Health - Human to experience extreme temperatures helps blood circulation - and helps to relax

- TEMPERATURE Temperature is INTANGIBLE; yet we feel it, we react to it,

Located in the heart of the city, centre of Central, 18 Cochrane Road, it is meant to bring contrast to the busy context.





Steam Cubicals

Water Jump Platform 6m Ice Hot Spring

Water Jump Platform 3m Ice Bar

Shower (Male) Elevator

Pool Shower (Female)


Spatial nt Arrangeme

Ice cubes can be taken from the wall, put into the hot spring, adjusting the water temperature to individuals’ needs

6 Plunge Pool Jump Height: 3m / 6m Water Temp.: 12 -15°C Humidity: 100%

The programs follow the logic of human reaction towards temperature change. One prefers cool when exposed under heat, so as one would prefer warm when exposed under low temperature. In the design, a set of programs following the above logic is turned into a sequence of activities that alternate between coldness and warmth, which is visualized with the different stages of water: Water, Ice, Steam

Spatial nt e m e g n a r r A

Sliding furnitures are hidden in the metal grid system



Steam Cubicals Temperature: 43°C Humidity: 100%


Ice Hot Spring Temperature: 12 -18°C Water Temp.: 32 -33°C Humidity: 70-100%


Ice Bar Temperature: 12 -15°C Humidity: 70-90%


Steam Shower (Male) Temperature: 30°C Humidity: 100%

In the Ice bar, grids of ice wrapping around the entire area, serving also as an integrated fridge, from which drinks and fresh fruits are provided

Steam Shower (Female) Temperature: 30°C Humidity: 100%


Upon Arrival



Diagrams Stages of Water




Step 5 - Steam Cubical

STEAM Cool/Warm







Flow of Program

Step 4 Ice Hot Spring Step 6 Water Jump

Step 3 Ice Bar

Step 2 - Shower


Step 1 - Arrival

Direct Acess Program Sequence Exit

Self Leveling Floor



Perforated Metal



Lights Perforated metal facade

Facade reflection on water surface

Light deflection through water

Light deflection through ice




Sectional Details Metal/Translucent Facade



Double Glazing


Interior Self-Leveling Floor



Concrete Structure

Sectional Details Exterior x Plunge Pool

Cushioning between Acrylic and Concrete

Double Glazing

Laminated Acrylic

Exterior Acrylic Stopper Water Proof Cladding Pavement

Concrete Structure


Plunge Pool

Sectional Details Ice Wall Ice

Metal Shelf for Ice

Wall of Ice, integrated with food/drinks cooler, and sliding funiture Water Drain

Slide-Out Seating / Table top

Water Drain

Water Placebo

Retail Space

Project Description PROJECT TYPE Retail Shop - Herbal/Fruit Tea Store OBJECTIVE A break off from the hectic environment for travelers and commuters LOCATION Hung Hom Railway Station, Hong Kong PROJECT SCALE ~1100 sq.ft. YEAR 2010


the Herbal/Fruit Tea Store


A retail store at HUNG HOM RAILWAY STATION, the main hub for local transit and cross-border travel to mainland China



The Quality of Water affects the quality of Tea, and it is taken as the starting point of the design concept. What speaks most of water is its fluidity, and how it takes up the negative space wherever it flows through, the concept is built upon this character of nature. A metaphor of space: a stream of water flowing through pebbles, the main area for primary activities: tea selling and tasting, be the pebbles; the rest of the space for secondary funtions: display and storage, be the water that flows all over and between...... It creates a space where the people are submerged totally into the sea of products, surrounded down till every inch.


Derivation Plan

Open Facade In/Out circulation

Corners (to be concealed)

Tube Storage

Staff Station -

Site Basis

Deriving from the form of the site and the locations of columns, the areas for primary and secondary functions are laid on plan.

Tea Tasting

Cashier Tea Making

Columns (to be concealed)

The display/storage system suffusing the area creates the experience of being wrapped entirely within the products; resembles the flowing water taking up the negative space wherever it flows through

Spatial Arra



Service Counter

Tea Tasting Section


Final Design



Experience: The space is wrapped by tall tubes that emphasize the integration of display and storage. Once entre into the interior, one would find himself immersed into this place that has totally blocked off the bustle outside. Herbal Tea and Fruit Tea are very eye catching as they have bright and seductive colors: could be rosy, purplish, yellow hue, etc. The tea leaves themself would form an attractive image for the facade/ shop-front by placing them into transparent tube containers.

Experience The tubes’ world:


The tubes compose the entire shop, from the facade to the interior. They come in different lengths and heights to create gaps for openings: windows, entrance; and fit in as funitures.

Furnitures Display/Storage Tea leaves are put into preserving containers then placed into the standing tubes for visual display.

The Liquid Island: The island takes shape of liquid, orients to the three columns in the centre of the shop, serving like a bar table for customers, as well as indicating the staff servicing area. Round slabs randomly top the tubes serve as tables, providing a wider serving area for customers to enjoy their tea.

F&B Space

Project Description PROJECT TYPE F&B Space - Indian Cultural Eatery OBJECTIVE Integration of cultural experience with its cuisine LOCATION 225 Beijing Rd., Guang Zhou PROJECT SCALE ~7800 sq.ft. YEAR 2009


An indian experience

n o i t a d n u Fo

Site On 225 Beijing Rd., the area is full of local stores, busy from the crowding people and cars. The site is a historical building of 5 stories, with each level covering an area of around 950~1700 sq.ft.


Concept Cultural Research The essence of the vast Indian culture must be the music, the dance and the combination of all, the Bollywood Dream.

GHATs in India are a series of steps

Apart from the ornamented dream, a humble lifestyle speaks most of the common Indians: casual, down to earth, dinning over rugs on floor, etc.

leading down to the Ganges, linking the town and the holy river. While serving the functional need, it is also a platform for locals to socialize: to chat, to meet and to pass time.


Entering Directions


Connecting the outdoor with indoor as how the ghats link the Indian homes with the River Ganges

Parti directions deriving from columns

Selected parti directions fitting with entering directions

Programs | Indian Cuisine

| Clubbing to Bollywood Music

G/F Entrance

| Bollywood Movies Screening


GHATs in F&B Space

serve as the staircase that connects the 5 stories while the different levels of layering serve as tables/seats

e Experienc

Through out the entire eatery people are to be seated on floors over rugs and cushions.


- Plywood Ghat Structure

Lamination I. Pieces of Plywood are laminated into a block Slicing I. Slicing the plywood block into different thicknesses, getting a laminated pattern

Then is cut into different forms

Lamination II. Chunks of Plywood are laminated into a block Lighting Quality

Repeat the lamination and slicing

Slicing II. Slicing the plywood block, getting a shuffled pattern

Footprints Revitalization Project Description PROJECT TYPE Landscape - Historical Footprints OBJECTIVE Revitalizing history LOCATION 35 Aberdeen Str., Hong Kong PROJECT SCALE 4m x 20m (in a team of 2) YEAR 2009

The reproduction of the footprints serves as a reminiscence and revival of the past The coexistence of the new and old, high-lighted by the materials used,


presents a clear contrast of two layers of time-space. time-space

SITE Over the top of a strip of footprints of the former Central School, established in 1862 and demolished in 1950.







New Material

Corian Rebuilt

Old Core



Concept The reproduction of the footprints the column and the wall, newly built above serve as a reminiscence and revival of the past memories. The coexistence of the new and old, high-lighted by the contemporary material: corian, presents a clear contrast of two layers of time-space. There is a path that leads from the ground to the underdround, bringing people closer and allow them to walk along the footprints


Festive Project Description PROJECT TYPE Exhibition/Event OBJECTIVE Organize a workshop LOCATION Victoria Prison. Old Bailey Street, Hong Kong YEAR 2010

Yearly Design Festival

Detour 2010 ‘Take Your Time’ Pinhole Camera Workshop Paticipation in workshop organization and publication


At the Sce


Paper Pin Hole Camera Workshop

Structure Project Description PROJECT TYPE Structure Cardboard sitting device OBJECTIVE Designing a sitting device out of 1 piece of corrugated cardboard PROJECT SCALE In a team of 2 YEAR 2008

Corrugated Cardboard Sitting Device

Braided Cardboard Sitting Device Taking the property of corrugated cardboard: soft in texture, easily cut/bent/folded. Concluding it into a weaved structure strong in support and comfy of sitting


Exhibitions 2008 SD Gallery 2008 InnoCentre

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