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MY DAILY ROUTINE By Maritsela Duarte Moreno

Hi everyone, my name is Maritsela and i am twenty-five years old. My birthday is on the first of December, I am single.

My mother’s name is Rosa and My father's name is Alejandro. I am from Bucaramanga and I am a secretary. My university is uniminuto and I am a psychology student.

My favorite animal is dog, my favorite color is blue, my favorite fruit is banana, my favorite music is gospel and my favorite place is the cinema

MY DAILY ROUTINE In the morning, I wake up at 5:30. I go to the

bathroom and take a shower. .

Then, I brush my teeth. After that, I put my clothes, and I have breakfast. Next, I go to the bathroom again and brush my teeth.

Later, I leave my house and go to the office. In the office I work from 8 to 6 in the afternoon.

In the evening when I finish my work, I go back to my house and cook dinner. Then, I eat and wash the plates

Finally, I watch tv and watch “yo me llamo�. Later, I go to bed and sleep.

This is my life. See you later!

Mary my daily routine  
Mary my daily routine